Jess' Quest is an action hack-and-slash developed by RTA Games. It is for the and was announced at the Fantendo 9th Anniversary Showcase.


Jess' Quest is an open-world action game with hack and slash elements. You control Jess Pierce, an anger-filled human/vampire from Santa Ana. Jess has two basic moves from the start: kick and punch. As you progress through the game, Jess gains more abilities, such as fireballs and melee attacks. Every level is very large and expansive, giving the player plenty of time to explore the level while looking for enemies to kill.

A big feature of Jess' Quest is Jess' anger meter. Whenever she is hit, her anger meter will fill a bit. If it fills all the way to the top, Jess will become unstoppable, and will kill any enemies that attempt to attack her in one hit. Jess' vampire side can show at times too, and she will sometimes drain her enemies' blood in order to retain stamina.

Along the way, Jess can pick up bottles of alcohol. The drinks range from tequila to beer. When Jess gets these, she will drink the alcohol and it will give her a brief boost. However, in her drunk form, Jess' accuracy will deter somewhat, with some hits missing. Jess also has a "Glory Kill" system, like Doom, where Jess can make an enemy stagger, then she will brutally murder the target.

Blaze helps the player understand the game. She does tutorials during the first level so the player can get used to using Jess. Sometimes, the player can control Blaze. Her moveset is different from Jess, in the sense that rather than using superpowers, Blaze uses her shurikens, battle axes and so on.

Blaze is faster and more athletic than Jess, which gives her an edge when escaping. Blaze also has boots with strong grip, of which can attach to buildings, allowing her to climb them with ease. Blaze's sections are very fast paced and rely on fast reaction times. It is fairly easy to get into a combo as Blaze, as opposed to Jess, who has heavier hits, so it takes more time to get back to her normal stance.

Some stages have vehicular combat, where Jess will be surrounded by enemy vehicles. Jess can clear the enemies out by using her pyrokinesis to blow up the cars, leaping into the enemy car and taking the enemy out herself, or quickly swerving so the enemy slams into dividers.


The story takes place after season two of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It follows Jess as she journeys through the United States, defending the planet from a large alien race that is attacking the States. Blaze goes with her to make sure she is safe.

Chapter 1: Los Angeles

The game starts out with Jess sat on her own in her house, watching TV.

Jess: Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit...

She flicks to a channel where an alien mothership is seen.

Jess: Oh, fucking fuck no...
Reporter: An alien race has invaded the United States. We're unsure of their goals and...

Jess grits her teeth as she yells out in frustration.


Jess kicks the front door open, blasting it out into the middle of the street. She then storms to her car, ripping the steel door clean off as Blaze runs to her.

Blaze: Jess, what're you doing?!
Jess: I'm fucking saving the fucking planet, what the fucking fuck do you think I'm fucking doing?!
Blaze: Jeez, no need to snap at me.
Jess: I fucking snap at fucking everyone.
Blaze: Well... I'll help you. Help save the world.
Jess: You can fucking help, I fucking guess.

The two drive off towards Los Angeles.

Vehicular combat segment

Jess and Blaze arrive in Los Angeles as they hear gunshots.

Blaze: Is Tabitha here?

Jess shrugs as they see a man shooting at an alien, trying to kill it.

Man: Die, already!

The camera shows Jess' first person view as she storms over to the alien, and the player gets to perform their first one hit kill shot. Jess brutally snaps the alien's neck and tears its head off, throwing it away.

Man: Thank you so much, ma'am.
Jess: Not a fucking problem. What the fuck's your fucking name?
Man: Jose Garcia. Just moved here from Costa Rica and that thing suddenly attacked me.

Blaze walks over and shakes Jose's hand.

Blaze: Petra Zednik. FBI agent. The woman who just brutally murdered that alien is Jess Pierce. If you want... we can protect you.
Jose: Okay.
Blaze: Alright. Stay by the car, we're going further into the city to take care of these guys.

Jose nods as Jess and Blaze walk to downtown L.A.


A pool of blood is seen as the camera pans up to show Jess breathing heavily, standing on top of dead aliens.

Jess: This is my fucking planet and I'm fucking gonna fucking protect it!

Blaze is seen walking over to Jess.

