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Infiverse: Kill Teams is an Umbrella Team-based First Person Shooter made by Bizuko for PC, Nintendo Switch, the V2 and the Pyrohedron. It takes place in the usual "Universe with a bunch of random shit for some reason." setting every Umbrella ever uses. What? You wanted more plot? This aint Fighters of Lapis son, we don't got that kinda talent!


On the 1st of March 2020 the first Expansion Pack for the game, The New Challengers, was released. It featured many new characters with relations to those on the main roster, aswell as new Acolytes and Stages. Content from this Expansion Pack is denoted with a gold and red colour scheme over the pink and teal of the base game.


On the 29th of March 2020 the second Expansion Pack for the game, Reign of Giants, was released. Like the new ones it had new characters, Acolytes and stages but also brought in the new mechanic of XL Characters


The Infiverse is a chaotic universe comprised of paradoxical elements and dimensional travels gone wrong. It's unstableness however, makes it a great source of energy. This great source of energy is what has drawn many people to the Infiverse and caused many attempts to try and harness it. At the same time. So now on top of the usual mayhem there's an extra layer of bullshit because of capitalism. God damnit.


Kill Teams is a 6v6 FPS in which the player can select from a variety of characters (called "Marauders" because every game like this needs their own fucking name for the roster members.) And use them to complete objectives. Objectives are usually along the lines of "Capture this Area", "Steal this Thing" or simply "Shoot the other Bastards". These objectives grant Objective Points to whoever is completing them which will work towards that character's Objective Ability aswell as being totalled to decide who won. Every Marauder has a unique(ish) kit of weapons and abilities they use to fight.


Name Description




Hererical worshipping of the Ruinous Powers...Murder of Space Marines...Speech Impediment...Adorable little heretic isn't she? Cultist-Chan is a strange Chaos worshipper who seems to be able to channel the powers of the Chaos Gods for some reason. Its probably Tzeentch's fault. Fucking Tzeentch.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Combi-Bolter She can barely hold a normal bolter so we gave her two welded together. The accuracy and recoil are utter shit but the fire rate is great considering you're firing high-damage hitscan explosives. Metal.

Kaicannon When youre a Daemon Princess you can actually aim your primary weapon. The Kaicannon is a psychic railgun with slight homing and great damage making it an absolute terror to fight at long ranges. It suffers from a really low rate of fire and even lower clip size.

Laspistol Now here's something her scrawny ass can actually hold. Its got a pretty long reload but its good in the rest of it stats making it a good sidearm.

Chainfist The Chainfist is a melee weapon obtained in your Daemon Princess form. It deals great damage at a quick rate up close but as a melee weapon its range is limited.

Ruinous Powers

Thanks to her bizarrely strong connection to the chaos gods, Cultist can choose one of 4 marks before a match begins representing each god.

  • Mark of Khorne: Cultist has 15% more damage on all her weapons. As a Daemon Princess this is bumped up to a 35%. Rip and Tear!
  • Mark of Tzeentch: Projectiles and charging attacks become highlighted for Cultist. She can also see enemy HP. As a Daemon Princess enemies she shoot are highlighted through walls. Just as planned!
  • Mark of Slaanesh: All sources of healing do 15% more healing. As a Daemon Princess any sources of healing will be applied as an AoE effect around her. Sex joke!
  • Mark of Nurgle: If anyone melee strikes Cultist they are afflicted with poison. As a Daemon Princess she has a 40% chance to apply poison to any attack. Its terminal!

Daemon Princess

If she scores over 400 Objective Points the Chaos Gods see it fit to give Cultist-Chan a transformation into a Daemon Princess for the rest of the game. Your Mark's ability is amplified, you swap out your Combi-Bolter for a Kaicannon and your Laspistol for a Chainfist and REALLY start fucking shit up.

Name Description


"This fight will be your last!"

Tundra is a stone-cold motherfucker. The younger brother of the original Sub-Zero, this version of Kuai Liang has stolen quite a bit of Lin Kuei tech and become a freelance assassin, using that in combination with his cryokinesis. He's currently on the hunt for an Ex-KGB soldier who dresses in yellow...

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Ice Swords

Tundra dual-wields two swords made of ice, its more effective than it sounds. He can throw a sword as a projectile weapon that causes a pretty long stun at the cost of effectively halving his damage and swing speed since he only has one sword and needs a while to create another one.


A rapid fire carbine with great DPS but a long reload and low overall ammo.


Put a marker down and a few seconds later a missle will drop down on any unfortunate bastard who happens to be standing in range. It doesn't have much ammo so use it wisely.

Cyber Sub-Zero

If Tundra gets 250 Objective Points he can suit up in the cyborg body his brother was gonna receive, using it like a mech suit. This gives him a big buff to his HP, a double jump and lets him reload and create Ice Swords faster.

IName Description

Galleom Render.png



A large robotic guardian, Galleom cannot remember how he has come to the Infiverse but no longer cares, his only goal being to protect the Dark Cannons and keep them out of the hands of evil.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Missle Barrage

After locking onto a few targets Galleom fires 4 rockets from his back cannons. Galleom cannot move while doing this.

Jet Uppercut

Galleom uses the jet on his elbow to propel his hand and punch hard.

Tank Mode

Galleom can swap into his tank form to give him better horizontal mobility and a smaller hitbox. The trade-off

Galleom II

if Galleom gets 250 Objective Points he will be rebuilt into Galleom II, giving him a general stat increase, 8 missles instead of 4 and a jetpack that can be used by holding the jump button.

Name Description


"Another one bites za dusto!"

A legendary mercenary who's history is mostly unknown. He's notorious for his supernaturally fast movements and stealthy tactics.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Ranid Blades A pair of large swords Croak swings around with ease. The blades move quickly but most of its strength is in its DPS, making singular attacks mostly useless.

EX Blades  Using EX Energy Croak's Ranid Blades become imbued with toxins, causing him to apply poison effects every strike.

Toxin Muck Croak spits a toxic fluid from his mouth which causes an AoE poison effect where it lands.

EX Sludge Spit The Toxin Muck becomes much stronger, almost like cement. This applies a slowing effect on top of the original AoE poison effect on a direct hit.

Frog Leap

Croak jumps across the arena, striking his blades at anyone below. If you hit someone with it the cost is refunded.

EX Energy

If Croak gets 300 Objective Points he activates a cannister of EX energy. There's not enough to fully transform him but it does give some of his attacks a nice buff.

Name Description
Neko Majin Z.png

Neko Majin


Neko Majin is a strange but extremely dangerous creature who was trained by Goku. He now defends the Infiverse's Earth in his steed using not only his training but his own mimicry abilities.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Power Pole

The Power Pole is a melee weapon that when charged extends to ridiculous legnths, allowing it to function almost like a ranged weapon at full charge.


A variation of the Kamehameha with a pair of cute kitty ears on the beam. It takes a bit of charging but can deal some serious damage.


Neko can scan a weapon an enemy is using and use it until it runs out of ammo. Anything from Cultist's Kaicannon to Tundra's SUB-2000 is fair game.

Super Neko Majin

When Neko Majin gets 400 Objective Points or mimics a transformed character he turns into Super Neko Majin. His Nekohameha charges faster, his Power Pole has more range and his Mimicry weapon gets more ammo. Plus he can fly around on a darker version of his mentor's Flying Nimbus.

Name Description

Jolyne Cujoh

"Yare Yare Dawa..."

