Inkymon Orange and Blue is a crossover Pokémon/Splatoon game developed by DarkSpark83. These are the first games in the series, and they feature ? different Inkymon.

The game follow the protagonist, an Inkling girl/boy who has received their very first Inkymon, along with their best friend Octavus, a male Octoling, and their riva, Octavia.


Recieving your first Inkymon

The Inkling boy/girl (determined after creating a new save file) will receive a letter from Cap’n Cuttlefish, the professor of Inkopolis. The Inkling will then head to the Cap’n’s house. The player will be stopped by Octavus on the way, who is also becoming an Inkymon trainer. The two then arrive at the house, where the Inkling chooses one of 3 starters: Smallfry, Octotrooper, or Jellyfish. Octavus will pick either the the Octotrooper or Sanatized Octotrooper(whichever one you didn’t pick, if you picked Chum he will take the Octotrooper), and Octavia, who just arrived, will pick pick whichever one is left after declaring she wanted which one you picked.

After this, Octavus will challenge you to a battle. He will then congratulate you on your win, and Cuttlefish will then send the group to Plimter Town.

Route 1

On the way to Plimter Town, you will encounter Octavus once again. Octavus will tell you about catching Inkymon and lead you through capturing a Shielded Octotrooper. After this, he will give you 5 Inkballs and run off. Octavia then meets with you, challenging you to a battle. After defeating her, she will bet she can catch more Inkymon than you and run off.

Plimter Town

Upon arriving at Plimter Town, you will see DJ Octavio with some Octolings surrounded by a large crowd. Octavio and his entourage then leave, leaving what was happening a mystery. However, one Octoling stays behind and then proceeds to walk up to a young girl and steal her Inkymon. You challenge her to a battle for the stolen Inkymon. She accepts.

After winning the battle, the Octoling runs away. You give the young girl her Inkymon back, and she rewards you with a Master Ball. Octavus will then come up to you and ask you what happened. After explaining, he will tell you about Stores, then head to the first gym.

Once you enter the first gym, Octavia will challenge you to another battle. Upon beating her, she will get mad and leave Plimter Town. After doing this, you may proceed to onwards to the back room, where Gym Leader Vian is fought.

Upon beating him, he will award you the Blue Badge.

Route 2

Octavus will meet up with you and congratulate you on your victory at the Plimter Gym. He will then challenge you to a battle. After beating him, you will receive a transmission from Cap’n Cuttlefish, who asks you how your journey has gone so far. You then tell him about your battle with Team O. Cap’n Cuttlefish will warm you about confronting them, then wish you luck on your journey.



Image Name Description
A female Inkling ready for battle.png Inkling An Inkling who receives an Inkymon and sets off on an adventure, crossing paths with Team O many times.
Inkling Boy.png Inkling An Inkling who recieves a Inkymon and sets off on an adventure, crossing paths with Team O many times.
Purple Afro Octoling Transparent.png Octavus An Octoling who sets off on an adventure after recieving an Inkymon from Cap’n Cuttlefish. The best friend of Inkling.
Orange Octoling Transparent.png Octavia An Octoling who sets off on an adventure after recieving a Inkymon from Cap’n Cuttlefish. Eventually builds a rocky relationship with Inkling after being their rival for a while.
161px-Capn cuttlefish transparent.png Cap’n Cuttlefish Inkopolis’ leading professor in Inkymon studies. Gives Inkling, Octavus, and Octavia their Inkymon and stays in touch with them throughout the game.

Team O

For a list of Team O’s pokemon team and battles, see here.

Image Name Description
DJ Octavio The leader of Team O who wishes to control all of the world's Inkymon for his own gain.
Octoling Members of Team O who are fought several times throughout the game.

Gym Leaders

For a list of the Gym Leaders pokemon teams and battles, see here

Image Name Description
Splatoon 2 - Inkling with Splatlings.png Vian The leader of the first gym. Uses mainly blue type pokemon.
Inkling 07.png Serina The leader of the second gym. Mainly uses beige type pokemon.

Elite 4 & Champion

Inkymon Trainers

Image Name Image Name
3.Transparent Yellow School Girl Inkling.png School Girl 7.Transparent light blue Inkling Boy.png Young Boy
5.Transparent Orange Inkling Girl with Phone.png Fresh Kid 4.Transparent Teal Inkling Girl.png DJ



There are 9 types of Inkymon - Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Magenta, Purple, & Beige. The chart is as follows:

  • Pink: Strong against: Orange, Weak to Purple
  • Orange: Strong against: Yellow, Weak to Pink
  • Yellow: Strong against: Purple, Weak to Orange
  • Green: Strong against: Blue, Weak to Magenta
  • Blue: Strong against: Magenta , Weak to Green
  • Magenta: Strong against: Green, Weak to Blue
  • Purple: Strong against: Pink, Weak to Yellow
  • Beige: Strong against: Nothing, Weak to Nothing


# Image Name Type Inkymon Orange Inkymon Blue Where/how to get Evolution
01 3.2.S3B Smallfry.png Smallfry Green These little Inkymon can pack quite the punch with the help of a good trainer. These guys are known for picking unnecessary fights out in the wild. These guys can pack quite the punch! With the help of a good trainer, of course. Smallfry are known to pick fights if unattended to for long periods of time. Obtained as a starter Evolves into Chum at L.13
02 3.1.S3B_Chum.png Chum Green Chum are a bigger kind of Smallfry that weild frying pans. They are meaner that their smaller counterparts. Chum are larger than Smallfry. They weild frying pans, and are quite nastier than their smaller counterparts Evolve Smallfry Evolves into Goldie at L. 26
03 11.Goldie Splatoon.png Goldie Green


The final evolution of Smallfry is a beautiful golden color. It’s also quite shiny. This Smallfry evolution is a shiny gold. It still wields a frying pan, however. Evolve Chum Final Evolution Of Smallfry
04 Octotrooper2.png Octotrooper Purple Octotrooper has a single nozzle to attack from. This doesn’t hinder him though, Octotroopers are known to be speedy. Octotrooper attack’s by using a single nozzle. This, however, is not a hinderance. Octotroopers are quite fast! Obtain as a starter Evolves into Octo Paratrooper at L. 12
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