Blaze: Hey, there's more on top of the buildings, I'm gonna clear 'em out!

Jess turns to Blaze and nods at her. Blaze runs into the city as the scene fades out.


Blaze is seen hopping off the US Bank Tower as she lands on another skyscraper. She notices an alien approaching.

Blaze: Oh no...

Blaze screams for help as Jess arrives almost instantly as the two prepare to fight.


Jess is seen carrying the alien's head as she and Blaze get back in the car. Jess throws the head in the back, with Jose.

Jose: Oh god!
Blaze: Where are we going next?
Jess: We're fucking going to fucking Seattle.

Blaze nods as they set off.

A screen shows up with Nina Chevoski. Below her, it says "You can now use Nina Chevoski in Multiplayer mode!"

Chapter 2: Seattle

Jess, Blaze and Jose are seen just outside of Seattle, looking up at the ship above Seattle.

Jess: These fucking assholes need to fucking die.
Blaze: Yeah. We need to take 'em down.

Jess looks down.

Jose: Well, standing here isn't gonna do anything, let's go!

Blaze and Jess nod as the three jump in the car and head on down to Seattle.


The trio arrive in Seattle, as an alien instantly goes at Jess, as it toggles another one-hit kill sequence. Jess grabs the alien by its head, and crushes the skull into nothing as she flings it away.

Jose: Is that a thing you can just do?
Blaze: When she's in a mood like this, yes.

Jose shudders as Jess ignites her hand with fire.

Jess: Let's fucking kill some motherfucking assholes.

Blaze and Jose nod as Jose keeps an eye out for anyone nearby and Blaze goes into the city with Jess.


Jess is seen biting an alien's head clean off as a group of decapitated aliens. Blaze's boots are seen trudging over the deceased aliens to get to Jess.

Blaze: Why'd you have to decapitate them?
Jess: I'm in a fucking pissed mood, that's why.
Blaze: Aren't you always pissed?

Jess narrows her eyes.

Blaze: ...Anyway, I'll clear out some more.

Blaze jumps up as she runs up a building.


Blaze is seen landing on the ground as she looks up to see a gargantuan beast.

Blaze: Oh shit...

Blaze prepares her shurikens as Jess and Jose run over to help Blaze.


After the player beats the beast, Blaze is seen launching a shuriken into the beast's head, causing it to topple. Jess stops it from falling on the city, as she retrieves the shuriken then punches the head far away. She tosses the body into space and walks over to Blaze and Jose.

Jess: Where the fuck are the next assholes?
Blaze: They're over Minnesota.
Jess: Okay. Let's fucking go.

The trio drive off again as Seattle's skyline is shown.

An animation is shown of Alex Schmidt fighting some aliens before impaling two with her swords, as the screen says "You can now use Alex Schmidt in multiplayer mode!"

Chapter 3: Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Chapter 4: Dallas

Chapter 5: Denver

Chapter 6: Detroit

Chapter 7: Chicago

Chapter 8: Miami

Chapter 9: Charlotte

Chapter 10: New York

Chapter 11: Richmond

Finale: Washington, D.C.


There is a multiplayer mode in Jess' Quest. There are two modes: Rampage, a mode where you try and kill as many aliens as you can in the time limit and a co-op mode, where you use both Jess and Blaze at the same time. In Rampage mode, you are in one area of the level and the aliens come in from many directions, but they always enter in your eyesight so there are no cheap knockouts from behind. You can play as multiple characters rather than just Jess and Blaze. Every character has a "Super Move" They can use to clear out enemies quickly.


