Jessica and Janice are both blue ant twins who work as Queen Kaida's maids. They are recurring characters in the Skip and Sqak series. They are the twin cousins of Alice, and the aunts of Roshan. They often adore Skip more than Sqak.


Jessica is more mature and calmer than Janice. She is also the older twin and has a habit of kissing Skip on the forhead. She works as Queen Kaida's maid and assistant gardener. She wears a violet gown dress. There is a running gag in the series that people often confuse Jessica as Janice, with Jessica correcting "I'm Jessica, she's Janice."


Janice is often immature and more emotional than Jessica. She is the younger twin and loves to hug Skip and cuddles him tight. She works as the only Blue Ant Hiker in the Blue Army. There is a mini game where she has to carry special supplies to the Blue Ant soldiers, however Red Ants try to kill her to steal the supplies but the SSFF protect her with turrets. She wears a pink gown dress.

Janice's quotes

These are quotes Janice says during her mini game.

Scared by Red Ant

  • "EEEK!!!"
  • "Don't hurt me!"
  • "Please! No!"
  • "Help Me!"

When saved by SSFF

  • "Thanks!"
  • "That was a close one!"
  • "You life savers!"
  • "I can kiss you for that!"

When Killed by Red Ants

  • "Oof!"
  • "So...tired..."
  • "Ouch, my back..."

When drowning in deep water

  • "Can't breathe!"
  • (gurgling underwater)
  • (gasping for air)