Ice Climber: Age Of Ice
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Developer(s) SuyoGames
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo, Infinity GX
Genre(s) Sidescrolling, Adventure, 3D
Release Date(s) December 1, 2013 (Worldwide)
Mode(s) Solo, Multiplayer

Ice Climber: Age Of Ice, known as Ice Climber: Masters Of Ice in Japan and Ice Climber 3DS in Europe, is a 3D platforming game developed by SuyoGames and is set to be released for the Nintendo 3DS and Infinity GX. The game serves as the direct sequel to the original NES Title Ice Climber. The game will be set to be released on December 1, 2013 Worldwide. It is the second title in the Ice Climber series.

The game features Popo, Nana, and a new orange Climber named Mako exploring 8 different areas and 86 levels in search of seven powerful Snowstones that were taken by the evil Vetrice, now the Farcast Region was filled with snow.

The game will be released as retail and digital in the Nintendo 3DS eShop and Infinity GX Shop.


The Storm Of Snow

In a chaotic unknown world of darkness, as a mysterious figure watches over a huge area known as the Farcast Region, he says that it is time to unleash his ultimate attack, freezing the whole place. He remembers the time where he was banished from his original home, the Farcast Region, and wants to make his revenge immediatly.

The scene shifts to Popo and Nana, as well as a new friend they made named Mako who is a Wayzer and are relaxing in the beautiful Farcast Region, a beautiful place where many others live to also relax, it seems like Popo and Nana have nothing to worry about, that is until some strange creature approaches the region and spreads snow everywhere!

The creature, who is actually a spirit like wizard, introduces himself as Vetrice, an evil spirit who wants to freeze the world. He has taken the 7 Snowstones, that control the weather of the region and he then uses his magic to spread 7 white stones and throw them to the top of the seven legendary tall mountains of the Farcast Region. Vetrice then laughs and tells the Ice Climbers and Mako that theres no way they can grab the powerful Snowstones and stop the whole Farcast Region and later the world from being filled with snow.

Popo and Nana get angry at Vetrice, and tell him that there is no way that the Ice Climbers can't climb a simple large mountain, they then run to their first target, Mossy Mayside, where the first Snowstone appears to have fallen in. The two go to save the world from being frozen, along with their new friend Mako.

The question is, will the three save the world and the wonderful Farcast Region from being frozen? Will they fail? What challenges await the Ice Climbers and Mako, the fate awaits them.

The Search For Snowstones

The Climbers arrive at the top of Mossy Maysides' mountain, Vetrice is surprised to find them here, he thought they would never make it. Vetrice then summons one of his elite minions, Crevule, the vicious cold vulture to fight them, the boss fight then starts in order for the Climbers to get the first Snowstone.

The Ice Climbers and Mako manage to defeat the evil Crevule, and get the first Snowstone. Vetrice is displeased to see the Snowstone taken and swears that Popo, Nana, and Mako will be destroyed sometime soon.

The next area the Climbers went was the Redstone Plateau. Where they helped the old man Ryter and made it to the top of the mountain and encountered a huge snow worm called Wyntorm who attempted to crush the Climbers, so another battle begun.

The Climbers managed to make a beat down to Wyntorm, they then took the second Snowstone.

The Climbers then headed to the Frozen Treetops. The Climbers headed through a frosty forest, up treetops, and navigated through the mountain and encounter the rampaging white frog Rafog.

The Climbers defeated the monsterous Rafog and got the third Snowstone. The three then headed to the next area, Aquice Falls.

The Climbers faced hard challenges like crossing a chasm and fighting the destructive Drizzent, but they eventually got the next Snowstone that landed in Aquice Falls and headed to Shiver Valley.

Path To Vetrice

Crossing the path to Shiver Valley, the Climbers encountered the vicious Vetrice himself. Vetrice told the Climbers days as heroes are forever done. He unleashes his chaotic magic powers to block the path to the mountain of Shiver Valley. Vetrice tells them guess they have to take a long way and go underground to save their stupid Snowstones.

Vetrice laughs and says that their world is coming to a close, and that a new era will be born, a world that he, Vetrice controls and will rule for eternity. Vetrice explains that not only does he want to freeze the world, he also wants to destroy the pathetic Farcast Region and eliminate their Wayzer species and everyone else. Vetrice tells the Climbers if they dare reach his wicked world, he will crush the Climbers for good. Vetrice teleports and disappears, with the Climbers scared. The Climbers realize they must use all their power to save the world and Farcast Region, they travel to the frosty pyramid in order to head underground.

No matter how much Vetrice tried, the Climbers succeeded and climbed up the areas mountain, but suddenly, the mountain started shaking with frenzy, the Climbers were confronted by the fearsome Frolem, the cold golem of demolition. The battle raged on against the wicked golem, but the Climbers managed to beat the almighty Frolem. They collected their fifth Snowstone and headed to the next area, Crystal Canyon.

Arriving at the Crystal Canyon, Polar Bears were seen holding mysterious crystals, and attempted to steal them for, you guessed it, Vetrice. The Climbers first target was to stop the Polar Bears from stealing the precious gems, and they did. Vetrice told the Climbers they should go underground and find the Snowstone, but it was a trap, they were stuck underground, but they eventually made it to the mountain and confronted the vicious Vetrice again, who unleashed his next powerful minion, Turtorch, the blazing turtle. Turtorch put up a intense fight, but the legendary Ice Climbers showed Turtorch who's boss, and they collected yet another Snowstone, now there was only 1 more to collect to save the Farcast Region, they headed to the final area: Eversky Mountains.

The final area for the final Snowstone was the Eversky Mountains, a vast and large land will of high mountains. Vetrice was seen by the Ice Climbers, and they ran after him. Of course, Vetrice wanted to stop the Climbers, so when they were about to cross into the Glimmering Forest, he sent a huge army to stop the Climbers, but he failed. Next, the Climbers arrived at the Glimmering Forest and saved the Tree Of Light from the wicked Vetrice, and the Climbers entered the Hurranos Castle as well, knocking down the king, Swayik.

After the tough challenges Vetrice had set for the Climbers, they made it through his stormy orchestra and found Vetrice very angry, he used his last resort, Galegon, the Dragon Of Storms, who was a difficult challenge for the Ice Climbers, but they managed to slam that dragon down!

A moment had come, the final Snowstone was collected by the Ice Climbers, which made Vetrice extremely furious, he warped back to his world while the Ice Climbers headed back to the Farcast Region's main town.

