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IMMORTALS is an original fighting game developed and released by TimeStrike for the Nintendo Wii in 2009. It was developed by Athena Hawkins and is intended to be the first video game of its own series, meant to become its own branding. Its sixteen fighters are immortal beasts that have caused many scary phenomena around the game's take on Earth, with each immortal having emerged from a different country and general region, and all of them are involved in a plot-centric tourney. Though there is a plot to speak of, IMMORTALS has a ton of modes to take advantage of its purposefully-designed simplistic gameplay. Grimm Menace and Satan's Daughter serve as the game's mascots.

The story of IMMORTALS focuses around a group of sixteen phenomena fighting in a special tournament to gain full control of the Earth after they wiped out most of the world's population and nearly put the world at stake. The intent is for the winner of this tournament to gain control of the entire world and live the future they desire most while the other phenomena live permanently as their slaves. The old lady that set up the tournament, however, appears to be quite a bit fishy, displaying a number of unique powers herself. IMMORTALS' main plot takes place in an alternate dimension based on the New Fantendoverse due to it otherwise contradicting its events.

When compared to other games that TimeStrike or its partner have developed in the past, IMMORTALS is purposefully designed to be a stand-out in the crowded fighting genre in addition to being an easy-to-understand game for any audience, even if they are unfamiliar with TimeStrike's products. It is also designed to be enjoyed by both casual and hardcore audiences and be accessible to players with or without friends.



For thousands of years, evil phenomena have been haunting and securing the Earth! Countless immortals associated with evil deeds have been responsible for the premature deaths of many millions of people over the centuries, including thousands of helpless children. During their time taking innocent lives, they would capture much of the world for themselves and secure as much territory as possible utilizing scare tactics or brutal warfare. Many heroes would rise and occasionally take out a villain or two, but they would quickly fall to varying misfortunes before such evils would begin to fear them. However, soon would come the day where all the world was captured...! Without any new land to conquer, the evils began to bicker endlessly and halt their reigns of terror for a few days to argue fruitlessly. In a rage, these evils began to reign war against each other; while absolutely nothing got accomplished by the massive war, most of the world's billions of individuals were eventually wiped out, with only select populations still alive...
Eventually, an elderly woman with possibly great psychic ability would eventually pray out for all the war to stop. Driven by her unusual magic and charisma, the evils fled to this innocent-looking woman, who claimed she had a solution to the world war at hand: a competition to dominate the planet through a deity's tourney! Introducing the IMMORTALS RING, the old woman said that whoever would win the special tournament would gain full control of the world... dividing the world into sixteen varying territories (1 per individual), the woman gave each immortal about a week to prepare. They all accept the tournament the lady offered, going to their respective homes to train as the lady chuckled darkly to herself... this would be one hell of a tourney, and she knew it, having plans they couldn't have seen...


The story present here is fully canon, with each character's ending taking place in their own canon.

Following the end of the story prologue (which is skippable), the player can select any character from their playable roster and witness their backstory and origins, which they tell themselves (...for the most part). After glossing over them or skipping them, the player's character will enter the IMMORTALS RING tournament, whereas they will battle five characters to become the champion of them all. The first three fighters are standard competitors that are fought under typical rules, but the last two faced in the tournament are different. The semi-final match will pit the player against a strange opponent that Betty sends out to test their skills; it could be a metallic take of the player's chosen character, a bulkier version of an opponent that got defeated in the first round of the tournament, or a match against Betty's "Tennis Mech". The final round of the tournament will pit the player against one last foe for title of IMMORTALS RING champion, whereas the player must win against them in a best-two-out-of-three match.

