JIM is a deity first appearing in Little Lenny Penguin and The GreatRed Flood, but originally conceived as the mascot for The JIM Engine.


Jim, a deity from Lhy, was sent on a mission to eradicate a group of eldritches who were threatening the stability of all the universes. However, he was framed for a crime which forced the rest of the community to banish him from their plane of existence. During this accusation, he also seemingly lost the trust and affection of his possible love interest deity. Understanding the threat to all universes, Jim continued with his mission regardless. To gain a physical form which was needed to interact with the physical universes, Jim tethered his soul to a robot (named, conveniently enough, JIM). The AI inside the robot, however, fought for control with Jim and eventually managed to absorb the deity wholly, binding his soul to the robot for eternity. This binding also absorbed all of Jim's memories and motives into JIM, minus most of his stable personality.

Little Lenny Penguin and The Great Red Flood

Despite his prior instructions to not go, JIM continued his mission tethered to the body of the robot. However, he soon realizes that the robot is ill-equipped to execute Jim's deity powers, as evidenced by the fact that opening up a portal to the land of the eldritches nearly destroyed him. Now in the land of the eldritches with seemingly no escape, JIM realizes that he must only use the weapons at his robot body's disposal in order to not damage himself further.

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Other Appearances

Fantendo Smash Bros. Duel

JIM appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Duel as an Assist Trophy.

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