The iPenguin series is a gaming series about two penguins, Speedy and Climber, and their quests to stop the evil Agent P..


Main Heroes

Character Name Description Debut
SpeedyStarSmashers Speedy Speedy is the main hero of the series. He first joined the iPenguin agency during the events of iPenguin, and has been in a lot of adventures since. His main ability is super speed, but is also shown to be able to transform into Star Speedy through the power of the Northern Star. He has made many friends along the way that have proven to be a help during his quests. iPenguin
ClimberStarSmashers Climber iPenguin
Petunia2015 Petunia iPenguin
Ybrik2015 Ybrik iPenguin
Ybrina2015 Ybrina iPenguin Adventure
ProfessorDune2015 Professor Dune iPenguin
Onage2015 Onage iPenguin 3DS
Ana2015 Ana iPenguin 3DS
NileiPA Nile iPenguin Adventure
GreboiPA Grebo iPenguin

Recurring Heroes/Allies

Character Name Description Debut
IcebergiPA Iceberg iPenguin Adventure
SpaggyiPA Spaggy iPenguin Adventure
TehRaveniPA Teh Raven iPenguin Adventure
RayoCharacteriPA Rayo iPenguin Tennis
IBotiPA iBot iPenguin 3DS
Claud Speedy's Speedway
Buh2015 Buh iPenguin Adventure


Character Name Description Debut
AgentP.2015 Agent P. iPenguin
Thug2015 Thug iPenguin
SlickiPA Slick iPenguin
NudgeiPA Nudge iPenguin 3DS
Nougat iPenguin Adventure
SapphireSpeedyRPG Sapphire Speedy iPenguin Adventure
Canine iPenguin 3DS
Captain Grag iPenguin



iPenguin main series

These games follow Speedy and Climber in their epic adventures in iPenguin.

  • iPenguin (Game) - Speedy has joined iPenguin, and is greeted with a dangerous quest to stop Agent Prince from destroying Pengville.
  • iPenguin 3DS - A new villain has taken over Prince's army and is threatening all of Pengau to obey his orders or be killed.
  • iPenguin Adventure - Speedy, Climber, and their new allies must team up to stop a mysterious force that is attacking the many nations of Pengau.
  • iPenguin The Legend of Tumah - A strange temple has appeared in Pengau ocean, and Speedy, Climber, Bumble and Surfup are all sucked into it, and transported into a strange new land called Tumah.

iPenguin Mission miniseries

These games follow Professor Dune in his past, while he was just an agent, at iPenguin.

There are currently four games confirmed for the series.


These games contain events that are not canon to the main series, such as sporting events.

Speedy's Speedway

iPenguin Strikers


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