But was this the end?

Fate Of The Farcast Region

Succeeding on saving the precious Snowstones that control the weather of the Farcast Region, the famous Ice Climbers placed back the Snowstones in the Weather Controller, and the weather suddenly changed. The cold and chilling weather that was unleashed turned into the beautiful old weather of the Farcast Region.

But then...

Meteors crashed into the town! The Wayzers started running for fear as they saw the one and only Vetrice! Vetrice laughed as he enjoyed seeing the Wayzers run in fear, he told the Ice Climbers that they were idiotic to think they would ever stop him, he told the Climbers about his Storm Sapphire, which exceeds the power of the Snowstones and is preparing a ultimate attack to completely turn the Farcast Region into Absolute Zero. Vetrice showed a illusionary image of a the giant mountain of his world with the Storm Sapphire on top charging its power.

Vetrice opened a portal to escape back into his wicked world, but the Climbers ran and jumped before the portal closed to follow Vetrice and stop his ultimate plan. This was the last journey, for the fate of the Farcast Region.

The Climbers arrived at Vetrices' Wicked World, and they advanced to venture into his chaotic castle, but when they made it, Vetrice warped them to a mirror like maze, where they explored and found a mysterious abandoned Museum that is guarded by Vetrices' troops, they found a Factory nearby, where they discovered that strange things called Blizzard Bits are powering the severing Storm Sapphire.

The Climbers busted into the factory, defeating the enemies along the way, and destroying the Blizzard Bit machines, which angered Vetrice, he knew he had to something to stop them. The Climbers made it back to the castle of Vetrice, and they made it up, expecting to fight the vicious Vetrice himself, instead, Vetrice used his incredible weapon, the Terminter, which managed to put up a big challenge for the Ice Climbers, but they showed the weapon who's boss and destroyed it.

Vetrice flew away to head to the top of his mountain, where the Storm Sapphire was, so the Climbers chased him and went up to the mountain, where they were pulled by Vetrice himself into a unknown dimension, where the final battle would later take place! Vetrice unleashed his wicked wrath, constantly striking his great powers at the Climbers, but with their strength and power, they defeated the wicked Vetrice, and he was done for good.

Vetrice was not yet defeated though, he took the Storm Sapphire, and he absorbed the energy! Vetrice used the power to transform into a cold hearted powerful demon and prepared to unleash his true wrath, he swore that the Climbers will be eliminated, and that he will later freeze the entire world, making it into his own, he roared and declared himself as Zero Vetrice, the king of ice, sending the Climbers back. The Ice Climbers attempted to hit Zero Vetrice, but they failed, they couldn't even land a scratch on him.

Back in the Farcast Region, a huge storm had come to prepare to turn the Farcast Region into a frozen world, the Wayzers were scared, they seemed that it was no use, they were doomed. Suddenly, the Snowstones began to glow, 7 lights sprung and hit the sky, and meanwhile, the Climbers started to gain a mysterious energy, they made once more strike at Zero Vetrice, and they managed to hurt him! Zero Vetrice knew that the Snowstones are responsible for the Climbers to gain their power. Zero Vetrice then told the Ice Climbers that their adventures are now darkness, he unleashed his full power, and the true final battle had begun. The battle was full of action and chaos, but the overlord Zero Vetrice had finally been defeated, the Climbers made one final blow with the power of the Snowstones, it destroyed Zero Vetrice, he exploded and vanished away, this was the end for him.

The Ice Climbers made it back to the main town of the Farcast Region, the huge storm had truly vanished for good, the act of Vetrice had finally been gone for good. The Wayzers ran and thanked the Climbers so much for their help on saving the world, they cheered, and the Ice Climbers smiled. Popo gave a pat on Makos shoulder and thanked him for helping him and Nana to defeat Vetrice, he also smiled. The scene then shows Popo, Nana, and Mako giving a thumbs up at the screen, and a message appears, saying "Thank You", and the game concludes.


Navigating Through Levels

The players can play as three characters, Popo, Nana, or Mako, the three having different stats. They can be switched to a different climber any time in a level.

Unlike the previous title, players navigate through levels, not mountains, which means you don't usually climb Mountains until the later levels in each Area. It will take some skills to beat levels. The levels are mainly puzzle based, as there is many puzzles in the game, some involving finding a secret, navigating through mazes, and more.

Some levels don't involve climbing a Mountain, but mostly getting through obstacles and enemies along the way. However, later levels do involve climbing the Areas Mountain, and later fighting the Area Boss.

The Ice Climbers or Mako can collect Vegetables in each level, they need to be collected to those who try to get 100% in the game, these do not appear in Boss Levels though. There are also Climber Coins, they serve as wealth to the Ice Climbers, they can "level up" them and boost their strength for attacks, they do not count in order to get 100%. There are also rare items known as Glossy Gems, there are three in each level (not counting boss levels) and are another thing needed to be collected in order to achieve the 100% mark. There are also Crystal Eggplants, which warp Popo, Nana, or Mako in a bonus stage like level involving Condors, either they have to defeat them all, survive from them for a certain time, or hang onto one for a certain amount of time by using the gyro controls on the 3DS or Infinity GX to steadly stay and not fall.

There are Level Flags, which serve as checkpoints in the levels, since the levels are mostly long sometimes. To complete the level, Popo and Nana (or Mako) need to get to the Victory Pole, which ends the level. If you are in a boss fight though, you just collect the Snowstone to end the boss level.

Once a player beats a mission, they are able to do it once again but is able to be timed, this can be used to show who can complete the mission the fastest. You can trade scores using StreetPass and SpotPass.

Combat System

The Combat System is quite useful in the game. Popo and Nana can wield different hammers that have different attack styles, such as one having less attack but allowing Popo and Nana (and Mako) to swing really fast at enemies. Collecting Climber Coins can boost up the power of the Ice Climbers and Mako. They can also increase their jump and walking speed.

The Ice Climbers have many forms of attacks like the normal Swing Attack that can just be performed using the Y button. They can also use combo attacks such as the Uppercut Strike by pressing Up + Y or moving the analog pad up and Y to strike upwards, this is specifically used to combat enemies in the air. The Ice Climbers can also use the Smash Attack that can be used by pressing Down + Y or moving the analog pad Down and pressing the Y button. This move is also specifically used like the Uppercut Strike attack to combat enemies that are in the ground, such as the Winter Worms.