After winning the tournament, the player's character will be the last one alive and thinks they can now control the world. However, the old woman stops them in their tracks and comments that they have fallen for a trap - the whole point of the tournament was to eliminate as much phenomena as possible so she could take over the world for herself! The player's character is then pitted against either Pixel Perfect or Crimson Angel, two of the old woman's associates, or against both of them simultaneously on higher difficulty levels. They will then chase the old woman to an underground temple, who reveals herself to be the true Queen of Evils upon being cornered, transforming into her true form and explaining who she really is. She was the one that let the phenomena go free and cause as much havoc as they wanted in hopes that they would make a world she could easily control for herself, and now that opportunity has come for her, especially with nearly all the phenomena wiped out. She then explains that Betty was a hollow shell she created to manage the whole IMMORTALS RING competition, angering the player's character. Once all talk is over, the two engage in a fight - once the player has won, her blood will spill and the credits will roll, depicting how the player's character is controlling the world in the background.

  • The Grimm Menace has managed to murder everybody in the world through way of his incubus strategies, and is now showering in infinitely raining blood. Outside his window happens to be a wavy, hellish atmosphere that's consumed much of the Earth from outside his home in Arizona. He smirks as he sees a gas station blow up in the distance.
    • If Satan's Daughter happened to be his partner in the story, they are shown to have married again, both cruelly laughing away in the shower before making out off screen.
  • Sedusa Medusa gained full control of the film industry, having killed everyone she despised to take it all for herself. Wearing a very dazzling dress with a lot of varying jewelry attached to it and giggling menacingly, she watches some of the world's last remaining crowds flash her with photography of all sorts.
    • If Death Chef Cindy happened to be her partner in the story, Cindy is shown being made into a fantastic goth star for a horror film by Medusa, who became her wife with time.
  • In Italy, the Greasy Sandman has turned the entire world into a ball of infinite pasta, laying back on a throne while scooping up tons of spaghetti into his throat. Humans scuttle within the meatballs the sandman trapped them in, picking one up after being irritated to toss them in his boiling (seemingly endless) rotini pot.
    • If Mariner Sora happened to be his partner in the story, they are shown to reside together in the sandman's house, with him feeding his new husband a forkful of spaghetti as they both laugh.
  • In Northern Brazil, our favorite vampire Lightspeed Corrida is shown racing around a wide, twisted racing track with a bunch of her friends in tons of cars, shouting her commands drunkenly across the world. No people sit in the audience as the screen zooms out, showing the entire world has been converted into a massive racing track with many billions of empty seating racks.
  • The Hollow Pharaoh has managed to drown everything in endless darkness in Egypt, resting peacefully in his tomb as some of the world's last inhabitants stroke his resting body. Glowing red eyes from the shadows scare the pyramid's workers into doing their hardest, or else they shall all suffer total extinction...
  • For Pitcher Saturn, Horrorcore Football managed to kill the entire human population, so he got all his alien friends to populate Earth and turn it into their next permanent sports stadium. All the countries in the world got their architecture torn down and made into sports-related buildings, with no inch of land left to spare. It's all a game now...
  • Invisikim & Reincarjack converted the entire world into their haunted castle-slash-resort universe, with both daily praying to God before following a regulated work schedule overseen by Kim. Their goal is to get everything Kim's ever wanted, with Jack doomed to be her work slave for the rest of his life... even though they're a couple...??
  • It's shown for Satan's Daughter that Hell expanded beyond the underworld under her control, with demons able to rest wherever they please on the Earth as she is crowned the new queen for all eternity! She cackles away as the world goes up in smoke, with thousands of demons bowing down to her as Quebec City is made the demonic capital of the Earth!
    • If the Grimm Menace happened to be her partner in the story, they are shown to have married again, making out atop her bed as the world turns to Hell (literally!) around them.
  • Mariner Sora is shown to have a limited crew of around 100 men or so on his massive battleship, bombing and sinking the continents to make the world into an endless ocean for him to explore. He is surrounded by seven husbands and seven wives that help him all the way, smiling away as he gives each of them equal (and happy) attention.
    • If the Greasy Sandman happened to be his partner in the story, they are shown alternatively relaxing on the shores of Mexico, with both sharing a weird spaghetti kiss in a picnic.
  • Loans Bones is shown being able to afford the ability to make his own Australia-destroying weapon. Once he spends hours learning how to lift out weapons from video games, he flies up really high into the air, points his fingers at Australia, and goes "POW!". Australia then subsequently explodes and sinks into the ocean, accomplishing his life goal and allowing him to rest peacefully.
  • Bloodlust Janet has been illegally breeding humans together on a farm, treating them like humans would to standard farm animals and getting them all nice and fat. Once they're thick enough, they get made into new, rich food for Janet's wolf pack! The humans on Janet's farm are the last ones alive, so them as farm animals ended up becoming their ultimate fate...
  • Death Chef Cindy has managed to bring the human population numbers back up and now operates a super popular restaurant that extends across the Earth... after having learned how to teleport, she now consumes humans from all countries across the Earth on a daily basis! Being the new ruler, she has changed all human diets in a way so that everyone can become thick for her suppers...
    • If Sedusa Medusa happened to be her partner in the story, they are shown relaxing together in Cindy's restaurant, married happily while feasting on the body of a long-dead Helper Mark.
  • The Nuclear Phoenix managed to nuke the entire planet, making it crackle and burn in a raging inferno. After having accomplished this, he returns to his hometown of Chernobyl, where he folds his arms and legs and burns with what hellish fire he's started. The planet soon becomes like its twin sister Venus, a raging, toxic universe...
  • Through abuse of technology, Dragon Scales brought the downfall of humanity, having knocked out electricity across the globe multiple times and forcing many businesses to fail and close as nuclear power plants and the like fail. However, he himself becomes wiped out with the toxic fog that begins to overtake and overwhelm the atmosphere, but is rumored to have become one with it...
  • Pissy Pixie turned the world into a sugary, winter wonderland in her own image. All humans reincarnated into fairies that she now fairly rules over, with all of them working in sync to make a happy, cheery universe for this pixie to control. She relaxes in peace, snuggling up on the top of a giant rose with a few other fairies nearby her.
  • Nature's Justice has kept the world mostly as-is while restoring population and undoing damage done by the other phenomena, but now rules over the entire unified globe, with no countries whatsoever as every landmass is now hers to control. She and Mother Nature became one forever to assure nothing would go wrong ever again.


