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Ian Young Bawfauor known by his friends as Ian, is a major character in the Tale of the Dankiglic Series. He wishes it would be the 80's again since he considers that decade "the only good decade."



2014-2016 (Koopa Era)

For more info on his Koopa designs, please refer to Koopa Appearances.


Nolan (who is now Ian)'s Eronigo form was taken basically from his Koopaerwachsener form. His skin is purple. He has 4 visible fangs popping out of his mouth. His eyes, hair, and pants remained the same. He has the bandit birthmark around his eyes, like a raccoon. He has small raccoon ears. His wings are purple and yellow. He has a black vest with a yellow 90s shirt. He also has a purple and yellow raccoon tail.

2018 Redesign



Nothing much is known about Ian's backstory aside from he met Sahare at a yearly convention and was fascinated by his creations to the point he had a crush on him before confessing it.


Ian seems to be optimistic about returning to the 80s. Aside from his hellbent mind, he is often lowkey and a bit shy. Much like his boyfriend, he has some sort of knowledge with technology.

Game Appearances

Tale of the Dankiglic

Ian becomes important in Chapter 8 when Sylas enters the savanna biome on Pannikuata. He tells more of what is happening at the capital before he runs into Kwa Eronigo. He ends up discovering that Sylas can indeed "die," but it must be caused by fire,




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