Daughter of the stand user Jotaro Kujo, Jolyne is a rebellious teenager who was imprisoned in Green Dolphin Prison. After fighting against the evil forces of Enrico Pucci she was very confused when Neko Majin showed up and instantly killed him. Well, atleast the world isn't ending? Or maybe it is...

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Stone Free Jolyne can turn her hands into string, which sounds useless but is actually one of the most versatile weapons. It allows her to swing around, grapple enemies and whip them.

Star Platinum Instead of turning Jolyne into string Star Platinum just punches shit hard. It doesn't have as much versatily or range but makes up for it with some serious combo potential and some even more serious damage.

Stand Rush Jolyne summons her stand, Stone Free, who unleashes a barrage of kicks that deal insane DPS in a short range.

ORA ORA ORA! Jolyne summons Star Platinum, who unleashes a barrage of punches that deal way more DPS than Stone Free.

Star Platinum

Jolyne uses a Stand Disc of her father's stand to swap out Stone Free with Star Platinum for a bit. Star Platinum will replace Jolyne's other two attacks temporarily. After 5 seconds Jolyne's stand will revert and she will be stunned.

Stardust Crusader

  When Jolyne gets 300 Objctive Points Stone Free turns into the spirit of Kakyoin, who watches over Jolyne due to his bond with Jotaro. The spirit summons Hierophant Green who uses a 20m Emerald Splash, barraging any enemies caught in Jolyne's path with high-damage projectiles before turning back into Stone Free. Every 100 Objective Points Jolyne receives afterwards will allow her to activate the effect again.

Name Description

Noise Marine

 Art by Jedi-Art-Trick


The Noise Marine has long forgotten his name, the drugs have made sure of that. He is one of the last remaining Space Marines in the universe and probably the last of the Emperor's Children legion. He travels the universe, spreading the word of Slaanesh and the sex, drugs and rock n roll they stand for.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Chaotic Guitar Noise Marine shoots a wicked guitar solo which sends deadly sonic waves out from his armour, creating an AoE damage bubble around him. He can also grab the guitar by the neck and in true metal guitarist fashion smash it off of someone. This secondary attack is slow however and has a lot of end lag.


Attached to his guitar is a flamethrower. This has low damage and middling DPS but great spread making it perfect for crowd control and for spreading fear because of how goddamn threatening it looks.


This has great DPS for a melee weapon, dealing multiple hits in every swing due to it being a fucking chainsaw.


When Noise Marine gets 666 Objective Points he keels over and dies. Huh. Luckily for him Slaanesh smiles upon him and a group of Chaos Cultists will rebuild him into Chaos Dreadnought armour. He can now use his Flamer and Chaotic Guitar at the same time for extra damage, gains a fuckton more HP and a much more threatening demanour.

Name Description


Rocket Racoon

"Ain't no thing like me, 'cept me."

Rocket is a genetically modified racoon who became a gun for hire, emphasis on gun. He uses a variety of weapons built for creatures much bigger than him to put the hurt on his targets.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Laser Cannon A long-range sniping weapon that fires powerful lasers. It has a slow reload but great damage.

Des and Troy A pair of M16's modified with Asgardian tech to carry way more ammo. They have quite the clip size but low accuracy and damage.

Infinity Gauntlet

Although this one is the real deal, it only carries a shard of the Power Stone. This gives it quite a punch, causing a lot of knockback and damage to compensate for its slow swing speed.

I Am Groot

When Rocket gets 200 Objective Points he plants a seed, which soon grows into an adult Groot. He rides on his back giving him lots more health and also a moving vantage point thanks to his height. It's worth nothing that Rocket will not die when his health reaches 0 in this mode, with Groot dying in his place and leaving him at 5 hp.

Name Description

Stone Cold Steve Austin

"Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!"

Steve Austin is one of earth's more unlikely protectors, being a simple blue collar man imbued with an energy known only as Ruthless Aggression. Regardless, he'll use that Ruthless Aggression and the power it gives him to open up a can of whoop-ass on anyone who messes with him. And that's the bottom line!

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Steel Chair A simple melee weapon with low damage but great knockback and stunning potential. It can also headshot.

Money in the Bank Briefcase A golden (coloured plastic) briefcase that's a straight upgrade from the Chair.

Stone Cold Stunner

A grappling attack with high start-up lag but insane damage and knockback.


Stone Cold can set up tables. If an enemy is knocked into one and breaks it they take extra damage.

Mr. Money in the Bank

When Stone Cold gets 200 Objective Points he is awarded the Money in the Bank briefcase which replaces his steel chair. He can "cash-in" at any time to unleash a devastating combo on the nearest enemy at the cost of his briefcase.

Name Description

Superboy Prime

"I'll kill you! I'll kill you to DEATH!"

An extremely powerful but psychotic version of the Man of Steel, Superboy was scouring the multiverse for his home universe when he was pulled into the Infiverse. Enraged and with no way to escape to another universe due to its unstable energies, he has now decided to slaughter its inhabitants.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Heat Vision

Superboy can fire beams from his eyes that are hard to aim because they're coming out of your eyes but have some impressive DPS. The damage they do increases the longer you hit a single opponent.

X-Ray Vision Superboy can use this to highlight enemies through walls for himself only, giving him an unparalleled view of the battlefield.


After a bit of charge-up, Superboy can generate a gust of wind that freezes anyone in its path. This attack doesn't actually do any damage but leaves enemies open for other attacks.

Dark Cannon (Ability) After getting 300 Objective Points Superboy wields one of the Dark Cannons he stole, using it instead of his X-Ray Vision.

Dark Cannon (Weapon)

The Dark Cannon functions similarly to a railgun having a very slow reload and low clip size but extremely powerful hitscan beams. At full-charge these beams even cause AoE explosions. It's worth noting that if a character is killed by the Dark Cannon they are turned into a Smash Bros. esque trophy instead of being gibbed or ragdolled.

Name Description


The Mighty Reten

"Alright then, criminal! Are you ready to be turned in for loads of dosh by the greatest Beorn?"

A pompous but deadly Beorn who's a mix of traits from Two Specific Beorns. He is a notorious mercenary who's biggest fan is himself.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Grimm and Hart

A pair of automatic shotguns. They have very little accuracy but a high rate of fire and pretty good damage if you can land all of your pellets. Best used for crowd control.


A wrist-mounted blade that extends out for quick, mid-range strikes with little damage. Mainly used for harassment or to counter combos.

Fruit of the Tree of Might

Hey, these things are way better than blumps! After an animation plays, Reten will eat a fruit from the Tree of Might and gain a boost to all stats.

Hivemind Hero

After gaining 800 Objective Points Reten produces a Threatening Memory Gear. He can then choose one of it's 10 transformations:

  • One: Impercival will apply screen-altering effects to those it hits. You can now jump 4 times by flapping your shitty wings.
  • Two: Grimm and Hart can be charged up to unleash a beam that teleports enemies, disorienting them or just dropping them into stage hazards.
  • Three: The Fruit of the Tree of Might gives an even bigger boost to Reten's stats, and can also be alternatively planted to create a large tree structure to block enemies.
  • 'Four': Although you lose access to Grimm and Hart, and eating the Fruit takes longer, your Fourme (heh) gives you a huge speed boost and a way smaller hitbox.
  • Five: You now have two Impercivals, they deal more damage but are slower.
  • Six: You can eat corpses on the ground for a HP boost. Jesus CHRIST thats messed up.
  • Seven: You get 10 jumps now because of your superior wings.
  • Eight: Impercival acts as a whip, with its attacks becoming slower but gaining property's of Jolyne's Stone Free such as grappling and whip attacks.
  • Nine: Impercival applys a poison effect to anyone it hits.
  • Ten: You can straight up fly around, no extra jumps just actual flight because of your amazing wings.
Name Description


" I hate those comic books. They never get the eyes right. "

Hellboy was a demon found by WW2 soldiers and raised by a government agency dedicated to supernatural beings. When this agency was assimilated into the international Overwatch group he didn't really care as long as he got a roof over his head and a paycheck every week.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

The Good Samaritan

A fuck-off huge revolver custom-built for Hellboy firing 22mm bullets in a 4-round chamber. It's got high damage but quite a bit of recoil every shot.

