Jacob Koopa

Jacob Koopa is a Koopaling that was given birth to and raised by Princess Peach. He has a fascination with trains, but low self-confidence due to the fact that he is a Koopa living with Toads.


Jacob has the ability to levitate objects in a similar way to his mother. Although his mother required Starlow's assistance, Jacob can levitate objects by himself due to the fact that his right arm is infused with star power, giving it a greenish-yellow color.


Jacob is very quiet and reserved, often preferring to stay alone and play with train sets than to socialize. The only time he ever leaves the castle is for important things, or to look at the K64. He often plays with his sister Persephone Koopa, but only when she´s awake.



  • Jacob doesn't appear humanoid due to the fact that Princess Peach's family only passes down genes from one parent, such as Princess Peach appearing fully human when at least one of her parents was a Toad, or possessed Toad genes (her grandmother is a Toad, according to Super Mario RPG)
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