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Part one of Who's Troy?


It starts with scientists strapping a scared young Melissa into a pod, as they slowly close it, looking over to an older boy on the other side, who seems to be Troy

Scientist 1: Everything seems to be ready, start Test 2 in 20 Seconds.

Everybody hides in the concealed glass room as they watch the countdown go, it hits 20 and the pods start to move a bit, being scanned

Scientist 2: Everything seems to be going good so far.

A rather young woman walks into the lab in a lab coat

Girl: How is everything going so far?
Scientist 1: Good so far, Ms. Plasma.

The Girl nods as she watches.

Scientist 2: The girl seems to be very reluctant about this.
Plasma: Well, I wouldn't blame her, I would be reluctant about this too.

The invention then begins to spin, picking up speed, the three scientists in the room seem to get jumpy

Plasma: Is this supposed to happen?

The man looks to the young girl, trying to get the words out

Plasma: Turn it off!

The scientist slams his hand down on the off button, but nothing happens

Scientist 3: It won't turn o-

The scientist is cut off as something breaks off of the invention, going straight though the glass and sending the scientist into the wall, causing a massive explosion

Scientist 2: Oh my God!
Scientist 3: We're gonna die!
Plasma: Stay calm!

Gravity begins to be altered, and everyone begins to float away.

Plasma: Hold onto something!

The machine begins to spin faster and faster, and all of a sudden everything goes black.

Plasma: AHH!

The two remaining unnamed scientists get up and look around, and the whole wall was literally ripped out.

Scientist 3: Oh.. goodness.

They look to the pod holding Melissa, and can't seem to find the other pod.

Scientist 2: I can't seem to find the other pod, Plasma.

Plasma doesn't respond

Scientist 2: Plasma?

Scientist 2 looks to the other scientist, who is staring at a portal in the wall, it quickly closes, leaving no traces of it.

Scientist 3: No no no!

Scientist 3 bangs on where the portal was, in hopes that it would open up

Scientist 3: We are losing our jobs, we just killed a test subject and a kid genius

An armored group barges in and searches the room, some people coming in and helping a badly hurt Melissa out of the pod.

Soldier: Where's the other one?
Scientist 2: Well, you see. Heh.

A man walks in and looks to the two.

Man: Bring them to the elimination room, they can't live to remember this.
Scientist 2 and 3: No! Wait, don't!

The Soldiers drag the two away, as the Man pops out a security tape, walking out of the charred room

Plasma wakes up, strapped to a makeshift chair, she tries to move but is stopped by a young girl beside her, she silently looks to Plasma.

Girl: Please don't, I am trying to help you and your friend.

Plasma looks over and is surprised to see two disembodied hands mending Troy's wounds.

Plasma: Who are you?
Girl: I'm Spirit.

Spirit puts her hand out for Plasma to shake it, but akwardly chuckles as she sees Plasma is tied up.

Spirit: Er-ah.. sorry.

Spirit nervously chuckles and helps her out of the chair, as Plasma groans in pain.

Plasma: I feel like I just got tackled by a football player, dang!

Plasma looks around

Plasma: Where are we?

She looks at the barren wasteland around her, with seemingly no life.

Spirit: I don't really know, I've just called it Limbo.
Plasma: Where's the lab? What country are we in? Are we even in Earth?!

Plasma violently shakes Spirit as she blandly stares at her

Spirit: Don't.

Spirit pushes her away

Spirit: We aren't even on Earth, I don't even think Earth exists in this dimension, so stop screaming at me.

Spirit looks to a boy who is limping towards them, distorting

Spirit: Looks like your boyfriend is awake.
Plasma: He isn't my boyfriend! I don't even know him.

Troy limps out as his body seems to fade into dust-like particles and back

Troy: What did they do to me?!

Spirit walks up to him

Spirit: What's happening with your body?

Troy shakes his head violently.

Troy: I-I don't know!
Spirit: Just calm down, maybe that'll work?

Troy closes his eyes, and the warping sound stops.

Troy: Well, that surprisingly worked.

Spirit nods happily.

Spirit: We have to start walking to my home now, before it gets dark.

The three arrive at the house, as Spirit looks at the forcefield covering a makeshift house

Spirit: Give me a moment.

Spirit unlocks the forcefield for a second as the three walk in.

Spirit: This is my house.

Spirit looks over to a peculiar tree and picks two weird-looking fruits, carrying them in

Spirit: There's a bed right there and one of you can sleep on the ground, I guess.

Spirit shrugs, and goes to the 'kitchen'

Plasma: Hey

Plasma walks in and sits on the chair, watching Spirit put stuff away.

Plasma: So.. um, how long have you been here?
Spirit: 3 years.
Plasma: Woah! 3 years? It must get lonely out here.
Spirit: You get used to it, I guess.

The two akwardly stare at eachother and chuckle.

Plasma: I spent alot of my time alone, except that was in a lab, because im a weirdo.

Plasma ackwardly chuckles

Spirit: You actually better get some sleep, I planned to get off of this planet and now I have you two, so I have to figure out a way to make sure we all survive.
Plasma: Oh, okay.

Plasma walks over to the bed as Spirit watches her, sighing.

Spirit: Maybe the new people won't be so bad.