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The Good ol' little Ice Climbers is on their new COOL adventure!
— Tagline
Ice Climber 64
Developer(s) IceBoys12co., Nintendo, Rareware
Publisher(s) IceBoys12co., Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s) 1999
Mode(s) Single Player, Mutiplayers
Age Rating(s) Rated E

Ice Climber 64 is a 3D game by Iceboys12co. for the Nintendo 64 and released in 1999. It introduces new platforming gameplay to the Ice Climber series.


You can take control of Popo/Nana, while Nana/Popo is controlled by a CPU that is always there to help you (In multiplayer mode, player two takes control of Nana/Popo.), though rather or not you enabled this is an option. It plays kinda similar to Super Mario Games and Banjo-Kazooie, the players go through various levels to get a golden eggplant or a flag in order to complete the level. To defeat the enemies, you can hit them with the weapons you're using. You also have lives and health bars, if you lose all your health, you lose a life. These are also Special Abilities that the Climbers can learn from the snow fairy “Vanilla” if the player has enough coins. This games also have a hub world: Chill Village(a half Igloo-like Snow village, which is Ice Climbers' homeland). You can get weapons such as Mallets, Axes, and Pickaxes from the shops or upgrade them into better weapons. You can also get into a condor to fly over into the next part of the level. When a boss is defeated, you got a Rainbow Ice Crystal and advance to the next world. There is a total of 6 Rainbow Ice Crystals in the game, they're required to get to the final word. At the end of levels, your score is shown, the number of items and vegetables you've collected in a level and the enemies you beat up are shown, and the time it took you to complete the level is shown.




  • Hub-World: Chill Village

World 1: SnowLand[]

  1. Snow-bridge [Golden Eggplant]
  2. Ride the Condor [Golden Eggplant]
  3. Cool Freezing Wood [Golden Eggplant]
  4. The Iced-Road [Flag]
  5. Classic Mountain (Boss: Big Bear: Giant Polar Bear) [Rainbow Ice Crystal]

World 2: Forgotten Rain Forest[]

  1. Enter the Rain forest [Golden Eggplant]
  2. Creepy Monster Hood [Flag]
  3. The Frozen part of the Rain forest? [Golden Eggplant]
  4. The Road to the Ice Castle [Golden Eggplant]
  5. The Ice Castle (Boss: Icegon: The Living Ice Dragon Statue) [Rainbow Ice Crystal]

World 3: The Island Seas[]

  1. Going Underwater [Golden Eggplant]
  2. Cool Turtles [Golden Eggplant]
  3. Traveling through the Water [Golden Eggplant]
  4. Race against Water [Flag]
  5. Water Temple (Boss: NoMaDad: The Big Green Toad) [Rainbow Ice Crystal]

World 4: The Arabian Town[]

  1. Crazy Street [Flag]
  2. Road of Arabian [Golden Eggplant]
  3. Bones of the Bones yard [Golden Eggplant]
  4. Road of the Flame [Golden Eggplant]
  5. Castle of the Flame (Boss: Firemeat: The Killer Fire Dog) [Rainbow Ice Crystal]

World 5: Dazey Maze[]

  1. Enter the Fun House [Golden Eggplant]
  2. Clowns and Craze [Golden Eggplant]
  3. Confusion Delaysion [Flag]
  4. Running out of the Maze [Golden Eggplant]
  5. The Night-Mayor (Boss: Night-Mayor: A pumpkin head wizard) [Rainbow Ice Crystal]

World 6: The Giant Ice Madness[]

  1. Back to the Snowfield [Golden Eggplant]
  2. Cool Bite [Golden Eggplant]
  3. Race against the flag [Flag]
  4. Longest Mountain of the field [Golden Eggplant]
  5. Ruined Ice Factory (Boss: Ice-Destroyer V1: The Giant Ice Crushing Robot) [Rainbow Ice Crystal]

World 7: The Final Battle[]

  1. The Wizard's Hallway [Golden Eggplant]
  2. Secret Room of Doom [Golden Eggplanet]
  3. Ruined Ice Factory, again? [Golden Eggplant]
  4. Way to the wizard's lair! [Flag]
  5. The Final Battle (Final Boss: Meilo The Dark Wizard)



  • Popo
  • Nana


  • Polar Bears
  • Topi
  • Condors
  • Slimes
  • Frosty Moles
  • Robotic Climbers
  • Flame Moles
  • Frosty Topi
  • Frosty Slimes
  • Thunder Topi
  • Flame Slimes
  • Thunder Robotic Bears
  • Frosty Ghost
  • Thunder Ghost
  • Flame Ghost
  • Dark Topi
  • Flame Condors
  • Dark Slimes


  • Big Bear
  • Icegon
  • NoMaDad
  • Firemeat
  • Night-Mayor
  • Ice-Destroyer V1
  • Meilo (Main Antagonist and Final Boss)