Invasion: Apocalypse
Developer(s) Peace, Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo switch
Genre(s) Shooting/survival
Series Invasion: Apocalypse
Release Date(s) When Nintendo finds out about this and makes it real
Mode(s) Story mode,home run
Age Rating(s) PG

Invasion: Apocalypse is the first game in the Invasion: Apocalypse series.


it Starts in Australia, with a cloaked figure running into an alley, a army of robots chase him to the end, when the mysterious figure surprises the robots by striking them, he then remarks that "things aren't as always as hard as life" with a British accent, before throwing his hood off, and then saying ,"Damien's my name, fighting's my game", and then the tutorial begins.

In the Australian capital territory,Damien talk about him breaking a record, when a snap is heard, and a female voice claims that she can do it better, and then Damien chases her,damien eventually tackles her, calling her an "overgrown plant", the plant-person introduces herself as tamara,princess of the agri, and she came to earth to destroy an ugos alien overlord, then Damien tells her that he wants to save earth too, so they partner and climb up a building, and then they beat the boss, and then they go to the hub, to get to the destroy the shadow crystal, and find the rest of the shards of the mysterious gem they found about called the shooting star .

at london, Damien, talks about his past, saying that he was once a normal person, and then his brother went crazy, enslaving the entire human race, damien was the only one not enslaveed, and he lived life on the run for 10 years.

at Asia, they reach the final shard of the shooting star and defeat Damien's brother raymond, however before the can party, the Alien overlord that Tamara told Damien appears, takes Tamara's amulet and the shooting star, and heads to the core of the earth to destroy it, Damien follows Oxugoz, after a long battle Damien kills Oxugoz, and then when damien returns to the hub, the three party, ignoring oxugoz's promise that he will return.


  • Damien
  • tamara
  • raymond
  • Oxugoz


  • crushanator
  • torch-er
  • doom-tron
  • timetainium
  • sin-phony
  • absorber
  • raymond
  • Oxugoz
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