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Iliad Online is a multiplayer-oriented competitive 3D platformer developed by Pyro Enterprises for the Pyrohedron, inspired by Super Mario Odyssey, Sonic Adventure, Super Mario 64 Online, and Heroforce.


The story begins with a dark ultimatum issued around the world on various monitors and via a massive magical projection of a fairy-like individual:

Greetings, people of this pitiful planet. My name is Mosaic, and I am here to deliver a message to all of you. This planet is mine by right, and so are the lives of all you who reside on it. Surrender now, or I will bring about more chaos than you can comprehend. This is your only warning.


Panic ensues worldwide as Mosaic's influence begins summoning strange creatures and corrupting the landscape, sowing the seeds of chaos across the planet. Eventually, world governments unite and discover that the keys to reversing the mysterious creature's attacks are strange crystals scattered over the planet, dubbed Mosaic Wings by researchers. However, the world's military might cannot make a move, lest they be destroyed by the fairy herself.

Meanwhile, with this information made public, vigilantes and hometown heroes across the world unite in order to destroy as many of these wings as they can, in an attempt to save the world...


Iliad Online is a 3D platformer styled after games such as Super Mario Odyssey, setting the player in a sandbox environment filled with various combat and platforming challenges, as well as many of the primary collectible of the game, Mosaic Wings. The player's goal is to collect as many of these objects as possible, through completing challenges or by other various tasks. There are a total of 2048 Mosaic Wings in the game, with only 1024 being required to access the final area and the rest being dedicated to unlocking post-game content.

The game is built along the concept of cooperative multiplayer, with up to 24 players being able to join together in a combined "session" and work together to collect Mosaic Wings. All players share a combined total of wings, meaning that a higher amount of players will typically contribute to faster overall collection and completion. Many challenges also require players to work together in unique ways, either via character abilities or general platforming prowess.

Another major draw of the game is the wide roster of available characters that can be played as, each with unique abilities and attributes. Every player is able to find a niche or role to play within the cast, and can choose a character that caters to the way they like playing the game. Regardless of player abilities, every character possesses the same core skills- running, sprinting, a diving maneuver, and a simple melee attack- as well as the same basic 4 units of health, which can be restored via Lifewater.


  • PHLStick.png- Move
  • PHRStick.png- Camera Control
  • PHDPad.png- Emotes
  • PHDeltaButton.png/PHOmegaButton.png- Ability
  • PHAlphaButton.png/PHBetaButton.png- Jump
  • PHLBumper.png/PHRBumper.png- Dive
  • PHScroll1.png- View Allies
  • PHScroll2.png- Activate Recorder Mode


The playable characters that players can select from while exploring the world. Every character has unique skills- try them out to find one you like!

