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Ice Climber 2 is a game for the Nintendo Wii U.

Ice Climber 2
Box art
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Ice Climber
Predecessor Ice Climber
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer

Concept and Creation[]

TheRealDylanator wanted to see the ice climbers return, so he asked if he could make it happen, he pitched the idea of it being a 3D platformer with new mechanics, these became the tools & equipment, you would climb multiple mountains, gradually getting bigger as you went through them. Nintendo liked the idea, they demanded a prototype by a set date, it was shown and nintendo and they decided to let the game continue.


Condor is at it again, he has stolen their food! The Ice climbers aren't happy and decide to chase it down! After beating the first mountain they find that this time there are 6 condors, one yellow, one green, one blue, one indigo, one violet and their old enemy, the orange one!


  • Polar Bears
  • Yeti Topi (Non-Japan)
  • Seal Topi (Japan)
  • Nitpicker
  • Bee
  • Wasp (Mountain 8 and onward)
  • Dark Climbers (Mountain 48 race, mountain 49 mini-boss)
  • Yellow condor (Mountain 10 boss.)
  • Green condor (Mountain 20 boss)
  • Blue Condor (Mountain 30 boss)
  • Indigo Condor (Mountain 40 boss)
  • Violet Condor (Mountain 50 boss)
  • Condor (Mountain 51 boss)

Tools & Equipment Mechanic[]

You are first able to use this on level 2 of mountain seven, Nana and Popo appear on the gamepad, there are three boxes on either side, the top one has their hammers, one has their parkas, one has their shoes. You can change these by double tapping the slot, the two climbers don't have to be identical. (Each cosmetic item doubles so it is possible.)


Basic Hammer (Start with)[]

A wooden hammer with some attack power

Pickaxe (Mountain 6 complete)[]

A metal pickaxe, a bit rusted but good for breaking ice!


Blue Parka

A blue parka, Popo's favorite!

Pink Parka

A pink parka, Nana's favorite!

Bee Parka (Win Race with Big Bee)

A yellow and black striped parka

Dark Parka (Defeat the Dark Climbers in battle)

Worn by the Ice Climbers rivals, the dark climbers.



The level system is pretty odd, instead of worlds you have mountains, different sized mountains had more stops (levels) there are 51 mountain and Over 100 stops!

Mountains 1-5[]

  • Mountain of knowledge (tutorial)
  • Mt.Mini
  • Mt.Tiny
  • Small Small Mountain
  • Mt.Small


  • These are the only one level mountains.

Mountains 6-10[]

  • Mt Icicle
    • Climbing Up
    • A new height
      • A race with big bee! (Hidden Race)
  • Mt.Shard
    • Breaking the Ice
    • Breaking the cubes.
  • Mt.Spear
    • Something Fuzzy
    • Something Buzzy
  • Mt.Doo
    • Reaching up
    • Climbing up
  • The home of Yellow Condor!
    • Road to the summit
    • Final Stretch
    • Battle with the yellow bird


  • Mt.Shard is the first level to introduce the Tools and Equipment mechanic.
  • Mt.Doo is a nod to the popular drink, Mountain Dew.

Amiibo compatibility[]

Amiibo's unlock special mountains in game.

Amiibo Mountain







Amiibo Mario
Cool Cool Mountain

Mario Overalls

Luigi overalls

Princess dress

Wario Overalls

Waluigi Overalls

Fire overalls

Hammer Bro. Hammer

Goomba, Green Koopa, Red Koopa, Green Paratroopa, Red Paratroopa, Shy Guy

Koopa the Quick (Race) 

Bowser (Boss)

Amiibo Link
Death Mountain

Hyrule Tunic (Red, Green, Blue and Purple.)

Hyrule Princess Dress

Fierce Dietys Tunic

Master Sword

Gorons, Torch Slugs, Dodongos

Lynel (Race)

Gouen (Boss)

Amiibo DonkeyKong
Sun Sun Island Mountain

DK Suit

Dread Kong Suit

Kremling Outfit

Funky Outfit

Super Kong Suit

Wind up Gorrilla Suit

Small Belcha

Kremling, Krobot, Click-Clack, Klobber

Rambi (Race)

King K. Rool (Boss)

Amiibo Pikachu

Trainer Red 's Clothes

Plusle Suit

Minun Suit

Zoroark Suit

Pangoro Suit

Diggersby suit

Farfetch'd 's Leek.

Charmander , Ivysaur , Squirtle , Pikachu , Chespin , Frogadier , Braixen .

Mew (Race)

Mewtwo (Boss)

Amiibo Kirby

Kirby Outfit

Masked King Outfit

Star Rod

Meta Knight's Blade

Kings Hammer

Star Yo Yo

Kirbys Baton

Waddle Dee , Waddle Doo , Walky, Bronto Burt, Sir Kibble

Blade Knight & Sword Knight (One time)

Meta Knight (Race)

King Dedede (Boss)

Amiibo Fox
Ice Mountain

Fox McCloud Outfit

Pigma Dengar Outfit

Leon Powalski outfit

Krystal Outfit

Falco Lombardi Outfit

Wolf O'Donnell Outfit

Krystal's Staff

LightFoots, Dogs, Monkeys, Lizards

Falco Lombardi (Race)

Wolf O'Donnell (Boss)


  • The polar bears now don't move the screen due to the new gameplay style, instead the can cause shockwaves and small avalanches.
  • The bee enemy was exclusive to the arcade version of Ice Climber. 
  • The regional differences of the Topi carry over from the original Ice Climber, at one point there was only to be the yeti Topi.
  • The other Condor colours and the order they are fought are actually the order of colours in the rainbow after orange.
    • The only colour of the rainbow without a condor is red.
  • The only equipment that can be found on Mt.Moon that actually is related to the location is Red's clothes.
    • None of the enemies have anything to do with the location.
  • Pikachu's amiibo mountain is the only one where the amiibo cant be found as a cosmetic item.
    • Its also the only one where the amiibo is an enemy.
  • The outside of Mt.Dedede is rarely shown in the kirby franchise, so parts of it are made up. 
  • Mt.Dedede is the only amiibo mountain where there are one time per play enemies.
  • Fox's amiibo mountain is from the game starfox adventures, a game that was veiwed negativly by fans. Same for its weapon, and the LightFoot enemy.
  • All amiibo mountains have 6 cosmetic items and one meele weapon except Mt.Dedede.
    • TheRealDylanator said 'We couldn't find many kirby characters to have outfits of, so we used some of its many weapons
  • Ice Climber 2 was shown at Fantendo Carnival Showcase 2015