Ibex Plus is a character debuting in Umbrella Waffle.


Ibex appears as a sprite of a stick figure, similar to the unnamed protagonist of Time Signature, using RGB subpixel rendering. They always face the camera, and don't change size, regardless of their distance to it. This gives Ibex a strategic edge when the camera is farther away, as from the player's point of view Ibex will become larger relative to everything around them, giving them larger attacks and hitboxes.


Ibex Plus's personality is difficult to comprehend. They do not do more than the minimal to accomplish tasks, and let their actions speak louder than their words. In fact, Ibex does not speak at all, and makes very little effort to convey anything.

It is suggested that Ibex is very simple-minded and has a basic, pure-good-vs.-pure-evil sense of morality. This makes it easy for them to switch sides when nobody is blatantly a good or bad guy, and indeed, Ibex has joined the Splicers later in the game despite earlier being on the player's side.


  • The name "Ibex Plus" has no meaning relevant to the character itself, and is merely an anagram of "subpixel".
  • Ibex may have been created artificially. They do not resemble anything else in the game, and their perspective-defying properties lean on the fourth wall much like many of the Splicers' creations. In addition, they are agender much like other artificial life.

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