Into the Wild
Developer(s) SpectraGear Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Hamster City
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch, FeralHouse
Successor Day or Night
Release Date(s) March 14, 2022

Into the Wild is a 2D action-adventure platformer game developed by SpectraGear Studios, released on Nintendo Switch and FeralHouse. It later gained a sequel, Day or Night.


In a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, seven individuals are transported to another realm where a large evil organization is chasing them down. The organization's leader, Master Aezon plans to release a corruption that will spread the universe into darkness. With the help of a fairy apprentice named Bum, they try to stop the wicked lord and return to their normal realms.


With simplistic visuals, the main goal is to collect Zodiac Crystals in a variety of worlds to stop Master Aezon There are a total of 13 worlds to explore, each unlocked after collecting enough Zodiac Crystals in a certain area. However, only 8 are needed to complete the game. Occasionally, a character is unlocked. Each character has their own abilities.

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