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Imperator, is an upcoming First-Person Shooter for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC. The game follows the trials of the Children of Caesar a group of long distant descendants of the Caesar lineage who were captured by cultists of the Cult of Dis, an ancient religious sect that seeks to spill Caesar Blood to summon their dark goddess, Hecate.

The game is a high-speed FPS similar to Wolfenstein, Doom & Quake with a heavy focus on movement and heavy gunplay having the player use a large arsenal of weapons obtained throughout the game.

Plot Synopsis

Four descendants of the Caesar Lineage; Aurelia, Traicho, Haitham & Coralee are captured by a group known as the Cult of Dis, ancient religious worshippers of the Roman Goddess of the Underworld, Hecate believing that by sacrificing the descandants to their dark goddess they can summon her. The plot follows the four descendants fighting their way out of the cult's base and then attempting to stop the cult.

Due to fear of their plans failing, the cult's leader sacrifices themselves to the dark goddess opening up a time rift which drags the descendants in forcing them to face the cultists throughout different periods of history to track down and stop the cult leader who now seeks to open a rift in time to reach an earier descendant of Caesar.


Gameplay for Imperator is high-speed First-Person Shooting, the player controls one of the four descendants chosen at the start of each level, the player character is able to move, sprint, slide and jump. Sprinting allows the character (when at full speed) to charge into an enemy staggering them and also makes evading attacks more easy although reduces accuracy. Sliding allows the player character to slide through small passages and also can be used to evade attacks as well as slip by enemies. Jumping functions much like it does in other FPS games allowing the player to traverse various obstacles as well as having a built in grab system if the player jumps near a wall that would otherwise be too high for the player to jump up to.

Weapons come in a large variety with more being unlocked as the player progresses through the game, the weapons are carried over between all characters so the player doesn't need to worry about having to start a level with just the basic weapons just for swapping characters. Weapons can also be upgraded having Static Improvements which increase Damage Output in various ways as well as a simple branching system where the player is able to have a weapon upgrade into one of two upgrade options and can freely toggle between both once they're both unlocked similar to Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal.

Power-Ups appear throughout the game which allow the descendants to tap into various unique abilities temporarily making dealing with cultists and other enemies a breeze while active.

The game saves in between levels and allows the player to revisit old levels to find secrets and collectibles as well as attempting to complete the two bonus objectives; Extermination (where the player kills every enemy found in the level) and Pacifist (where the player avoids killing any enemies found in the level). Levels are grouped together into chapters which each take place in different time periods, some chapters can be done in a non-linear order and will tend to focus on different aspects of gameplay.

Periodically the player will also be challenged with two types of platforming challenges, one focusing around precision and the other around speed, mastering these is not only necessary for progression but helps the player learn how to deal with certain enemy types.


Throughout the player's journey they'll come across a large variety of weapons in Imperator, from standard firearms to makeshift weapons and even a few magical weapons throughout. Each serves a different function and can be upgraded throughout the game to be made more effective.

Weapon Description
Fists When all else fails, simply punching an enemy can at least deal some damage. Fists are the most basic weapons the player has in the game, they serve to allow the player to perform a melee attack, effective at close range and nothing else, they're the only weapon without ammo so can be used regardless.
Pistol A cultist's pistol, fortunately they seem to have more of them than there are Cultists. This is the player's starting ranged weapon, it has generally low damage although is more accurate than some later weapons, it is best used for dispatching weak enemies or for dealing with enemies in low threat situations. The player can acquire two Pistols to dual-wield.
Knife Jet Strapped together with ducktape, the cultists use these rudimentary weapons to ward off investigators. The Knife Jet is a small firearm that fires Rocket-Propelled Bowie Knives, that are good for dealing with enemies at a distance, they stick into a target and cause them to bleed out, it is ineffective against some enemies however.
Shotgun Nothing says reliable like unloading round after round of buckshot into a foe. The Shotgun is a Pump-Action style Shotgun that is capable of holding up to seventeen rounds at a time and is good for dealing with enemies at close range as well as close-medium range crowd control. The Shotgun is the first weapon with significant kickback against enemies and can knock smaller enemies backwards.
Double Barrel Shotgun Two rounds is usually all it takes to down a foe and the striking sound is unmistakable. The Double Barrel Shotgun is an alternate to the regular Shotgun offering superior damage for a longer reload rate, a point-blank shot from the DBS is typically enough to take down any regular enemy in the game and can also be good for getting multiple enemies at some range.
Amulet of Janus This weapon appears as an Amulet however when held facing towards an enemy it will age them causing them to die from rapid degredation, the effect takes a few seconds and doesn't work on certain enemies, primarily the undead however is effective against more powerful enemies when encountered on their own.
Machine Gun A rapid fire light machine gun, the weapon offers superior fire rate to other weapons although has a low damage per shot in comparison, it is useful for longer distance combat as the bullets have less spread than other weapons.
Vulcan Trident This trident, supposedly forged by the God of Fire himself, can fire powerful bolts of energy which immolate lesser enemies and a few bolts can set even higher end enemies on fire. The weapon also is good for long range attacks as the bolts of energy do not drop off after a distance.
Assault Rifle A reliable and functional weapon, the Assault Rifle balances accuracy, fire rate and damage being one of the most well-rounded of the firearms found in the game. The player is able to choose whether to go with Single-Shot or Burst-Fire for the firing mode allowing for a degree of customizability even before upgrading.
Gravity Well This experimental weapon developed by the cultists of the early 20th Century is capable of generating powerful gravity hotspots which pull enemies in dealing damage, the alternate fire creates a gravity pulse which pushes enemies around, it is very useful for crowd control and is best used around areas with pits.
Revolver A low ammunition weapon however extremely effective at taking down most targets thanks to its armour piercing rounds, the revolver's low ammo capacity, fire rate and reload speed mean it is a bad idea to use it in conjunction with large groups of enemies but is best saved for mini-bosses, bosses and other strong enemies.
Harpy's Feather A magical item, the Harpy's Feather acts as sort of homing boomerang, flying through the air leaving a tracing mark as it targets the nearest enemy, the feather becomes lodged in the enemy not only dealing damage for a few seconds but also making them much more obvious to the player. The player will swap to their previous weapon while the Harpy Feather is being used.
Book of Sol The Book of Sol is an important weapon as it serves to not only damage most enemies through a magical blast which while having no secondary effects on enemies can drain their magical energy leaving some enemies defenceless while also restoring the magical ammunition of the player's weapons.
Weed Killer This makeshift weapon appears to be a repurposed Weed Whacker capable of dispensing a spray of poisonous liquid, it serves both as a close range high damage weapon useful for dealing with single enemies and also in a more shotgun approach to crowd control capable of poisoning multiple enemies simultaneously, it does however have one of the lowest damage outputs in this ranged mode.
Mortar Cannon A powerful explosive weapon which fires a large mortar blast which not only explodes on impact with a surface or enemy but coats the surrounding area in a fiery tar for a few seconds burning enemies and the player on contact, it is incredibly effective against groups of enemies although has a low ammo capacity.
Veritas Blade A powerful melee weapon that needs magical charges to be used properly, when charged it deals a devastating strike which is particularly effective against Hecate's creatures and can destroy projectiles.
Chain Rocket Half-Chaingun Half-Rocket Launcher, this ludicrous weapon created by the excessive resource pools of the Cultists chews through rockets and unleashes a fiery hell on all its enemies. Use with extreme caution as close combat with this weapon will more than likely kill the player along with their enemies.
Energy Gatling Gun A strange weapon, the technology seeming to tap into the most unusual of metals, it fires rapid blasts of energy although fortunately is able to hold a large ammunition amount. It is effective against basically any enemy and is an all-rounder of the heavier hitting weapons in the game.
Fallen Star A one-shot wonder, the Fallen Star, seemingly a direct gifts from the gods themselves calls upon the power of Sol Invictus and fires a powerful beam that can disintegrate most enemies within a second. Fouler beings under greater control of Hecate however resist its power with bosses taking half damage and Morvela being outright immune.
Mars Cannon The Mars Cannon is a powerful late-game weapon which is most effective against larger enemies. The Mars Cannon creates a vortex when activated which tears off the flesh and muscle of its targets, once it has amassed enough biomass, the cannon ignites the biomass and it can be fired, exploding on contact with an enemy or surface dealing large splash damage.


