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During the development of Jake's Super Smash Bros. logo sideways.png, multiple pieces of content have been partially created or considered to be added into the game but ultimately were not; either due to being seen as being too similar to other elements, lacking ideas, or simply out of a lack of interest. Unlike "removed content", which was content that had previously been included in the game and later removed, "scrapped content" refers to content that was never included into the game at all.

Scrapped Characters

Fish Poker Pops

Fish Poker Pops

Fish Poker Pops, a type of enemy that appeared in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, was originally considered to be a playable character in Jake's Super Smash Bros. Over most other enemies, Fish Poker Pops was originally chosen due to his interesting choice in weaponry - the large walrus wields a club with a pufferfish attached to each end. Fish Poker Pops was later scrapped in favour of another Tropical Freeze enemy, Bashmaster, due to a lack of moveset ideas.



Hiroshi, the main protagonist of Trade & Battle: Card Hero, was one of the earliest characters planned to be included in Jake's Super Smash Bros., and among the first to be scrapped. Hiroshi was scrapped for a number of reasons, primarily being excluded from the game due to the series from which he originates - Card Battle - releasing exclusively in Japan; though a general lack of interest in fully exploring the series through a third party also held him back from being included. No information had been written about Hiroshi's inclusion, though four alternate costumes had been conceived for him.

James Bond

James Bond

Famous secret agent James Bond of the self-titled multimedia franchise was heavily considered to be added into the game as one of the few "guest" characters from non-video game properties. However, similar to Scooby-Doo, James Bond's appearance in Jake's Super Smash Bros. was originally intended to be entirely based around his video game appearances; or more specifically, his appearance in the 1997 Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye 007.

James Bond was scrapped out of a general lack of interest in the idea. Additionally, while a number of weapons are included in GoldenEye 007 that could be used in Super Smash Bros., it was ultimately deemed fairly boring should a character just use different guns for their entire moveset. The only special move fully written out was Bond's Final Smash, the Golden Gun, while his miscellaneous info and alternate costumes had also been completed before he was scrapped. A series icon and series logo were also created for GoldenEye 007. Such content was as follows:

Final Smash: Golden Gun is a weapon wielded by Francisco Scaramanga in the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. Reappearing in the video game GoldenEye 007, the Golden Gun is one of the strongest weapons in the game as, while it can only hold a single bullet at a time, the bullets that this pistol fires are strong enough to defeat any enemy in a single shot. In Super Smash Bros. Bond equips the Golden Gun and fires a single bullet forwards. While easy to dodge and choreographed by a short start-up animation, the bullet from the gun will instantly KO a single enemy should they be hit by it, completely disregarding their current position on the stage or damage percentage.
Bond's entrance animation sees him glide onto the stage with a parachute, which falls off as he touches down onto the ground.
Bond's taunt sees the agent pose in a manner identical to that seen in promotional artwork for GoldenEye 007 and the film on which it is based: James Bond crosses his feet as if leaning against a wall and, supporting his right elbow with his opposite hand, holds his pistol up by his face pointing skyward.
Bond lacks a proper series of victory animations, as with other characters, with only a single animation: Bond slowly walks in from the right-side of the screen, encircled by a white circle. Bond stops in the centre of the screen and, facing the camera, he then fires at the screen, causing the screen to turn red. This is a recreation of the famous introduction sequences to many James Bond films, which is also recreated for the GoldenEye 007 video game.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk

Real-life skateboarder Tony Hawk was originally considered to be added into Jake's Super Smash Bros. as a special "guest" character, like the aforementioned James Bond. Originally, Tony Hawk was intended to represent his highly successful brand of self-titled video games - primarily Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

Tony Hawk was never fully conceptualized. Originally the idea was to have Tony Hawk be a character who would be unable to stop moving and thus have an emphasis on momentum, though this was deemed too gimmicky. The only special move conceived for Tony Hawk was never properly written out encyclopedia-style, only existing as an idea, though his character biography had been fully completed. The biography is below:

Anthony Frank Hawk, better known as Tony Hawk, is an American skateboarder. Tony Hawk is recognized as the most influential figure in skateboarding, pioneering vert skateboarding techniques and being the first person to land a 900° aerial spin successfully. The founder of a skateboard company named after his nickname of Birdman - Birdhouse - Tony Hawk has licensed his name out to a variety of companies to help draw attention to the sport of skateboarding. The most notable company he has done this with is Activision, who has developed a number of skateboarding games under his name. The first instalment in the so-called Tony Hawk's series was the 1999 PlayStation title Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, which has continued with five additional Pro Skater titles and a multitude of other games.

