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Jayl Cel
Jayl Cel LXIV
Jayl as he appears in The LXIV Saga.
Full Name Jayl Cel
Current Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
First Appearance The LXIV Saga
Latest Appearance The LXIV Saga
Jayl Cel is the main antagonist of The LXIV Saga. He appears to control the powers of darkness within The Void, and is the commander of Void City thug Xander, as well as Kami, a being of dark energy.


Although it is assumed that Jayl Cel is very powerful, he does not have a threatening or otherwise brutish personality. Rather, he is generally calm and calculating, taking great care to be a few steps ahead of Sixty Four and company as they figure out the mysteries of The Void.

However, this is not to say he is amiable or considerate, as when he comes close to what he wants, he will retaliate severely if it is taken away.


Main article: Darkness

Jayl Cel controls the power of darkness, characterized by its ethereal dark purple and black swirling energy. Although no weapon is assigned to darkness, Jayl prefers to fight with two katanas infused with the power.



The LXIV Saga

In The LXIV Saga, Jayl is primarily identified by a seafoam green cloak and his long chestnut hair that hangs over most of his face. He has fair skin, and is one of the tallest characters in The LXIV Saga.





  • Jayl Cel's name is meant to be pronounced like "jail cell." This becomes significant as The LXIV Saga progresses.
  • Jayl's deep connection to Darkness, the foundational energy of The Void, is what allows him to see despite having his face covered by his hair.





Sixty FourEightAmy Cerato

Voidverse original canon
Jayl Cel
Jayl Cel Redone
Official Artwork
Full Name Jayl Cel
Current Age The Sixty Four Saga: 32 years old
The Colin Four Saga: 80 years old
Gender Male
Location The Void
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Void Powers
Vulnerable To Light
Jayl Cel is the main antagonist of The Sixty Four Saga, and arguably the entire series, if one does not count Zero, the god of The Void. He is the true Void Persona, and commands all the other sub-Personas of every saga in the Voidverse series, except for The Seventy Four Saga.==Personality==

Jayl, being the main antagonist, has a typical "evil" personality. His goal throughout the series is to become emperor of The Void, and then enslave all the people not affiliated with Zero. Because of this, he lets nothing stand in his way, and is a cold, arguably heartless individual, going so far as trying to kill the unborn child of Sixty Four so the Light Persona line would cease to exist.


Jayl Cel wears his signature teal robe in all his appearances. In his younger appearances, he possesses another signature feature, his brown hair that conceals his yellow eyes. It is said that even though his eyes cannot see with hair over them, he possesses another secret way to see. In his older appearance, his hair has faded a bit and grown shorter, revealing the top half of his face.


Sixty Four

Sixty Four is the first Light Persona that Jayl directly goes up against.

Eight Bit

Jayl Cel gives Eight Bit and all the subsequent Void sub-personas their power. However, Eight is the only sub-persona that Jayl is directly affiliated with.


Jayl Cel is Rukalor's son, Rukalor being the first Void Persona and the creator of the Void itself.

Colin Four

Colin Four is Jayl's adoptive son, integral to his plan to turn the last Light Persona over to darkness. However, his plan fails and Colin Four ends up defeating Jayl and Zero.

Damon Cerato

Jayl Cel holds the title of emperor in the Void Dictatorship, the system that Damon's Revolution Council opposes.



  • Jayl Cel's Void name comes from his close affiliation to the Western Convicts sector of the Void. It is revealed in The Colin Four Saga that his true name is Jalerd Halete.
  • Jayl Cel has no children or succeeding relatives, so it is unknown who Zero would've chosen to be the next Void Persona if Jayl had died before he achieved Zero's goals.
  • Even though Jayl Cel does not appear in some sagas where he is still alive, it is inferred that he commanded the Void sub-personas of those sagas in secret.