Power-Ups are rare items found throughout the game, typically only one or two appear in each level with them either being found through a secret area of the level or right before a large encounter. The effect of the power-ups varies greatly as well as their duration, which can be extended by getting kills on enemies while the power-up is active.

Power-Up Description
Hadrian's Wrath
This Power-Up allows the player to inherit the wrath of Hadrian, though it strips the player character down to just their fists, a single punch will kill most enemies and two will kill any enemy, the effect typically lasts 30 seconds but can be extended.
Luck of Trajan
This Power-Up allows the player to utilize Trajan's luck, sleuthing past enemies under a veil of mystical energy giving the player effectively invisibility for a period of time. This is the only power-up which cannot be extended through any means and will last for 15 seconds.
Constantine's Wisdom
This Power-Up allows the player to tap into supernatural foresight, the player is able to temporarily see enemies through walls and their shots from weapons will deal roughly triple damage for the period of time, in the case of headshots this increases to hextuple damage effectively oneshotting regular enemies. The effect lasts for 45 seconds but can be extended.
Flight of Gallienus
The rarest of the Power-Ups, Flight of Gallienus allows the player to give their character flight, unlike other power-ups this one has a bar which gradually drains as the power-up is used, by holding the jump button the player is able to fly allowing them to reach areas otherwise inaccessible and breaking otherwise damaging or fatal falls.