Although the Ice Climbers have just a few attacks, they can learn new moves by collecting a certain amount of Glossy Gems in the game. These moves can be very useful dealing with powerful enemies and bosses.

Job System

This is another mode like feature added in the game, this can be used to earn Climber Coins and sometimes even Glossy Gems. Eventually, sometimes even you can unlock secret levels! Missions have ranks, from F (the easiest) to S (the hardest) The Missions are known as:

  • Rescue Mission: Popo, Nana, or Mako have to rescue a certain Wayzer (the people of the Farcast Region) in a certain level.
  • Lost Item Rescue: Popo, Nana, or Mako have to find a certain item that a Wayzer lost in a certain level.
  • Wayzer Escort Mission: Popo, Nana, or Mako have to escort a Wayzer to a certain place in a level, but watch out, the Wayzers could run away sacredly if an enemy tries to attack them!
  • Icebreaker Mission: Popo, Nana, or Mako must break a certain amount of icecubes before time runs out, these missions are mainly difficult, so you must be well aware of your area to find the icecubes needed to be broken.
  • Condor Catastrophe: Condors! They have invaded certain levels, and the Wayzers do not like it! Popo, Nana, or Mako must defeat 3-5 Condors in a random level, but if you get a harder job, sometimes you are timed!
  • Surprise Mission: A special mission that has a random mission that might even surprise you... Sometimes the difficulty goes way up the more of these you do!

Mountain Creator

Players can create mountain like stages for you or other players around the world to climb, it is really simple to do, but could take some time if you want to make it great!

Players can share their custom Mountains on Nintendo Network or Infiniverse, players can like others' Mountains and they could possibly get on the Top Levels list.


Double Drive

Note: This mode is only for the Wii U and Infinity

In this mode, the player controls both Popo and Nana as they climb. They use the two analog sticks to move both the Ice Climbers and press L and R to make the two jump. Some stages are going through a maze or climbing a mountain. The player attacks with ZL for Popo, and ZR for Nana.

Mako is also in this mode, but he usually used as an assist.


Note: This mode only for the Wii U and Infinity to take use of the Gamepads' touchscreen.

In this mode, one of the Climbers must navigate through a bottomless pit by either going down or moving left or right, to break the ice, the must tap the ice to break it, enemies will also appear, so swipe them to swing your hammer. If you want to attack Air enemies just swipe upwards and for Ground enemies swipe downwards.

Cannon Blasters

In this mode, the gameplay plays out similar to Face Raiders. The player must move around their 3DS and shoot incoming/attacking Condors and not get hit. There is a boss fight sometimes, and Back Mirrors are able to deflect cannon balls that are shot at it.

Boss Brawl

In this mode, the player fights the bosses they faced from the original 8 areas, there is the Easy Mode where all the bosses remain normal and the player can use 6 Heart Restores. If playing Extreme Mode, the bosses health is increased a bit, and their attacks are much stronger. If playing the Cold Mode the bosses health are doubled, and this mode is brutal, as the player only has 3 Heart Restores, and the bosses are more powerful.

Extreme Condor Racing

In this mode, up to 4 people can play as either Popo, Nana, Mako, or a Wayzer. They will ride a Condor in 6 different racing stages and glide using the 3DS' gyro controls. They can make great boosts by going through rings in each stage. The player can also attack their opponents by shaking the 3DS.


Climbers (Playable Characters)

Name Description Stats
Popo Popo is the blue climber who smashes through the ice in this epic adventure to save the world from being frozen! Can he stop the evil Vetrice?
  • Power: 4/5
  • Speed: 3.5/5
  • Jump: 3/5
  • Defense: 3/5
Nana Nana is the pink climber who also is trying to save the world from frozen, she won't let anything get in her way this time around!
  • Power: 3.5/5
  • Speed: 4/5
  • Jump: 3.5/5
  • Defense: 2/5
Mako Mako is a orange climber who loves climbing! He is a Wayzer who becomes friends with Popo and Nana, unlike those two, he just wears a sweater and other cold protecting clothes, he does not wear a hood like those two though.
  • Power: 4.5/5
  • Speed: 2/5
  • Jump: 4/5
  • Defense: 3.5/5


Name Description Type Health
Polar Bears One of the main enemies in the game, they appear in most level, their claws deliver some severing damage, so watch out. Land 15
Rammer These Ram's just want to ram Popo, Nana, and Mako all the time! They are fast and if they crash into you, you will lose 20 Hp! To defeat them, slam your hammer when they charge into you. Land 5
Sheed These are some weird Sheep, these guys don't really attack much, but they have tons of Hp, their wool protects them from attacks in battle. Land 65
Doozes They look similar to Sheed's, but they can restore health and have a daze attack that can make the Climbers fall asleep. Land 45
Topi These spiked like bird things roll around or headbutt as their attacks, they are another one of the common enemies you will see in the game. Land 20
Spikow Ouch, these vicious porcupines need to chill out, they really love to unleash their crazy spikes of pain. Don't think their easy to defeat, their spikes give them huge defense! Land 44
Mogres These crazy flaming ogres really love to swing their chaotic club and smack any person who enters their home, beware of their power! Land 50
Rulls These ramming bulls really love to crash into anyone and hurt them, they have amazing jumps that allow them to soar really high, but don't worry, hitting them when they crash is their weak point. Land 45
Vaxin The icy cold demons of Vetrice have one goal, to destroy the Ice Climbers. Their attacks are a pain, and even they are hard to take down as well! Land 60

Name Description Type Health
Baby Condors Probably one of the weakest enemies in the game, these Baby Condors are pretty easy to knock down, but their attacks are REALLY dangerous, they can make Popo, Nana, or Mako lose a lot of health, plus, they are fast too. Air 10
Condor The Condor is a rare enemy to find, they have a large amount of health and dangerous attacks, beat this thing down fast! Air 50
Artik These bugs are pretty annoying, they will constantly assault the Climbers and make them lose health constantly, so watch out for them, they are even in swarms! Air 20
Bitterflies These are... butterflies, but bitter, and strong too, they have this crazy tornado attack that can deal 20 damage to the player. These things are truly tricky. Air 25
Crebats These flaming bats just really love the dark and light, and they love to assault their enemies and foes at any moment when they are not looking. Air 30
Dragoles These almighty small dragons are probably one of the most formidable and most powerful enemies in the game. Their power surpasses many enemies, so try not to fight many of these guys. Air 66
Hawkakahs Ouch, these Hawks really love to scream and shout, and their calls are really nerve wracking that they can hurt the Climbers. Defeat these fast so you don't have to get hurt by these hawks numerous times. Air 40
Falcross These Falcons are very fast and don't deal that much damage, their attacks are very fast and if they do it multiple times, it can sometimes get even stronger! Air 42
Zerton These aquatic demons of Vetrice have wicked wings that cause them to have much agility in the air, their aerial attacks can deliver much damage to the player in any situation. Air 60

