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Illusion Works
Illusion Works Emblem 2017
The Illusion Works emblem.
Founded at/in October 31st, 2014.
January 31, 2015.
September 24, 2015.
Defunct at/in June 2017
Headquarters Flag of Germany Berlin, Germany.
Area(s) Served Earth flag Earth.
Owner(s) Solarrion.
Illusion Works, formerly known under the titles "Dimension Paradox", "Tropico Enterprises", and briefly "Solarrion", is a video gaming company created and owned by Solarrion (tbc). It was founded on October 31, 2014, and has gone through several reforms since. Nowadays, they manage and produce the Ziama Prime universe. They also created a music company, Roulette Records

The company was overridden by Bleak Industries in July 2017, with all of its back catalogue being inherited by the new company.


Over the years, the company has been known under many names. It was initially founded under the name "Dimension Paradox" in Autumn of 2014, in collaboration with GhostNoises (tbc). However, upon the return of Solarrion (tbc) to the wiki, he decided to revamp the company and eventually go solo, creating the new company "Tropico Enterprises".

Tropico Enterprises existed for a long while, often participating in showcases and other wiki events to help promote their content. They created the title Radioactive, which received a lot of attention. The company was later re-branded as "Illusion Works" on September 24, 2015. 

Illusion Works has also received large success with the creation of their second console, the Pacifico. Illusion Works was re-branded as "Solarrion" for a brief period during early 2016, however this was quickly changed back to the previous handle, Illusion Works.

Illusion Works was once again re-branded with a new logo and colour scheme, as well as the newest title Hymns of Helios. Illusion Works diverted from making new games, and created some other unique services instead, such as the record label Roulette Records. They released the first album, Serial Killer, during Summer 2016. 

However, as summer approaches, they revealed more titles they had planned for the upcoming year, as the Pacifico was finally getting a physical release with a console instead of just an application or software. A whole new library of launch titles is speculated, and is highly accurate as titles such as Diamond Days, Queen of Liars and Hypnotize all surfaced randomly through leaks in May of 2016. At this time, it was also confirmed that Illusion Works were the main organisers behind the Ziama Prime universe, and subsequentally all titles within it.

It was revealed near the end of May that there were even more titles to be announced for the Pacifico, and even though the former titles leaked, they aren't as major as some of the other ones planned. Illusion Works code-named the months of May, June and July as "The Summer Push", as many titles were planned to be announced during these months. In June 2016, Illusion Works launched the Illusion Favourites programme, where they would recreate classic titles from all video gaming systems for release on the Pacifico. So far, there are 7 video games involved in this project, with more planned.

Since, the company has focused on creating series' rather than solo titles, which lead to the creation of a few sequels, such as Hypnotic Shrines: Freaks of Nature. They also revealed a new console, the Aquarius, and a few planned titles for the console. Surprisingly, they rebooted their old mascot Tess on her birthday, September 1st, with a new title called Tessellate which was released immediately. Later on, another surprise sequel was dropped called Tessellate: Bad Luck.




Here is an index of Illusion Works' discography in the video gaming industry. Italics indicate the project is pretty old, and may be of worse quality compared to newer works. 

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  • Illusion Works is the third video game company by Solarrion, the other two "Dimension Paradox" and "Tropico Enterprises" being previous versions of the company.
  • Illusion Works is one of two companies owned by Solarrion, the other being Roulette Records.
  • Illusion Works has been the longest company owned by Solarrion.
  • Illusion Works has participated in the most Showcase events out of all of Solarrion's companies.
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