Hero Biography Abilities
Identity: Ronin Johansson
Origin: Redscale Canyon
The son of a Harenmarcen military man and a former Chiqutan secret agent, Ronin certainly has had an interesting upbringing, being raised by his parents in her hometown of Redscale. Ronin has been trained a martial artist by his mother and father in various styles for most of his life, inheriting many legendary techniques and inventing many of his own, including his now-famous "Dust Knuckle" attack. Ronin, must to the dismay of his parents, dropped out of high school in his junior year to become a crime-fighting vigilante, honing his skills and doing his best to end crime within his town. Despite his efforts, he could ultimately not make a difference, but his determination and strength eventually lead to him answering the call when Mosaic appeared and began wreaking havoc.
Dust Knuckle
RoJo's signature technique, a powerful pulverizing charged blow that can crush any barrier into dust. Tap the ability button to lunge forward, smashing and launching everything in your path. The punch can break through stone and other fragile objects, and can also be used for a quick mid-air boost.
Gigaton Rush
A barrage of rapid punching in the area immediately in front of RoJo. He punches as long as the ability button is held, and cannot move while doing so. This ablity deals massive damage, and can be used defensively in order to repel certain projectiles or objects.
Seismic Overdrive
Press the ability button in midair to perform Seismic Overdrive, a downward punch that cracks the ground below RoJo and damages everything around him. Possesses the same momentum conservation and object breaking properties as Dust Knuckle.
Identity: Princess Phosphorine Aquarius
Origin: Atlantis
Phorine is the princess of the undersea city of Atlantis, the existence of which was only proven after the appearance of Mosaic and Phorine's arrival to assist in dealing with the entity. Phorine is the princess of a race of creatures currently dubbed "Aquarids", and despite her age and demeanor, is a whopping 260 years old. She has a strong sense of compassion and duty towards both her race and sea dwellers, and joined the fight against Mosaic in order to help as many people as she possibly could, receiving assistance from her kingdom's military forces as well. Like the rest of the Aquarid species, Phorine possesses the astounding ability to not only generate electricity naturally, but manipulate it, down to the point of being able to transform into a lightning bolt for short periods of time.
Phorine possesses double normal 0xygen meter while swimming, due to her gills.
Jolt Grenade
A dome-like structure of electricity that Phorine forms when she taps the ability button. It can trigger and activate various forms of electric switches, and is a useful form of group defense and AoE attacking.
Eelectro Rush
Hold down the ability button to turn into a bolt of electricity and roam along surfaces for a limited time. Phorine deals contact damage in electric form, and contact with metal objects lets her enter them to emerge at any time.
Identity: Alissa Stark
Origin: Hushhenge
Alissa Stark is an former Orenian psychologist, who worked alongside the country's government in experiments within the field of ESP. Formerly a modest, shy young woman, she contributed to the project merely by acting as a calming figure for the test subjects, helping them to reach closer to the desired results. Unfortunately, Stark was eventually mentally attacked by one of the patients, who utilized their limited abilities to traumatize and damage her brain... and inadvertently unlocked her own psychic abilities in the process. Stark was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was sent into the government-operated hospital known as Hushhenge. As Stark eventually came to grips with her powers, the now more chaotic doctor escaped and began using her newfound ESP abilities for vengeance, before joining the fight against Mosaic in a quest to redeem her name.
Hover Jump
Stark is capable of levitation by holding down the jump button. The hover only lasts for a short amount of time, and taking damage knocks her out of it.
Stark automatically causes reticles to appear over nearby objects. Holding down the ability button allows Stark to levitate and control the nearest object, using it as a platform or to interact with things. Tap the button again to launch the object as a projectile.
PSI Burst
Tap the ability button to create a shockwave of psychic energy. This does no damage, but knocks things caught in the wave rather far. Can also be used in air to attain a burst of speed.
Identity: Gawain Flambert
Origin: Oldcastle
Mr. Flambert is a fireknight captain working for Round County Fire Department in the city of Oldcastle in Anzlenia, and is a proud, gentle man with a sterling reputation in the field of fighting fires. His department works closely alongside King Estates, the real estate mogul that owns the majority of Oldcastle, and Flambert is on good terms with both the owner, Art LeKing, and his secretary Gwendolyn Owlen, who is Flambert's current fiance. When Mosaic attacked, Gwendolyn was kidnapped by her troops for some unknown reason, and Flambert made it his goal to be the chivalrous knight to come to her aid. Bringing his riot shield and pressurized water-blade, he aims to be the knight in shining armor the world needs to battle against Mosaic.
