Jewel Zubat
ZubatFQ Normal.png
Monster Origin Zubat
Rarity Common
Alignment Struzax
Habitat(s) Abandoned Tunnel
Ability/ies Poison Fang
First Appearance FantendoQuest
Latest Appearance FantendoQuest

Jewel Zubat is an enemy featured in FantendoQuest. They appear in Abandoned Tunnel.


Jewel Zubats are Zubats controlled by an unknown enemy that is working with Struzax. The jewel embedded in their forehead can only be removed by blunt force, so defeating them will free them from a controlled state.


ZubatFQ Normal.png
Jewel Zubat
Normal: 18 HP

Hard: 22 HP
Lunatic: 28 HP

Poison Fang (35% chance of poison effect)

Yellow Potion (1/9)



  • The Fantendoverse is home to Pokemon, hence why Pokemon enemies like Jewel Koffing appear in the game.
  • Originally, the Jewel Pokemon were meant to be just regular Pokemon sans mind control jewels, but were added later to erase moral qualms about attacking Pokemon in a universe that treats them as individuals.
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