Appearing in Story Mode

Character Description Super Move (Multiplayer only)
Jess Pierce
The titular character of the game, Jess is an angry woman from Santa Ana, California. Well known for her anger and disgusting amount of vulgar language, Jess sets off on this journey to protect her home country from danger. Flaming Twister - Jess creates a fiery hurricane out of pure anger and traps enemies in it, dealing damage to them while screaming excessive amounts of strong language at them.
Blaze Zednik
Petra Regina "Blaze" Zednik is a secret agent for the FBI. She was born in Prague, in the Czech Republic, but was raised in the United States. Blaze has precognitive powers and notably long hair. She also has a bunch of ninja-like stuff that she likes to use. Tangled Up - Blaze uses her hair to wrap up her enemy and crush them. The attack stops the enemy from moving, even after the move is finished and takes out about half of an enemy's health.
The Aliens A crazy race of creatures from a planet far away, these aliens were searching for life they could kill and came across Earth. They prepare to invade but are completely unprepared for Jess and Blaze, and end up having to fight the duo. N/A
Jose Garcia A Costa Rican who moved to Los Angeles, Jose runs into Jess and Blaze while he is running from the aliens. Jess and Blaze offer to protect him. He helps the two out by giving them a heads up when a large horde is around the corner and may assist sometimes too. N/A

Multiplayer Exclusive

Character Description Super Move
Skye Caballero
Skye is a cryokinetic girl from San Jose who works with Jess and Blaze. She is the best friend of Amy Jackson, the best known hero in the RTAverse. Skye has spent her time with Jess and Blaze trying to stop her cryokinesis from spiraling out of control, but with little success. When fighting, she likes to use her powers to freeze enemies.

Skye is available by default.

Frozen Uppercut - Skye covers her hands in solid ice and slams into any enemies with a rather destructive uppercut which causes major damage to the foe.
Nina Chevoski
Nina Chevoski
A Belarusian hiker with plenty of experience, Nina likes to fight to save her planet. She moved to California when she met Nikolai Popovic, her now-teammate, in her hometown of Minsk and he invited her to his home in Los Angeles. She met Jess and Blaze after the events of Amy vs The Future, where the three are chosen, alongside some others, to save the world. She uses pickaxes and sturdy weapons to knock our her enemies.

Nina is unlocked after beating the Los Angeles chapter.

Pickaxe Propeller - Nina stabs a foe with her pickaxe, and spins them around on the spot before slamming them down on the ground.
Alex Schmidt
The precognitive leader of the Not-So-Wonderful 75, Alex is a woman from Germany who moved to America in order to work with the agency she works in, and met Jess and Blaze following being injured by a teammate who'd turned evil. Alex likes to use a pair of swords to fight, and can block hits easily.

Alex is unlocked after beating the Seattle chapter.

Double Sword Melee - Alex slashes with both swords at the same time and catches her foe in a stagger. Alex will then unleashes a lightning fast series of slashes with her swords and then slams the opponent to the ground with her foot. The attack does quite a bit of damage.
Courtney Robinson A Kazakhstan-born, USA-raised woman, Courtney is an aerokinetic who is somewhat annoyed often, but nowhere near as angered as Jess. She met Blaze and Jess after joining the Other Side team, following a majority of the old team going at D'Angelo again. In battle, Courtney likes to use her aerokinesis to make it hell for her opponents when they attempt to attack her.

Courtney is unlocked after the Minneapolis and Saint Paul chapter.

Gale Force - Courtney whips up a gigantic gust of wind, which severely slows an enemy down, as Courtney grabs the opponent and throws them into the wind, which throws them into a building. The attack does about 50% damage, and if the part of the building the opponent hits is high enough, the opponent will take damage upon impact with the ground.
Brendan Palmer
Brendan Palmer
An MD from California with a PhD in Health Studies, Brendan is someone who was initially weirded out by the events of the RTAverse but eventually got used to it all. He carries a guitar with him and will use it in fights.

Brendan is unlocked after beating the Dallas chapter.

Menacing Melodies - Brendan pulls out his guitar and rather aggressively slams it into and enemy's head. The attack does 30% damage and leaves the enemy hit stunned for a while.
Leah Auvic
Another doctor, but this one's from Snoqualmie, Washington. Leah Auvic is the RTAverse version of Leah Needlenam. She is a lot different from Needlenam though. She's married, she's got a composed life and she's still got her pinkie finger. Leah prefers close combat and can clear out enemies fast.

Leah is unlocked after beating the Denver chapter.

Medical Mayhem - Leah shells the enemy with many medicine bottles, gradually causing damage to her enemy, before running in herself and slamming her enemy hard against a wall. The bottles do 35% damage if they all hit then the wall slam will do an additional 15% damage.
Adele Sampson One of the lesser known members of the Other Side team, Adele is a young lawyer from North Carolina with the power of aquakinesis. She joined the team upon hearing about Jess' actions in The New Team. Adele uses her powers in Hadouken-esque blasts.