Tapping the ability button while running causes Flambert to roll forward via a burst of pressurized water. He is invincible while rolling, and can put out fire by rolling over it.
Water Blade
Tap the ability button while stationary to turn on the water valves in Flambert's sword, temporarily giving it the properties of water and increasing his damage.
Riot Shield
Flambert holds out his riot shield to defend allies while the ability button is pressed. The shield prevents any and all damage, but while Flambert can strafe, he moves slower, cannot turn, and cannot jump.
Identity: Unknown
Origin: Somnion Town
The Drifter's name and identity are unknown; he's just a young boy who the natives of Somnion Town adore to bits. He wears nothing but his big fluffy wool coat, and rarely talks save a low grumble. What is known about the Drifter is his extraordinary sleep-related powers; the boy can put people into peaceful sleep seemingly at will, with no mental aftereffects to the victim other than a blackout during the time spent asleep. This has lead some individuals to seek him out and exploit his abilities, but the attempts never pan out due to the Drifter's influence. The boy's end goals and motives are unknown, but he seems to willingly want to battle Mosaic.
Ram Charge
Drifter charges up a running headbutt by holding down the ability button. Once fully charged, he will not stop until he hits a surface, and will smash objects in his way.
Dream Bubble
Tapping the ability button causes the Drifter to create a large floating bubble. This bubble can be jumped off of in midair to gain a boost in height and distance.
Sweet Dreams
Holding down jump causes the Drifter to float slightly further than normal via a bubble. The bubble has the same properties as Dream Bubble, letting other players jump off of a floating Drifter.
Identity: Kalna Gartera
Origin: Naja Gardens
Kalna is a member of the Naja, a warrior tribe residing deep in Chiqutl's southern jungles. She's strong, courageous, an unmatched tactician and leader- everything the Naja look for in a worthy warrior. Unfortunately, a run-in with some strange form of magical snake has resulted in a lycanthropic mutation of sorts, resulting in her being outcast from the tribe due to her deformities and snake-like body. She retains her strong moral fiber, and when Mosaic first appeared, she began to appear in nearby settlements to fend off the fairy's servants, leading to her being hailed as a local hero and her pride being restored.
Serpentine Form
Garter is able to slither up walls a short distance by running up them, and can utilize this for travelling quickly or increasing jump height.
Acid Spray
Tap the ability button to have Garter spray acidic poison from her mouth in a shotgun-like blast. This erodes metal, making it rust and act more fragile than normal, as well as doing heavy damage to enemies. Holding down the button lets the player aim the blast to a greater degree.
Holding the jump button allows Garter to coil her torso up, resulting in a high jump once released. While coiled, she also acts as a bounce pad for other players.
Identity: Belladonna Rafskella
Origin: Nightshade Towers
Ms. Belladonna is the current heiress to the Rafskella clan, a powerful group of vampires who run many businesses and trades worldwide in order to fund themselves. Belladonna is a sweet, kind girl who aims to help the world by funneling her family's money into finding a cure for deadly diseases, inspired by her own immortality as a vampire. Unfortunately, these plans were put on hold when Mosaic's attack occurred, with the elder Rafskellas siding with her in order to gain favor with the dark overlord. Disgusted, Belladonna decided to take matters into her own hands and use her vampiric abilities to save the world, rather than assist in its destruction.
Leaf Wings
Utilizing her leaf-like wings, Belladonna is capable of performing a triple jump. In addition, she is granted a downward glide after her third jump.
Black Bite
A vampirically charged bite performed by tapping the ability button. Biting onto an enemy steals its essence, allowing the player to charge the Black Bomb attack to its full potential. Biting an ally restores their health, but the move cannot be performed on the same ally for a minute after healing. Biting onto other interactive objects merely has Belladonna store them in her mouth, being able to shoot them as projectiles.
Black Bomb
A powerful dive-bombing attack performing by crouching in midair. The power and range of the attack's explosion depends on how much essence the player has gained.
Chef Bubba
Identity: Lord Beelzebubba
Origin: Hotshot Cafe
This demonic-looking chef is threatening on his own, but rumors persist that "Bubba's" powers are linked to him being the lord of hell itself. Though his cafe, run in an active volcanic hotspot and served by various entities that resemble succubi of legend, he claims to be nothing more than a man willing to dish up a good hot meal to those who are willing to pay. His strife with Mosaic seems to be more selfish than most, as he seems to have a personal vendetta against her and is willing to team up with anyone to stop her.
