The Mayor's Assistant
Universe SSB Animal Crossing SeriesAnimal Crossing
Recent Game U Mario Kart 8
Availability Starter
Final Smash Reset Surveillance Center/Super Coffee

Isabelle makes her first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Isabelle comes from the Animal Crossing series and was an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Isabelle uses a variety of items and objects as well as mehcanics found within her home franchise, Animal Crossing including fruits and city work projects.


Isabelle is a bag of tricks type character with utilizing seemingly weak attacks to gain the edge on her opponents. In addition, many of her attacks have secondary features which can also influence the outcome of a match. Isabelle is largely a mixed bag that utilizes various attacks that belies her rather peaceful nature. Many of her attacks have surprising hit boxes and hurt boxes. In addition, they tend to linger - meaning that even after the attack is over; it can still do damage.

In terms of stats, Isabelle is a rather slower character but can jump fairly high. She has surprising air speed and average falling speed. She has a good doge and rolling animations. Her attacks have limited range save for a few of her projectiles. However, they lack in the power department and have lower priority thus causing opponents to be able to take advantage and cancel out her attacks. With her Lloid Donation and Works Project moves, she can also zone the stage. Her Town Ordinance moves can also boost up her stats that she lacks. Overall, she has a high learning curve and can be hazardous in the hands of a skilled player against someone unfamiliar with Isabelle.

How to Unlock


  • Collect over 250 trophies
  • Play 120 VS. Matches
  • Clear Event 21 "Mayor and Assistant Smack Down"

Isabelle is fought on the stage "Main Street"


  • Collect over 4000 trophies
  • Play 230 VS. Matches
  • Clear Event 37 "Smashville at War".

Isabelle is fought on the stage "Town and City".


