Full Name Indi555
Current Age Somwhere in the early teens.
Gender Male
Location Fan City
Class user
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Grenades, blasters

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Indi555 is a Kirby who travels from world to world searching for thrills. He is sort of, burt not really, an alternate version of the user, as the user will sometimes take this form when appearing in one of his fics.


Indi is quite sarcastic and may come off as antagonistic or arrogant to those who do not know him well. However, those who get to know him discover he is in reallity emapthetic and kind, hiding this second layer beneath his snide exterior. Unfortunately, a third, even deeper layer, nearly identical to the first one, occcasionaly arises. Like pie. He has a strong sense of innate justice, willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. He has a pet Chocobo named Nelson. He is huge nerd, but loves thrills and adventure.Indi555 also like to delete stuff.

Physical Appearance

He is a yellow Kirby-like creature with a green bandanna, orange shoes, a brown utility belt, and a visor that covers his eyes.

Game Appearances

Survivor Fan

Indi555 appears as the host of the Fandemonium spin-off Survivor Fan. He was hired by the Fandemonium Producers to give out challenges and make sure the show runs smoothly. He takes great pleasure in egging on the contestants and making their lives miserable.