Devil's Cleaver
Tap the ability button to throw Bubba's meat cleaver, and tap again midflight to cause it to home in on nearby targets.
Hold the ability button to charge up a volley of fireballs, thrown in an arc from Bubba's mouth.
Fire Immunity
Bubba is immune to the effects of fire-based hazards, and is capable of swimming in lava as if it were water.
Identity: Hayate
Origin: Kigayana District
Hayate was born without legal guardians, and has essentially lived as a homeless teen in the streets of Kigayana for years. No DNA test he has asked for has lead him close to his parents, and he's stopped being concerned about it, instead devoting his life to his passions of aeroskating and inventing, becoming known as the Green Wind for his insane parkour and skating skills. Hayate was more or less drafted into fighting against Mosaic by the Shiansu government, with his skills being seen as something that could be useful in combating the fairy. Hayate does not seem to object, however, thinking that the task could be utilized to give his life more of a purpose.
Wall Grind
Hold the Jump button next to a wall in order to have Hayate grind along it, riding the wall and retaining momentum.
Tornado Spin
Hold the ability button to have Hayate breakdance, spinning around and attacking nearby enemies. This move also creates an updraft that allies can ride upwards.
Press the ability button to perform a close-range spin attack with drill-like properties. This move is capable of spinning objects or screwing in objects.
Identity: Leica Minolta
Origin: Crosstown
Leica Minolta is a member of the organization known as the Cross-Space Police Force, and are dedicated to sorting out anomalies in time-space. She's a spunky woman with a no-nonsense attitude towards her job and a more relaxed vibe towards anything else, especially when it comes to her wife Nike. Leica is a high-ranking Time Detective, meaning her goal is to search for the anomalies before informing commanders and letting them take things over; unfortunately, while investigating Mosaic's distortion of reality, she's now become trapped in the past. With only her Stasis Camera as a weapon, she aims to stop Mosaic herself to return home.
Stasis Camera
Hold the ability button to enter a first-person viewing perspective and aim Leica's camera. Release the button to take a picture of whatever her reticle is aimed at, freezing it in time temporarily and causing it to build up momentum if attacked.
Tap the ability button to generate a blue flash in front of Leica for a split second. This flash reflects projectiles as well as light beams.
Rocket Shoes
Tapping jump again in mid-air causes Leica to jet forward slighty, amplifying her in-air momentum and giving her more jump distance.
Dr. Lox.png
Dr. Lox
Identity: Dr. Eisengrad Lox
Origin: Boilsoft HQ
Dr. Lox was once one of Harenmarc;s most prominent astrophysicists, becoming a local celebrity among the country's popular and at Boilsoft, the company at which he worked. Unfortunately, his astrophysics went a tad wrong when it was revealed he was actually stationed there for the purpose of summoning a demon. Whoops. Already twitchy and paranoid, Lox hid away in his apartment, hiding his identity and only coming out when Mosaic appeared. It seems he wants to redeem himself by vanquishing an even worse demon... Hopefully, he is capable of doing this.
Sorceror Chain
While jumping, a reticle may appear on certain enemies or objects. Pressing the ability button lets Lox fire a spectral chain towards the target, either drawing him towards enemies to attack or swing off of certain objects.
Chain Lash
Press the ability button on the ground to swing Lox's chain in a wide arc, dealing light damage.
Lox is able to hack into various computer panels across the world, being able to control the device they are attached to with ease.
Identity: Dark Queen Nyxiel
Origin: Archaea Kingdom
The dark and shadowy Nyxiel doesn't actually have much origin; as far as the world knows, she came along the same dark path that Mosaic comes from. She's flirtatious, confident, and extremely powerful, sharing some of the same abilities Mosaic does. She seems to want to put an end to the fairy and is willing to help those in need to do so... her motivation is unclear.
Archaean Majyyk
A chargeable projectile made of darkness that is activated by holding down the ability button. When fired, it slowly hovers forward, draining light and health from objects it passes near.
Dark Vision
Nyxiel is capable of seeing and targeting the silhouettes of important items, enemies, players, and NPCs through walls.
Shadow Steal
Targeting an NPC or enemy enables Nyxiel to hide in their shadow by pressing the ability button, emerging for a stealth attack when the button is pressed again.
Identity: Sochiro Pogo
Origin: Imperial Forest
A young ninja disciple trained in the ancient art of Ashido, aiming to protect the world as a true ninja warrior. Unfortunately, Ashido isn't a real form of martial art, and he was taught the skills that force his leg muscles into spring-like shape purely as a joke. Taking his constant forced jumping in stride, Pogo-san patrols the streets, hoping to be a true ninja despite his complete lack of knowledge of how to actually be a ninja.
