No matter how hard you scream...they will blunder when you are attacked by the insects...

Box Art for the game
Developer(s) EndgameEnterprises
Publisher(s) EndgameEnterprises
Platform(s) XBox
Playstation 4
Genre(s) Horror
Series Insecterminator
Predecessor N/A
Successor Insecterminator 2
Release Date(s) Halloween 2016
Mode(s) Solo Speech
Team-to-Team Speech
Endless Speech
Watchguard Speech
Shopping-Spree Speech
Insecterminator is a horror game that takes place in a forest near a house and all around Jolere developed and published by Endgame Enterprises. The game's title is a mix between the words "insect" and "terminator".


It takes place at five o'clock at night where a 14 year old boy named Marion and his girlfriend, Nichelle are in a forest somewhere near their house on a date. When Marion's mother, Uion, calls him, he leaves the forest. Nichelle, when going back to her house, is somewhat bitten by something on her feet. When she looks, she witnessed a red ant bitting her. Nichelle screams and brushes off the ant and runs away, trembling in fear. Before she can reach her house, she trips and lands twenty three feet from her house and numerous red killer ants started to bite her flesh and skin off. Nichelle screams for help, but it was too late and she was killed by the ants.

The next day, Nichelle's father, Terry, sees her corpse on the ground near her house. Seeing that she had died, he calls his wife, Peppa that her son is killed. They both started up a funeral for the deceased son. All of Nichelle's family, even their neighbors came. Everyone started crying, even Marion was crying too.

Playable Characters

The playable characters in the game. Each character has a weapon that they start with and have a biography of them when you pick them. Some characters are unlocked throughout the game and are unlocked by doing certain missions.

Image Name Starting Weapon Biography
TBA Marion Bowie Knives Marion is a timid, but adventurous fourteen year old teenager boy who is the boyfriend of a deceased neighbor of his, Nichelle. Marion is an average character with pretty well stats. His trusty Bowie Knives are his main weapons and are used to stab the insects that are in his way.
TBA Bella Bugspray Bella is a brave, defensive and high jumper fifteen year old teenager girl who is a neighbor of Marion and his family. Bella is great at reaching high places and is trained by her father at karate so she can chop down trees in her way. She uses a can of bugspray to eliminate all bugs in her path.
TBA Ryan Wooden Flyswat Ryan is a friend of Bella in her age group who resides in Kaye Road with his family. Ryan is aware about the situation about the insects attacking the country and is ready to save it. Ryan is known for using a Wooden Flyswat to swat away the insects.

Insect Mobs

Image Name Difficulty Biography
TBA Killer Ant Easy These deadly ants are ready to bite you and surprisingly kill you. These insects chase you when they spot you running. They take away 1/10 of your health so they aren't that much of pain. Just because of there is a hoard of them. They will really teat you apart.









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