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Jeo (real name Bartholomew) is the son of Dare, a demigod who inherited his father's looks and some of his powers. Currently going through a rebellious phase, Jeo has chosen to distance himself from his father by running away to space; however, much like Dare, Jeo tends to interfere in mortal matters heavily, running a business for warping reality for a price.


Jeo takes after Dare in looks, having the same orange skin and glowing blue eyes. Jeo has larger horns on his forehead and a more prong-like tail, and also tends to wear clothes; a black hoodie with a stylized 'DARE' on the front, grey jeans, and dress shoes. He claims to have heavy bags under his eyes, but actually just puts on a lot of eyeliner.


Jeo is self-described as a 'tortured soul', often faking internal struggle about his half-god half-human heritage. In reality, he's quite eager to take advantage of being a demigod (up to selling usage of his reality warping talents) and acts tough to mask his inept social skills. Multiple side dialogues in Slaughterbus Forever imply he used to be really into computers before coming to the Delta.


Jeo is known to be at least 200 years old, and is the son of Dare and a currently unseen human. Jeo misses his mother, but Dare seems to have only hazy memories of her, which lead to Jeo ultimately running away and starting a small business at the Delta.


Slaughterbus Forever

Jeo is one of many prominent NPCs in Slaughterbus Forever, found at his shop in the Delta as soon as the area is accessible. His ingame function is to shift difficulty levels; higher risks, higher rewards.



These two don't see eye to eye a lot. Dare wants Jeo to follow in his footsteps, Jeo just wants to do whatever feels right at the moment on his own.


Initially sees Slaughterbus as a stupid customer willing to spend far too much to make life harder. Upon continued interactions, the two become friends, bonding over death metal.


Seems to go way back with her. Dapper tends to tease him, both about his fake edgy facade and crush on her, but Jeo seems to tolerate it for sone reason.


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