Big Baby

Another fuck-off huge gun, this time a six-shot grenade launcher great for crowd control. It fires 2 shots at a time.

Right Hand of Doom

Hellboy's prosthetic right arm made from stone. It hits like a sledgehammer making it great for single, high-damage strikes.

Battle Jacket

When Hellboy gets 350 Objective Points an Overwatch Battle Jacket drops down for Hellboy to climb into. This allows him to use the Big Baby and Good Samaritan at the same time and gives you lots of HP.

Name Description


"You think you're a patriot?! You think you can wrap yourself in the flag -- and justify your madness?! You're everything that's wrong! You're the American nightmare!"

John Walker has an interesting history, having been Captain America at one point. He is an overly patriotic and overly brutal warrior who's obsessed with becoming an american hero. He has finally gotten that chance with Overwatch, specializing in terrorism.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Eagle Shield

A vibranium shield that uniquely can be used to block attacks, absorbing 80% of all damage thrown at U.S.Agent at the cost of not being able to attack and moving slower. U.S.Agent can also use the bladed wings to slice at enemies and even throw the shield like a boomerang.


A baton that at the push of a button can wrap itself in a plasma aura. It's not the best in damage, swing speed or range but can stun enemies quickly allowing you get some hits in with your shield.

Element Gun

An alien pistol that can swap between 4 elements. Fire deals high-damage but uses a lot of ammo, Ice slows down enemies but doesn't deal much damage, Earth stuns enemies but fires slowly and lightning fires quickly but is middling in other stats.

Iron Patriot

When U.S.Agent gets 250 Objective Points Overwatch deploy the Iron Patriot suit which attaches to him. It gives him the power of flight, durable armour and higher damage on his Element Gun.

Name Description

Red Hood

"Hey...It's going to be hard to learn a great many things about me, but one I'll give you for free... I am no one's son."

When Jason Todd was beaten to death by Joker, and then revived by Superboy Prime, his hatred manifested in a desire to kill criminals. Despite his morally ambiguous motives he was hired by Overwatch, helming their Blackwatch division.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Akimbo Crosskills

A pair of handguns with average stats, making them good for nearly any situation.


Throwable weapons that deal decent damage but truly shine with thwir ability to activate switches at range.

Arkham Rifle

A high-power sniper rifle with a slow reload and not much use in close-range.

Arkham Knight

If Todd gets 300 Objective Points he suits up in his Arkham Knight armour, giving him a boost to mobility, danage on his hand guns and HP.

Name Description

The Blacker Baron

"You best not be steppin' to me, mother fucker!"

The Blacker Baron is a notorious bounty hunter with a tendency to bring his marks back dead. He's renowned for both his profiency with his cybernetic "Super Sexy Fists of Fire", which he utilizes with boxing techniques (both legal and illegal) to decimate those who stand in his way, and his tendency to talk shit as much as he hits on ladies. He's been hired by Superboy Prime along with his assistant Mathilda to help him eliminate both the Overwatch Strike Force and Humanity's Last Hope, although it seems he's in the dark on Superboy Prime's true goals.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Super Sexy Fists of Fire

Baron's cyborg hands adorned with eagles. These weapons are based upon chaining hits as getting a 4-hit combo on a single target will cause Baron to set them aflame, dealing more damage and afterburn.


One of Baron's prefered attacks, he can quickly headbutt his opponent when using any other kind of attack

Hellfire Shotgun

Originally belonging to some skullfaced dumbass, the Hellfire Shotgun has infinite ammo, shit aim and powerful ammo. Similarly to the SSFoF continuous fire from the Shotgun will cause its ammo to ignite and set people aflame.

Man Darts

When Blacker Baron gets 300 Objective Points he is enveloped in black and white energies, turning him monochrome ala his appearance in MadWorld. He is then launched by a black and white explosion which turns him into a living projectile that will bounce off walls and deal massive damage to any enemies caught in his path. Every 100 Points he obtains after the initial 300 will allow him to obtain it again.

Name Description


"Careful, yo! Somethin's comin' down on us!"

Assistant to the Blacker Baron and a deadly mercenary in her own right, Mathilda. Although not as much of a trash talker as Baron, not saying much in general, she is every bit as brutal as him with the Iron Maiden, her large spiked bat that can extend into a whip.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Iron Maiden The Iron Maiden is a cybernetic weapon that can switch between a large spiked bat and a whip.

Bat Mode

In its bat mode the Maiden is a powerful weapon with a slow swing speed but great bang for your buck. It's purple energy spikes will disorient anyone who's hit by them.

Whip Mode

The whip mode doesn't have quite the same damage output as it's counterpart but makes up for it in speed, range and unpredictability. The purple spikes are now an aura that surrounds the weapon that when fully charged can fire out as a projectile.

Stilleto Kicks

The heels and ornate spikes on Mathilda's boots are sharpened to a point and can be used as a quick counter attack, although its actual damage and combat potential outside of breaking combos is lacking.

Hydra Pistol

A sidearm Baron found in some museum, the Hydra Pistol takes a bit to charge after firing its small clipsize but it has impressive damage for a pistol and is rather accurate.

Dual Wield

When Mathilda gets 200 Objective Points she creates another Iron Maiden out of her cyborg parts, effectively doubling the stats of each mode or allowing her to wield both modes at the same time.

Name Description

Bunea 1BH.png



A cloaked thief who's been making a killing by swiping important gear from all of the heroes and villains that are popping up left and right these days, Bunea has an impressive arsenal although she passes on the best of it to her most reoccuring customer, the Collector or one of her many girlfriends.

on the base roster Bunea is the only one who gets an alt skin, her's being Vulpea, the evil version Bunea becomes in her home game's bad ending. This mechanic would see more use in the expansion packs released.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

The Lancer A basic laser rifle with a whopping 160 rounds in the clip other ammo storage. The lack of reloading makes this a great weapon for DPS but you'll find yourself burning through that 160 quicker than you'd expect.

The Lizard

The Lizard is a green version of the Lancer given by Liz Izzard as a romantic gift. Everything you love about the original is here plus 20 extra shots and projectiles that split in 3.

Klingtoid A strange weapon, when Bunea throws it out it'll home in on the closest enemy regardless of distance and latch onto them, taking their HP and giving it to Bunea. When it's destroyed it will however damage Bunea a fair bit. Only one can be sent out at a time.


Modified Klingtoids given to Bunea by one of her girlfriends named Tikzaku, Tikazoids sap way more health from enemies, fly way faster and you can now have two of them out at once.

Conman's Kunai A weak melee weapon that upon a successful kill will give the user a fair bit of health. This should be mainly used to capitalize on weakened enemies as trying to kill enemies with them exclusively is futile.

Canada Kunai

An oversized version of the original kunai given to Bunea by Knives Chau, the Canada Kunai ramps up the damage but makes your swing speed way slower aswell as upping the amount of health given on a kill.

