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Map of the Island of Ima
Greater Location Unknown
Current Capital Eyesky City
First Appearance Pickpocket, Our Hero! (2020)
Latest Appearance Pickpocket, Our Hero 2! (2020)
Various species

Ima (also called the Island of Ima or the Isle of Ima) is the main setting for the Pickpocket, Our Hero! series. It is an island split into three sections.


Early History

Not much is documented on the early life of Ima, though some things have been revealed over time.

The island was once whole, being simply one circle with various biomes. Creatures similar to that of Crystal and Widget roamed the island and lived in peace with other intelligent beings which had just started building structures and began beliefs.

One day, a mysterious altar rose from the ocean, just a small distance from the Dia Mountains, a mountain plain consisting of varying temperatures. The intelligent beings of Ima were fascinated by the altar, though those who went to investigate had never returned back to the island.

Ima Splits Into Three

On a peaceful day like any other, the Island of Ima began to shake. The earth trembled and crumbled as a large unknown being rose from the middle of the island, destroying the land it saw before it. Some records record that the being had a piercing gaze and that it absorbed beings with it's body. Eventually, two gods known as Solana and Aku had fused together to create enough power to overwhelm the beast, making it retreat into space.

After this, Ima had changed drastically. The residents of Forgo City eventually evacuated by boat into the open sea in fear that another attack was among them. Some believed that the altar was to blame for the misfortune, so a raid was set on the altar. The raid had never returned to Ima after their scheduled plans.

Modern Day

The modern day of Ima takes place during the events of Pickpocket, Our Hero!. A being known as Pickpocket emerges from his home in order to steal the Longost Crystal from Longost Temple. However, he is distrubed by a being he names Widget and the crystal shatters into six pieces, scattering themselves throughout the land.

Along the way, the two meet new friends and travel throughout the various biomes of Ima. They defeat the Corrupted Colors, which are corrupted versions of the crystals that scattered through Ima.

Once the Longost Crystal was rebuilt, it began to shake and flash colors. Pickpocket and Widget held on to it as it flew towards the altar in the ocean. Once the three made it through the altar, they confronted a strong being known as Prizm, an evil character known for holding dark power and the reason for the Longost Crystal's corruption.

Eventually, after the Longost Crystal pieces give the power of flight and increased strength to Pickpocket, he defeats Prizm, turning him into nothing but shards and dust as a dark energy flies from his chest. The dark energy flies into space, only being seen again in the ending cutscene and the after-credits cutscene, implying it may stick around Ima.


The Island of Ima is composed of multiple biomes including forest, plains, desert, mountain ranges, and grasslands.

Notable Locations

  • Grassgrow Hills: A field of grassy hills where it always seems to be green. Despite it's fresh look, some large enemies still lurk here.
  • Longost Forest: A very long strip of forest containing flower beds and massive trees.
    • Fairwell: A miniature city housing small fairy-like beings. This is where Pickpocket and Widget meet Melo.
  • Eyesky City: The newest city on the island, it houses thousands of residents in a tall concrete jungle. This is where Pickpocket and Widget meet Soras and Solana & Aku.
  • Dedmen Forest: A creepy forest filled with prickly vines and dead trees. The famous Airship Cephalo where Pickpocket and Widget met Topu crashed in this forest. Pickpocket and Widget met Crystal and Samare in this forest.
  • Forgo City: An exacuated city with no residents. It is now crumbled to ruins and is infested with monsters. This is where Pickpocket and Wigdet met Motem and Galaxa.
  • Capsa Desert: An overwhelmingly hot desert filled with cacti. Motem helped Pickpocket get across quickly.
  • Fluffy Flowerbed: A giant field of flowers that bloom into multi-colored wonders. Crossing the bridge that connects the island brings you here.
  • Dia Mountains: A mountain range now occupied by miners. It contains varying temperatures from freezing cold to steaming hot.
    • Freezing Frontier: The coldest mountain in the mountain range. It is so cold that even the rocky ground has frozen over with ice. Evergreen trees still grow here.
    • Vast Volcano: The hottest mountain in the mountain range. It contains boiling lava and a magma center that no miner dares to enter unless they want to be fried alive!
  • Space Altar: A mysterious altar that rose from the ocean one day. It is the home to the Longost Crystal, though it was invaded by Prizm, an evil being that was later defeated.


Below is a list of some notable species that live on Ima.

  • Loxeleres: Round beings with wings and floating disembodied hands. They are capable of speech as well as combat and flight. Pickpocket and Alessia are part of this species.
  • Clay Creatures: Clay beings that take many shapes. They can morph themselves into items when needed. They are rare and they are seldom seen on Ima. Widget is part of this species.
  • Humans: A species that lives in harmony with the other species, until they started to die off and became the rarest species on Ima. Humans either died or turned into other species in order to survive Ima's changing climate.
  • Stalkeyes: Beings that usually have differently shaped bodies and heads. They always have one eye at the end of their necks. Soras and Solana & Aku are part of this species.
  • Gystals: Crystal beings that only have a crystal body, a face, and two arms. They move about by hopping. Chris is part of this species.


  • Most of the notable locations have special name origins:
    • Grassgrow Hills simply refers to how the grass grows a lot in the area.
    • Longost Forest comes from 'Long Lost Forest'.
    • Eyesky City comes from 'Sky High'. It is also named this due to it's common inhabitants, the Stalkeyes.
    • Dedmen Forest comes from 'Dead Man Forest'.
    • Forgo City comes from 'Forgotten', due to being abandoned.
    • Capsa Desert comes from 'Capsaicin', the spicy component in chili peppers.
    • Dia Mountains comes from 'Diamond'. This references the miners that work there and the extreme temperatures there that create the ores.
  • A stage based on Longost Forest appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333) and Fantendo Smash Bros. Something.
  • Ima's name comes from the word "Imagination", as most of the stories and character designs come from TheWikiOddish's childhood imagination/dreams.