Icarusmon Light and Dark Versions are new games for the Nintendo 3DS. While in the style of the Pokémon games, they feature Kid Icarus characters and settings.


As noted before, it is in the style of the Pokémon games. The revolves around the catching and battling of "Icarusmon". Starting with a starter "Icarusmon", the player can catch wild "Icarusmon" by weakening them and catching them with "Icarus" Balls. Conversely, they can choose to defeat them in battle in order to gain experience for their "Icarusmon", raising their levels and teaching them new moves. Certain "Icarusmon" can evolve into more powerful forms by raising their levels or using certain items. Throughout the game, players will have to battle other trainers in order to progress, with the main goal to defeat various Gym Leaders and earn the right to become a tournament champion.

There are a total of six types: Flying, Fire, Ice, Nature, Light, and Dark.



Image Name Info
Pit6 Pit The male option.
PalutenaUprising Palutena The female option.

Gym Leaders

Image Name Info
Strongarm Pete Strong Arm Pete The first gym leader. He uses mainly Light-types to attack.
Dark Lord Gaol Dark Lord Gaol A general of the Underworld Army who leads thousands of infernal troops on a violent crusade against the surface world. She is the second gymleader and uses mainly Fire types.

Elite Four


The game takes place in Skyworld initally; the first city in the game. Skyworld has a gym which is home to the Light Gymleader Strong-Arm Pete.

Image Name Type Icarusdex
MonoeyeIcarusmon Monoeye Firetype IcarusDex

Monoeyes are giant, floating eyeballs, basically. They can attack using their eye. You wouldn't want to get into a staring contest with these guys, am I right?

MickIcarusmon Mick DarkType IcarusDex

Often deployed as the Underworld Army's advance guard, these floating mouths with whip-like tongues love to literally give their enemies a licking. They have an infinite appetite, and all attempts to put them on a diet have ended in tragedy.

MimicutieIcarusmon Mimicutie DarkType IcarusDex

This leggy monster disguises itself as a treasure chest until unsuspecting adventurers try to open it, at which point it attacks with a ceaseless barrage of kicks. Sadly, studies into Mimicutie have ended in more broken shins than answers.

Skuttler Skuttler DarkType IcarusDex

These basic troops form the backbone of the Underworld Army. Simpleminded creatures, Skuttlers tend to forget any mishaps they suffer but also quit when the going gets tough. Yet they're still valued for their low cost and versatility.

Reapette Reapette DarkType IcarusDex

The feisty servants of a Reaper. They don't do a ton of damage or withstand much either, but watch out when they evolve!

Reaper Reaper DarkType IcarusDex

The evolved version of a Reapette. They can summon Reapettes to help them attack and they can swing down their larger sythe to inflict damage.

Specknose Specknose Firetype IcarusDex

Specknose prefers damp climates and, while cowardly by nature, isn't afraid to launch sneeze bombs at the first sight of prey. Its mustache-like growth is actually a set of tentacles. Gross, right?

Monomiknose Monomiknose DarkTypeFiretype IcarusDex

If this face rings a bell, it's because it's actually made up of two Monoeyes, a Mik, and a Specknose. While you'd think the combination of four monsters would be quite powerful, Monomiknose is not as great as the sum of its parts. This monster is created when all four Icarusmon are in the party and a Fuse Stone is used.

SnowmanIcarusmon Snowman Type Ice IcarusDex

A mean, hulking giant made of ice, this is one Snowman who definitely isn't a jolly, happy soul. A territorial beast, it blasts all who come near with its frozen breath.

Syren Syren Type Flying IcarusDex

Long though the stuff of myths, Syrens are creatures that seem to combine the bodies of women with the limbs of birds. Their ability to fly and shoot whirlwinds from their open mouths sets them apart from all monsters and most gamers.

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