Name Description Type Health
Winter Worm Ew, Worms. These Worms are very tricky, they can hide in the ground and appear out of nowhere to strike the Climbers, Smash Attacks are needed to bonk these worms. Ground 25
Frasks What strange creatures these are. They are these freaky masks who dive up from the ground and have a violent spinning attack. Be careful with these guys. Ground 30
Shiver Shark These sharks are cold and cruel, and really powerful. They can swim in the freezing water AND even move on land with ease. Don't let them take a bite at you. Ground 40
Boingos BOING! These cold kangaroos pop up from the ground and jump around fast, but it also goes into the ground a lot, so it's hard to beat this guy. Ground 33
Moler Uh, these frosty moles really love to ram into people and mess around with them, you probably should bonk them on the head before they annoy you even more. Ground 40
Yelaws Strangely, these fire demons really love the ground, they lurk the ground the whole time, and the attempt to deliver uppercut attacks and fire blasts of fire at the Climbers fast. Ground 60

Name Description Type Health
Crablok Crushing is their motive, and these block like crabs can fight on land and pop up from the ground. Land/Ground 32
Upperkuts A relative to the Crablok family, the Upperkuts are amazing crabs that have a extreme uppercut attack that causes 25 damage, so avoid these guys a lot, and pay attention to the ground! Land/Ground 25
Rogue Geomes A weak enemy, they are known as the weakest enemies in the game, but don't think they are so weak, they can sometimes call even larger versions of them, which are 4 times as strong as them in attack and health! Land/Ground 10/40
Aeroknight These flying knights are the minions of Swayik, the ruler of the Hurranos Castle. Their sword is very strong, not to mention their defense is powerful too! Air/Land 75
Aerolance Another minion of Swayik, these guys usually like to stab enemies with brute strength, leading to a loss of 20 health! Beware of their ultimate attacks, these guys are not to be underestimated. Air/Land 70
Rador This robotic like grass demon can easily use its vines to wrap it around the player and cause them to not move, and even make them take damage in the process. These guys are really annoying, make sure to crush them! Land/Ground 50
Strong Condor Amazing! This Condor is a evolved kind of Condor that is able to move on the land, air, and ground! It is known as the strongest enemy in the game, and they rarely appear in levels. Air/Land/Ground 88


Name Description Fought In Health
Big Polar Bear Oh no! This Polar Bear turned big due to Vetrices' evil magic! It is now stronger and huge! Do not get crushed by this guy! B-5: Get A Piece Of Rock 85
Metal Topi Another mini-boss in the game, it appears in the hidden level of the third area. This boss is a big Topi, but it is made out of metal. You have to attack it's back to hit the weak spot, if you don't hit it, you will barely make any damage to the mini-boss. Metal Topi attacks by either rolling around or shooting out sharp spikes. C-Secret: Metal Madness 115
Delphis The third miniboss in the game. Apparently he is the guardian of the Marine Maze, Delphis will crush any human who enters his maze with his bolting tail. D-Secret: Marching Through The Marine Maze 120
Mister Manic The fourth miniboss in the game. This mysterious mole is gigantic and pesky, he loves to throw huge snowballs and beat up many others, his emotions get really crazy sometimes. E-3: Rolling In The Deep 130
Mega Mogre Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! Destruction is what he loves, and his club is extremely strong and dangerous. He is known as the leader of the Mogres. F-7: Incinerating Climb 140
Swayik The king of storms, Swayik is a chaotic knight with a sharp sword that is extremely powerful, which is why he is the king of his very own castle. Swayik always defeats any of his opponents. G-6: Storming The Castle 180
Terminter A weapon of mass destruction, this frosty machine has power that is unbelievable, with its huge beam of chaos, and its heavy artillery, it pulls up an intense clash with the Ice Climbers. H-Boss B: Winter Weapon 200

Name Description Fought In Health
Crevule Crevule is a cruel vulture who has many vicious attacks like a freezing tornado and the ability to shoot/throw spiky icicles at the player. Crevule is said to be similar to the Condors. A-Boss: The Cruel Crevule 100
Wyntorm The second main boss in the game, Wyntorm will dive into the snow and also smash it's tail throughout the boss arena, Wyntorm can also unleash shockwaves and spit out goop like attacks. B-Boss: Wyntorm's Wild Assault 180
Rafog The third main boss in the game. Rafog is a giant white like frog who will jump around in rampage and will attempt to slap the player with his giant spiked tongue. He can even spit out 1-3 goop like balls. Rafog is also able to breathe white mist that can blind the players' screen too! C-Boss: Rafog's Rushing Rampage 220
Drizzent Whoa! This sea serpent is really deadly. He can shoot out water from his wicked mouth and his tail is like taking a hit from a hammer. Drizzent is the fourth main boss in the game. D-Boss: Drizzent's Deadly Attack 235
Frolem The fifth main boss in the game. Frolem is a freezing frosty golem with a huge pack of punch, and his storm can cause much damage when unleashed. Frolem is a strong warrior, and should not be underestimated at all. E-Boss: Frolem's Supreme Storm 240
Turtorch The sixth main boss in the game, he is known as the most blazing turtle was summoned by the vicious and wicked Vetrice to eliminate the Climbers with his amazing hot power. Turtorch puts up a major fight in the game. F-Boss: The Blazing Turtorch 270
Galegon The seventh main boss that known as the, Dragon Of Storms, he is a powerful dragon who can crash his lightning at his foes and smash them with his hurricanes. Galegon is possibly the most hardest boss in the game. G-Boss: Galegon's Ultimate Wrath 300
Vetrice The eighth and final boss! The chaotic and wicked Vetrice is finally prepared to fight and eliminate the Climbers once and for all, his power is incredible, with his wand, he pulls up a major fight, but will he be taken down, will the Climbers win? H-Final: A Frosty Final Battle 250
Zero Vetrice A true final fight begins, as Vetrice absorbs the power of the overpowering Storm Sapphire, Vetrice evolves into a wicked ice demon known as Zero Vetrice, and prepares to launch the attack that will completely freeze the whole world and the Farcast Region too. Zero Vetrice has a major variety of attacks like using his fists to crush the player or even unleashing a massive storm of chaotic meteors or even unleashing a beam of immense power. The moment of truth has finally come, will the Farcast Region be saved? Or will the whole world be doomed? H-Final: A Frosty Final Battle 450


