It's Really Just Mario Kart 3 (tentative title) is the third game in the It's Really Just Mario Kart franchise, following It's Really Just Mario Kart 63. Unlike the first two games, which admittedly might have really just been Mario Kart clones (who could've guessed?), the game director StellaStardown of Candy Dynamics has assured that this one, released for a yet-to-be-named spoof of the Game Boy Advance sometime in the early 2000s, definitely isn't. Seriously. Fo' sho'! Aside from being nothing like the first two installments, this game is exactly like the first two installments: any and all requests from users for new characters, stages, or items in the comments section of this article must be added to the game as long as they comply with the rules, no matter what.

Development History

In an interview during the game's press tour, StellaStardown detailed the history of the game's development and the game franchise itself.

In 2015, I decided to make a game called It's Really Just Mario Kart, but looking back I'm not really happy with how that game turned out. It wasn't good, and not totally because of the requests I was given were bad, it was bad on my part too. I had a different sense of humor back then, and it resulted in a painfully unfunny product that I was too ashamed to admit I had made myself, instead going under the pseudonym of "SupperSlashBlednir18" (a name that was meant to be a spoof of my username at the time but, like the game itself, failed to be amusing as intended). And then later I made two more games– the sequel It's Really Just Mario Kart 63 and the spin-off It's Really Just Mario Maker– and neither of those were really any better. So, now it's 2019, and with [It's Really Just Mario Kart 3], I've decided to revisit the franchise, not because I liked what I did with the other games, but because I know I can do better. Awful requests that I have to add to the game will be inevitable, but I'll try my best to ensure that the game itself isn't awful.
Game director StellaStardown


You should know the rodeo by now. The gameplay of It's Really Just Mario Kart 3 is really just the gameplay of Mario Kart. Press buttons to drive through tracks, use various items, and drift through turns as you face off against opponents in races. It's amazing what buttons can do.







  • Let's be real. No one is asking any questions about this game. Everyone just prefers the actual Mario Kart anyways.
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