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Thank You Very Much! 3% Isabelle bows low while closing her eyes as if she is bowing. If she hits her head on an opponent, it causes her to wince and slightly recoil back instead of returning back to her normal position. This allows for spamming the attack. It has good range and a wide hit box. If she does it more than six times, it suffers from ending lag at the end of the attack as she rubs her forehead.
Forward Tilt Congratulations! 6%, 1.3% Isabelle pulls a party popper that shoots out confetti into the air. The initial attack does damage as well as the confetti as it lingers in the air while falling down. It lasts several seconds though it can be canceled.
Up Tilt WHAT?! 5% Isabelle looks up with a surprise of shock. Shock-like lines appears from Isabelle with the same sound from Animal Crossing. It will knock opponents up into the air. It suffers from slight start up and ending lag.
Down Tilt What's This? 3% (bow), 2% (rise), 5% (back of head) Isabelle will bend down bit like her standard attack but much lower and picks something up. The bending portions does damage as well as the return trip out. However, it does more damage if the back of the head hits on the return trip up. It can spike opponents at high levels. It is a rather laggy down tilt move.
Dash Attack HELP ME!!! 8% (fall), 1% (papers) 4% (roll) Isabelle holds a stack of papers and trips, scattering the papers into the air. The appears will flutter down and can deal additional damage. The trip and papers usually connect well; especially at lower percentages. Isabelle will then go into a roll animation and will knock opponents upwards. She rolls about three spaces before returning to normal albeit has a bit of ending lag attached to the attack.
Forward Smash I Can't Stay Awake... 0% Isabelle stretches and yawns; causing yawn marks to shoot from her mouth. These do not deal damage but will cause the opponent to momentarily fall asleep. The longer it is charged, the more the opponent will be asleep.
Up Smash Let's Play! 18% (uncharged clean), 24% (charged clean), 14% (uncharged late), 20% (charged late), Isabelle's prime killing move. She tosses a Soccer Ball into the air. It does damage at the highest point of the ball throw. It can connect with her Side Smash.
Down Smash It's SO Heavy! 15% (uncharged), 20% (charged) Isabelle founds a heavy box of objects and begins to tremble as she holds them. She finally drops them, spiking the opponents up. It is a great attack for those holding onto the ledge. Her face looks surprised.
Neutral Aerial How's This? 7% Isabelle spins in a circle while posing, It can hit three times but only one hitbox will launch the opponent forward. It is a quick and effective attack.
Forward Aerial This Is A Good Place! 9% (point), 4% (sign) Isabelle pulls out one of the signs seen around the village and drops it. The pointy end of the sign does more damage and knockback compared to the sign itself. She looks surprised to find the sign fell.
Back Aerial I'M FALLING! 2%, 2%, 4% Isabelle falls backwards and starts to flail as she spins around. Each attack deals hit stun with the final hit dealing knock back. When she lands, she has an expression of relief.
Up Aerial I'm a Basketball Star! 7% Isabelle pulls out a Basketball and throws it up into the air. It does moderate damage but very little knockback. However, the attack has many chances to hit has it arches up and comes back down. Once it lands, it vanishes. Due to Isabelle's rather unatheltic nature, the ball doesn't actually go very far much to her surprise.
Down Aerial I Saw This Once Before... 1.4% (loop) Isabelle tries to perform Yoshi's down aerial by kicking her feet back and forth. While does looping damage, it is inferior compared to Yoshi's. However, it is faster and can be short hopped without any landing lag.
Grab --- --- Isabelle grabs the opponent with a face of joy.
Pummel Squishy! 2% A very quick pummel. Isabelle pokes the opponent with her finger.
Forward Throw Now You're the mayor! 3% (throw), 5% (crash Isabelle puts the opponent into an office chair and kicks it away. The chair dashes forward and then crashes. It also does the same amount of damage to the opponent who is hit by the attack. She waves good bye to the chair and opponent.
Back Throw There You Go! 7% Isabelle swings the opponent around but trips as she does with both crashing down. Isabelle lands on top of the opponent and rubs her head.
Up Throw Hip-Hip Hooray! 10% Isabelle grabs the opponent and throws the opponent upwards as if she is cheering them on.
Down Throw Please Carry This! 9% Isabelle gives the opponent a heavy box but crashes onto them; burying them in the ground.
Floor Attack (front/back) Excuse Me! 4% Isabelle gets up and bows a deep bow while kneeling on the ground. Her head is the hitbox.
Floor Attack (trip) I'm OK! 5% Isabelle quickly gets up but the back of her hand slams into the opponent; dealing damage.
Edge Attack I Could Use Some Help! 4% Isabelle pulls herself up, trips, and rolls forward; launching anyone in front of her.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Town Tune 4% (per note) Isabelle will hum a random Town Song. Music notes will float up from her and travel for sometime. It deals knockback when it connects and causes the notes to vanish. Holding down completes the song and the attack though there is a slight cool down time before it can be performed again.
Custom 1 Town Song 2.2% (loop) Holding down the special button produces a radius that, while it doesn't deal hitstun, causes loop damage to those within the radius. It comes out much faster and doesn't have a cool down period.
Custom 2 Town Anthem 8% The notes travel faster and further upwards as well as deal more damage. However, it has a longer ending lag and cool down time.
Side Special Donation Lloid Varies Isabelle places a Donation Lloid on the ground. It will absorb attacks (even Isabelle's). It will then explode a short time later; dealing the same amount of totaled damage it received. The blast radius is also reflected in this. Placing one down before it explodes cause it to explode prematurely.
Custom 1 Countering Lloid 22% (countering) The Lloid will counter a attack by attacking back at the opponent. It will catch the attack and explode; dealing damage. It can also damage Isabelle.
Custom 2 Payback Donation Lloid Varies Placing the Lloid down will cause it to explode 5 seconds later that consists of the amount of damage Isabelle has. It has a cap of 40% damage.
Up Special We Did It! 5% Three random villagers will appear beneath Isabelle and toss her into the air. They do it three times, each time tossing Isabelle higher into the air. Somehow, the three villagers will hover mysteriously in the air. During this time, Isabelle has an expression of joy and confetti shoots up with each throw. Players can attack the villagers and cause them to vanish with a strong enough attack.
Custom 1 Time to Celebrate! 10% The villagers only throw Isabelle up once but they throw Isabelle up very high into the air. Isabelle does more damage when she contacts an opponent.
Custom 2 Watch me Twirl! 1.3% (loop) Isabelle is thrown in the air three times but at the same height. When she is thrown up, she spins and does multiple hits with loop damage. She travels less further than the default.
Down Special Public Works Project Varies Isabelle places a Construction Site on the ground. Attack and dealing damage to the opponent transfers the damage to the Public Works Project which in turn builds it. Certain attacks will create different types of work projects. Each one has different properties. When completing the work project, it will spawn up and do damage. There is a 8 second time that is needed to deal damage. Once the timer stops, the damage that was accumulated then decides on what is built. It can be launched by an attack as well for extra damage.