In IMMORTALS, two or more fighters duke it out within a stadium to become the last-standing fighter in a special take on the classic survival genre! In these simplistic coliseums, the walls (among specific structures) are coated by high-quality electricity that pose as a key hazad and important bit of IMMORTALS' gameplay. As all players are gods that cannot be defeated by normal means, players must instead knock each other into these shocking barricades to temporarily cancel out the other's immortality, leaving them open to damage until their shields raise back up. By damaging a foe enough in a very small interval of time, however, their shields will go down for a second or two to let them take a small beating from the player. The objective for the player is to drain the health meters of each opponent while keeping their own health safely intact.

However, the gameplay is quite a bit deeper than this - the first thing to note are the flashing hexagon-tiled floors. The weight of a player standing on a hexagon tile will press it downwards for aesthetic display, but if the immortal jumps up and lands, they will send minor shockwaves across the floor! These shockwaves can daze foes for a short period of time, dependent on the power of the wave. If the player drops from higher distances or tosses an ivory steel ball, the power of the shockwave is quite a bit bigger and covers more distance. Stunned opponents can then be shoved into walls to temporarily remove their invincibility. If the player of a shockwave is so strong that an opponent is pushed into the ceiling, they will become horribly shocked before dropping in their invulnerable state! If the player's invincibility is temporarily gone, they have to either run away and wait for their state to return or fight back to the best of their ability. If two shockwaves of similar power collide together, they will both dissipate, but bigger shockwaves will override and ignore other ones. Weak shockwaves can only travel across one layer of tiles, but stronger ones can reach over any and all layers.

