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Ibism is a character that debuted in Beorn Hallow, although he was created for Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. He is the Threat's boyfriend, although he's not entirely sure what she sees in him. He looks similar to Volt, which has raised a lot of rumors that Threat is actually in love with Volt, or that they had a past relationship, although Volt has denied these rumors and says Ibism looks "absolutely nothing like" him.


Ibism is a blue sparkling with a yellow glow radiating from out of him. He has a diamond shaped head and diamond shaped eyes and mouth. He wears a purple scarf with The Threat's insignia on it.


Ibism is actually kind of a bore to be around. He doesn't like to start conversations or engage with anyone, and seems barely aware of his relationship with The Threat. He has no favorite foods, nothing really wrong with him as a person, or for that matter, interesting quirks. It is speculated that The Threat made him as boring as possible to infuriate her past lovers even more.


New Fantendoverse

Beorn Hallow

Appears very briefly in a epilouge, being created by The Threat, who is then confronted by The Fan and The Enemy for copying the Sparklings, a creation of their's.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Appears only in the story mode as a person who's just kind of there. As revealed at the end of Act 1 during Days of Victory, The Fan and The Enemy were attempting to copy the Beorns, unbeknownst to them, was a creation of The Other. As such, the confrontation about the creation of Ibism was meant to be hypocritical on their behalf.

Other Appearances

Fantendoverse X: Space

A Alpha Prime version of Ibism appears in Fantendoverse X: Space. He is modeled off Volt's earliest designs, much like the other Alpha Prime Sparklings.


The Threat

It's not very clear as to why The Threat really created Ibism to everyone else, but The Threat knows what he's supposed to represent to her. In Victory, she attempts to feed Ibism microwaved lasagna on a date, mirroring the scene from By Candlelight where Volt did so. This is the most solid clue to his creation, as it appears he is a replacement for Volt, who The Threat seems to miss.




  • Ibism was modeled after Volt, although was designed to look sharper and more crystalline like to make him not only more distinct from Volt, but to also make him seem more classier than Volt by comparison.

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