WELCOME TO MY AIR SHOP! Oh sorry for shouting! I just got used to having to shout down to people on the ground from the sky, y'see!

Jilo, the skyward airshop owner.
Full Name Jilo
Current Age 24
Gender Male
Location Smilexa (usually)
Pructor (rarely)
Current Status Alive
Class Shop owner
Family and Relations
Flexil (pet)
Main Weapon(s) Jetpack
First Appearance Bearded Smiley RPG
Jilo is a male Drivin' Llama, who lives on Smilonia, appearing in the Bearded Smiley series. He owns a store which he takes with him as he flies around Smilonia on his jetpack, his pet, Flexil carries the merchandise on his back. Jilo is known to shout alot, as he usually has to when people call him to land when in the sky. It is rumoured he may appear in the Mr. Chilli and Agent RX series, but it has yet to be confirmed.


Bearded Smiley RPG

Fantendo RPG: Possession of Shadows

Other Appearances

These appearances made by Jilo are considered non-canon.

GemGames Brawl

Jilo, along with Flexil, appears as a summoner character in the game. When summoned, he and Flexil will fly above the stage, throwing items down to the players on the stage. He can be attacked, but he won't take any damage, instead he'll bring out his caged Pyro Panzee, which will shoot fireballs at opponents.

General Information

Personality and Traits

Jilo is genuinally very friendly to people, he enjoys flying around in the sky with his jetpack and Flexil flying next to him. Jilo acts friendliest to his customers, refering to them as "friend" and telling them to take as much time as they need. He will become enraged if someone calls him down and dosen't buy anything however, because of the fact that it apparently takes alot of work for him and Flexil to set up shop.

Jilo is shown to be quite care-free most of the time too, enjoying watching people on the ground as he flies about across Smilonia.

Physical Description

Jilo has the same build as most adult Drivin' Llamas, although his fur is a lighter colour of brown. He dosen't wear sunglasses, but unlike most member of his species, wears clothes, similar to those worn by fellow shop-keeper Beedle, from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Powers and Abilities

Although Jilo dosen't necessarily have any special powers, he uses his jetpack to be able to fly, and owns a caged Pyro Panzee, which he uses to get rid of theives.


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WELCOME TO MY AIR SHOP! Oh sorry for shouting! I just got used to having to shout down to people on the ground from the sky, y'see!
Jilo, Bearded Smiley RPG

Hello there, friend! Feel free to take as much time as you need to browse my merchandise!
Jilo, Bearded Smiley RPG

Oooh, you wish to know about our potions? Ask Flexil, hes in charge of those!
Jilo, Bearded Smiley RPG

HEY YOU! Whats the big idea? You call me down here and then don't even buy anything?! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR ME AND FLEXIL TO SET UP THIS STORE?! WE HAVE TO UNPACK EVERYTHING BY HAND AND SET IT UP, IT AIN'T EASY Y'KNOW! Thats it, I've had it with you, GET OUTTA HERE!
Jilo, Bearded Smiley RPG

Bearded Smiley and Jilo, Bearded Smiley RPG


  • Jilo was based off of Beedle, from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
    • Notable similarities between them include; they both own air-shops, they both travel with a pet, they both wear similar clothes, and they both become enraged if the player leaves without buying anything.


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