Level No. Description
Dimwater Dungeon C1L1 The opening level of the game, the player finds themselves trapped in the dungeon of the Cult of Dis, the level introduces the basic mechanics of the game; movement & combat as well as several of the early game enemies. The player can find the Pistol and Knife Jet in this level through regular progression.
Skullion Bridge C1L2 A bridge overlooking a large chasm, the passageway through this level has the player traversing the narrow pathways along each side of the chasm and then crossing the bridge. The player will also have to contend with the first platforming mechanic, Tilt Tables which are structures which tilt along an axis when weight is put on them.
Tower of the Damned C1L3 This level has the player ascending up the tower of the damned, a torture chamber and outpost for the Cult of Dis, the tower has a number of traps and has several paths leading to the top. The player can obtain the Shotgun in this level through progression and also comes to the game's first Mini-Boss, the Cerberus.
Grave Mournings C1L4 Taking place along the Graveyard on the opposite side of the Tower of the Damned, the level is fairly enemy heavy compared to the previous levels and focuses on large fights between the palyer and groups of enemies, the area also has a number of underground passages which can act as shortcuts and alternate paths for the above ground parts of the level.
Cabin of Rot C1L5 A level that has the player traversing a small forest to reach a cabin, the interior of the cabin is strange and has mirrors that take the player to a mirrored version of the cabin where the layout of the rooms is different. The level primarily focuses on this mechanic and has the player needing to reach the Inferi-Mortu a book found in the underground basement of the Cabin. Keen eyed players will be able to find the Double Barrel Shotgun in this level.
Morvela's Crypt C1L6 The final level of the first chapter, the player storms into the Crypt of Morvela, the Cult's leader who hides within the pages of the Inferi-Mortu, the level looks like the pages of a book with various structures appearing hand-drawn while natural landmarks like trees and rocks appear to be amassed out of letters and symbols. A boss fight against Morvela in the Crypt's Ritual Chamber caps off the Chapter as Morvela opens a time rift pulling the quartet in.
Cliffs of Agony C2L1 The level has the quartet transported back to the early 20th Century, the level has the player weaving through small cliffsides along a coast where the waters from the coast can wash away parts of it as the player progresses. This is also where the player begins to encounter more of the supernatural enemies and receives the Amulet of Janus.
Pandemonium Pavilion C2L2 Focused around a park, many winding paths connect together as the player progresses through, the area is littered with traps which drop the player into holes where cultists await. In the center of the level is the pavilion itself where an outpost by the cultists has been erected which the player needs to re-activate to determine the location of Morvela in the timeline.
The Trainyard C2L3 Taking place amongst a graveyard of trains, the old run-down locomotives hide many a cultist and creature within them, the area is also dangerous due to rubble that can easily fall from above crushing the player if they're not wary and observant. The level also introduces the player to the Machine Gun.
Phantasm Express C2L4 This level has the player progressing across a ghostly train, the interior of which appears initially to have a Victorian-style to its design with detailed furnishings and cultists disguised as party-goers. Once the player reaches the locomotive at the front, pulling the whistle reveals the true ghastly state of the train and the player must progress through the rotting carriages whose layout has changed from their original appearance to escape the train.
Pulsating Coast C2L5 Where the tracks appear to end, the train's wreck from several decades prior can be found, however for the player, getting closer to Morvela once more they must traverse the coast, ascending up the beachfront while dealing with the creatures of the deep blue sea.
Forboding Cathedral C2L6 A large cathedral built by the cultists of the era, the small rooms weave into one another with secret passages between rooms and a large underground system of tunnels with traps throughout. Much of the Cathedral is about finding hidden pathways which are more prevalent here and going forward than in earlier levels. The player can also find the Vulcan Trident.
Dead Man's Trench C2L7 After seemingly reaching Morvela once again the player is stopped by being transported to a long abandoned trench, a constant downpour causes the terrain to shift periodically, and the player is onset by a ferocious Basilisk who patrols the trench attacking the player on sight. Defeating the Basilisk, Morvela once again flees however as the group follow the time portal is struck by Morvela causing it to split in two.
Forest of Fear  C3AL1 The first level of this chapter dumps the quartet in a forest where a blizzard is hailing down, this leads to low visibility, a gameplay element that appears from time to time in later levels from this point onwards. The level focuses on ambushes with the player being attacked by small groups of Cultists rather than large waves.
Frozen in Time C3AL2 After traversing the forest, the quartet come to a strange mansion, seemingly isolated from any other man-made landmarks. The level is split up between exploring the exterior and interior of the mansion, after traversing part of the level by opening up a secret room at the top of the mansion, it's revealed the mansion has been completely frozen over and its pre-frozen state was merely an illusion. The player can find the Assault Rifle in this level.
Wailing Cavern C3AL3 This level focuses around exploring a frozen cavern, using a lot of verticality in the design the player must contend with outposts of enemies who appear througout the level to slow the player's progression. The level is also a bit more destructible than others with the player able to more significantly alter the layout of the level through their actions.
Entropic Mine C3AL4 Taking place in a mining shaft seen towards the end of the previous level, this level focuses less so on enemy encounters and more so on traps. The crystals that line the walls of the mine are shown to be traps which can damage not only the player but the cultists and other enemies as well. 
The Iron Citadel C3AL5 The final level of the A-Side of Chapter 3 has the group narrowing in on the location of another time rift, storming a large citadel where many cultists reside as well as scientific weapons that pose a serious threat to the player, the player can pick up the Gravity Well in this level. At the end of the level is the boss, the Bronze Centurion whose fight focuses around destroying parts of the boss leaving it more and more damaged.
Firebomb Mountain C3BL1 This level has the quartet start atop a mountain which has been firebombed by military forces prior to their arrival. The level has the player contending with a lot of fire hazareds as well as new enemies which are best suited for this environment. The level focuses solely on the descent and has a few outposts where cultists and other enemies can be found to help orientate the player.
Ghost Town C3BL2 Travelling down the mountain, the player comes to a seemingly empty town, although is later onset by supernatural entities and further on, cultists. The level once again focuses on secret passages similar to C2L6 and has the player ducking and weaving through the various small buildings of the level.
Convoy of the Damned C3BL3 Convoy of the Damned takes place entirely on a moving military convoy of trucks and other vehicles, the level is very linear but also very combat heavy. Throughout the level the player can man turrets on the back of some of the vehicles. Some areas the player needs to traverse the interior of the vehicles while other it is about hopping from one vehicle to the next. The player can pick up the Revolver in this level.
Death Row C3BL4 Arriving at the Convoy's destination, this level focuses more so on optional engagements, many power-ups and ammo refills are patrolled by enemy groups in this level which can lead to some rudimentary strealth or ambush tactics by the player. The level is also maze-like in design with barbed wire used to damage the player and small tents connected together by series of trenches.
The Eagle's Roost C3BL5 This level focuses on a large tower which the player must ascend, similar in ways to C1L3 however the tower in this case has a rudimentary puzzle to solve which involves the player needing to set charges on support structures on one floor of the tower to cause the floors above to crash down, allowing access to the boss area. Along the way the player can pick up Harpy's Feather and eventually confront the boss of the level, the Polyfaced Gargoyle.
Bloodbrick Streets C4L1 After following the time rifts to the correct time location of Morvela, the quartet find themselves on the bloodied streets of an industrialized city, Cultists running rampant throughout killing non-believers. The level is laid out as a weaving series of small streets that all feed back into the main street with the player ducking between buildings to evade enemy fire.
Penny-Eyed Catacombs C4L2 Heading underground, this level has the player traversing the underground catacombs where the undead rise from their graves to attack the living. The level is centralized around recovering two coins which are needed to reach the latter third of the level. The player will also pick up the Book of Sol in this level, there is no way to avoid this weapon pickup unlike most pickups.
Ripper Alley C4L3 Back top-side the player progresses into the Ripper Alley, another urban environment with a number of shops that are part of multi-floor buildings. There are many paths through the alley including jumping through windows on the upper floors as well as travelling over some of the roofs, the level has many enemy ambushes hidden throughout it.
Omen Clocktower C4L5 This level centralizes around a large clocktower and is more platforming orientated than other levels, here the player must contend with the massive gears and pendulums of the level while dealing with the periodic appearance of cultists as they ascend the clocktower's internal mechanisms. Reaching the top the player disables a device that had been obscuring Morvela's location.
Deadwood Gardens C4L6 Making their way towards Morvela's location, the quartet come across a massive hedge maze which blocks entry into Morvela's hiding place. The Deadwood Gardens have many traps in the form of living plants which attack the player and shifting hedges which cause enemies to appear and paths to disappear, the player can pick up the Weed Killer in this level which is extremely useful against the enemies present.
Hellscape Palace C4L7 Appearing as a large gothic castle that rises up from the beneath the earth, the interior of the castle is a large non-linear environment where the player must contend with the minions of Hecate as well as various traps while traversing the satanic chambers. Reaching Morvela once again the player has their first proper battle with Morvela since the first chapter, here however she is accompanied by the Bat of Hypnos who protects her from damage. As the chapter ends the palace collapses around the quartet as the Bat of Hypnos attempts a last ditch effort to attack while Morvela escapes, evading the Bat the quartet chase after Morvela through the time rift once again.
Cliffs of Doom C5L1 Overlooking a vast sea, the quartet head up these cliffs and small cavernous areas to reach a large lighthouse where they're able to orientate themselves. Due to the nature of this level a lot of the encounters are very vertical with enemies attacking from multiple floors. The cramped caverns also hold a number of traps throughout.
Brimstone Field C5L2 A large, somewhat open level, initially appearing as a simple plain, as the player accesses the bunkers the cultists reside in this causes parts of the level to erupt causing the terrain to shift and change as a result, the blown out areas spew hot lava causing areas of the map to become dangerous to traverse. The player can acquire the Mortar Cannon in this level.
Road of Skulls C5L3 A twisting and turning level that takes place along a hilly environment, the player will often be flanked by enemies who hide in fortifications located across the road and are obscured from view for much of the level. The player will also find that there are hidden passages they can find to counter-flank the enemies getting the drop on them by finding hidden entrances to their forts.
Tormented Courtyard C5L4 Entering into the large courtyard of an abandoned city that had long been taken over by the cultists, the courtyard is a large open area where the main goal is to open up an underground passage to enter into the underground parts of the city. The player will need to weave between the buildings dealing with the enemies that appear as they progress.
Calcified Seabed C5L5 Catacombs beneath the city lead the quartet closer to Morvela's location, the area is covered in the bones of the dead and so skeletal enemies typically will hide to ambush the player. The level is a complete maze with a small grove in the middle of the maze signifying the player has made it halfway through, the level is littered with enemies.