Area 1: Mossy Mayside

Level Name Level Description
A-1: A Climb Of Beginnings In this level, it introduces the basics of the game. Several common enemies appear like Topi's and Polar Bears. Popo, Nana, or Mako must use their hammer to find their way to the pole by breaking ice blocks and beating other enemies.
A-2: Batter Up Vetrice isn't only just trying to make the Ice Climbers and Mako try to get the Snowstone, he also sent in a few Polar Bears who are hitting the ice on a straight path and trying to knock the heroes down and stop them, but this won't be easy.
A-3: Head Up In The Cliffs You are getting close to the big mountain, where you will get your first Snowstone, but first you must make your way past some cliffs of ice. New enemies like Winter Worms and Frasks appear to try to defeat you on your way, and even giant snowballs appear to be falling down attempting to crush the Climbers...
A-4: Scaling The Mountain It's finally time to climb the first high mountain in order to find the first Snowstone. There are Baby Condors there, so watch out for their attacks and defeat them fast. Enemies are mainly EVERYWHERE! So your to expect more enemies towards the goal.
A-5: Snow Way Out The Ice Climbers and Mako apparently have found a dark trail in the mountain that has numerous paths, but there is snow everywhere... Use your skills to find your way up the mountain.
A-Boss: The Cruel Crevule It is finally time for the showdown. The Ice Climbers and Mako must get the first Snowstone before it's too late. Vetrice has appeared once again, once the Climbers get up on top of the mountain, they must fight the evil Crevule, a ice like vulture, in which it will unleash frosty tornados and even icicles! To defeat Crevule, Crevule must be flying close to the ground so the Ice Climbers can attack and turn his health into zero.
A-Secret: Behind The Lines A secret mission! This requires 10 Glossy Gems to unlock the mission. All the Climbers have to do in this mission is track their way to a secret side of the mountain and catch 3 Condors while being timed.

Area 2: Redstone Plateau

Level Name Level Description
B-1: The Red Trail The first level of the second area, Doozes are introduced and so are Crabloks. There are multiple paths to take, so choose wisely.
B-2: Northern Bridge The mountain may be far away, but the Climbers must cross through a huge bridge, but there are also enemies too, plus hail!
B-3: Gear Gamble The Climbers arrive near the huge mountain of the Redstone Plateau, but there is a scientist Wayzer named Ryter who is in need of help. He says that these pesky enemies known as Hawkakahs have stolen 4 Gears from his prized Clock, and he wants the Climbers to save them. The Climbers help Ryter out and head to find the gears. Be well aware of your area and spot the Hawkakahs, but watch out for other enemies!
B-4: Sand Trap The Climbers are climbing up the mountain, when they find a dead end, what luck. So this time, the Climbers must head underground in sand pits to find their way past that annoying dead end. There will be new enemies like Bitterflies, which can spin around like tornados, Sheeds, and Rammers.
B-5: Get A Piece Of Rock After dealing with the dead end, the Climbers must climb even more of the mountain, but Vetrice has caused a avalanche of rocks, and they are falling, EVERYWHERE! Make it up to the Goal, but later be encountered by a Big Polar Bear miniboss, which got strong due to Vetrice. After pummeling the miniboss, the Climbers complete the level.
B-Boss: Wyntorm's Wild Assault The second Snowstone was found, but a massive worm is threatening the Climbers and is attempting to destroy them! The boss has 180 health, but it will smash its tail and create shockwaves, and even spit out goop attacks, so watch out for Wyntorms' wild rampage. After knocking the boss down, the Climbers get their second Snowstone.
B-Secret: Under And Over This mission requires 15 Glossy Gems to unlock. In this mission, the Climbers head into the sand pits and attempt to find their way out by either tracking down or up, but be careful where you head into, you might find traps waiting for you!

Area 3: Frozen Treetops

Level Name Level Description
C-1: Entering The Cold Forest The next mountain is far away, so the Climbers have to enter a freezing forest and will find many Topis and new enemies called Boingos. Some trees will even fall and hurt the Climbers.
C-2: Spring Breeze A strange strong gust has been found in a mysterious area of the forest. So the Climbers need to use that as an advantage to get on a couple large trees to finish the level.
C-3: Toxic Tour The mountain is still far, and the Climbers now must navigate through a lake of poison water, there will be small rocks to jump on and many obstacles, so watch out.
C-4: A Quick Shave Now making some progress, the Climbers have to climb many trees, but they have blades on the branches, so avoiding them is a good idea so you don't get hurt.
C-5: Evergreen Expedition The Climbers have made it, and it's time to climb yet another mountain, but beware of deadly enemies and dangerous traps that have been set up.
C-6: In Dark Corners Approaching to the top, the Climbers find themselves in a dark mist, and not only that, they need to go through a big maze, but many Polar Bears are there, be careful.
C-Boss: Rafog's Rushing Rampage It is time for the third Snowstone to be collected. Vetrice will be taken down, but first, the Climbers are encountered by a huge white frog! This freaky frog is known as Rafog, and he will put up a challenge. He will rampage across the arena and shoot out balls of goop. The key to victory is to dodge his attacks!
C-Secret: Metal Madness This level requires 24 Glossy Gems to unlock. The Climbers find themselves in a abandoned factory, where metal was made into some weird objects, but not only that, the Topis and Polar Bears have taken over it and have created dangerous things like blades to hurt the Climbers. Once they reach the end, the fight the big Metal Topi, who will roll around and shoot spikes. To defeat him easily, just attack his weak spot and turn his health into zero.