Players have Light attacks and Heavy attacks, which both have different uses. Light attacks can easily rack up damage to vulnerable opponents and keep immortals in position if the player can expertly combo them; they can also lead into finishers that deal more damage but can't launch opponents. Heavy attacks, meanwhile, can launch foes right into walls and deal high damage to those that are vulnerable, but they have end lag that's quite punishable and they can't combo into any other attacks. They are also not typically as strong as a full Light attack combo, but are notably easier to perform. Occasionally (2.5% of the time), an attack will be a Critical Hit, dealing more damage than normal. Players can also utilize an instant force field utilizing their immortality that lasts roughly a fraction of a second to guard against shockwave impacts or attacks. However, if the force field ability is over-abused, the player's immortality state will temporarily break and make them quite dizzy, rendering them vulnerable to damage. Finally, each player has their own gimmick that aids their gameplay, with the gimmick typically able to work offensively and defensively.


Only a few select items exist within IMMORTALS. Glowing crimson spheres hovering over certain tiles will grant collectors a power boost that makes all their attacks deal 1.5x as much damage for about ten seconds, in addition to increasing the knockback of existing attacks. Glowing indigo spheres, meanwhile, restore roughly 20-50% of the player's health when collected, increasing their survivability. Aforementioned ivory balls can be grabbed, swung, and tossed to bash opponents down onto the floor in addition to causing quakes across the hexagonal tiles. After being used thrice, they will break open and become unusable. Several glowing pearls occasionally found scattered throughout the battlefield will add considerably to the player's very own "SUPERPOWER" meter when collected - the SUPERPOWER meter will upgrade the player's weapon significantly, providing it much stronger power and extra advantages for a short period of time - they can change the tide of a fight. Aiding Spirals disappear when collected, telling their collectors a tip that could help them win a fight. For instance, they can tell about any fighter's weakness or remind the player of their character's strengths, and could also give in-depth tips about how to strategize and make the best use of the current battlefield.

Score Targets play an additional role in the gameplay of IMMORTALS. Hanging high, low, on the sides of the stage or dangling from poles, these hoops and targets play a vital part in getting the upper edge in battle when hit with Golden Apples. These apples can be picked up, aimed, and hurled into the targets to reward the player with some free glowing pearls just once; after a target is hit with a golden apple, it will break apart and become debris on the ground. Score Targets are useful in case most (if not all) the pearls on the stage were already hogged up or if the player really wants to access their SUPERPOWER as soon as possible. Golden targets, which appear rarely in place of the standard red-and-white ones, respawn all the pearls on the battlefield. Not too many Score Targets exist in the stages, so use 'em wisely!

Match aesthetics

Before each match, the playable characters are shown walking into the chosen stadium through its main entrance. A short orchestral take on IMMORTALS' main theme will play as the fighters walk forth, with each performing a reaction to the audience as they reach the battling ring. The announcer (a queenly casino figure named Betty Lotsa) will announce the names and brief backgrounds of each fighter prior to the countdown starting. As each fighter announces their one-liner to the audience and then another to the opponent(s), the match will begin! Betty will make non-disruptive comments throughout the match about the status of each fighter, any critical hits that have been made, any SUPERPOWERS that have been activated, and any opponents that have fallen down, and additionally make remarks about stunned or heavily damaged opponents. Betty tends to be short and sweet with what she says, but she can also sound quite bitter or snide at times (especially if stupid mistakes are made). Non-disruptive intermissions occurring halfway through a match and close to the end will also play, with the music turning to a pinch mode when things get intense. The audience tends to get quite involved at the critical point of a battle, watching the match more closely.

After a match is won, Betty will say "THE VICTOR IS... [NAME]" as the winner's character pulls off a victory pose and gains cash, with brutally damaged other opponents either respectfully or sarcastically clapping (depending on the player's choice). The amount of cash won depends on how quickly the player finished the battle when compared to how many opponents there are and what stage they happen to be on. This cash can be used to purchase new arenas and other varying materials, especially for the custom arena builder built exclusively for IMMORTALS. In story mode, the player's victories also let them claim the territory of any opponent they've beaten for free, aiding to their global conquest. It should be noted that the player can skip through the introduction sequence through holding the Wii Classic Controller's shoulder buttons, but the intermissions can't be halted.