  • Standard Attacks: Bench (8%)
    • Needs 18%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Smash Attacks: Water Well (16%)
    • Needs 30%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Aerial Attacks: Park Clock (9%)
    • Needs 18%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Throws and Pummels: Fire Hyrant (6%)
    • Needs 13%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Specials: Video Screen (15%)
    • Needs 20%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Final Smash: Pyramid (22%)
    • Needs 45%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Mixed: Bell (12%)
    • Needs 40%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Fire Attacks: Fire Pit (8% fire damage)
    • Needs 12%
    • Causes fire damage and can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Water Attacks: Geyser (3%)
    • Needs 12%
    • Does more knockback and it cannot be launched.
  • Electric Attacks: Traffic Signal (9%)
    • Needs 12%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
Custom 1 Public Works Buildings Varies Instead of producing objects and art works, it creates a building It functions much like the default but they do more damage. However, it requires more damage to create the project. They cannot be launched by attack but will be destroyed by stronger attacks. They can be used as shields.

  • Cafe (15%)
    • Needs 33%
  • Police Station (22%)
    • Needs 42%
  • Town Hall (33%)
    • Needs 65%
  • Train Station (27%)
    • Needs 51%
Custom 2 Half-Priced Projects Varies It functions much like the default but does less damage but requires less damage in order to be erected. However, they do not suffer from start up or ending lag and they actually do more knockback than the default.