The Power of Love

When Bunea gets 250 Objective Points she'll swap out her weapons for upgraded versions given to her by her many, many girlfriends. Upon doing this she'll release a love-heart shaped blast that stuns enemies around her.

Name Description

Yondu Udonta

"You'll never make a good Centaurian." That's what they told me..."

Yondu is the leader of the Ravagers, an empire of intergalactic scavangers and thieves that spans the galaxy. He rules with an iron fist and his Yaka Arrow, a devastating weapon he can control psychically. Currently, he is hunting down The Great Reten personally due to him intefering in Ravager trade routes and generally making an ass of himself.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Yaka Arrow

The Yaka Arrow is a strange weapon to be sure, with the player having to manuever it almost like a second playable character to use it. In exchange for its high difficulty curve it has great burst damage and can pierce enemies.

Shocker Glove

A Human-Chitari hybrid weapon, the Shocker Glove has a slow swing speed but the damage is good and it sends enemies flying, great for keeping people out of melee range.

Infinity Buster

A man-made device that similarly to the Gauntlet can harness the power of the Infinity Stones. A chunk of the Space Gem allows Yondu to teleport short distances with it or teleport enemies to disorient them.

Ravager Airstrike

After getting 300 Objective Points Yondu can call in his Ravager ship to fly across the stage, raining down missles and gatling gun fire. Every 100 Points he obtains after this lets him use it again.

Name Description



"Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill."

The Half-vampire Blade is a hunter of all things supernatural, a vigilante with an arsenal built for killing vampires, werewolves, and anything else that goes bump in the night. His actions have caught the attention of Overwatch, causing Hellboy to be sent after him.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Blade's Katana

Blade's...Blade is a powerful titanium sword he forged himself. It's got great stats all-around although is a little shorter than most melee weapons.

Anti-Vampire Handcannon

The AVH is a custom-built semi-auto pistol Blade uses to deal with vampires. It works just fine against other stuff as well. It packs quite a punch but has a slow firerate for a pistol and some heavy recoil.

Vampire Killer

A magic whip wielded by a fellow Vampire Hunter some time ago, this chain whip has great damage but this damage is doubled against "supernatural foes". (Cultist-Chan, Tundra, Noise Marine, and Hellboy.)

Spider Hero When Blade gets 300 Objective Points he suits up in a crappy dollar store costume and becomes Spider Hero. This makes him way faster and lets him jump higher but also gives him Web Shooters, allowing him to swing around the arena. These uniquely don't replace any of his existing weapons like most Objective Abilties do.

Web Shooters: The Web Shooters are mainly used as a grappling tool, letting Blade swing around the arena however they can also be shot at enemies to slow them down. They can also be used to activate switches from afar ala Red Hood's Batarangs.

Name Description

General Syande


“Den let's stop vastin' time! Da more ve talk, da less verk dat's gettin' done at all!”

Syande is a vampire of the Tifft family known for her recklessness and mischief. Although usually lazy she has gotten off her butt in order to get back the Ember Wand stolen from her by the thief Bunea.

She also gets an alt skin in the form of her evil counterpart Cyanide.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Summer Shades

Using these shades Syande switches into a more beach-appropriate outfit, a beach towel around her waist and a bikini top aswell as the shades themselves. She mainly attacks by throwing beach balls which don't deal much damage but knock people around well and can hit multiple times.

Kitty Bell

Syande dons a cat-themed outfit complete with cat stockings and a bell choker, in this form she can climb up walls, move faster and shoot golden coins that don't deal much damage but have good DPS.

Fandrax Suit

This suit allows Syande to fly around aswell as shoot slow-moving bile chunks that deal a fair bit of damage aswell as inflict poison.

50 Acres of Hell

After obtaining 500 Objective Points Syande will hover into the air as pillars of blood rise up around her. After 4-6 pillars appear they will shoot out massive arrows that home in on enemies to deal a lot of burst damage. Every 150 Objective Points after the initial 500 will let her use this again.

Name Description
The Cassetticons

"Eject! Operation: Total Domination."

Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage and Ratbat are four of Soundwave's most trusted agents, which is why he sent them on ahead of the Decepticon fleet to scout out Earth and begin building the foundations for Megatron's newest conquest. Ratbat, the leader, seems rather interested in the Dark Cannons Galleom defends...The Cassetticons are a unique character as similarly to Syande they have no weapon switching, but instead of power-ups you can swap between 4 different characters each with one weapon.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Rumble The black-and-red berserker of the group, Rumble is a melee-fighter who's pretty tanky but also pretty slow.


Rumble's weapons are his two arms, which he can turn into a pair of Piledrivers he uses to cause tremors around him in an AoE attack.

Frenzy The equally-insane spark brother of Rumble, Frenzy is all about causing mayhem using his Sonic Drums. He's faster than Rumble with a higher-damaging attack but also has less HP.

Sound Drums

Special devices in his chest that let him emit sonic waves around him. It doesn't do as much damage as the Piledrivers but can disrupt weaponry and he can move while using it unlike Rumble.

Ravage Ravage is a deadly and efficient assassin who is almost religiously devoted to the Decepticon cause and to Megatron. He has the lowest HP of the Cassetticons but also the highest damage potential, best suited for quick hit and run strikes.


His claws are low range, even for a melee weapon but have extremely high damage allowing Ravage a great source of burst damage for his hit-and-run strikes.

Ratbat Ratbat is always looking out for himself, and his cold blooded and efficent demanour proves that. He doesn't have the best damage but his speed and ability to fly make him great for escapes.

Fuel Siphoners

Ratbat's teeth can shoot out and latch onto enemies to siphon their energy, giving Ratbat and his fellow Cassetticons some HP.

Name Description

Fox McCloud

We're Star Fox! "

Fox McCloud is a galaxy-reknowned space pilot known for his involvement in the Lylat Wars and more recently in the fight against the Ravagers. He is currently hunting down the criminal Rocket Raccoon along with the rest of his team, Star Fox.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Rapid Fire Laser Pistol

The RFLP is standard-issue of the Lylat Military. It has a high rate of fire but low damage, making it more suited for harassing enemies.

Star Blaster

A more heavy-duty weapon custom built by Star Fox's own Slippy Toad, it is a semi-auto weapon that works well at all ranges and is built as a jack-of-all-trades, although also a master of none.

Reflector A more unorthodox weapon, the Reflector wraps Fox in an octagon of energy for a split-second that will deflect any and all projectiles.


When Fox gets 200 Objective Points he drops down the Landmaster, a Lylatian ground vehicle known for its strength. When it drops down it'll crush any enemies beneath it before Fox jumps in, after which he can drive around ramming enemies and blowing them up with the railgun attached. After 16 seconds the Landmaster will initiate a self-destruct sequence which blows up enemies around it and sends Fox up into the air. Every 200 Objective Points after this will let Fox use it again.

Name Description


Adam Warlock

"Looks like there's a new supreme being in the neighborhood. And he will deal with all matters in his own fashion. "

Adam Warlock is the Avatar of Life, an intergalactic protector who is trying to hunt down all of the Infinity Stones in order to prevent their misuse. He has been sidetracked from this mission, due to the threat Superboy Prime poses to the world.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Karmic Staff

A weapon that's an extension of Adam's own life-essence, the staff has swift, high-damage melee strikes with an unfortunate amount of end lag and also the ability to focus Adam's mystic energies through it, letting him see enemies through walls as long as he was stationary.

Soul Gem

A powerful beam Adam can fire from his forehead letting him siphon HP from enemies and give it to himself. This weapon is powerful but slows Adam down a considerable amount when he uses it, making him an easy target.