  • IMMORTAL SCUFFLE: The standard mode of IMMORTALS, whereas two or more opponents engage against each other in a brilliant standoff for best Immortal! Pick any fighter, pick any stage, and throw yourself right into battle! Your goal is to knock out everyone else's health; aka, you or your team must be the last standing! A few submodes can change these rules a bit, but that's besides the point. Many "special rules" exist where you can change some of the gameplay mechanics to your willing, too. You can make your own custom rule presets or instantly use the default preset to reset everything. You can either play this by yourself, with friends locally, or online against anybody in the world that's willing to share a match with you.
    • LAST ONE STANDING requires you to be the last one standing in a match! Deplete everyone else's health bars while keeping yourself alive to win this mode. The more foes that are knocked out, the more room there is for an epic standoff!
    • TIME FOR POINTS grants everyone infinite health, with the player who's done the most amount of damage receiving the victory! The more damage the opponent takes, the more points earned by hitting them - keep this in mind!
    • COLLECT THE PEARLS has the player and their opponents go around to try and gather as many Pearls as possible! The player must gather 1000 Pearls, but to get to that goal faster, they can collect Big Pearls (equivalent to 10 Pearls)!
    • TOURNEY SCUFFLE has the player participate in a tournament take on the game's main mode, either against CPUs, with a group of local friends, or online! Considerably useful for competitive scenes. Can be 8-player, 16-player, or even 32-player!
  • IMMORTALS RING: The story mode of IMMORTALS, where the player can pick any one character and follow a short storyline that focuses on them through a randomized IMMORTALS RING tourney! The goal is to kill all the other immortals until you're the last one standing, where you will discover what happens if you win! Once you complete the mode, anime-esque scenes will play that showcase what your character's been doing with the world ever since you won the mode! You can unlock characters by completing IMMORTALS RING with different characters... and a hidden story! Can be played 2-P, where the other player controls a separate immortal. Lengthens the story mode and ends in a 1v1 match for who gets to rule the world. Difficulty mode can be set to be between Really Easy or Really Hard.
  • TREASURE MODE: In Treasure Mode, the player must search for gold and whatever other treasures lie in store for them! The player's chosen fighter will be brought into a custom cyberspace world to travel about for 3/5/10 minutes in a platforming universe, collecting any treasures their eyes can catch. Polygonal copies of the fighters litter the stage and make efforts to hurl the player's fighter off the edge, so they need to either be destroyed or fled from! Killing these polygonal clones, however, will make 'em drop valuables the player might want to pick up! Treasures include fact cards about the fighters and game itself, loads of dusty finds that can be cleaned up and later purchased in LUCY'S MUSEUM, and CDs that add extra music to the game. While gathering treasures, players must overcome simple platforming challenges. Before the time expires, the player needs to hit the finish line or risk losing it all!
    • TREASURE GATHER describes the above mode with zero changes! It's just what it says: gather treasure! Be sure to not let anyone knock you off the stage, though, or you might lose some of your stuff before you wind up respawning! Be sure to nab stat boosts, as the extra Power, Defense, or Speed at times can make fighting polygonal fighters easier!
    • TREASURE COMPETITION is similar, but you face off against a foe to nab as many treasures as possible! The course is somewhat more streamlined as you have to head to the finish against a foe under a time limit. To win, have more treasure than the opponent and reach the finish line. Treasures appear much more often here than in Gather.
  • CHALLENGE MODE: In this optional mode, the player can hone their skills with any character! The player can train with any character they wish in their respective training mode, where the game tells the player how any characters works and their special perks. Then the player can access their individual little challenges separately, which are intended to hone and master the player's control on any character they wish to master! If the player beats IMMORTALS RING with a character on the highest difficulty setting, they'll unlock additional challenges that are clearly meant for pro players that LOVE their character! Beating these challenges will unlock rare items (including rare fact cards and CDs) and potentially extra rule settings for IMMORTAL SCUFFLE.
  • PINBALL MODE has the player work to launch a pinball as any character by pressing the correct button combinations before the time counts down to 0 from 10. It will then fall down an automated pinball table and make its way down to the bottom, where the challenge is completed. The higher the player can get the ball, the better the awards, the more likely the ball will stay in the field, and the more likely they'll be satisfied. If the player pays double the required fee to access Pinball Mode, they can operate any flippers on the field to potentially get extra rewards from shooting themselves into little doodads!
  • LUCY'S MUSEUM: Lucy Harper will gladly take any dusty finds the player found in Treasure Mode or Challenge Mode and put them up in her museum! She'll make additional copies of whatever she's cleaned up and let the player purchase them; these items can then be placed in any one of the fighting stadiums as decoration! Hundreds of these artifacts are floating about in Treasure Mode, so look for all of 'em, and some rare ones can be collected in Challenge Mode or even from doing specific things in the IMMORTALS RING story mode! Be sure to look around her museum a few times too, as everything you gave her to put up will give you info on what those items are. The Fact Cards you collect can be read here, the CDs you earned can be listened to here, and a shop designed for purchasing on-sale CDs, artifacts, or stages in general is also available!
  • STAGE BUILDER: Through the Stage Builder, the player can construct any arena they want! They can tack the game's signature hexagonal tiles anywhere and stack them in layers and build some electrical pillars and walls... and that's about it! They can also add electric pits and little things here and there like the conveyor belt system in the Werewolf Stage or the bouncy bed in the Reaper Stage. The player can choose any background and accompanying music track they have in the game for their stage, and name it whatever they wish! It's a simple, easy mode, and the player can use any of their custom stages for use online.