Air Jump
Pogo-san is constantly jumping and cannot stop, but using their mystical ninja arts, are able to jump again in midair.
Wall Run
Pogo-San is capable of running along walls by holding the movement stick into them. This enables them to perform parkour on most surfaces, and also refreshes their jumps so they can leap back into the air once again.
Sword Dash
Press the ability button to dash forward with katana outstretched. Deals damage to enemies and increases Pogo-san's forward momentum.
Identity: LMD-E-0413
Origin: Slime Laboratory
Inspired by famous movie monster Ooz, a crack team of college students sought to create life and manufacture a sentient organism, eventually succeeding in creating a slimy blob they dubbed "Limeade". Limeade was promptly experimented on by older investors to see what could be done with his unique properties; he vanished, and has only now reappeared for reasons unknown.
Slime Bounce
By pressing the ability button in the air, Limeade is able to perform a quick downward attack that releases a burst of acid and boosts him farther into the air. The height gain does have a cap.
Sludge Roll
Holding the ability button on the ground lets Limeade roll around while ocvered in acid. His momentum is made slipperier, but he deals damage on contact and can break through certain substances. Rolling off an edge keeps Limeade's rolling momentum.
Limeade can passively move through vents and grates due to their gelatin-like qualities. However, this same property also means that when frozen, Limeade becomes a hard block that can be picked up and tossed as a weapon, or used as a footstool.
Identity: Dotaka
Origin: Chimewind Temple
Like all golems, Dotaka was forged by the hands of man and not birthed naturally into the world. She was sculpted from bronze by the ancient caretakers and monks of Chimewind Temple, meant as a great sentry to guard their temple from threats. Over time, though, the gentle golem became more of a caring mother figure to the acolytes, taking care of and nurturing the young with all her might. Unfortunately, as golems are wont to do, she outlived her creators and watched as the temple was abandoned, slowly decaying into rubble as she was left alone. Eventually, the bonds keeping her linked to the temple were shattered by Mosaic's arrival; she left in search of helping the new world as much as she could.
Identity: Samaina LeFay
Origin: Haunting Grounds
Samaina is a witch, a magically enchanted human who has essentially replaced her own blood with the liquid essence that is magic. Sources say that despite her youthful appearance, she is actually over 200 years old, seemingly casting off bits and pieces of her humanoid form every so often to restore her youth and increase her power. Almost more magic than human now, she's a cocky and confident young woman looking for another disciple to help train in the magic arts- as well as defeat Mosaic, who she sees as a threat beyond even her skills.
Captain Magoria
Identity: Captain Vanhaus Magoria
Origin: Banshee Resort
An old ship's captain who once dreamed of adventure on the high seas and plundering treasure from lost islands, now pursuing a far different life as a captain on the horror-themed pleasure cruise ship the SS Banshee. He's a crafty captain and a master of utilizing common objects to manufacture effective scares, but with Mosaic's arrival creating more chaotic and violet seas than even he's accustomed to, Magoria now needs to use his scaring skills against real monsters... a task the tired old man is more than up for.
Identity: Queen Hildegard
Origin: Mintleheim Trail
Queen Hildegard is a fierce warrior, determined to lead her people to greatness by looking back upon the leaders of the past and seeing what made them so great. This has made her seem rather out-of-place in the modern-day country she leads, leading some to question her sanity or call her a "cosplayer". Despite this, she takes her "classically-inspired" training regimen and leadership style to heart, and when Mosaic arrives, Hildegard brings her fierce spirit and determination to the forefront of battle against the fairy.
Identity: 🂄🁦🁭
Origin: Gamblux
The mysterious young entity that is Domina is mischevious, affectionate, and unlike many things seen on Earth. She seems to be a genie of lore, a mythical spirit representing the embodiment of human vice; however, as a juvenile genie, she's far weaker and more helpful than the myths seem to state. As her true name is unpronouncable by human tongues, Domina is a name given to her by her colleagues.
Identity: [REDACTED]
Origin: Cesser Base
One of the 15 mysterious agents belonging to the Cesserx espionage agency [REDACTED], Clove is the codename given to the 8th agent. A master of stealth, Clove's mission is to take down Mosaic from the shadows on behalf of the Cesserx government... or at least, that's what we've been told. His body has been cyberneticaly enhanced and given various hidden weaponry. Scientists believe he and the rest of [REDACTED] may actually be powered by Soulstone but we are unsure.


