The Infinity GX system is the first handheld system created by SuyoGames, the handheld is a powerful portable system that has numerous features. Most of the games can be downloaded or bought physically. The handheld will be sold in 4 colors: Blizzard White, Ruby Red, Dark Blue, and Twilight Purple. The handheld itself has 16 GB.


The handheld can store up to 3 Game Cards, either an Infinity GX, 3DS, or DS cartridge. The player can change to another game at any time by pressing the Tab button. A similar use of this was used in the [[Infinity (console)}Infinity]]. The console also has 3D graphics, and has a 3D switch that can be turned on at any time.

The Twice accessory is also included, just like the Infinity, but it is slightly redesigned and much more easier to navigate with.

A player is able to play Infinity Games with the Cross Play mode on the Infinity console, but you must stay in a certain feet of area or else you will lose connection when playing an Infinity game.

Main Apps

Default Apps

  • Game Mode: Where you start your game if a cartridge (or more) is placed in the console.
  • eNet: A powerful Internet Browser that acts very similar to the Wii U's Internet Browser, it allows up to 10 Tabs, and has the Shuffle feature, where you can transfer your browsing data to the Twice accessory.
  • Mii Maker: Make your own Mii and put them in your Mii Plaza!
  • Phototake: Take your own pictures and even edit them.
  • Opuse: Create your own music or even download them from the Internet or transfer them from a SD Card.
  • eMart: A shop where you can download games or watch game videos.
  • Infinity World S: Just like the Infinity's "Infinity World", it is a big community where players from around the world can talk about games or anything else, there are even helpful forums too. It is much easy to navigate through and players can livestream their gameplay if they would like.
  • Streamix: A TV application that allows players to watch T.V and share their thoughts, they are able to watch on two screens (with the Twice accessory) or even play a game and have Streamix on when waiting for a program.

List of Infinity GX Games

A full list of games for the handheld.

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