Currently as of now, IMMORTALS features about sixteen standard fighters, each hailing from a different country. There are twelve default fighters, with the other four requiring to be unlocked through varying means. All fighters have similar gameplay cores, but contain more than enough differences to set themselves apart from the other competitors. Note that the playable boss characters are found in the next section, as they are treated as being separate from these fighters.

All fighters received their ring names by the IMMORTALS RING ORGANIZATION, a company centered in New York, USA.

(a.k.a. Nicholas Zin)
Phoenix, Arizona
IC Grimm Menace.png
The Grimm Menace, emerging from the American state of Arizona, is a quite threatening bringer of death! A secret survivor of the massacre that slaughtered most possessing Zin Blood, the Grimm Menace is a revolting monster that has been performing his duty for many centuries, powering his ever-thinning body by consuming the souls and bodies of the weak! Working much of the time as an incubus that draws victims to him hook, line, and sinker, the Grimm Menace has a way of bringing others to their death following fulfilling their desires - using his Silver Scythe! Around ones he would crown his special ones before murdering them, he would sweet talk them, make sensual noises, and embrace their skin as much as they pleased! He would even have a cup of tea with them... But in public, he tends to be dry, rude, and occasionally snarky, and never shows good chemistry with any audience. Unmotivated outside his normal job, he usually sits at home when not reaping or fighting, watching horribly aged romance films or soap operas whilst wolfing fast food or taking really long hot showers (occasionally with a "special one") that piss his neighbors off.

Grimm Menace's scythe blade deals little damage at the base and across the blade, but it has much greater power at the blade's tip. To reward those who can hit with the blade's tip, Grimm Menace is usually quick enough to be able to perform a combo. Keep hitting foes with the tips to ensure a brutal beatdown of sharp attacks that can hardly be avoided without massive effort!

The Grimm Menace's weapon, the Silver Scythe, is a long-reaching battering weapon that deals the most damage at the razor-sharp tip. He is an easy fighter to learn due to the simple techniques involving his far-reaching tool. The Grimm Menace can swing the scythe around in full circles and spin it around rapidly mid-air (horizontally or vertically) to guard his frail body, and can also twirl it away from him in a spinning cycle of death like a boomerang, which will very soon return to his hand. If the player holds down on the attacking button, the player will send out a powerful orb of darkness from the scythe to hit quite far-off foes. By swinging his axe straight down into the ground in an overhead arc, he can either deal heavy damage to vulnerable opponents or otherwise break multiple colored tiles on the floor for 15 seconds, which can disrupt shockwaves if they ram into such broken tiles. The stake-like tip of the scythe's pole can be thrust forwards and then backwards to push foes away from him to either side or simply shove it right ahead of him as a punishing heavy attack, or he can slam it into the ground to send weak shockwaves across the floor!