The large sandbox worlds players may explore to collect Mosaic Wings. Every Zone is tied to a character in terms of lore, and these connections may result in environments tailored to exploration by certain characters over others.

Area Name Native Hero Description
Redscale Canyon RoJo This rustbucket of a town is situated right on the edge of a canyon, actually extending off into the seemingly endless abyss. A former mining town, Redscale became a haven for the arts after the mines dried up, and along with the sculpture and jewlery comes the crime. Luckily, that's cut down ever since Mosaic's dark work scattered off most of the townsfolk. Players can explore the town to socialize, roam the desert, or even head down into the old mines for a chance at riches.
Pacidris Phorine The undersea city that Phorine is the current princess of; she has not had time for coronation, as the king has been killed by Mosaic's minions. Pacidris is surrounded by a large bubble, protecting it from the depths of the ocean floor. However, with the use of bubbles scattered across the sea, you can swim potentially indefinitely! Pacidris is also a military state for the time being, so watch out for weaponry on the fritz!
Hushhenge Stark This gloomy, foggy location is home to both a vast, dark forest and the psychiatric ward for which the zone receives its name. Now closed, the ward is filled with the remnants of the ESP-gifted individuals who were sent here to have their abilities shut down or removed, and strange psychic echoes remain in the building. The forest isn't much better, and is said to be filled with escaped inmates...
Oldcastle Flambert Oldcastle is a lively modern city with architecture inspired by the medieval, with skyscrapers and stone castles merged into one. It's a bright and pleasant city despite the monster known as the Glass Dragon running about, and if you want to visit the local fire department, outdoor market, or King Real Estate headquarters, it's all there for your visiting pleasure!
Somnion Town Drifter A small peaceful town surrounded by an oasis-like moat of water in the vast sandy desert. The town itself is a charming place, but why spend the majority of your time there when you can grab a local jet-powered sandboard and cruise through the dunes in style? There are spots of quicksand periodically, as well as the mythical dreamworm Narkarakis, but shredding the dunes can lead to a lot of fun... and a lot of treasure!
Naja Gardens Garter The deep jungle where Garter's tribe once lived, they've since been pushed out by Mosaic's forces, leaving the area eerily abandoned. The wide rivers and gloomy, overcast forests are one thing, but the jungle ruins left behind are another; their snake iconography isn't just for show, as some of the statues found in this region are actually alive! Are you brave enough to risk venturing forth into the gardens?
Nightshade Towers Belladonna This pair of creepy, crumbling towers suspended high above the fog are owned by the Rafskella clan of vampires, acting as their vacation home. Quite cheery. It's a primarily vertical level, but some characters may be able to use the spiderwebs about to traverse the towers in a different way. Hope you aren't scared of heights...
Hotshot Cafe Chef Bubba This place looks like a volcanic wasteland, but in reality, the wasteland only extends for a short ways. Though it's hostile, it's home to the Hotshot Cafe, a retro 80s themed neon diner staffed by some lovely ladies and serving food cooked up by Chef Bubba himself. Beware the fire and the flames; if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Kigayana District Hayate This Shianese district is a fusion of classical architecture, modern wind power, and neon-lit slums; perfect for a miscreant like Hayate to grow up in. It's a very acrobatic zone, and players interested in more advanced parkour might like to try their hand in the Air Park, a floating skatepark and jungle gym home to many trials and self-imposed athletic challenges. Good luck!
Crosstown Leica Crosstown is a strange sort of technologically advanced bunch of buildings floating in the sky, and acts as a small, hastily-made "home away from home" for Leica. The platforming is tight in this somewhat smaller area, but there's still a wealth of challenges to find here, especially timing and moving-platform puzzles that will be made easier with the use of Leica's own Stasis Camera.
Boilsoft HQ Dr. Lox The large circular campus in which Dr. Lox used to work. Dedicated to astronomy and space-themed technology, it turns out they were also responsible for summoning a few demons, with their handiwork now visible across the zone. Campus is divided into three sectors- the offices, observatory, and laboratories- with a campus park and large egg sculpture in the center of the area.
Archaea Kingdom Nyxiel High above a mysterious cluster of strange storm clouds lies this land of strange spires and towers, seemingly emerging from the clouds despite not having anything under them. Seemingly only appearing when Nyxiel first appeared in the world, the Archaea Kingdom is seemingly her domain, though the only other lifesigns are the strange insectoid nymphs and the eldritch being roaming around that she refers to as "The Angel". It's a very, very treacherous zone, so be careful.
Imperial Forest Pogo-san A bamboo forest in Shiansu where Pogo-san does all their training. True to the character who resides here, it's an acrobatics-themed area where players will be tasked with tight platforming rather than intense combat, though the Tourist Plaza does offer a nice place for players to rest and relax. Legends say there are dragons here, too, though that might just be a myth.
Slime Laborotory Limeade
Chimewind Temple Dotaka
Haunting Grounds Samaina
Banshee Resort Cpt. Magoria
Mintergard Trail Hilde