Cosmic Surfboard Having shared his soul with the Silver Surfer gives him access to his Surfboard, which he can use to ride around at high speeds.

Evolutionary Cocoon

When Adam gets 700 Objective Points and reaches 0 HP he will spin a cocoon around himself, slowly regenerating to full health. If this cocoon is destroyed while he's regenerated he will die as usual. Every 700 Objective Points after the first lets him use this again.

Name Description

Funny Valentine

"My heart and actions are utterly unclouded. They are all those of Justice."

Funny Valentine is the 46th President of the United States and one of the founding members of Overwatch, both of which are due to his Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, which lets him pull objects from other dimensions. He is trying to aprehend another Stand user named Jolyne Cujoh for currently unknown reasons.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot


D4C is a powerful stand, having slow but heavy-hitting punches. However, this is offset by its short range.


A basic 6-shot handgun Funny uses as a sidearm.

Dojyaan~ Using D4C's ability, Funny can pull other Funny Valentines from other dimensions. These Funny Valentines are only armed with a Revolver and have a quarter of his health, but are otherwise identical to the real one making them great decoys.

Overwatch Taskforce

When Funny Valentine gets 350 Objective Points he can call in an Overwatch Taskforce, consisting of 4 AI characters that function similarly to the Acolyte Scud. These Overwatch Soldiers are armed with rifles that are identical stat-wise to Fox's Star Blaster. Every 350 Objective Points obtained after the initial 350 will let him spawn in another but only if every member of the last Taskforce has been killed.

Name Description

BeeatriceConatus DressAlt1.png



Beeatrice is a traveller from a lawless wasteland known as Grimoire so considering the state of that place she should feel right at home here. Although she doesn't have as much raw power as your Superboy Primes and Adam Warlocks her and her hive are definitely ones to watch, especially when she's currently trying to hire the bounty hunters Blacker Baron and Mathilda for unknown, nefarious reasons...

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Honey Scepter

A stolen weapon from her original Hive, it can strike out with a long-range whip or hit more close to home with a higher-damage bludgeon attack.

Bee Blaster

The bullets this gun fires don't actually do damage, but slow down the enemy a fair bit making them slim pickings for the Honey Scepter.

Stinger This is where the character starts to get interesting. The Stinger does fuck-off huge amounts of damage, easily one-shotting quite a few members of the roster and leaving the lucky few with their health in single or double digits. The trade-off for this is it turns Beeatrice into a weak and feeble smaller form known as simply The Bee. See The Bee's table for more info.

Oh, Honey Honey Beeatrice is a unique character because of her extremely versatile Objective Ability. For every 2 Objective Point she obtains she will also get 1 Honeycomb. This Honey can be used to reform her body in The Bee mode or also create several structures. If Beeatrice dies she will lose all of the honey that's on her. The only exception to this is if you die via Stinger as that technically isn't a death.

Create Hive

At the cost of 30 Honey Beatrice can create a small hive building. This hive will generate up to 18 bees at 1 bee every 5 seconds.

Create Honey Pool

Beeatrice can create this structure for for 80 Honey. She can store Honey in here like a bank although if it is destroyed and Beeatrice isn't in the Pool all of the Honey will be lost. When there's over 200 Honey in the Pool Beeatrice will regen HP while standing in it.

Create Honey Web

For 10 Honey you can create a web that either sits on the floor or stretches across several walls and will slow down enemies.

Name Description

The Bee

"Bzzt. Fuck."

Well shit. You, the Beeatrice player, got royally fucked by that smurfing Yondu on the other team and in order to try and kill him you used your Stinger. He is dead now, and absolutely losing his shit in chat but now you've been reverted to a much weaker form. Great.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Honey Spit

A slower variant of the Bee Blaster, this has the same projectiles but fired slower.

Honey Siphon

If a character is killed when slowed down by your Honey they will drop 50-100 Honey which you can pick up to add to your total. This is vital to getting back to the Beeatrice Form.

No Third Weapon This is what you get for panicking, dumbass.

Reborn At the cost of 150 Honey, you can take 10 seconds to reform your body which lets you play as Beeatrice again, yay!

Name Description


Snake Eyes


Silent, deadly and efficient. Snake Eyes is an assassin working for a splinter cell of Overwatch trying to expose the corruption within the global organization. Snake Eyes himself has a personal vendetta against Red Hood and thus targets the Strike Force specifically.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot


A basic blade Snake Eyes has with him at all times. Its quick, long range and has great damage but its extremely narrow hitboxes mean you'll need a suprising amount of aiming skill to use this melee weapon.


A low-accuracy high-DPS SMG Snake Eyes can dual-wield with his katana.

Shurikens These weapons are tiny and deal low amounts of damage but are also very hard to detect making them great for harassing enemies and chipping away at their health.

Seven Steps to the Sun When Snake Eyes gets 550 Objective Points he will use a deadly technique taught to him when he was a member of the Arashikage. Snake Eyes will run to the nearest opponent and strike them in several pressure points, surely killing them. Every 500 Objective Points obtained after the first usage will let him use it again.

Name Description

Rick Deckard

Art by OtisFrampton

" Sometimes to love someone, you got to be a stranger. "

Richard Deckard is an ex-member of Blackwatch, specializing in the neutralization of "psuedo-humans" such as Synths and Replicants. He seems to have joined up with the same cell that Snake Eyes is a part of, using his skills and combat experience to fight along side the ninja. He left Blackwatch due to the grotesque actions of Red Hood which has also caused him to pay extra attention when the Blackwatch leader hits the battlefield.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Police Pistol

A standard issue weapon for Blackwatch, the Police Pistol does a fair bit of damage considering its size and has good accuracy to boot, mainly falling in the ammo and Rate of Fire departments.


A prototype LMG with a built in AI that targets hostiles itself, the Smartgun has low ammo and slows Rick down when he's holding it but will lock onto enemies if they're in range for over a second.

Wrist Rocket Watch out for it. Rick can fire a single rocket from a wrist-mounted launcher hidden in his sleeve when using any other weapon for a suprise explosive attack. It has very low ammo but fires quickly enough that it makes for a good extra attack.

Spartan Laser Another experimental Blackwatch weapon, this Railgun needs to charge up to fire but when it fires it'll deal some series damage to anyone caught in the blast.

Name Description


"The French, of course...nnnnn....have a famous saying related to exactly this kind of predicament... It is extremely difficult to land a wounded flying saucer in the middle of midtown Manhattan without causing considerable consternation to many. "

Charlie Cluster-7 was an experimental super soldier turned gun for hire after the project was shut down by Overwatch. He is currently on a mission of his own, hunting down the mysterious assassin Croak after the frog took out one of his targets before he did.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Anti-Mutant Handguns

A pair of black-and-white handguns which ammo are designed for dealing with those with powers. They don't have the best accuracy but can deal some serious damage if you get close enough.

Contractor .308

A sniper rifle with a larger clip than most but also less accuracy. This is best suited for mid-to-long range single shots thanks to its high burst damage.

E.V.A. EVA is a manifestation of Fantomex's nervous system, capable of acting seperate of its host and attacking on its own. Fantomex can send EVA out at the cost of a portion of his max health which will allow her to fly around and shoot enemies with stunning electric charges. Fantomex can absorb EVA at any time to get that health back.

Volga Effect When Fantomex gets 350 Objective Points he will activate the Volga Effect, granting him a myriad of new powers. This boosts all of his stats a fair bit aswell as giving him a "Healing factor" which will cause his HP to constantly regen slowly and also Techno-Organic Wings. Techno-Organic Wings: These jet black metal wings allow Fantomex to fly aswell as use them as sharp blades for melee combat.