Illusions of the Mind C5L6 Seemingly appearing as a small cottage atop a meadow, this level is a trick of the mind created by Hecate's followers, as the level begins to fall apart around the player non-euclidian elements come into play making the level extremely tricky to navigate with a number of traps scattered throughout. The player will be able to find the Veritas Blade late into the level.
The Walking Fortress C5L7 This level has the player entering into a massive walking fortress, the level takes place on the lower levels where the player's goal is to destroy the machine's motors to halt its movement. The level is a maze with many traps and has a huge number of enemies, one of the highest in the entire game.
Tyrant's Crown C5L8 This level caps off the fifth chapter with the quartet once again finding Morvela however she quickly escapes the quartet, this time severing the time rift before they can enter, leaving behind two large automatons, The Prince of Pain and The Duke of Desolation who have similar attack patterns, on the way up to the bosses the player can pick up the Chain Rocket one of the most powerful weapons in the game. After defeating one of the bosses the other will fully recover its health and incorporate the weapons of the fallen boss into its arsenal making it even more dangerous.
Gallows Tree C6AL1 After travelling through time once again, the quartet land in mudied fields, finding the hills of the environment are the backdrop to a massive dead tree with bodies hanging from the branches. As the player progresses through the level, these bodies come to life and attack the player in waves, gradually allowing the tree's branches to realign themselves. The player's main goal is to work their way towards the tree, kill the heart within and then head towards a lake in the distance.
That Sinking Feeling C6AL2 This unusual level revolves around quicksand pits with much of the terrain being dotted with these traps which slow the player's and enemy's movement, some enemies can even be lured into the quicksand and killed due to their low movement speed. A large fortification can be found on a lake in the middle of the level where many enemies are gathered.
Oilslick Dockyard C6AL3 Heading beneath the lake from the previous level, this one focuses around an underwater dockyard where large amphibious vessels are being constructed, the level shifts between the more open parts of the dockyard and the cramped corridors and spaces of the vessels, often hiding secrets amongs the corners and hideaways of the ships.
Lightning Chapel C6AL4 A linear level that's heavy on enemy shootouts, the level takes place on a train and travels at high speeds, despite the apparent era of the rest of this chapter the train is unusually advanced. The interior is designed similar to a chapel and even has elaborate stain glass windows and stone interior structures. The player can find the Energy Gatling Gun in this level.
Mirror, Mirror C6AL5 A level which focuses on duality, the level utilizes mirrors throughout a small town where the player is able to pass through two versions of the town, one during a takeover by the cultists and another long after the city has collapsed into rubble. Jumping between the mirrors the player must progress through the level and reach the town's bridge.
Hexed Hill C6AL6 The level has the quartet confronting one of the heard servants of Morvela who is attempting to call the cult leader, the level is an upward climb with many enemy encounters and traps, the player must contend with frequent summoned enemies and attacks from the boss, Agares who awaits the player at the top of the hill. The level has multiple ways to reach the top although each have their own challenges.
Rivers of Rot C6BL1 The opening level for the B-Side of this chapter has the player travelling through a large town's riverside, the level is effectively split in three with the player travelling along one side of the river before heading over to the second side partway through due to a series of crashed ships. Enemies have a tendency to appear from the water to catch unwary player's off-guard.
Arachnid Chasm C6BL2 This large chasm found in the middle of the city is the centrepoint of the level, as the player travels down they must contend with cobwebs which can ensnare the player but also break their fall from long drops allowing the player several ways to approach the level. The level also periodically has the player ducking through ancient buildings buried beneath the more modern town above.
Pit of Fear C6BL3 One of the darkest levels in the game, this one frequently ambushes the player with enemies as they travel through the inky darkness of the underground mining tunnels, there are relatively few hazards in the level to offset the general danger of it all, as the player illuminates the cavern by restarting the generators found throughout the level the enemies become more aggressive.
The Bird Cage C6BL4 After using a mining elevator to escape the pit from the previous level the quartet arrive at a large cultist building built into the side of a mountain, the level initially has the player working their way out of the lower levels of the building to the exterior then re-entering and finding new paths to reach the peak along the way facing considerable resistance from large swarms of enemies. The player can get the Fallen Star weapon in this level.
Into Orbit C6BL5 This level is effectively split in two, the first half has the player working towards a giant cannon aimed at the moon and firing the cannon sending the player high into the sky. The second half has the player traversing a floating citadel where many cultists are gathered, the level has a bit of platforming in the later half.
Free Fall Armada C6BL6 The level opens with a section where the player must traverse a series of airplanes while working towards the largest of the aircraft where the boss, Vassago is located. The level overall is extremely vertical and the player will need to contend with aerial enemies, this is also one of the levels that makes the most use out of the rarely seen Flight of Gallienus.
Harbinger Crater C7L1 Arriving in a battlefield of conflict, by this point Hecate has gotten fed up with the cultist's inability to stop the quartet of descendants and is wiping out the cultists. This level has a lot of infighting while the player traverses across a crater with several military outposts located throughout. Partway through the level the player sets off an explosion causing part of the crater's wall to collapse flooding the lower sections of the level.
Wretched Ship C7L2 Taking a old sailing ship to escape from the crater, the player must contend with Hecate's forces which have taken over the ship, this is the first level to be completely devoid of Cultists. The level has many small rooms to explore as well as hidden passages connecting the major areas together.
Heartache Coast C7L3 Crashing on the coast of a landmass, the player finds a huge number of enemies they'll have to deal with, the level is split up into various sub-sections via trenches and underground passages which the player must traverse. The player has a few options on how they get around parts of the level as there are options for underground tunnels or risking the open field where the player is more vulnerable to attacks from enemies.
Saltwound Valley C7L4 Traversing inland, the quartet pick up Morvela's signal once again, coming from far to the South-East, the Saltwound Valley posing as their first roadblock in the area, this deep chasm-like valley has sheering cliffs which cultists snipe at the player from above. The area also has a lot of hazardous terrain which can damage the player.
Bunker Battlefield C7L5 Reaching a large bunker that was built through a mountain, this level has the player contending with a lot of stationary enemies and traps, the player's main goal is to acquire a means of transport to get to Morvela more quickly. The player can also pick up the Mars Cannon.
Hysterical Laboratories C7L6 After crashing their vehicle into an outpost near the location of Morvela, the quartet enter into the Cultist's laboratory where they're shown to be experimenting with Hecate's magic and advanced technology. This level introduces a lot of the late game enemies to the player which become more prevalent in later levels, the level also forces the player to contend with large waves of cultists.
Lunatic Blizzard C7L7 After escaping from the Laboraties the group find they're nearing Morvela's location however a harsh blizzard sets in as they near her location forcing the group to contend with ambushing enemies. The level has the player needing to traverse a multi-levelled canyon which is onset by a blizzard reducing visibility allowing enemies to more easily catch the player off-guard.
End of the Road C7L8 Finally reaching Morvela's location the group finds the Cultist leader atop a large tower built by the cultists to channel Hecate's magic into a more focused form. The level is a constant series of battles against Hecate and Cultist forces alike with the player even needing to contend with a mini-boss rush at the end. Reaching the top, they find that Morvela has been able to siphon enough of Hecate's magic to properly summon the dark goddess, Hecate however seeks to battle the quartet in a more suitable environment and leaves a time rift for them to follow her through while also leaving behind the multi-headed monster, Scylla for the quartet to face off against.
Blood'n'Guts C8L1 Arriving in what is assumed to be the future, the quartet find the world ravaged by Hecate's rule, faced against hundreds of Cultists and demonic creatures, the player must traverse a ruined city, climbing through the collapsed buildings and unholy sanctuaries where the Cultists gather on mass.
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing C8L2 Travelling into the depths of the Cultist's first fortress in the city, the level rewards players who are wary of combat by offering opportunities to circumvent a number of dangerous encounters. The level has many alternate paths as well so keen-eyed players can find many secrets throughout.
Heretic's Haven C8L3 Reaching the core of the first fortress, the player must initiate the self-destruct, on their way out coming face to face with Hecate who unleashes the Basilisk on the player again for a second round. Hecate reveals her intentions to spread her control of the dead across time and challenges the quartet to confront her at her spire if they can surpass her cultist's bastions.
Unreal Realms C8L4 After destroying the first fortress, the player comes across an unnatural realm of space where gravity does not behave naturally and enemies seem to pop-up from out of nowhere, this is another non-euclidian level with the player needing to use that to navigate through the strange passageway.
Triad Fortress C8L5 The second fortress in the city, this fortress is more vertical and has large open areas that loop back on themselves several times forcing the player to contend with Cultists attacking them from various angles. The power generator for this fortress seems to be what's fueling the large rifts that Hecate is using to bring in creatures from her realm and the player shuts these down at the end of the level.
Quaking in Fear C8L6 Heading to initiate the self-destruct on the second fortress, the player will face some of the most ferocious hordes of cultists in the game, even having to contend with the Bat of Hypnos which has returned from the grave and is aided by the Cultists to oppose the player. The second half of this level picks up after the self-destruct and has the palyer traversing the open chasms of the destroyed city where buildings and vehicles have fallen into the molten earth below, this has the player contending with monstrous creatures of Hecate's which appear throughout the level, crawling out of basically every crevice where one could hide.
Nuke Entry Machinations C8L7 Reaching the final fortress before the Spire, the quartet enter to find that it is heavily automated with many machines controlling the area, the player needs to utilize the control stations throughout the area to align a series of bridges to cross a large chasm, heading to the research labs where the player must destroy the labs before heading towards the command station in the next level.
Doomed Hope C8L8 Having dealt heavy damage to the cultists the player reaches the Command Station in this level, constant waves of Cultists and Hecate's creatures batter the player to try to stop them including a rematch against Scylla once again. Despite this the player is successful and engages the self-destruct on the final fortress heading out and into the large entry area for the spire. The last section of the level focuses on the player lowering the force fields around the spire to gain access.
The Id of Hecate C8L9 The final level of the game, the player enters into the spire, initially contending with the last remnants of the cultists, before coming to a portal which takes the player directly into Hecate's realm. The realm is filled with creatures under Hecate's control and appears as a series of craggy canyons surrounding by barren mountains with destroyed cities and villages still located across their peaks. After defeating the last of Hecate's forces and entering the chamber of Hecate herself the player battles against Hecate who uses a wide variety of attacks however the player ends up successful, killing the dark goddess causing her spirit to be purged from Morvela and using the remaining magical energy to create a time rift to bring the quartet and Morvela back to the present, sealing Hecate's realm preventing her from leaving again.


