Jewel Vampire Zubat
ZubatFQ Vampire
Monster Origin Zubat, Jewel Zubat
Rarity Common
Alignment Struzax
Habitat(s) Xerlin Library Basement Level 1
Ability/ies Poison Fang, Life Leech
First Appearance FantendoQuest
Latest Appearance FantendoQuest
Jewel Zubat is a ground level enemy featured in FantendoQuest. They appear in Xerlin Library Basement Level 1.


Jewel Vampire Zubats are Zubats controlled by a unknown enemy that is working with Struzax. The jewel embedded in their forehead can only be removed by blunt force, so defeating them will free them from a controlled state. Vampire Zubats in particular are a albino breed of Zubats that are attracted by paranormal energies.


ZubatFQ Vampire
Jewel Vampire Zubat
Normal: 30 HP

Hard: 35 HP
Lunatic: 42 HP

Poison Fang (35% chance of poison effect) Life Leech (heals monster based off how much damage the attack does)

Red Potion (1/10)
Yellow Potion (1/10)



  • The Fantendoverse is home to Pokemon, hence why Pokemon enemies like Jewel Koffing appear in the game.
  • Vampire Zubats are based off Vampire Bats, although pretty much in name only.
  • Originally, the Jewel Pokemon were meant to be just regular Pokemon sans mind control jewels, but were added later to erase moral qualms about attacking Pokemon in a universe that treats them as individuals.
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