Illusions Dreams: The Video Game is an Adventure game

Illusions Dreams
Developer(s) Samurott Inc.
Publisher(s) Lady Illusions
Platform(s) Wii/3DS
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s) September 25, 2011
Mode(s) Single Player

Multiplayer Wi-fi

Age Rating(s) E
Media Included Disc/cartridge

for the Nintendo Wii & 3DS made by Samurott Inc

This game is based on the Illusions Dreams fanime on YouTube.


The Game starts off with John swinging his hammer when he hits Tobari in the face. Tobari then slaps John.

Miniboss 1: Tobari

then the scene is a game of dodgeball. Gabriel Benitez hits John with a ball,laughing. John enters Illusionist Forme and it shows how to use Illusionist Powers.

Miniboss 2: Gabriel

Just then, Clank Bones the Dry Bones and Kamler the Magikoopa burst through the ceiling. Then the duo taunts John.

Boss 1: Clank & Kamler

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