Character Description
Aurelia Aurelia is the eldest of the four characters and the de facto leader of the quartet, depicted as being cunning but also rigid she seems to hold little remorse for the cultists. Aurelia plays with a more tactful approach to gameplay, she has the highest accuracy of the four characters but has a slightly slower fire rate, decent health and speed. Aurelia's unique talent is Ammo Retention which allows her to sometimes not consume ammunition when used.
Traicho Traicho is shown to be the largest of the group, a bit of a brute but having a clear appreciation for the arts as shown in some cutscenes where he is found admiring the landscape and various monuments throughout. Traicho is the tank of the group, slower movement but much more health than the rest, in addition having a slight boost to damage dealt by explosives but less damage by bullets. Traicho's unique talent is Enduring Strength which causes him to take less damage from enemies the more frequently he is attacked.
Haitham Haitham is the youngest of the quartet, a bit easy to frighten but when focused gets into a groove, he is depicted as an avid music lover.Haitham favours speed above all else having the highest mobility in the game as well as being able to get through ammunition faster by an innately higher firing rate, he trades this however with the lowest health of the group. Haitham's unique talent is Dance of Death which causes Haitham's damage output to increase as long as he is moving for each enemy he kills.
Coralee A bit of a clueless wonder, Coralee is an acrobat by trade and acts oblivious to much of the things going on around her. Having a curiosity with the various creatures Hecate brings their way she is shown to be eager to face many of them. Coralee is a bit of an oddity, as her stats are the most rounded of the four although she has the highest damage output for magical weapons. Coralee's unqiue talent is Radiant Energy which causes Coralee to recover some magic ammo for her weapons when she kills an enemy regardless of the weapon used.
Morvela One of the main antagonists of Imperator and the leader of the Cult of Dis, Morvela is shown to be a loyal but foul individual, following the instruction of Hecate while also encouraging the other cultists to fight with their lives. Once merged, Morvela attempts to assert her ego as the dominant one between herself and Hecate leading to the disruption of power.
Hecate The grand antagonist of Imperator, worshipped by the Cult of Dis. Hecate is the Dark Goddess of the cult who they believe will bring their group into a new age of prosperity. Hecate herself has subtly influenced the course of the cult throughout history whispering words of guidance into their leaders ears, her overall goal to break the temporal seal place on her corporeal form long ago allowing her to once again exert power over humanity. The final chapter of the game in essence shows the potential outcome of Hecate's influence over humanity.