Area 4: Aquice Falls

Level Name Level Description
D-1: Swimming With Sharks The Climbers have reached the fourth area, but they have to cross some streams, but there is also these Shiver Shark enemies that will jump out of the water! To reach the end, the Climbers must go under a lake to find a secret path.
D-2: Rock Bottom Encountering a bridge, the Climbers have to get pass it, but a guard doesn't allow them unless they find his object that fell in this well. So Popo and the others must travel down the mysterious well and find the object... and their way back.
D-3: Pondering Around Now heading to the next target, a big strange waterfall that apparently is right near the mountain of the area. Popo, Nana, and Mako must go through a pond like maze, but there is Frasks, Shiver Sharks, and Artiks everywhere, so don't get damaged!
D-4: Into The Waterfall The waterfall now the next target, so the Climbers entered it. They found that they have to ride a boat while climbing to the top of the waterfall. Your goal is to use a boat to move across a large stream of water to get to the mountain, but be careful about the Shiver Sharks, if you get hit a lot, the boat will break!
D-5: Go With The Flow Arriving at the areas mountain, the Climbers discover that it won't be easy to climb it, there are many streams and holes along the way, so they have to cross them and climb.
D-6: Crossing The Chasm Cave Nearing to the top, the Climbers head inside, but they must get through a massive chasm. The Climbers must use ropes to go between and also dodge incoming air enemies by jumping to another rope. In the end, the player must activate a generator to stop a giant stream of water.
D-Boss: Drizzent's Deadly Attack Finally making it to the top of the mountain, the Climbers find a slithering serpent who they battle for the next Snowstone. Drizzent will move around fast and slam his tail most of the time. He will also spit out a blast of water at the Climbers. Drizzent is not easy, taking him down will be hard.
D-Secret: Marching Through The Marine Maze This level requires 37 Glossy Gems to unlock. The Climbers must navigate through a huge maze full of many Boingos and Shiver Sharks. Throughout the stage, they need to activate a water pump in order to get to the higher area of the maze. The miniboss is Delphis, who will attempt to slam fast into the player and also slam his electric tail.

Area 5: Shiver Valley

Level Name Level Description
E-1: A Cold Case Of Adventure It's Adventure Time for the Climbers, they have arrived at a gigantic valley of snow, but there is some new enemies that they have not even discovered yet! In this mission, the Climbers must enter the Frost Pyramid to head down to the mines, where they will find a easier route to the areas mountain. New enemies are introduced, like the Spikow and the Moler.
E-2: Bottom Zero There is some serious weather in this place, and it isn't good. In this mission, the Climbers head down to the Zero Exit, which is a extremely cold area that even the Climbers can't handle. To navigate down, the player must activate a Weather Machine to change the climate so the Climbers don't freeze to death. Just pay attention to the temperature meter and avoid getting hit by enemies, they can deal more damage in this place.
E-3: Rolling In The Deep Finding the Sway Mines, the player enters a mine cart and has to go in a first person view like stage. There is many paths to take and there are enemies attempting to stop the cart and give a game over to the player. To defeat the enemies, just swing your mallet at the evil enemies and show them who's boss. In the end, a miniboss fight occurs, and the player rides a mine cart in a continuous movement until the boss is defeated. The miniboss is known as Mister Manic, a giant snow mole who will throw big snowballs. The trick is to aim for his weak spot, his face.
E-4: Three Trials In this stage, a Polar Bear is not allowing the Climbers to pass the gate to the area mountain. So now, they must collect three keys which are located in hard to reach places.
E-5: Lunar Leap It is a dark and peaceful night, but the Climbers must sneak past strong minions of Vetrice. They must use jump pads to get across high areas of the mountain without getting caught.
E-6: Avalanche Advance The Climbers find themselves being chased after a huge snowball, so they need to run and watch out for pits and not get crushed. Keep an eye out once you start seeing slippery ice, it will lead to doom!
E-Boss: Frolem's Supreme Storm The battle to the death awaits you, the player must fight the ultimate crushing monster Frolem, the frosty golem. Frolem will unleash a huge amount of cold hurricanes and unleash power packed punches and shockwaves. Frolem will be a chaotic challenge.
E-Secret: Treacherous Train Ride This level requires 44 Glossy Gems to unlock. In this level, the Climbers head to the next area, but first they must ride a train, but there are many enemies on it, so they are timed and they have to defeat them before time runs out.

Area 6: Crystal Canyon

Level Name Level Description
F-1: Gold Rush The next area the player arrives to is the Crystal Canyon, famous for its precious gold and crystals, but the Polar Bears are planning to steal the gold! There will be a gold meter that tells how much gold was stolen, if it fills all the way up, it is game over. Take down the enemies before they have a chance to flee!
F-2: Miner Disturbance In a quiet and peaceful ruins, many Dragoles (stone like small dragons) are sleeping there, and they have a super amount of strength. Make it through the Crystalic Ruins safely, but there is also numerous paths to take, so stay focused on the area so you don't get lost.
F-3: Underground Takedown In order to get underground fast and easy, the player must jump on a vehicle that shoots fiery stones that breaks certain rocks. In a first person view like stage, shoot the rocks to break sharp spikes as you head down, and at enemies too. If you get hit to much, the vehicle will overload!
F-4: Volcanic Venture Things are heating up, literally, so this time, the player finds themselves in a huge magma terrain like area, with fireballs leaping out of the lethal lava, and Mogres slamming the player with its chaotic clubs.
F-5: The Scorching Sea In order to escape the mysterious underground of the Crystal Canyon, the player must progress through the scorching hot sea of lava on a raft. Mogres will try to attack you and bump you off the raft, and even Crebats will fly in a swarm and attack you violently. Even blazing geysers are appearing from the hot lava.
F-6: Here Comes The Boom Finally exiting from the underground, the Climbers reach the main ground, but they find the volcano standing on top of the cliff of the area mountain, and it is erupting! The player has to run for their life as huge meteors crash into the mountain ground, and even lava will be moving across the ground, so this level is very dangerous.
F-7: Incinerating Climb The Climbers are nearly to their destination, but they must pass a few calderas that are smoking and leaving the area hard to navigate. Mogres are everywhere, and you even later fight a miniboss, Mega Mogre, a huge fiery ogre who has a club of ultimate destruction, he can even cause major earthquakes, not to mention, spit huge fireballs.
F-Boss: The Blazing Turtorch Reaching the top of the mountain, Vetrice is apparently waiting for the Climbers with major fury, he tells them that they will be crushed, and shows his powerful minion, Turtorch, the flare turtle. Turtorch is a tough boss, he has major defense and he has a spinning shell attack that can deal critical damage to the player. Turtorch can also unleash a storm of fireballs that will crash into the ground once fired, and Turtorchs' fire breath is deadly.
F-Secret: Rocket Rodeo This level requires 54 Glossy Gems to unlock, and in this level, the Climbers enter a rocket and will storm through a huge ravine that has enemies called Rulls which will jump and attempt to crash into the rocket while the Climbers pass through the ravine. The player will not only deal with enemies, there is also obstacles to dodge on the way as well.

