Invincibility Leaf
The current appearance of the Invincibility Leaf.
Item Type Status
Kind of Item Leaf
First Appearance Super Mario 3D Land
Changes Mario's clothes; grants Super Leaf powers and invincibility
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The Invincibility Leaf is an assist power-up that can turn the player into their White Tanooki or White Raccoon form, depending on the game. The form granted is analogous to that of the Super Leaf, which varies between granting the Tanooki and Raccoon form.

Under the influence of the Invincibility Leaf, characters have all of their Super Leaf abilities, as well as constant invincibility. As with the Super Star, characters using it can only lose a life to obstacles such as bottomless pits and poisoned water.

The Invincibility Leaf appears from an Assist Block once the players have lost enough consecutive lives in an unfinished level. However, using the Assist Block or causing it to appear may have negative effects such as causing the level to appear uncompleted, and removing the sparkles from save file stars.

If a character reaches the end of the level in this form, they will revert to normal Tanooki or Raccoon form.


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