The creatures in Mosaic's forces that the player will have to contend with in combat. Each is unique and requires different tactics to fight against.

Name Area Description
Zaicling Everywhere A tiny bipdal insect creature made out of multicolored crystal. Simple grunts, they take only a little bit of damage before dying, but tend to appear in swarms.
Zaiglyde Everywhere Tiny dragonfly-like entities with crystal wings. The Zaiclings of the sky, they are simple, easy-to-defeat enemies that hover around and tend to spawn in swarms.
Glassem Redscale Canyon A conglomeration of rocks held together by multicolored crystal, Glassems are strong, determined, and slow adversaries. They will never stop pursing players until defeated, and can take plenty a hit while they bring the pain with slow but powerful punches.


Massive unique enemies, Overlords are effectively the bosses of Iliad Online. Requiring extreme teamwork and strength to defeat, Overlords are the secondary requirement to unlocking the final world; all Overlords must be beaten on top of having the necessary Mosaic Wing count.

Name Area Description
Mad Mechanix Redscale Canyon A psychopathic mining robot lurking down in the depths of Redscale's mines. Brought to life by Mosaic's power, it's carving through the mines on a rampage and needs to be stopped before it harms anybody.

Mad Mechanix is programmed to chase down any player it sees in its line of site, and otherwise patrols the labyrinth that is the Redscale mines. It attacks with lasers, drill missiles, and a lunging jump attack that creates a shockwave. The boss is undamagable, save a few techniques such as RoJo's powerful destructive strikes, and the intended way of defeating it is to lure it to a pit, causing it to fall to its demise.

Aquamarauder Pacidris A massive metal cephalopod held together by bits and pieces of Mosaic's crystals, Aquamarauder is bent on destroying the undersea city with its mechanical might.

Aquamarauder is constantly swimming around the domed city located in the center of the map, launching missiles that home in on players and swinging tentacles in order to strike them. The missiles can be attacked to disarm them, then be picked up and thrown at the two joins on each tentacle. Once both joints on a tentacle are broken, it falls off. When 4 tentacles fall off, Aquamarauder becomes more powerful, periodically creating an electric shield to defend itself. When all 8 tentacles are destroyed, the boss is defeated.

AI Director

Named after the similarly named program found in the Left 4 Dead series, the Director is a program running in the background that handles how enemies in Iliad Online spawn. The game lacks traditional enemy placements; in contrast, the Director will consistently spawn in enemies based on how the players play the game. It tracks various parameters, including area, number of Mosaic Wings collected, number of players in a single area, and individual player playstyles, and utilizing this information, places various types of enemies in the world on a consistent basis.