Adele is unlocked after beating the Detroit chapter.

Aqua Explosion - Adele creates a huge ball of water and catches some enemies in it. Adele then shoots the ball down a straight line and makes the ball explode, throwing her enemies into buildings. The blast does 15% damage and the building impact does 20% damage.
Aminu An anthropomorphic Minun who came to Earth after he met Brendan in Hoenn. Aminu went back with him and he lived a normal life, until he was chosen to save the world. When he fights, Aminu tends to use electric attacks, striking the opponents down with vicious thunder bolts.

Aminu is unlocked after beating the Chicago chapter.

Brutal Thunderstorm - Aminu makes the sky go dark as he yells out for something harsh to happen, before he brings a deadly set of thunder bolts down on his enemies. The attack does 60% damage on all enemies hit.
Tabitha James Tabitha is an alien from Aggronia, a war-torn planet. Tabitha was sent to Earth as a soldier, to scout out striking places for the Aggros to strike at. Tabitha, however, knew there was good life on Earth, and chose to protect the planet instead. Tabitha has many weapons she can use in fights, ranging from sniper rifles to rocket launchers.

Tabitha is unlocked after beating the Miami chapter.

RPG Blowout - Tabitha pulls out an RPG and blasts it at the closest opponent. The blast radius is rather large and instantly kills the enemy hit initially.
Hitomi Yamamoto
Hitomi is the lighthearted fighter of the team, who is widely known for opening up a portal which connected the RTAverse to the Fantendoverse. Hitomi tends to use her portal powers in battle, and can move around quickly. She can get into a combo very easily.

Hitomi is unlocked after beating the Charlotte chapter.

Portal Trap - Hitomi creates a portal underneath an enemy and puts them in a solitary room, with nothing around. Hitomi then goes through to show the enemy has been locked up to a chair, as she throws them into a wall, then stamps on their head. Hitomi then jumps back through the portal and closes it, before taking her bloody shoe off and creating a portal to a rainy place to clean it off.
Tayshaun Fitzgerald
The heroic Arizonian is here! Tayshaun is a character whose been in the RTAverse ever since its first piece of work. He is a hero who is somewhat unsure of his position, and rescues his fiancee Etinésa on a regular basis. Tayshaun tends to use his impressive athleticism a lot, being able to jump on enemies' backs and take them out from behind, or skillfully dodge the attack.

Tayshaun is unlocked after beating the New York chapter.

Bone-Crunching Hook - Tayshaun disappears from the enemy's line of sight as he cracks his knuckles and taps his enemy on the shoulder. He then slams his fist into the enemy's face hard, knocking them back far. The attack does a shattering 80% damage if done right.
Krystal Pérez
Most likely everyone's favourite RTAverse character, Krystal is the telekinetic goddess of lightning from Cabo San Lucas. She isn't one to be messed with. She also has possession of a gun. During battles, Krystal will use both her powers and her gun.

Krystal is unlocked after beating the Richmond chapter.

Headshock - Krystal pulls out her gun and shoots an enemy in the head. Following this, Krystal then gets up close and personal, covering her hands in electricity, and punching her enemy in the face twice. The attack is an instant kill move.
Amy Jackson
Here she is, Jackson herself! Amy is the one Tayshaun & Amy character who requires no introduction. But she's getting one anyway. Amy is a heroic cyborg who came from the 31st century. She was sent back in an experiment. Even with the cyborg stuff, Amy's lived a normal life, mostly because the cyborg thing is internal. Amy is an amazing melee combatant, and can use her precognition to predict attacks and counter them.

Amy is unlocked after beating the Washington D.C. chapter.

Almighty Sword Slash - Amy's sword increases in size, allowing her to deal more damage. She unleashes a devastating attack on her enemy, slashing straight through them and instantly killing them.


The soundtrack for the game is a heavy metal-orchestra hybrid kind of music. It can intensify depending on how tense the situation is. For example, if Jess is surrounded, the music will be pounding guitars while if there is nothing to worry about, it will be soothing violin music.





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