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ImposterText.png Unten
ImposterText.png Unten, another fake Unten with a mysterious origin...
GENDER Hell if we know for sure, probably male
AGE I don't know!
BIRTHPLACE Another Dimension? Wha?
Who knows? That symbol on his coat though... could that be a clue?
CLASS Racer? ImposterText.png?
WEAPONS Delusion Staff?

ImposterText1.png Unten is a "ImposterText1.png" version of Unten that was first seen in Fantendoverse Racing. He seems to be connected to outside of the Fantendoverse due to the fact he appears from a portal in a random race and has malicious intent as seen when he takes out all the other racers in order to race against just you. To unlock you, you have to beat him in the race he appears in.


ImposterText1.png Unten is similar to the original Unten that appears in the game, but he has a orange and red scarf and has different eyes that appear somewhat similar to Unten's famous four sided star eyes but less detailed and are white. His fur color is off and he has four arms and legs and carries a double sided staff. He has a certain symbol on his chest that looks like a "V" with two rings around it.


ImposterText1.png Unten is seemingly malicious in nature, taking out the other racers just to challenge you in a one on one race. Beyond this, not much is known about this ImposterText1.png Unten.

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Imposter Unten
Fantendoverse Racing (2015)

Imposter Unten... ahem, ImposterText3.png Unten is a strange version of Unten seen in Fantendoverse Racing that seems to have malicious intents with you, the player, as he knocks away everyone else for a 1 on 1 race with you. It's not known what he really is or where he came from, but it's rather creepy...


  • The symbol that appears on his coat looks similar to the one seen one of Toroko's teaser images.
  • He rides a drill-like vehicle which seems to suggest that it's based off the drill that destroyed Zeon but the drill looks NOTHING like the one that destroyed Zeon. What is this guy, really?
  • Even though Impostor is the correct spelling, Imposter is the one used for the name of the character.