Area 7: Eversky Mountains

Level Name Level Description
G-1: Wake Of The Wind There is some problems on Eversky Mountains, and there are big wind currents and tornados moving around, and things get worse as the Climbers have to walk across thin logs without falling! A new enemy, the Falcross, a freaky falcon who swarms around and strikes opponents with much power!
G-2: Flight Fight A friendly Wayzer has offered the Climbers a trip to the Glimmering Forest, a place near the area mountain. The Climbers aboard the Wayzers' huge airplane to find Vetrices' vicious minions in there! In this mission, the Climbers must defeat those pesky enemies like Polar Bears and Dragoles, they must drop the Enemy Meter to zero to complete the mission. The map will help you find which enemies are in what location.
G-3: Aerial Approach After heading to the Atlus Airway, the Climbers meet Vetrice once again! That old guy unleashes a big snowstorm that causes major problems using the Weather Tower. Now, one of the Wayzers allows the Ice Climbers to use the Aerostrike, a plane used to defeat minions of Vetrice, who apparently has caused a lot of trouble at the Eversky Mountains. In this mission, the player must shoot missiles and take down Polar Bears in airplane like vehicles as they head to the Weather Tower to fix the weather, there will be obstacles and other dangerous enemies to deal with on this journey.
G-4: The Tree Of Light Finally arriving at the Glimmering Forest, the player meets a tribe called the Geomes, mineral like gnomes who protect their special power source, The Tree Of Light, which is close to the well known large mountain of the Eversky Mountains (known as the area mountain). Now, the Climbers must navigate through the forest as they head to The Tree Of Light to rescue it from being attacking by Vetrice himself. New enemies will be introduced like Upperkuts and Rogue Geomes.
G-5: Just Passing Through The evil Vetrice is preparing his ultimate wrath on The Tree Of Light! In this mission, the Climbers must follow Vetrice, going through the special warp portals of the Tree Of Light, but watch out for Vetrices' attacks as the Climbers walk on tightropes, since Vetrice doesn't want his plot to be stopped.
G-6: Storming The Castle The Tree Of Light has been saved, and the Climbers have finally made it to the Eversky Mountains, but first they must progress into the gigantic Hurranos Castle, guarded by powerful enemies like Aeroknights and Aerolances. As the Climbers head up, more traps will be awaiting them. There is a mini boss in this level, Swayik, who is known as the ruler of the Hurranos Castle, he is a tough challenge and is BIG! Swayik will unleash massive hurricanes using his gusty swords and will sometimes smash the Climbers with his shield or even block attacks! This level is most likely the biggest level in the game.
G-7: Eye Of The Storm This is it, the venture through the area mountain has come, but even Vetrice is still trying to stop the Ice Climbers from collecting the last Snowstone. Vetrice uses his great power to bring a storm of chaotic hail to fall down as the Climbers walk up the mountain, he also commands his powerful minions to eliminate Popo, Nana, and Mako no matter what. This level has an extreme difficulty, as the player must fight numerous enemies and having to dodge hail when fighting and walking up the mountain.
G-Boss: Galegon's Ultimate Wrath The final Snowstone awaits the Ice Climbers, however, Vetrice is extremely furious at the Climbers for managing to break through his masterpiece of storms, he tells them that they will meet their final end, and he summons the biggest, baddest, and fearsome monster of them all, Galegon! The Dragon Of Storms! Galegon will pull up a MAJOR fight, as he is probably the most hardest boss in the game. In the fight, Galegon will unleash massive hurricanes of thunder, not to mention even strike lightning down fast. His attacks are brutal, and he will be very difficult to take down.
G-Secret: Spinning Around This level requires 69 Glossy Gems to unlock, and in this level, The player must go through this challenge called the Spinning Into The Ring challenge. In order to complete it, they must pass through 20 Rings in a huge obstacle course, there are multiple rings to go into as the Climbers spin in this strange machine. If the player is hit, they will recieve a massive amount of damage, so watch out!
G-8: The Voyage To Vetrice Although all the Snowstones have been collected, Vetrice is still needed to be taken down, as his true plan is yet to come! The player heads into the airship of Vetrice, the Wintery, and it is massive indeed, but it includes some of the strongest enemies in the game like Aeroknights and Dragoles. This is a big showdown.