Tony Hawk's one special move idea would have revolved around him summoning a rail and grinding across it to deal damage to anyone in the way, with Tony Hawk falling helpless afterwards or should he get hit.

Other Scrapped Elements

Hibiki Tachibana (Another)

Hibiki Tachibana's alternate universe counterpart - henceforth referred to as "Hibiki Tachibana (Another)" - from the Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited mobile game was originally planned to appear in Jake's Super Smash Bros. in some capacity. Originally Hibiki (Another) was planned to appear as a Dash Fighter of her original universe counterpart, differing from Hibiki in several smaller ways including having her Elekleid combat armour for her Final Smash. After being scrapped in that regard, she was originally going to be brought in as a set of alternate costumes for Hibiki, this time differing only through voice clips. She was scrapped in this role again, as it was thought that this my have been too confusing an idea for some people who may be unfamiliar with the Symphogear franchise or multiverse theory. Additionally, Hibiki Tachibana (Another)'s default appearance is near-identical to that of her original counterpart, thus it may have been too confusing to have two characters who look too similar to another yet be (somewhat) considered separate.

Miho Nishizumi: Princess Principal Costume

Originally, Girls und Panzer protagonist Miho Nishizumi was to have an alternate costume that had her dress in the outfit of Ange le Carré, the main protagonist of the anime series Princess Principal. This was originally thought about due to the existence of crossover artwork released by Actas, the company behind both anime series, depicting both protagonists wearing each others' main outfits: Miho dressed in Ange's spy costume and Ange dressed in the Ooarai Sensha-dō uniform. This alternate costume would have been paired with a dark brown Panzer IV recolour mimicking that of the car that the Principal Team drove in the opening sequence of the original Princess Principal anime.

This alternate costume would eventually be replaced with Miho wearing a Boko costume and a pink Panzer IV recolour.

Sephiroth: Alternate Costumes

Originally, Sephiroth was planned to be included using his normal design, with more humanoid proportions, being based off his design from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. The idea to use Sephiroth's super deformed design from WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY was to differentiate him from his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate appearance, which takes inspiration from both his designs from FINAL FANTASY VII and, more prominently, FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN. While no recolours were created for this design, it was planned to have Sephiroth have special alternate costumes depicting him as shirtless (which was carried over to his chibi design) and with his Kingdom Hearts attire - the latter being based off its design from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT.

After the decision to go with a chibi-styled appearance was made, Sephiroth was to have an alternate costume that gave him the colour scheme of Genesis Rhapsodos, or G, the main antagonist of CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII-. This costume was scrapped as it was deemed too similar to another one of Sephiroth's alternate costumes; specifically, the one that draws inspiration from the design of Kefka Palazzo from FINAL FANTASY VI.

Unused Recolour Costumes

Several characters had alternate recolour costumes created that simply just went unused, usually due to being too similar in appearance to other costumes. In many cases, these alternate costumes were swapped out with others last-minute.

Unused Series Symbols

Some series were originally planned to have series symbols different than those that would end up appearing in the final game. Many times, these symbols are replaced with more recognizable ones or symbols that better represent the franchise they originate from. It should be noted that, while not noted here, every series that appears in real Super Smash Bros. titles use different series symbols in the final version of Jake's Super Smash Bros., though this was not always the case; early in development, most Super Smash Bros. series symbols returned for Jake's Super Smash Bros. before being replaced.

The series symbols below depict the following:

  • Banjo-Kazooie: The logo of Rare Ltd. (the company that created the Banjo-Kazooie series); and the hexagonal outline of a Honeycomb item from the series.
  • Magia Record: A stylized version of a Soul Gem.
  • Senki Zesshō Symphogear: The f-esque scar that appears on Hibiki Tachibana's décolleté area; and a more accurate depiction of the Symphogear crystal that appears as part of each candidate's Symphogear design.