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James Zabrent
BIRTHDAY April 4th, 1990
BIRTHPLACE New York City, New York
CLASS Agent of F.A.N.T

James Zabrent is an agent of F.A.N.T and a member of the 410 squad. A graduate of Boltzmann University who was born with electrokinetic powers, he joined F.A.N.T to protect Earth using his unique skillset.

He's also a primary character in Season 1 of Fantendo - Gaiden. Reception for the character has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Gaiden

Fantendo - Gaiden: Legacy

Physical Appearance

James Zabrent is a 25-year old white male with curly blonde hair, tanned freckled skin, and blue eyes. From training, he has a good physique. Zabrent is nearly always found in a T-Shirt and Jeans rather than the usual F.A.N.T black suit.


James Zabrent was born with electrokinetic powers that he has always had. However, during his time at Boltzmann University, he learned to control the powers. His primary electrokinetic power is to blast electricity to fry his enemies, but he can also fry electronics and other objects. Besides combat, he can non-lethally stun enemies with it, charge electronics, and use it as a defibrillator.

Besides powers, Zabrent was trained at F.A.N.T, meaning that he is a high-level martial artist and marksman, but prefers to use electrokinesis. In addition, Zabrent is fairly intelligent, being manipulative towards his enemies.


Zabrent is snarky and sarcastic, constantly making quips to his enemies and allies alike. In addition, he can be overconfident in his abilities and underestimate his enemies. Despite these flaws, he always means well and would stand up for anybody in danger or being attacked.

Zabrent loves to joke around and is very friendly, being good with people overall. In addition, he is excellent at comforting others, being a good listener to those in need and always helping out. He has a problem with authority though, and is not one for regulations and codes, usually blatantly not following them. He's usually kept around due to his skills though.

Zabrent is not a fan of the government, like Eric Sinn, but is willing to work for F.A.N.T due to his dedication to helping the world and stopping evil.


Eric Sinn

The two are shown to not necessarily approve of each other, with Sinn being a serious professional and Zabrent a snarky casual kind of guy. Despite this, they form a friendship during their time together, with each relying on and respecting one another.

Jake Skett

The two don't always get along well. Skett is more brutal, while Zabrent is more sympathetic. Despite this, Zabrent has faith in Skett doing well, and Skett secretly respects Zabrent's talents. Zabrent could tell that Carter and Skett were dating.

Hugo Logia

Zabrent and Logia get along fairly well, both of them being laid-back guys with good social skills.

Alena Carter

Zabrent and Carter share a mutual like for each other. Zabrent could tell that Carter and Skett were dating.




  • Originally, Logia's role as the newcomer to the world of F.A.N.T was occupied by Zabrent.