iPenguin Mission: The Storm of Fire is an upcoming game in the iPenguin miniseries, iPenguin Mission. It follows Dune, a 16 year old iPenguin agent, and his quest to obliviate the Storm of Fire.


Prologue: The Storm Comes

It has been 13 years since Krest's raid on Pengville, and the death of Molly and Dean, yet citizens still tremble in fear each anniversary comes, especially the youngest child of Molly and Dean, Prince.

This anniversary, unlike every other year, takes place on a clear, sunny day. The city, though, could have been mistaken for a ghost town. No noise was heard, no footsteps were made, no kids were screaming, except for one brave, young penguin, Dune, the oldest child of Molly and Dean, top member at iPenguin agency, and Prince's older brother. Ever since he was 4, and learned of his parents' gruesome death, he has vowed to never fear or feel scared.

Dune appraoched iPenguin, just as his brother, who visits iPenguin with his brother opened the window. He was worried about his older brother, and thought he was dead, just like every year.

Just as Dune was about to open the door, when he heard the loudest and most terrifying noise he had ever heard. It sounded like somebody had dropped a bowiling ball on a flock of geese. Dune turned around and saw the darkest clouds he had ever seen. They were pitch balck, and were so dark, they looks like paintings floating in the sky.

Prince, and Dune's two best friends, Chip and Sunflower, came rushing out by Dune's side. They all stared in fear, even Dune. They knew what they had o do, and rushed into iPenguin to tell Professor Midus.

Midus told them that this is no ordinary storm, and that this is the legendary Storm of Fire; a storm that occurs every thousand years, and obliviates everything in it's path.

Dune and his friends, though scared, decide they must stop the Storm of Fire, for the fate of their city and it's residents.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five








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