  • Standard Attacks: Bench (4%)
    • Needs 9%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Smash Attacks: Water Well (8%)
    • Needs 15%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Aerial Attacks: Park Clock (4.5%)
    • Needs 9%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Throws and Pummels: Fire Hyrant (3%)
    • Needs 6.5%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Specials: Video Screen (7.5%)
    • Needs 10%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Final Smash: Pyramid (11%)
    • Needs 22.5%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Mixed: Bell (6%)
    • Needs 20%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Fire Attacks: Fire Pit (4% fire damage)
    • Needs 6%
    • Causes fire damage and can be launched by an attack for damage.
  • Water Attacks: Geyser (1.5%)
    • Needs 6%
    • Does more knockback and it cannot be launched.
  • Electric Attacks: Traffic Signal (4.5%)
    • Needs 6%
    • Can be launched by an attack for damage.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Fruit Apple (2%), Cherry (3%), Orange (4%), Peach (5%), Pear (6%), Coconut (7%), Banana (8%), Lemon (9%), Durian (10%), Mango (11%), Bell Bag (15%) Isabelle chucks a Fruit forward. It is randomized and not in order. Apples are the weakest and deal less knockback but very fast. The Bell Bag is the slowest but deals the most damage and knockback. In addition, if Isabelle misses the opponent, the fruit will lay on the ground for a few seconds before vanishing. Picking it up restores between 1.5-5% of the damage percentage. The Bell Bag doesn't restore any health. Opponents can catch the fruit but won't heal them. Whoever, after it hits the floor, they can pick it up to heal themselves.
Custom 1 Ordered Fruit Apple (2%), Cherry (3%), Orange (4%), Peach (5%), Pear (6%), Coconut (7%), Banana (8%), Lemon (9%), Durian (10%), Mango (11%), Bell Bag (15%) Same concept as the default but they can be used in order.
Custom 2 Fruit Save Apple (2%), Cherry (3%), Orange (4%), Peach (5%), Pear (6%), Coconut (7%), Banana (8%), Lemon (9%), Durian (10%), Mango (11%), Bell Bag (15%) Isabelle can pull out a fruit and then hit the special button yet again to throw the fruit.
Side Special Megaphone 12% Isabelle shouts out into the Megaphone. It has the effect of drawing in opponents and then launching them with damage. It can also be used to reflect projectiles thus x1.5% the damage.
Custom 1 Vibrating Megaphone 0% Instead of dealing damage, it produces sound waves that pushes away opponents with high knockback.
Custom 2 High Burst Megaphone 18% Very quick but does much more damage. Hard to connect the attack with the opponent.
Up Special Bubble Wand 0% Isabelle blows on the Bubble Wand and, to her surprise, becomes wrapped in a bubble and floats upwards. Holding down the special button extends the recovery and the player can use the control stick to steer where they go. Getting hit results in the bubble popping and Isabelle flailing before falling.
Custom 1 Detonating Bubble Wand 13% Has limited recovery distance but, when released, the bubble explodes propelling Isabelle further into the air. It will also explode upon contact with an attack.
Custom 2 Big Bubble Wand 0% Produces a large bubble wand that is much stronger. It has less recovery distance than the default . When it comes in contact with an opponent, it will cause the opponent and the bubble to bounce away from each other.
Down Special Town Ordinance --- Isabelle can cycle between Town Ordinances which affects her overall gameplay. She can cycle them by holding down on the special button and releasing it when it reaches the ordinance. The Ordinance is indicated by Isabelle's expression:

  • Beautiful: Isabelle has a happy smile on her face.
  • Early Bird: Isabelle yawns.
  • Night Owl: Isabelle has a wide eyed look about her.
  • Wealthy: Isabelle has a shocked. It functions similar to Shulk's Monado Arts. Here are the following ordinances:
  • Beautiful: It boosts Isabelle's Power stats in her standard and special attacks and increases launch resistance at the cost of reducing her speed and jumping stats. Isabelle also rolls faster but has weaker shields.
  • Early Bird: Isabelle's speed and jumping stats are boosted up but has a reduction in her power and defense stats. However, many of her attacks have reduced lag and she comes out of her helpless/daze stats quicker.
  • Night Owl: Isabelle's overall defense is boosted as well as the launching power of her attacks. However, her attacks suffer from being slower and her running speed is slightly less faster.
  • Wealthy: Increases all of Isabelle's stats but will gradually add 2% damage to her damage percentage throughout it's duration.
Custom 1 Quickening Ordinance 0% The ordinances come out much faster with less lag though finish earlier They can also be canceled.
Custom 2 Extended Ordinances 0% The ordinances last longer but have longer lag.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Reset Surveillance Center 36% The matches pauses and the screen goes black as if it was turned off. Suddenly, it turns back on and a gigantic Mr. Resetti appears, knocking opponents up into the air and KO'ing them. The giant Mr. Resetti is roughly the size of Giga Bowser.
Final Smash 2 Super Coffee --- Isabelle drinks a cup of Super Coffee which increases the strength and launching ability of all of her attacks. As well, her jumping, speed, and defense also increases. She can also create Work Projects instantly.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Isabelle twirls on one foot and winks at the screen. (Up)
  • Isabelle pulls out a Tweeter and blows on it. (Right)
  • Isabelle slightly sings a tune with very small music notes coming out. (Left)
  • Isabelle pulls out a Standee and poses behind it. The Standee that appears is randomized from the following list:
  • Nature Day
  • Groundhog Day
  • Summer Solstice
  • Labor Day
  • Harvest Moon
  • Explorer's Day
  • Winter Solstice


