Jeremy Coarson, otherwise known as Vincent or Ramona, is a character first appearing in Fantendo - Playing War.


Jeremy Coarson stumbled upon a portal to the White Goddess' Palace, likely a remnant the goddess mistakenly left behind. Following through, he came across a physical representation of her ability to incarnate herself in a human form. Mistaking it for immortality, Jeremy took it for himself and escaped back through the portal. Due to his being a human rather than a deity, however, Jeremy was only reincarnated whenever he died. After multiple lifetimes, Jeremy met Ramona and the two fell in love.

Strafe: Heaven Born

Eventually, Jeremy decided that he would propose to her. Lacking money, Jeremy decided to resort to robbing from a bank. During the attempt, he was discovered by Strafe who, after a brief fight, shot and killed Jeremy.

Fantendo - Playing War

When Jeremy reincarnated, Ramona didn't recognize him anymore. Stricken with grief, he took on the identity of Vincent and organized a deal with the Dimensional Originals where they would supply him with a special pistol and bullets that return all pain the receiver has ever dealt to ever fired the weapon. Since Strafe had killed him before, Vincent figured that he would easily be able to kill Strafe. Unfortunately for Vincent, Strafe was saved by his friends Simon and Bouncer and Vincent was killed yet again.

Fantendo - Forgotten Legends

Jeremy reincarnates once again, but as a female. She takes on the name of Ramona and hires the Thieves Guild's protection (thus also extending that protection to the other Ramona), and hires them to break into Vincent's domain and steal the pistol. The real Ramona confronts Jeremy, who tells Ramona that she is Jeremy. After receiving the pistol, Jeremy manages to hack Vox's teleportation system (with the help of a certain individual) and bring Strafe and Simon to her. Before Jeremy can kill them, however, Ramona stops her. The two confess their love for each other, and Strafe apologizes to Jeremy for killing her.

Other Appearances

Fantendo Smash Bros. Duel


Jeremy Coarson appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Duel under the name Ramona, as the only representative of the Strafe series besides Strafe himself (despite the Ramona incarnation only appearing in Fantendo - Forgotten Legends).

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