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Ivien Indigo Male
232 lbs
33 years old Beorn
The Zeonian songbird.
FULL NAME Ivien Indigo
POWERS Cryokinesis
A damn good singing voice
BIRTHDAY June 17, 1987
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Good
OCCUPATION(S) Lead singer of “Mindless Fun”
Musical coordinator of Deep Space Hullabaloo!
CURRENT LOCATION The Intergalactic Partybus

Music, performing, scarves, snow, positive attention, Jasper Jabberwocky


Apathy, tough crowds, his appearance


Deep Space Hullabaloo!

Ivien, alternatively known by his stage name, Ivan Indigo, is a Beorn of Zeonian descent currently residing on the Intergalactic Partybus. Ivien was born on Zeon, but, after leaving the planet on his own terms to pursue his musical interests, was “discovered” and hired by Jasper Jabberwocky, the eccentric host of a new interstellar game show, Deep Space Hullabaloo!; Ivien took up the job of singing the show’s theme song. After living on the Intergalactic Partybus for some time, Ivien fell in love with Jasper, and the two began dating.

Ivien's first canonical appearance is in Deep Space Hullabaloo!, in which he is introduced as the lead singer of the show’s official band, “Mindless Fun”, as well as Jasper’s longtime lover. Ivien, having left Zeon several years before the events of Tragedy, is blissfully unaware of his home planet’s destruction, as he’s been travelling around the galaxies for the past few years. While not a main character, Ivien's role in the story is fairly large, introduced to provide a friendlier face for the humans to interact with while stuck on the ship, and to give Jasper someone who sees the good in him, in contrast to the other humans and aliens onboard.

The character of Ivien was first conceptualized in mid-2016, but the character has changed drastically several times, in terms of his personality, origin, status in the story, and, to a lesser extent, appearance. His appearance in Deep Space Hullabaloo! was decided on after his creator wanted to both introduce a character with a close relationship to the main “antagonist”, Jasper, and reintroduce old character concepts that he had abandoned to the New Fantendoverse.


Ivien is a Zeonian Beorn, and takes on many of the physical attributes you’d see with them; largely speaking, the appearance of an exaggeratedly-detailed bipedal bear. Ivien is among the larger, stronger-built of the Beorns out there since Zeon’s destruction, with a body type similar to that of Boare's. His eyes are the typical Beorn fare; dark irises with star-shaped pupils, though his irises are notably colored more closely to a dark indigo, as opposed to dark grey or black, like others of his species. His fur, a mulberry purple color, is unkempt and thick, and he boasts sharp claws on his long limbs.

When initially introduced, Ivien is shown to typically wear a weighted green-white striped scarf. When on-camera for Deep Space Hullabaloo!, he’s seen wearing a light purple tuxedo, with a matching pair of dress pants and shoes, and a blue bowtie—his hair is notably slicked back in this state. He’s also often seen wearing a crimson ring with a star piece on its tip, a gift from Jasper.


At a glance, Ivien seems to be a fairly intimidating individual, between his wild, Herculean appearance and his commanding stage presence as a performer. Upon closer inspection, however, Ivien is a mellowed, amicable fellow, a friendly conversationalist with a fascination for unfamiliar lifeforms, especially humans. Ivien is utterly enthralled by Earth human culture, and jumps at any opportunity to talk to the human participants of Deep Space Hullabaloo!; their wary nature and his tendency to come on too strong, however, can make things difficult.

When onstage, Ivien seems to have nothing but the upmost confidence, performing as if he hasn’t a care in the world. Secretly, however, he looks upon his physical appearance with disdain; he loathes his larger frame and how his appearance can scare others without him meaning to. All he wants is to not necessarily be loved, but to not be feared, either. As per his worries, he is quite fond of those who take him for who he is, rather than what he appears to be—particularly Jasper, who he has been in a relationship with for a few years.


Deep Space Hullabaloo![]


  • Basic Cryokinesis: Like many Beorns, Ivien has the ability to control a particular element; in Ivien’s case, cryokinesis, or ice manipulation, is at his disposal, although its range is basic and somewhat weak, as a result of Ivan’s lack of development or training.
    • Snow Conjuring: Ivien can create a limited amount of snow using his energy, which he can use aesthetically, to create snowflakes or sparkles around him, or to form snowballs or other projectiles.
    • Icicle Pulse: Ivien fires a ring of ice-cold energy, which can freeze to the touch.
    • Frost Breath: Ivien breathes out a gust of ice-cold wind, which, if used in excess, can completely freeze certain specimens.
  • Vocal Prowess: If Ivien has anything going for him, it’s a powerful singing voice with great range and control. After years of training, it was Ivien’s vocality that drew Jasper into inviting him aboard the Intergalactic Partybus.


Jasper Jabberwocky[]

Ivien has been in a romantic relationship with Jasper Jabberwocky for nearly ten years, having developed after Ivan was hired by Jabberwocky as a musician for Deep Space Hullabaloo!. After the two spent several years growing close to each-other, Jasper, in an epiphanic revelation, expressed his feelings for Ivien, and the two have been a tight-knit couple ever since.

Ivien is quite affectionate towards Jasper, and is more than comfortable in calling him his lover; the two make no attempts to hide their fondness for each-other, even when they’re vying for professionalism. Ivien is the only one aboard the Intergalactic Partybus who understands Jasper’s emotional “process”, and can calm him down when he’s on the brink of a panic attack. It’s clear that Ivien is one of Jasper’s few comforts in his otherwise hectic life, and Ivan is perfectly happy in that position.


  • Ivien was initially conceptualized in mid-2016, as part of a series of characters belonging to an organization known as the Crosshairs Theater—this acted as an early predecessor to Deep Space Hullabaloo!, as an attempt to introduce a culture of performance art to the New Fantendoverse. This concept was scrapped for obvious reasons, but, when reworked into the TV show of Deep Space Hullabaloo!, Ivan was reintroduced.
    • Several other iterations of Ivan involved him in a plot with Finian Felicis, a now largely unrelated character, and had him living in New York City.
    • Ivien's reintroduction as a wanderer of space, rather than a resident of the Big Apple, was a change made to reflect the idea that many of the living Beorns part of the current New Fantendoverse timeline had escaped Zeon and crashlanded on Earth; while Ivan was initially an instance of such, it would later be decided that he left Zeon with Jasper several years before Unten even first defeated Doomulus Grime, and would be unaware of Zeon’s destruction in the present, to twist the idea on its head.
  • Ivien's singing voice and range is headcanoned to be similar to Jeremy Jordan's.
  • Ivien was originally officially named "Ivan", but his name was changed in 2020 during the beginning development of Fantendoverse τ, so as to give him a less "normal" name. "Ivan" became a stagename of sorts for him upon meeting Jasper, however.