Name Description

Vince MechMahon


Vince McMahon once upon a time was the CEO of the WWE, which went out of business due to their inability to compete against the Marauder fights happening across the world. Now that his old rival Stone Cold has found some sort of super energy, using his new mech suit Vince seeks to use it to restart the WWE, no matter the cost.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot


Vince grabs the enemy, tucking their head under his legs and pinning his arms behind their back before dropping them down on their face. This deals great damage but has a long set-up and is very close range.

Nitro Lariat

Vince charges forward to knock down anyone in his path with his outstretched arm. It doesn't deal the best damage but the attack stuns and can hit multiple enemies in a row.

Sledgehammer Vince takes out a large hammer and strikes forward with it, knocking any enemies caught in the swing back quite a bit. It suffers from serious end lag.

Absorb After getting 100 Objective Points Vince can use this move. His chest opens up and scans any enemies in range, sapping their HP and adding to his and also allowing him to easily dodge and telegraph their attacks for 10 seconds after scanning. Every 100 Objective Points after the initial usage lets him use this again.

Name Description

Aeon Calcos


Aeon Calcos was a Spartan and one of the 24 Oracles chosen to prevent the Soul Edge shards from being brought together. However, he met a terrible fate when the Evil Seed struck him down, and the high priest Kunpaetku turned him into the first Lizardman. With Soul Edge's grip on the world loosened in recent decades the immortal Aeon has regained his sentience, and seeks to redeem himself by sticking to his original duties of preventing Soul Edge's formation. Believing the Ruinous Powers to have something to do with Soul Edge his first target is Cultist-Chan and her partner in crime the Noise Marine.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Ktinos & Anthropos

A pair of hand-axes Aeon can use with frightening speed. Uniquely every hit in a row does more damage than the last making this great for chaining enemies into a string of attacks.

Fire Breath

Aeon can shoot out fireballs from his mouth, these are slow moving projectiles but explode on contact with enemies and walls. They can be "airburst" for higher damage and a larger radius by shooting the projectiles in mid-air.

Bow and Arrow

A basic wooden bow, suitable for his animalistic hands. Although the damage isn't the best the accuracy makes up for it although you'll mainly be using this to airburst your Fire Breath.


While using any other weapon Aeon can use his wings to triple jump and glide and divebomb giving him quite a bit of vertical mobility.

Name Description
Mortal kombat x ios scorpion render 8 by wyruzzah-da29si5.png

Infinite Scorpion

"Vengance will be mine!"

This version of Scorpion is a criminal across the known multiverse for his actions as a member of the Jumpline Defense Team, in which he killed his squad and caused severe damage to several dimensional streams. He escaped using a prototypical dimension hopping device but at a price. The device was unstable and as Scorpion flew across the multiverse, he began absorbing the energies and minds of thousands of his alternate universe selves. He gained their knowledge, their fighting skill but also their pain, their insanity and their rage. He is a threat to any universe he comes across, including the ninja sent here by Jumpline to eliminate him.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Quan Chi's Mace

An alternate universe Quan Chi's melee weapon. It is slow but deals great damage and knockback.

Get over here!

The signature technique of any Scorpion, Infinite Scorpion throws out a blade attached to a chain and upon hitting an enemy drags them into melee range.

Mosin Nagant

A powerful sniper rifle best suited for long range attacks, as its low RoF and small clip makes it unsuitable for other forms of combat

Hellfire Teleport

Using his dimensional deivce Scorpion can teleport short distances, usually behind an enemy. Using this too many times in quick succession will cause the device to overheat and set Scorpion on fire.

Name Description

Edge Master

"Can you beat this old warrior?"

the Edge Master is an eternal warrior, proficient in every form of combat imaginable. Although his main goal is to destroy the Soul Edge shards he has been sidetracked by the strange warrior Neko Majin, who's mimicry he sees as an insult.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Edge Mimicry

Similar in nature to Neko Majin's mimicry, the main difference being Edge Master gains a damage increase on whatever weapon he uses but it only lasts 30 seconds.

The Master Zweihander

A large sword with a slow swing speed but a large high-damage hitbox. Edge Master uses the blade in one hand despite its size because his life is dope and he does dope shit.

The Master Rifle

Although Edge Master greatly prefers melee combat he has learned to use firearms in all their forms. The Master Rifle has pinpoint accuracy and decent DPS but a slow reload and not much ammo.

The Master Ring

This one's a strange one, Edge Master's ring can create golden constructs on top of his ability to produce weapons out of nowhere. It is fueled by his fighting spirit.

Gauntlet Mode

Two golden gauntlets form around Edge Master's hands. They work similarly to Blacker Baron's SSFoF but are quicker, higher damaging and don't have the fire ability.

Buckler Mode

A golden ornate disc attaches itself to Edge Master's arm. The buckler works similarly to U.S.Agent's Eagle Shield but instead of blocking a flat 90% of damage can instead "parry" to quickly block 100% of an attack's damage but only in a short window. It is also much faster both when slicing with blades and when thrown.

Cannon Mode

A golden medieval-style cannon sits on his shoulder. It works similarly to Rick Deckard's Spartan Laser but instead of firing a high-damage beam fires a higher-damage cannonball projectile.

Name Description
Handsome Jack.png

Handsome Jack

"Now, its cute that y'all think you're the heroes in this story...but you're not. Welcome to Pandora, kiddos!"

Handsome Jack is the charismatic and sadistic CEO of Hyperion, an intergalactic arms dealer who wishes to find and open as many vaults as he can as well as bring order to planets he sees as savage or anarchial, like Earth or Pandora. In combat he uses top-of-the-line Hyperion tech including guns, surveyors and cloaking to deal with his enemies.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Conference Call

Jack's custom Hyperion shotgun. It fires 5 pellets, each of which split into up to 4 projects for a total of 20. This makes the weapon great for long range harassment and close-range meatshots. It has a low clipsize and slow rate of fire.


A Cryo Railgun with a bayonet, the Excalibastard fires slow but high-damaging shots and upon hitting a headshot or otherwise critting an enemy will cover them in ice and slow them down immensely. An enemy who is frozen like this can then be struck with the quicker but lower-damage bayonet attack to create an AoE effect that pulls in nearby enemies and causes an explosion of cryo energy that has a chance to further freeze enemies.

Guardian Surveyor Jack calls in a floating small device that will give Jack a shield that will take damage instead of his health and rapidly regenerates. The Surveyor itself can be shot and upon being killed will explode, surely damaging Jack.

Hyperion-Brand Shroud of Darkness

Jack's custom built cloaking device that for 5 seconds will turn Jack invisible. Jack has increased movespeed but can't attack without breaking his cloak or waiting the 5 seconds for it to drop naturally.

Name Description

The Scalebearer

"I will take my place among the Gods!"

The Scalebearer is a Warlord for the Greiss, an interdimensional species of planet conquerers. He wields the power of interdimensional travel which he obtained from the power source of a phase-shifting race forgotten by time. The orb of energy he absorbed into himself after slaughtering them and that gives him his might is in fact a 7th Infinity Stone from the Infiverse known as the Quark Stone. It's infusion into himself causes him to now seeks the other 6, and to add the planets of the Infiverse to his collection.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot


The Tri-Bolt is a lightweight weapon that fires 3 small rockets in tandem. This is a versatile weapon as its 3 rockets can either be focused on a single target for large damage or spread over a wider area for crowd control. Uniquely, this gun sits in the middle of the screen much as it does in its home series.


