Ice Ball Artwork - New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Mario Bros. U official render

Iceballs are projectiles in the Mario series that are shot by Ice Mario, Penguin Mario, and some enemies such as Ice Bros.. They bounce once off of the ground and shatter on the next landing, giving them less range than fireballs, which bounce continuously.

An enemy hit with an iceball is temporarily frozen in a buoyant block of ice. Players can pick up and throw smaller ice blocks, causing them to slide across the ground and shatter on impact with a wall, defeating the enemy inside. A frozen enemy can also be defeated by Ground Pounding the ice block or jumping into it from below.


Mario Kart: Turbo Circuit

Iceballs appear as Luigi's special item in Mario Kart: Turbo Circuit. They act just like Fireballs, only they freeze karts, instead of simply burning them. However, only three (five for Fireballs) can be shot at a time.

Mario Volleyball 2

Iceballs appear as Luigi's special attack in Mario ehxibition. They are also seen in the Fire and Ice Court.


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