Enemies & Bosses

Enemy Description
Indoctrinated The most basic of the Cultist class of enemies, they're identified by their villager-esque attire. They carry around pitchforks, shovels and other yard equipment, being the weakest enemies in the game they serve more as fodder for the player once they have their first ranged weapon.
Cultist Initiate Identifiable by their faded purple robes, the Inititates are the weakest of the cultists, only able to use pistols, they have limited armour and low health making them only marginally more dangerous than the Indoctrintated.
Cultist Bruiser A cultist who has dabbled in the dark magic of Hecate, for this they have gained enhanced strength although their feeble minds rendered them animalstic, they wear little more than chains and rags and attack with slow but powerful melee attacks that can knock the player back.
Cultist Captain A captain of the Cultists, identified by their Dark Blue Cult Robes and the silver trim around their cloaks, they carry around Knife Jets but can also periodically through grenades, they have considerably more health than an Initiate but aren't quite as durable as a Bruiser, they usually come in trios.
Cultist Protector A support Cultist who appear extremely rarely, they're one of the only enemies that cannot attack the player and instead will protect other cultists by generating a shield which reduces the damage other cultists in range take. They're identified by their white robes and the large wooden staff they carry around.
Cultist Soldier These Cultists are more experienced with firearms, identifiable by their Maroon coloured garbs they wield Shotguns and Sub-Machine Guns making them a dangerous adversary, there is a sub-variant with gold trim on their garb which can also lob grenades.
Zombie Cultist Even when dead a cultist still loyally serves Hecate, these Zombie Cultists are nothing more than a mindless mass of flesh, blindly charging at anything they see attempting to kill them through biting and scratching, even other cultists prefer to keep their distance.
Cultist Tanker A special mechanized Cultist that has been provided armour giving them a distinct appearance from other cultists, they typically carry a shotgun and a shield, the shield can deflect most gun weapons but not magical weapons.
Cultist Assassin These specialized cultists have become trained in ambushes, unlike most cultists they do not patrol a given area but instead will move about the entire map, remaining as quiet as possible using their more advanced movement to ambush the player. They can throw small proximity mines and carry a pistol allowing them to quickly get the drop and then escape if need be.
Vampiric Cultist A cultist who has delved in the taboo of cannibalism, their body is cursed with the undeath of Hecate and so have a constant hunger that can never be satiated. They attack with long claws and sharp fangs and will typically hide in dark and compact areas where they can easily ambush their targets. They're easily distinguishable by their dark grey robes which are covered in spatterings of blood.
Abyss Gazer Cultist One of the most powerful variants of the Cultist, the elites of the faction who have gazed into the true machinations of Hecate, their eyes gouged out for their own sake, they are unnaturally durable and can use dark magic summoning pillars of fire and sending dark energy waves from their hands. There are very few encountered in the game and they dress in dark indigo robes covered in patterns of eyes.
Mech-Rider Cultist A cultist riding in a mech, they're quite dangerous due to the mech's machine gun and rocket launcher which allow for it to provide cover for weaker enemies and also being quite durable. They have a weakness to explosives however and taking out the Cultist will disable the mech as well.
Acidifier Cultist These cultists, dressed in dark green robes carry around a chemical spray weapon which although having a short range compared to other weapons can deal serious lingering damage, they're one of the most dangerous enemies with the poison ability.
Pyromancer Cultist Cultists who have become so in tune with Hecate that they possess the power to throw fireballs simply through control of the deathly magic. They will throw fireballs in rapid barrages, can raise walls of fire to block the player, can send out waves of fire and can even manifest fire whips to lash at the player, though they're not much stronger than a regular cultist their versatility makes them a serious threat.
Lunamancer Cultist These cultists channel the moon's energy to enhance their magical abilities, they are able to create false duplicates to confuse the player however a keen-eyed observer can identify imperfections in the duplicates which reveals them as nothing more than illusions. Lunamancers will always carry a shotgun with them to attack once they've created illusionary duplicates.
Technomancer Cultist A dangerous Cultist who can channel their magic into robotic enemies, they are always found around these enemies and can supercharge them making them tougher to take down and also more dangerous, the Technomancer themself is no slouch either as they can create a holo-shield to protect them and typically carry an energy firearm.
Dragonspit Although allied with the cultists these humans are not devouts of Hecate, instead serving to use her power for their own gain, they wield dangerous flamethrowers which send out jets of fire giving them a considerable range and they often work in groups. Their weakness is the fuel canister on their backs which will explode when shot or heated.
Hellhound Hounds from the underworld, sent by Hecate to kill the descendants, Hellhounds have a ravaged look as though much of the flesh that once covered them has been torn off by greater monsters. They attack in packs and will move at high speeds, their bite can deal considerable damage although they're put down easily.
Breathing Skull These floating skulls act more as an obstacle than an enemy, they will passively float around a set area unleashing a poisonous gas from their mouth that can damage the player, if they detect the player is below them then they'll let out a sludge which can deal much more damage.
Spectre Ghostly entities that typically dwell around places of great death, they are able to phase through walls and can attack by becoming corporeal and then striking their target, this however also leaves them open to attack, they typically come in swarms however are very weak and a single shot from most weapons can put them down.
Cannoneer Spirits of privateers who swore loyalty under the protection of Hecate, their spirits typically dwell in water before arising to face whatever foes Hecate may have. They use a hand cannon which although having a low fire rate is a dangerous explosive weapon. They're also completely immune to ballistic weapons when not attacking.
Revenant Soldier Soldiers from battles long past, their bodies used like puppets by Hecate's minions, they're able to wield their weapons to fight and can be knocked down easily but take quite a few bullets to put down for good, explosives are much more effective.
Murk-Demons Demons of the ocean, spawned by dark magic, they appear humanoid but with many fish-like features, they can attack with their sharp claws or lines of shark-like teeth. They can also shoot poisonous darts from the palms of their hands which can impale the player dealing significant damage over time.
Murk Grenadier These Murk-Demons are intelligent enough to wield weapons typically carrying a grenade rifle that is partially attached to their arm, they are more dangerous than their melee cousins and the armour they wear, bronze in colour provides them with more protection.
Murk Sentinel A powerful melee wielding Murk-Demon, unlike their brethren they're more trained in combat, able to fight with tridents in close range even blocking some of the player's own attacks, they can also fire off blasts of energy from their tridents although this is rare and they prefer to close the gap to get close to the player instead.
Murk Lord A large hulking Murk-Demon, they're visually very distinct from the regular Murk-Demons by being nearly 12ft tall, they're able to unhinge their jaw and let out a blast of high pressure water to knock the player back. They come equipped with shoulder-mounted rockets which can let loose salvos to mess with the player.
Murk Zombie Undead Murk-Demons which have been cursed with Hecate's un-death, they will slowly crawl or shamble around and are very vulnerable to being disabled from movement by a few shots, they typically come in hordes however and can conceal more dangerous enemies as a result.
Salamander A large fire-breathing lizard, their bodies lie flat to the ground and they can cling to walls and such to ambush the player, though not exceptionally fast, their fire has decent range making them quite the threat to deal with.
Crystalid Creatures born from the earth, their bodies covered in beautiful crystals, the cultists use them as guards for various areas as they can conceal themselves well with natural environments. Their durability is complimented by their ability to fire high energy lasers from the crystals on their hands and at close range can swipe with their club-like fists.
Chenoo A large creature that roams cold wastes, Hecate seems to have these creatures roam around mountainous areas where they will devour their victims whole, leaving only bloody entrails of their remains, even the cultists keep their distance as the second a Chenoo is hungry it will turn on any living creature.
Iron Guard These powerful individuals are covered in powerful armour allowing them to endure a significant amount of punishment. Their armour is covered in protective seals that make them immune to the secondary effects of many weapons, fortunately however they're very slow and their armour leaves them vulnerable to sneak attacks and ambushes.
War Machine These mechanical monstrosities were built solely for war, they are a heavy hitting enemy which utilizes energy weapons which while more easy to avoid than ballistic weapons deal more damage when hurt by them. They can tank a serious amount of damage and are resistant to magical weapons.