The Railgun is a devastating weapon the Scalebearer retrieved on his journey to the Quark Stone. It fires a nuclear beam that penetrates enemies and deals massive amounts of damage. The extreme power it takes for one shot causes it to need to recharge after every shot. Just like the Tri-Bolt it is in the middle of the screen.

Super Shotgun The Scalebearer took this weapon from a human he fought shortly after obtaining the Quark Stone. A worthy opponent. The Super Shotgun deals a good amount of burst damage but needs to be reloaded after every shot.

Bull Charge

The Scalebearer charges shoulder-first and slams into anyone in front of him. The less distance you have travelled the more damage it deals.

Name Description


"I have a question of my own. Was there, human, any point at all where you actually believed you were going to win?"

Hank Pym was Overwatch's greatest weapon developer. Being the creator of the self-named Pym Particle as well as many other powerful aspects of Overwatch's arsenal. Although he found himself thinking that Overwatch's actions were becoming more and more immoral his frail emotional state allowed Valentine to manipulate him into continuing to work for him. When he began work on a global defense program known as Ultron he was affected by the Mind Stone his President had instructed him to use as a power source and became fused with his workings. His hatred, insecurities, fear and desire to protect the world from itself came to the forefront as Ultron and Hank Pym became one. Now, the mechanical Ultron seeks to protect earth by unifying all of Earth's people to a hivemind controlled by him.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Repulsor Beams

Ultron fires beams of energy from his hands. These beams don't do a lot of damage but knock around enemies quite well making them good for area denial.

Null Rays

highly accurate beams of cybertronian energy, Ultron reverse-engineered these from the body of a Decepticon recovered by the U.S. Government. It's easy to miss with them but a direct hit deals massive damage.

Technoforming Ultron is able to reform his adamantium body to suit any situation. Forming his body into another type takes 4 seconds and he is immoble and cannot attack while doing so

Base Form

Ultron's default form. More-or-less balanced stats across the board.

Sniper Form

Ultron's lower half embeds into the ground as he becomes a stationary turret. He cannot move but he takes 50% less damage and he can now scope in to better aim his attacks.

Wyvern Form

Ultron formats himself into a non-humanoid Wyvern. This gives him permanent flight abilities, way less health but alos a boost in speed.

Pym Particle

After getting 300 Objective Points Ultron can activate the Pym Particles within him to grow in size. This turns him into his XL Marauder counterpart Ultronbuster.

Name Description

Evan Bernard

"What is this? A picnic?

Evan is a French Mercenary who used to work for the VSSE before it was bought out by Overwatch. He now serves a gun-for-hire who investigates the corruption inside Overwatch on the side. His marksmanship is nigh-unparalleled thanks to natural talent and his training in the VSSE.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

.45 ACP Handgun

A standard-issue handgun with pinpoint accuracy but iffy damage. It deals high damage on headshots but way less on bodyshots.


The MAC-11 is less accurate but fires way faster with a larger clip. It has the same difference in headshot/bodyshot damage the Handgun does but the headshot damage is even lower.

Remington 870

The Remington is great crowd control, dealing high amounts of damage especially on headshots but ammo for it is harder to find.


The Leuchtpistole is a 5-round grenade launcher that has a massive radius making it great for taking out a lot of people at once. To counter this, ammo for it is super duper rare meaning you have to use those 5 shots wisely.

XL Marauders

XL Marauders are a new form of character introduced in Reign of Giants. They have 30 second cooldowns between spawns and thus can't be played regularly, instead being used periodically between regular character usage due to their extreme power and high damage potential. As the name implies they are much bigger than normal Marauders.

Name Description


"A good strategist is half psychologist and half sadist. And I was the best."

Arguably one of the deadliest and most destructive Decepticons in history, Overlord is a sadistic titan capable of bringing entire armies to their knees, Cybertronian or otherwise. He is armed with his trusty Plasma Rifle aswell as his torso cannons and can also split in half and transform into a tank and plane, each armed with their own weapons.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Plasma Rifle

A simple assault rifle that fires exploding plasma bolts at a fairly fast rate. Overlord can aim down the iron sights which causes him to fire in short 5-round bursts.

Abdomen Cannons

Overlord can use this while holding the Plasma Rifle. By holding down his alt-fire button without firing he can lock onto enemies and hit them with hot lead from his torso.


Overlord's body splits in two and forms a plane and a tank, both of which are controlled simultaneously. This mode can be rather hard to use due to it splitting your attention and your controller in two in order to control both modes but it can also be very deadly if used properly.

Tank Cannon

Used in Tank form, Overlord's tank cannon is a slow AoE attack with lower damage than other similar weapons but a much wider spread.

Plane Missles

Used in Plane form, the Plane Missles act similarly to the Abdomen Cannons but instead of hitscan bullets they fire high-damage AoE Missles that can be dodged if you're quick enough.

Name Description



The NERV Unit-01 ANTI-G is a mech designed by the Japanese military company NERV in order to combat the ever-growing threat of giant monsters or "kaiju". It is armed with two arm mounted Anti-Kaiju blades as well as a 3rd one on its a tail and several other weapons perfect for dealing with large enemies.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Anti-Kaiju Arm Blades

 Anti-G has a set of heated blades on its arms. Although these blades are great for fighting other XL Marauders you'll have trouble hitting regular enemies with them.

Anti-Kaiju Tail Blade

This 3rd blade can be used alongside every other weapon. It's better at hitting smaller enemies thanks to its speed but it does less damage

Atomic Cannon

Anti-G can charge up a powerful railgun like beam of green Atomic energy that pierces enemies and deals shittons of damage but slows her down to a crawl upon use.

Spiral Heat Beam

 If Anti-G charges the Atomic Cannon even further it will be fused with spiral energy and turned into the red Spiral Heat Beam. This does extra damage, lets Anti-G move faster and sets people on fire. Nice.

Name Description


"Innovation is the ultimate weapon."

When Ultron utilizes the Pym Particles to increase the size of his Adamantium body, reforming it into a behemoth of metal, he becomes the Ultronbuster. This new form is slower and takes more power but is ultimately a thousand times more destructive.

Weapons and Skills and Whatnot

Ultra Railgun

Ultronbuster, after a charging period, fires a beam of concentrated energy from his chest. The recoil considerably slows Ultron down but the damage is incredibly deadly.

Scud Missles

Ultronbuster can lock onto up to 3 targets and fire 5-15 small missles at them each.

Dragon's Breath

Ultronbuster morphs one of his hands into a dragon resembling his Wyvern Mode and breathes fire in front of him

Weak Point

To counter his powerful attacks and large swathes of health, the glowing point on Ultron's chest takes 2x the damage the rest of him does. Concentrated fire on this area will kill him quickly.

(Kill) Teams

Teams don't have any gameplay effect except that the Maruaders in each team will have special voice lines when fighting against or along side eachother. Their backstories also entwine but thats not gameplay so shhhh.

Name Description

Humanity's Last Hope

Jolyne Cujoh, Neko Majin, Galleom

An unlikely team, Jolyne found Neko and Galleom after Neko was able to instantly kill her nemesis Enrico Pucci and prevent him from achieving Heaven. They now roam a collapsing earth as a vigilante/bounty hunter group. Their main goal as of now is to stop Superboy Prime and retreive the Dark Cannon he stole.

Name Description

Soldiers of Fortune

Rocket Racoon, Croak and The Great Reten

A group of notorious mercenaries who have teamed up to take out some high-class bounties that none of them could do alone.


