Smash Taunts
Palutena's Guidance · IRUO. Connection

By holding down the taunt button for an extended period of time, certain fighters can initiate conversations with other characters from their series of origin on specific stages. These conversations are known as "Smash Taunts", and do not actually affect the battle in any way, making them purely fanservice. Most Smash Taunts will change depending on what fighter(s) the player is fighting against, often having the characters reference the movesets of the player's opponents.

On Reset Bomb Forest and Overworld, Pit can contact Palutena and Viridi, and occasionally some special guests, to learn details about the other fighters. These conversations, based upon the dialogue of Kid Icarus: Uprising, are dubbed "Palutena's Guidance".

The main voice cast is as follows:

  • Pit is voiced by Antony Del Rio (English) and Minami Takayama (Japanese)
  • Palutena is voiced by Ali Hillis (English) and Aya Hisakawa (Japanese)
  • Viridi is voiced by Hynden Walch (English) and Makiko Ōmoto (Japanese)

The following characters make guest appearances in certain characters' conversations:

  • Dark Pit is voiced by Antony Del Rio (English) and Minami Takayama (Japanese)
  • Hades is voiced by S. Scott Bullock (English) and Hōchū Ōtsuka (Japanese)
  • Fire Emblem's Mist is voiced by Sarah Anne Williams (English) and Atsuko Enomoto (Japanese)
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