Walking Tank A slow moving but extremely dangerous enemy, the Walking Tank is a mechanized enemy with the brain of a human controlling the robotic body. It has a powerful cannon and moves along via treads. It is limited by its large frame making it unable to access certain areas, however can use a grenade launcher from its arm to drive out the player.
Spiderbot A small arachnoid robotic enemy, they are generally little threat on their own however typically come in swarms and can use a small electrifying jolt to nip at their targets which is often used to distract the player from more important targets.
Lightning Golem A powerful machine created using Cultist Magic, the Lightning Golem is held together through lodestones and attacks by unleashing blasts of electricity from its palms, target its core to destroy the entity quickly as breaking off its limbs will not stop it.
Avianoid A powerful robotic guardian which has a human-like appearance, they attack by flapping their wings generating gusts of air to blow the player back or fire a laser shot from their eye which can bounce off surfaces. If in close quarters they will even resort to using their talons and claws to fight.
Flying Sentry These robotic enemies are fairly weak and fragile however come equipped with a sub-machine gun attached allowing them to rapidly unleash hell on the player, their high mobility also allows them access to areas other enemies cannot reach and so can pose a serious threat to a player looking to retreat.
Hecate's Eye Less of an enemy than others, these flying robots have no means of attack but shine a bright light which if the player walks under will cause the Hecate's Eye to alert other enemies before teleporting away, they can fortunately be taken out with a single shot from even the lowest of weapons.
Cyclops A powerful robotic enemy that has a singular eye, they have a quad-chambered rocket launcher for one of their arms allowing them to rapidly fire rockets, they can also unleash a laser beam from their eye which moves in a straight line from where they're looking, fortunately they're unable to move while attacking making them easy to target although their high health pools also mean they can take multiple hits before going down.
Prisoner of War Unfortunate souls captured by the cultists who were subjected to the eternal torment of Hecate, their minds driven to insanity and now they only see monsters all around them. Typically gathered into large groups they attack by wildly flailing and clawing at the player and any other enemy, Hecate has gifted them with unholy abilties as the skin around their arms and legs is torn allowing them to move beyond the normal limits of a human running faster than the player and having an unusually long reach.
Ripperman Murderers brought under the control of Hecate, their insatiable drive to kill being weaponized, they can carry an assortment of weapons and are capable of feigning death, often hiding amongst corpses of enemies the player has previously killed only to jump up and attack the player.
Werewolf Cursed by the light of Hypnos, these man-beasts have given in to a primal instinct of rage and destruction, their bodies are prone to damage and so can easily be put down however they are also extremely dangerous able to lash with powerful melee attacks, fortunately they're usually found alone.
Rotting Corpse The mortal form of those that had long since past, the corpses are animated with dark magic from Hecate's followers which causes what appears to be rotting flesh to amass on the skeleton, this is actually residual dark energy. Though limited in intelligence these corpses are capable of wielding firearms and are obedient to the bitter end.
Bone Giant Created through dark magic that binds the skeletons of the deceased together, these unnatural creatures move around slowly and are able to create a petrifying blast of energy that staggers their prey in place, they have an unearthly deep moaning sound which is believed to be the trapped souls of the skeletons that make up their body screaming for death.
Hungman Lowly criminals who in death made a pact with Hecate, their bodies are puppeted around with what appear to be strings coming from their wrists and ankles, they carry knives or small firearms making them a low threat however the sheer number can often make them far more dangerous.
Corrupted Ent Although denizens of the realm of Flora, some Ents, weak in spirit are corrupted by Hecate and serve her instead. These Corrupted Ents will hide in natural environments, attacking with their large club-like arms and unleashing a toxic gas from their mouths, they can also lob small seeds which latch onto the player and slow them down.
Succubus Plant Ominous floral creatures that create illusions through aromas, they draw in their victims before attacking, though they are stationary, if their cover is blown they can spit out an acid bile which can not only damage the player but corrode through their resistances for a time, making them more vulnerable to damage.
Slag Demon A demon born from molten rock of the lowest value, weak and dispensable they're the grunts of the demonic forces of Hecate and attack through throwing fireballs and attacking with their long claws.
Ferrous Demon Made from metal, these demons are considered a serious threat among Hecate's forces, they're able to seemingly disappear by turning into a puddle of molten metal and hiding and then attacking with fiery breath and claw strikes which unleash energy weaves.
Mindsplayer The Mindsplayer is an unnatural creature of Hecate's army, intended to cause suffering to those in her realm, the creatures have a somewhat cephalopodic appearance to them with a number of tentacles hanging from their large dome-like heads. They wear a cloak around their body and attack with psionic waves and energy balls.
Oleum Beast Born from oil, these highly flammable creatures will slowly wade around leaving a trail of oil behind them, if they're shot with a firearm or ignited they will suddenly become extremely fast, flailing about running at anything the player or other enemies often setting them on fire too, they are a tricky creature to deal with.
Spiderling Baby spiders although quite large in size they do little in the way of damage and only have a small probability of poisoning the player, they usually come in groups although are easily dispatched.
Arachne Human-Spider hybrids, these unfortunate devouts of Hecate sacrificed their bodies and mind, now they seek to weave giant webs to bring in more victims under Hecate's control. They can attack by shooting a web to slow movement or let loose a poisonous spit that can even temporarily blind the player.
Scorcher Large Scorpion enemies which will typically cling to walls and ceilings, once they get the drop on the player they'll either attempt to stab the player with their stinger, fire off fireballs from their pincers or charge up a long range flamethrower from their stinger.
Siren A humanoid enemy with fish-like features, they will typically hide in areas with little room to dodge and can unleash powerful soundwaves which disorientate the player as well as deal damage, they're less so capable of outright killing the player to typically are accompanied by other enemies.
Manticore A very powerful enemy found late in the game, like the mythical creature they posses extreme strength and in close range can quickly take out the player with claw strikes. They're also capable of breathing fire, giving them some range albeit limited. Attempting to ambush this enemy is impossible due to its two heads, it's best dealt with from a distance before it can close the gap.
Minotaur Large, rampaging enemies that can be just as much of a threat to the player as to other enemies. They will attack by charging at high speeds not stopping until they hit something. They're best dealt with by baiting the charge and then dodging and punishing them by attacking from behind. If they're close enough however they'll instead strike with the battle axe they carry.
Griffon A larged winged enemy, their large frame means they're more limited than most enemies in where they can follow the player however they're capable of striking from above to catch the player off-guard and can also unleash an acidic spit that can blind the player temporarily. If they're in close range they will peck with their beaks which can bypass armour.
Cockatrice A strange mix between dragon and chicken, these bipedal creatures are capable of charging at high speeds as well as letting loose a flamethrower from their mouths to deal with the player at multiple distances. They can also do a quick jump attack to catch up to the player if they try to escape and can call the attention of other enemies by a low howl.
Monoceros A relatively small enemy, their high speed as well as lightning attack from their horn can make them a threat in larger groups as their low health pools can be partially mitigated. They will typically try to evade attacks from the player making low speed weapons much less effective, they also will keep their distance from the player to avoid being melee attacked.
Plane Walker Strange creatures that exist within Hecate's realm but can freely walk into the realm of humans, they're extremely rare but tricky to deal with as they can disappear by simply moving behind another object and then re-appear moments later in a completely different location. They attack by unleashing energy blasts which not only deal damage but can disorientate the player causing their vision to become blurred.
Mimic A relatively stationary enemy but very dangerous, mimics disguise themselves as objects, typically things the player may be looking for like secrets and ammunition, they reveal themselves by shifting into their true form and attacking. Though they can be a threat due to their ambush capabilities they're very weak and can quickly be killed.
Child of Hecate Said to have been born under a cultist who was visited by Hecate herself, these not quite human creatures have an unnatural skeletal appearance with little to no muscle mass, they are very fast and tend to hide in dark areas even being able to climb and cling onto walls and ceilings. They possess basic enough intelligence to follow orders but can also wield firearms making groups of them a particular danger.