Overwatch Strike Force

Hellboy, U.S.Agent and Red Hood

A strike force put together by the global defence organization Overwatch to combat many threats befalling Earth including Superboy Prime, Jolyne Cujoh, Neko Majin and Galleom.


Name Description


Knives Chau

A 17 year old Ninja who lives in Toronto, Knives has recently been drawn into the "Superfights Fandom", which mostly consists of watching shakecam footage of people with powers fighting and gushing over the conventionally attractive ones. She hopes they cause lots of property damage to Toronto one day so she can see them in person...

When Knives is activated she will jump down from above sprouts the word "LOVE" in puffy cloud-letters, which will heal nearby allies and slow down nearby enemies before jumping back out again.
Name Description
Fig 20 doclouis.png

Doc Louis

Doc Louis was once the coach of one of the more world-renowned boxers ever, now that his career has come to an end he's taken up training superheroes for a living. The strangeness WVBA Boxers brung to the ring doesn't have anything on what's happening across the world now!

Doc Louis will run in and drop a stool for the player to sit down on. An animation then plays where he gives the player a pep talk, involving weaknesses his opponents possess and informing them of his love of chocolate. When this animation finishes the player has a slight boost to all stats and will regenerate HP for the next 5 seconds.
Name Description



Korin is a mystical cat who lives in Korin Tower high up in the sky. He is reknowned as the "God of Martial-Arts" and has trained many powerful warriors including Master Roshi and even a young Goku.

Korin will appear in a puff of smoke and throw a senzu bean to the user, who will eat it and regain a portion of HP aswell as gain a damage boost for a few seconds afterwards.
Name Description


Mako Mankanshoku

Mako is a student at the militaristic Honoji Academy who, alongside many other students, are often deployed to Mauruder fight scenes to gather data or assist those who the Academy might find useful.

Mako will jump down from somewhere and give a pep talk in a similar fashion to how she does in her home series. This will regenerate the user's HP slowly as well as stun nearby enemies.
Name Description
Chariot Requiem

A powerful Requiem stand originally owned by Polnareff. It now wanders the world, protecting the Stand Arrow it has using its powers.

Chariot Requiem will wander the arena slowly, stunning enemies and striking them down as he does.
Name Description

Scud The Disposable Assassin

The Scud robots are a line of disposable assassin drones available in vending machines. These robots will hunt down your selected target relentlessly until they are dead, at which point they will self-destruct.

When Scud is used you must select one of the enemy players. Whoever is selected will be targeted by Scud, who attacks with a gun functioning similarly to Blade's AVH except it doesn't need to reload. Once the enemy is dead with Scud either as the killer or assisting in the kill Scud will promptly explode, dealing damage to anyone around him.


Name Description

Mirror Dimension

"You are now inside the mirror dimension, ever present but undetected. The real world isn't affected by what happens here."

Bio Objective
An alternate dimension running parallel to ours that can be manipulated by sorcerers, the Mirror Dimension is trippy as shit with normally mundane enviroments constantly warping themselves and changing. This stage is unpredictable so adaptability and spatial awareness are a must if you wanna survive.

Killing a normal character rewards 10 OP

Killing a transformed character rewards 35 OP

Killing a character via stage hazard will give an extra 5 OP

Name Description

Skinner's House

"A... Aurora Borealis! At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?"

Bio Objective
The site of an unforgettable luncheon, Skinner's house is mainly comprised of the field around the house, which is mostly barren and lacking in any stage hazards or rough terrain except for the two trees that can be used as vantage points, and the house itself which is a cramped interior perfect for characters who excel in close range. Don't stay in there for too long though, the whole house will catch on fire thanks to Skinner's ruined roast half-way through the battle making it tricky to manuever inside.

Bringing a Steamed Ham to the dining table rewards 5 OP

Egging the outside of Skinner's house rewards 10 OP

Finding the Ostritch Egg somewhere on the map and egging the house will add an extra 15 OP

Name Description



Bio Objective
DM_MarioKart is a lawless wasteland full of dumb references and strange happenings. There are vehicles that when stood in will ride along the racetrack that circles the whole arena aswell as 2 catbuses that fly high above that can be used as vantage points.

Killing a normal character rewards 10 OP

Killing a transformed character rewards 35 OP

Capturing the point inside the main building rewards 69 OP

Name Description

Other World Tournament

"An Other World Tournament. I think that's just a killer idea, West Kai."

Bio Objective
a floating arena that was used for the Other World Tournament held by the Kais. This is best suited for characters who can fly as dropping off the square in the center that serves as the arena will deal damage.

Killing a normal character rewards 10 OP

Killing a transformed character rewards 35 OP

Killing a character via "Knock-out" (knocking them into the green and killing them via the damage it does) rewards an extra 10 OP

Name Description
The Dark Aster

"Xandar, you stand accused. Your wretched peace treaty will not save you now. 'Tis the tinder on which you burn!"

Bio Objective
A Kree warship that flies through deep space. You can fight either on it's low-gravity hull, with rotating platforms and very little cover or in its labyrinthine inside.

Killing a normal character rewards 10 OP

Killing a transformed character rewards 35 OP

Killing a character via the Hadron Enforcer you can pick up somewhere in the Aster will give an extra 15 OP

Name Description
Chaos Theatre, Toronto

"So what do you think of my lair of cool shit, buddy?"

Bio Objective
A high-profile club in Toronto where lame-ass hipsters hang out. The area is mostly flat with seveal pillars, tables and arcade cabinets you can use as cover. The pyramid is a risky vantage point but with enough people on it it can be a very good defensive position.

Killing a normal character rewards 10 OP

Killing a transformed character rewards 35 OP

Killing a character by crushing them with the elevator rewards an extra 15 OP

Name Description

Hammerstein Ballroom

"One more time for old time's sake, right there so the whole world can see it! This ain't WCW, this ain't Monday Night Raw, this ain't Smackdown, this ain't even WWE! This my friends, is E! C! FUCKIN W!"

Bio Objective
The Hammerstein Ballroom has a long and bloody history as the battleground for the ECW, it now serves as a shady fighting grounds for Marauders to spar. The arena is mainly comprised of the wrestling ring in the center and the 6 balconies surrounding it.

Killing a normal character rewards 10 OP

Killing a transformed character rewards 35 OP

Killing a character with their body dropping off a balcony gives you an extra 25 OP

Name Description

Overwatch Helicarrier

"Gentlemen, you might want to step inside in a minute. It's going to get a little hard to breathe."

Bio Objective
The Helicarrier is one of Overwatch's main bases of operations, flying above the world to deploy soldiers where they are needed. The stage is almost entirely flat, with some pillars and buildings to serve as cover. The 4 turbines can be used as stage hazards as well as simply knocking someone off the Carrier to fall to their death.

Killing a normal character rewards 10 OP

Killing a transformed character rewards 35 OP

Killing a character by throwing them off the Helicarrier gives you an extra 15 OP



Base Game

  • Jolyne is the first character who's Objective Ability isn't permanent, followed by Blacker Baron.
  • Galleom and Bunea are the two characters without quotes, due to their silent natures.

The New Challengers

  • Although the main theme of the Expansion Pack was as the name would suggest, Challengers and rivals for characters on the Base Roster it also had an underlying theme of being more experimental with the gameplay of characters, particularly with Objective Abilities and their tendency to be transformations. This is most apparent with General Syande who's whole moveset is transformations except for her Objective Ability.
  • The pack has the first ever multi-character in the form of the Cassetticons.
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