Character Selection Screen

  • Isabelle bows low to the screen.
  • Isabelle jumps up and down happily.
  • Isabelle claps her hands...err..paws

On Screen Appearance

  • Isabelle runs in from the left, turns to face the screen, bows low, and then turns to face left or right.
  • Isabelle walks out from the City Hall's door which then vanishes.
  • Isabelle appear from a flutter of confetti.

Victory Animations

  • Isabelle rocks back and forth with a happy expression on her face while flower effects float behind her head.
  • Isabelle throws confetti into the air while sporting a happy expression.
  • Isabelle is running around with papers but drops them to her shock.
  • Isabelle uses the Blue Glow Wand and waves it around her.
  • Performs next to her brother Digby and they both cheer together.
  • Isabelle has her back turned toward the camera and watches while fireworks explode in the distance.

Fan Cheer


Losing Animation

  • Isabelle smiles while clapping.
  • Isabelle has a frown while blue lines cascade down her face.
  • Wears the Angry emotion with her face getting redder and clouds of steam shooting out.

Victory Fanfare

A [flourished remix]

Fighting Stance

Isabelle is standing while slightly teetering back and forth on her feet while her hands move up and down slightly by her side. Resembles her pose when greeting the player after starting up the game.

Idle Poses

  • Giggles to herself.
  • Wears a shocked expression.
  • Dusts of her clothes.
  • Wears a Thoughtful expression and tilts her head slightly and holds her chin.

Misc Animations


Crouches down and brings up her knees while hugging them with her hands.


Jumps into the air with a happy expression and her hands slightly elevated.


Doesn't actually roll but slightly turns while looking surprised.


Slow walking speed. Wears a happy expression.


A average running speed but she slows down after a while. She has a tired expression on her face.


Kneels down with her head dropped down. Zzzz's can be seen coming from her.


Trips and lands on her butt.


Balances on one feet with a shocked expression. A red exclamation mark appears above her head as she does this.

Home-Run Bat

Swings the bat with both hands. She closes her eyes at the ending animation.

Star KO


Screen KO

Slams into the screen with her arms and legs spread out with a adorable >,< face.


Isabelle's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode

Isabelle (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Isabelle (Alt)'

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Explorer Isabelle

Unlock: Boss Battle


Firework Isabelle

Unlock: Boss Battle


Isabelle (Town Ordinance)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge


Isabelle (Donation Lloid)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge


Isabelle (Yellow)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Isabelle (Orange)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Isabelle (Down)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Kimono Isabelle

Unlock: Complete an Isabelle Character Challenge

Resetti Surveillance Center

Unlock: All Star Mode

Super Coffee

Unlock: Collect all of Isabelle's trophies

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Default Green Isabelle's Summer Outfit Starter
Grey Grey --- Starter
Blue Blue Coloration resembles her New Year's Eve Outfit. Starter
Orange Orange Outfit resembles her Labor Day outfit. Starter
Yellow Yellow Outfit is based on Isabelle's Winter oufit. Starter
Red Red Coloration based on her brother, Digby. Starter
White White Coloration is based off a dalmation. Starter
Pink Pink Coloration based off of Harriet who runs the store Shampoodle. Starter
Purple Purple --- Starter
Black black Based off a maid outfit. Starter
Explorer Isabelle Brown Isabelle's outfit during Explorer's Day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Locked
Firework Isabelle White Isabelle's outfit during the Fireworks Festival in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Locked
Kimono Isabelle Red Isabelle's kimono that she wears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Locked

Reveal Trailer

"Do You Need Something?"

Time: 3:65 Scene: An Animal Crossing Town


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