Throughout the game the player will come across a number of bosses, these are comprised of two groups; Mini-Bosses and Bosses. A boss overall is identified by the presence of a health bar which appears at the top of the screen.

Enemy Description
Cerberus is the three-headed dog that appears as a Mini-Boss. It is a relatively slow moving and easy enemy however its large health pool makes it a formidable adversary for the player early on. Each of the beast's three heads can individually unleash fireballs or spew a flamethrower from their mouths, the fireballs have greater range but the flamethrowers protect them from the player if they're close. Cerberus can also attack by charging at the player although this can easily be avoided.
The Hydra is a multi-headed reptilian creature that appears as a Mini-Boss. It is a deceptively fast moving creature with short legs and sharp claws that allow it to grip onto and climb walls. The Hydra attacks with its various heads by shooting fire and acid as well as using its heads to bite at the player. While most weapons will deal damage, the Vulcan Trident is especially effective against the boss.
Dragons are a recurring Mini-Boss encountered throughout the game, based on European Dragons they have four limbs and two wings. The specific dragon's ability differs from encounter to encounter although they are colour coded with Red-Orange breathing fire, Green spewing acid and Purple being able to use magic to summon lesser enemies to fight alongside them. Universal to all variants they're able to fly around and can divebomb the player as well as charge at them on the ground or make swipes with their claws.
A recurring boss in the game, Morvela attacks primarily with magical attacks although is also capable of summoning lower level Cultists to her aid. Her magical attacks typically involve throwing explosive blasts of energy or creating bubble-shaped shields which protect her from damage. As the player re-encounters Morvela she'll incorporate more dangerous attacks into her arsenal including being able to create floor traps which can damage the player, conjure a phantom hand which can pull the player towards Morvela leaving them open to attack and being able to revive dead enemies.
The Basilisk is a large serpentine boss, the Basilisk will move around the arena by sliding around, parts of its body are armoured and even have spikes on them making contact with those sections dangerous as well as impervious to damage. The Basilisk's head is also armoured so the player needs to target the unarmoured sections. If the Basilisk is close to the player it may attack by biting at the player or spitting acid from its fangs which leaves the area where the player is or was covered in corrosive liquid for a few seconds. At longer ranges the Basilisk will slam its tail into the ground causing enemies to appear, the Basilisk can also fire lasers from its eyes which will follow the player for a few seconds before it has to stop.
Bronze Centurion
A large bronze automaton, the Bronze Centurion is a ranged focused boss who utilizes an arsenal including; a rocket launcher mounted to the automaton's shoulder which has a laser-focused sight and a chaingun attached to its left arm which it can fire in small volleys but has to reload between volleys. During combat the Bronze Centurion is also capable of attacking with a large energy blade, sending out waves of energy at the player which can burn them as a result, it will only use the energy blade when the player is at a far enough range where the chaingun is less effective. The Boss will also typically stomp around the room chasing after the player to minimize the gap between the player and the boss, it is even capable of knocking down the walls of the room to make reaching the player easier.
Polyfaced Gargoyle
A large flying gargoyle which has stone-like skin. The Polyfaced Gargoyle is a boss which attacks with high speed and can swap between several faces for attacking. Regardless of its face the gargoyle can attempt to swoop the player and attack with its claws or land near the player and spin its tail around to deal heavy damage. The Gargoyle has three faces, its stone bat-like face which has no associated attacks, a red demonic goat-like face which is able to hurl fireballs in volleys at the player and a green serpent face which is able to spit a large glob of acid at the player which leaves behind a pool of the acid for a few seconds where it lands
Bat of Hypnos
This massive bat creature appears to be a powerful creature that was personally raised by Hecate in her realm. The creature will fly around the arena unleashing hypersonic blasts from its mouth which can disorientate the player, its main means of attacks however are to dive bomb the player or to scratch at them if they're close enough with its claws. Although rare the boss may also unleash a salvo of rockets from the armour on its back which will target random areas of the arena.
The Prince of Pain
The Prince of Pain is one half of a dual boss encounter part way through Imperator. The Prince of Pain utilizes fast moving attacks and will often appear to blink between locations leaving behind a light trail showing where he went. He attacks by unleashing sword swipes which cut air and fly through the air at the player. He also carries around a sub machine-gun which he can fire while skating around the arena at lower speeds shooting at the player. He can also lay down tripmines which have small light signals warning the player of their presence that deal heavy damage if the player walks over them.
The Duke of Desolation
The Duke of Desolation is one half of a dual boss encounter part way through Imperator. In contrast to his counterpart, the Duke of Desolation is a large slow moving target who can tank hits extremely well, he is borderline immune to explosive damage making weapons more effective against most bosses less effective against him. He will move around the arena slowly sometimes stopping to slam his massive warhammer into the ground generating shockwaves and dealing near fatal blows to the player if they're hit directly by the hammer. He can also unleash a salvo of heat-seeking missiles from a chest mounted rocket launcher, at the player if they're within a certain range and in view, these missiles can be messed with however by the Prince of Pain and heat sources causing them to veer off-path.
A large humanoid demon, Agares rides atop the living skeleton of a massive alligator, the demonic creature uses a staff which causes the corpses of dead enemies in its arena to be reborn, Agares is also able to use the staff to create pools of acid across the arena and hurl magical blasts which send the player flying into the air dealing falling damage. Agares' alligator can also spit out a fiery blast from its mouth which can be seen charging in its chest cavity before it unleashes the attack.
Vassago is a demonic creature which appears to wear a witch doctor's mask although has two small black horns protruding from the eyeholes. In addition it wears a cloak covering its lanky malnourished body which is actually a flock of ravens which it can send to blind and attack the player temporarily. Vassago can also attack by creating duplicates of himself and attacking by summoning various firearms out of thin air although only the one he grabs is real, Vassago can also turn into a shadow disappearing for a few seconds to reappear elsewhere to catch the player off-guard, he can still be damaged in his shadow state however and takes extra damage from fire-based weaponry.
Spawn of Hecate this multi-headed sea monster dwells is capable of moving on land thanks to its dozens of tentacles. Scylla has five serpentine heads which are able to jet out and try to bite the player while also having two large wolf-skull like heads on the side of its body which can fire large homing fireballs at the player if they're too far away for the serpentine heads. Scylla will move around by clinging onto walls, ceilings and floors and can even get above the player in an attempt to crush them. Scylla is also able to use these tentacles to cage the player in where it will specifically attack with its human-like face firing volleys of electricity along the ground which the player must jump over or duck under depending on which set of tentacles begin glowing.

The final boss of the game, Hecate appears as a humanoid being who is able to shift between two sizes during different phases of her fight. Her form which is roughly the size of a human wields a large trident which is able to fire off multiple colours of magical energy blasts, red energy blasts will strike the floor and turn into a rapidly moving ground explosion which targets the player and can curve in the player's direction although can be dodged with strafing. A Green energy blast which while slow moving will float towards the player and can follow them for a while before detonating. The player can also have to contend with a blue energy blast which will travel a short distance forward before exploding releasing smaller blue energy blasts in every direction. Hecate in this form can also attack the player if they get too close by swiping with her spare arm.

In her second phase Hecate appears as a massive being who destroys half of the arena and stands in the open section, although she is able to be attacked at all time in this phase her attacks are much more dangerous. She can summon various weapons to use against the player in this phase including a torch which causes the lowest level of the arena to become completely set ablaze burning the player if they're touching it. She can also summon a sword which causes hundreds of swords to rain down from above which signal where they're going to land with light patches on the ground. She can also summon a rope in this phase which sweeps from one side of the arena to the other damaging the player if they get hit and sending them flying.

In her final phase, Hecate appears in her true form as a three-faced human with six arms, she attacks with multiple swords swinging them in a wild fashion making it dangerous to get close, she will briefly pause between attacks and can also charge at the player with a sword thrust with three of her arms, this can be followed up with her swining one of her free arms around her side if the player is still close. During this phase Hecate can also create two duplicates of herself which can't hurt the player but can confuse them, the player can tell the real one by a red crystal on her forehead that's absent on the fakes.


As with many FPS games there are secrets to be found throughout the various levels, these include Easter Eggs, Early Weapon Access, Secret Upgrades and Hidden Power-Ups.

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