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Jared Orlevo Male
?? lbs
Looks 25
250-ish years old
FULL NAME Jared Orlevo
POWERS Pyrokinesis



Topzy - friend
Melissa Dust - friend
Aran Leverletto - friend
Makara - friend


Guns, money, spending money, red hair dye


Demons, sometimes Topzy


Jared Orlevo is an experienced Phoenixean bounty hunter who lives in the back seat of his 2009 Honda Civic Sedan. Jared ties himself up into matters that mostly involve demons or demonic presences with the promise of cash, but his endeavors have lead him into being caught in situations that he won't get paid for, whether he likes it or not. After his retirement as a Misfit, Jared took his exit from the spotlight and disappeared, and he now returns having more experience with fighting, pyrokinesis, and women. Although he returns feeling like a completely new man, the real Jared is still there, as always.

Jared Orlevo's character began as an arrogant, wimpy descendant of Phoenixean royalty, a species that was wiped out and forced to flee from their land. Realizing the first 240 or so years of his life were wasted with him hiding from his fears and having action maybe every two dozen years or so, Jared decided that he was gonna put his life to use and ended up joining the original Misfits crew to save New York City from various threats it had come across. Through Jared's encounters with the Misfits, he grew in confidence and skill but maintained his arrogance throughout it all.

After the events of Deadeye, Jared realized that he had already lived for so long that the prospect of death became less scary to him, and he began to live on the edge by becoming a bounty hunter, both for money and the thrill. The radical lifestyle of seeking bounties brought him head-to-head with various threats, many of them demonic, and threw him into a whole new level of enemies and obstacles.


Jared is an arrogant, steadfast jerk who often only tries to focus on problems that concern him. He cares for people but he finds it awkward and hard to put it into words and make it seem like he actually cares about them. Due to his past experiences and the fact that he ages way slower than most people he tries not to get too attached, trying to keep only himself on his mind. After his experiences in the Misfits, his eyes opened up and he decided that pushing care for people away was not the answer to his problems. Instead of focusing on keeping himself intact and ignoring all the people around him, he's decided to sacrifice his absolute safety to try to redeem himself in the eyes of people who care about him, and try to reciprocate that care.

Jared has a good amount of confidence in himself, something that can both work with and against him. His ego makes it so he believes he is right a majority of the time, and that he can take on anything in the world can win. Although it can hurt him, the confidence also allows him to believe in himself even in the most unfortunate of situations, which can sometimes be just enough to get him out of things. Jared's new-found confidence has turned him into a... "one-liner slinging badass", in his own words.


Jared Orlevo is a white man with unkempt, red hair that has dulled from the lack of hair dye. He has blue eyes. Often, he wears a dull brown and black outfit, always including his chest-covering body armor and utility belt. Upon his utility belt is a pistol holster on his right-hand side, and a holster for his shorty shotgun on the other side. Often, he has his pitch-black aviators either on his hand or hanging off of a pocket. His signature Phoenixean wings are jagged and skeletal in shape, with the fire burning brighter in specific places where a skeletal structure would be.


Before the destruction of the Phoenixean lands, Jared Orlevo was a direct descendant of Phoenixean royalty, in line to be part of the throne. Although he had a lot of pressure on himself he was an unruly kid and would often find himself in trouble, hoping to be bailed out due to his lineage. He ended up making enemies in several people that ended up surviving the Phoenixean Purge, which may or may not put him in trouble sooner or later. After the Phoenixean Purge, Jared fled to Earth and decided to lie low in America and narrowly avoid the Civil War. Jared often kept to himself but found himself continually involved in major events of the world that would cost him the loss of someone that he cared for, causing him to slowly try to repress feelings of care due to the continual loss. Eventually, he ran around as a freelancer for odd, minor crimes that allowed him to just get by enough until he eventually ended up feeling a sense of loss in his life that lead him to desire something new, which lead him to the Misfits in New York City.

Powers and Weapons

Jared Orlevo has spent many years of his life in an attempt to perfect his pyrokinetic skills that come from his Phoenixean species, and he is able to conjure fire from his hands and use his flaming Phoenix wings to conjure up blasts of flame and ash. His Phoenixean wings also allow him limited flight that gives him enhanced vertical mobility in many battles. Although he has these powers, he often lets his 'cavalry' do the talking. Jared often comes armed with his signature red Desert Eagle and jet black Serbu Super-Shorty shotgun, a shotgun with all the impact from a regular shotgun but at relatively half the size. Although he has a relatively weak long distance battle potential, anything that comes close to him will probably catch a bullet or two.




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  • Jared originates from way before his Fantendo debut, originally as a roleplay character.
  • In March of 2020 Jared received a complete character revamp as a result of the creator being unsatisfied with Jared, and also having the desire to have a demon-hunting gunslinger.
    • The revamp takes inspiration from Evil Dead's Ash Williams.