Area 8: Vetrices' Wicked World

Level Name Level Description
H-1: Into Darkness This is it, the everlasting journey has come to an end, the Climbers must cross the path to Vetrices' wicked castle of doom, but first they must pass a huge gate filled with the most strongest troops of Vetrice, the Vaxins, Zertons, and Yelaws, powerful elemental warriors created by the vicious Vetrice.
H-2: Mirror, Mirror Vetrice has warped the Ice Climbers into this strange dimension with mirrors, and now it is time to explore yet another maze. Most of Vetrices' troops will be there to attack the Climbers, and some mirrors can warp the Climbers to a certain part of the maze.
H-3: Evil Exhibition It's time for a showdown, the Climbers have found a lost Museum that was created by Vetrices' troops, it has many Condors, Zertons, and Vaxins searching for the Ice Climbers so they can destroy them. The goal is to make it to the spire of the museum, where there is a bridge to the Maxim Factory, where it appears that mysterious objects are being made there.
H-Boss A: Monster House Oh no! Vetrice has unleashed a massive army of his greatest and strongest minions to eliminate the Climbers and take them down once and for all! Even some enemies from previous areas like Mogres and Shiver Sharks will put up a fight too, good luck!
H-4: Fertile Frenzy The Ice Climbers snuck into the Maxim Factory to find Vetrice commanding his troops to create more Blizzard Bits to make the Storm Sapphire grow stronger so his ultimate plan will finally succeed. In this mission, the player must destroy all the Blizzard Bit Machines so Vetrices' plan will become weaker, but machines will attempt to smash the player as they venture through the factory, and Radors, robotic like demons will also attack the player too.
H-5: Ultimate Invasion The blizzard bit machines have been destroyed, and Vetrice doesn't care as the Storm Sapphires' power has exceeded its limit, so he is done playing around, he launches the most greatest attack, he uses the power of the Storm Sapphire to increase the power of his strong minions, causing this battle to be much more harder. This is a showdown to remember, Vetrice will be stopped, his troops are no match for the Ice Climbers!
H-6: Castle Crash Most of Vetrices' troops have been defeated, but there is still Vetrices' castle to infiltrate, where he is possibly there to be defeated once and for all! There will be many obstacles like moving spiky balls and moving walls that instantly defeats the player if they are crushed by it. There will also be Vetrices' troops attempting to stop any intruders of course.
H-Boss B: Winter Weapon The player has reached the top of the chaotic castle of Vetrice, and Vetrice tells the player that he has had enough of their annoying acts, he pulls out his final strike, the Terminter, a frosty weapon designed to eliminate any who oppose Vetrice, especially the Climbers! The Terminter will unleash powerful aura like spheres and even fire a blast that can lose 20/40 health from the player, and the more damage it takes, the faster and stronger it gets!
H-7: Illuminating Through The Illusion Vetrice is extremely enraged about his wicked weapon being destroyed by the player, so he throws them to the Aurora Graveyard, where his illusion is causing the place to have multiple paths, and not only that, as the Climbers move through the stage, Vetrice will attack them along the way!
H-8: To The Final Battleground After making it through the challenges the Climbers faced, collecting the Snowstones, and defeating the horrifying troops of Vetrice, this is the last mountain, the last showdown. Vetrice is waiting for the Climbers as they head up the mountain of his chaotic world, and there will be a powerful enemy known as the Strong Condor, who is a land, ground, and air enemy that is known as the strongest enemy in the entire game, and even other strong minions of Vetrice are also attempting to take down the Climbers.
H-Final: A Frosty Final Battle The final battle is finally here, Vetrice tells the Climbers that even though they made it through his challenges, their days of climbing will finally come to an end. He takes them to an unknown dimension, where the final battle will take place. Vetrice will pull up a major fight, his power is crazy strong. He will use his wand to shoot multiple iceballs and even fireballs that cause flames to be moving on the ground, not to mention his Blizzard Beam, which can cause 25 damage to the player. Vetrice has seemed to be defeated, until he takes the Storm Sapphire and absorbs the energy, turning himself into a cold and chaotic demon, Zero Vetrice! Now, the true final battle begins, as Zero Vetrice will have 450 Health, even greater attacks, and bigger defense! Zero Vetrice is a huge boss, he will attempt to crush the Climbers with his fist and also shoot meteors that will fall fast from above, and when he swipes his claws, those will pack a punch. Zero Vetrice will have a huge variety of attacks, which will make this final battle even more harder! In the end, the player manages to defeat the almighty demon Zero Vetrice, destroying the Storm Sapphire as well.
H-Secret: Slippery Sliding Down This level requires 76 Glossy Gems to unlock, and in this level, the Climbers find a mysterious icy maze that they will slide down and pummmel Baby Condors along the way, and even avoid spiky obstacles too!

Area 9: Rainbow Ravine

Level Name Level Description
I-1: Explorers Of The Green This level requires 88 Glossy Gems to unlock. Nearby, a green like temple has been mysteriously found, it is guarded by many Polar Bears and Condors, there are many pitfall traps, and not to mention crushing columns falling out of nowhere while you explore.
I-2: Rise Up This level requires 100 Glossy Gems to unlock. In this mission, the Climbers must escape the temple as quicksand is rising from the ground! They must navigate up without falling into the dangerous quicksand or else its game over, but there are even obstacles that can cause the player to fall off a ledge, how annoying!
I-3: Blade Orchestra This level requires 120 Glossy Gems to unlock. In this musical mission, the Climbers will move automatically in a 2D side-scrolling stage. They will swipe Baby Condors along the way and avoid getting hit by the severing dangerous saws that are moving across the stage and are jumping too!
I-4: Below The Bayou This level requires 130 Glossy Gems to unlock. The Climbers must rescue a lost treasure that a Wayzer lost in a mysterious Bayou, there will be a lot of Shiver Sharks and even Frasks moving around swiftly in the water. There will also be cannonballs shooting across the screen, and spiked anchors will be moving and falling.
I-5: Glacier Grotto This level requires 150 Glossy Gems to unlock. In this mission, the Climbers must find their way out of a grotto they entered that had its entrance blocked. There will be a massive amount of enemies in there, including Mogres and Strong Condors. There will also be many steep paths and falling rocks.
I-6: Searing Slide Of Shivers This level requires 165 Glossy Gems to unlock. In this mission, the Climbers slide down a huge slide made of ice and lava, there are magma rocks that causes 5 damage if hit, and the Climbers must jump over magma pits and also bonk Winter Worms along the way.
I-7: Magic Carpet Ride This level requires 178 Glossy Gems to unlock. In this mission, the Climbers ride a rainbow magical carpet by using the gyro controls of the 3DS, they will also hit enemies like Condors and Falcross' along the way, and they also have to go through 15 Rings to complete the stage.
I-8: The Great Escape This level requires 190 Glossy Gems to unlock. In this mission, the Climbers must escape the rainbow ravine while being timed for 150 seconds. There will be a black fog following them along the way, and sometimes lava will move across the stage and even a rock slide will appear out of nowhere.
I-9: Age Of Dreams This level requires ALL Glossy Gems to be collected. In this mission, the Climbers find themselves in a rainbow like city filled with moving clouds and Strong Condors soaring swiftly through the stage. There is one catch in this level, the Climbers will have ONE Health, so if they get hit even once, they will lose a life, and considering the amount of Strong Condors and obstacles, this will be hard. This is considered the true most hardest level in the game due to its difficulty.


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Changes From Completion

  • If you collect 100 Glossy Gems you will get a star on your profile.
  • If you complete the game (by defeating Vetrice) you will get a star on your profile.
  • If you collect all the Glossy Gems you will get a star on your profile, you also unlock the Glacier Gauntlet.
  • If you finish all 86 levels in the game, you will get a star on your profile.
  • Each level you finish, you will be able to play the Time Rush mode of it.
  • By collecting all the crystal eggplants you collect a star on your profile.


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  • If you wait for 3 minutes in the title screen, a NES styled background will appear, along with the NES sprites of Popo and Nana from the previous game.
  • The game was originally known as Ice Chross until it became an Ice Climber game.
  • In the mission Gear Gamble, in Ryter's workshop, there is a pile of papers with many names seen, three include the names Kenji, Masayuki, and Akito. This is a reference to the Director (Kenji Miki), Producer (Masayuki Uemura), and Composer (Akito Nakatsuka), who three worked on the original prequel, Ice Climber.
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