Jared Orlevo is a jackass phoenix-man who was once of royalty, but was then banned from his own kingdom. While being a Misfits, he still maintains his Bounty Hunter job every once and awhile.

While not human, he can use some of his power to maintain a human form, with the cost of keeping his wings in his human form. His true form is more powerful then his human form, though he seems to not use it unless he has to.

He is constantly running from the Phoenix Council aswell as demons that he invoked early on when he first came to Earth.



Jared is a jackass of sorts, being a jerk to most people he has not been acquanted with. He is rather lonely, seemingly being rejected by all sorts of women. He likes to make snarky remarks at bad times and has a bad rep with most people, but in reality he's trying to figure out how to fit in, though fails horribly.


Long, long ago, Jared was once of Phoenix Royalty, being the prince of the Phoenix Council, and one day he would be the king. Though, after being framed for something he obviously did not do, he was hunted down by the Phoenix Council throughout the world, finally escaping the world by making a deal with devils.

Though, soon after finding Earth, he revoked the devil's pact, leading them to turn hostile towards him and give away his location to the Phoenix Council, causing him to be constantly on the run for about 100 years.

He was then invited into a project called the Initiatives, and it's history from there.



Aran Leverletto

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