If this is the last moment brother, my life was well lived...
Iron Byron, Super Paper Bros.

Iron byron

Iron Byron is a spiked cleft he joined Mario & Co. at Kao Kon Village, his life mssion was to wait for the Fair and White Princess. His attacks power is high, defense very high, and HP is low. His horns are sharp and wide, his shoes are a plad blue.


Spike Top

Headbutts an enemy causing them 5 damage.

  • 0 FP
  • Intial


Charges attack and poer goes up by 3 for two rounds.

  • 2 FP
  • Intial

Over, Under, and thorugh

Runs into the enemy knocking him into the rest of your enenmies.

  • 3 FP
  • Super Rank


Runs into all enemies causing 10 damage.

  • 7 FP
  • Ultra Rank