Glide! We glide!
Jibberjay, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Purple Jibberjay

A purple Jibberjay

are species of birds, probably parrots, that often repeat words, and first appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They exist in many colors: more prominently orange; but also red, light blue, green, purple, and black. The black one is the fastest of them, and is also their leader. They are related to Fluzzard: being present in the same galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario World 3: Baby Rescue

Two Jibberjay's appear in Super Mario World 3: Baby Rescue, Jibberachi and Jibberardo calling theirselves as The Jibber Brothers. The Player has to race against them in order to get the Power Star if the Player reaches the flagpole before Jibberachi or Jibberardo.


  • The name "Jibberjay" is puns on the verb "to jabber" and on the world "jay".


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