The Grimm Menace's robes are lined with many pockets; from them, he can toss varying powders to affect his opponents in different ways. Paralysis powders can paralyze foes for as long as they can reach them before they hit the ground, flaming powders can do consistent damage to them if they're vulnerable, and poison powders will very slowly whittle at their health even whilst they're immortal. When the Grimm Menace gets his "SUPERPOWER" charged up, his scythe becomes much longer, the power of the tip carries to the rest of his weapon, and can spin multiple times in a row to deal high levels of damage to a single foe.


"Good day folks, now kindly piss off."
prior to a match, holding out his scythe in front of his chest as he stares at the audience through his skull mask

"Tch, cheering Death? That's a new one."
alternate take on a pre-match quote, folding his arms with his scythe perched on his back

"What a waste of time..."
another take, holding his scythe very threateningly and shaking it as he scowls at his weaker opponents

"Think you can outlive death? It'll be a long day, then."
when match starts, pointing his scythe towards any one random opponent

"Prepare to break a leg... literally."
alternate quote, pointing a bony finger at his face before cruelly laughing

"You wouldn't last a night under either of my blades..."
alternate quote, snickering under his skull mask before swinging his weapon

"Heh, you again Arachne? Come and get some, you dastardly fiend..."
alternate quote, when faced against Satan's Daughter
"Mmm, I love getting beaten up, do it some more."
taunting, when at 75% health

"No more fooling around, an incubus gets what he wants!"
when at 50% health

"Tch, the taste of defeat almost tastes bittersweet..."
when at 25% health

"Nghh, must have gotten a little careless..."
when lost all health

"Hmph, that was easier than I thought it would be."
victory quote 1

"Perhaps you're good enough game to consume."
victory quote 2

"Death always had it in the bag, why are you cheering?"
victory quote 3
"Tch, you still have a lot to learn, Arachne."
victory quote against Satan's Daughter

(a.k.a. Medusa Cerberus)
Athens, Greece
IC Sedusa Medusa.png
Over the many years of her life, Sedusa Medusa had been working to win back her irresistible beauty ever since she became cursed with her diamondizing face! Deemed ugly over the centuries by varying residents of Greece, she is now a quite vain woman with a very self-righteous attitude, showing bizarre, violent behavior towards those she hates. Now a famous film actress that's starred in a good deal of romantic horror films and B-rated atrocities, she has a firm place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is in the present-day a beloved celebrity for the strangest and most bizarre of people. She's not totally innocent, though... It's been reported that she stole most of her precious tanned skin from the bodies of those that have tormented her for thousands of years, but she refuses to admit this anywhere! She has also been thought to secretly kill several people who play big roles in the movies she stars in, and gains money from the government for "solving" these mystery death cases (she just pinpoints the blame on other phenomena, pissing them off GREATLY). Because she is a snake charmer and can control snakes to her will, she will get them to poison and kill anyone she pleases, and those that get away will be turned to stone by her still-harsh gaze. Though seen as scary and vain, she has a wicked sense of humor and is great fun at any party!... except your kid's birthday parties.

Looking directly into the eyes of Sedusa Medusa for as long as six seconds will turn a fighter to stone, with her glare attack reducing it to just three. Attacking her from behind will prove more effective than from the front, but the snakes she can hurl out can paralyze foes that dare try to stab her in the back...

Sedusa Medusa's two weapons are a pair of oversized snake fangs, referred to as Diamondback Fangs, that are connected together by a Greek-tied rope. She may hold one fang and swing around to circle the other around herself from a small distance to knock foes away, or twirl the rope around in her hand so that both fangs are spinning about like aggressive helicopter blades. By swinging them above herself, Medusa can hover across the air until she lands back on the ground, though this will leave her exposed to attacks. The real magic of these snake teeth, however, come from their venom; Medusa can squeeze either fang to dish out 20% of their venomous contents in a fountain-esque burst! If these fairly large-sized venom blobs tack onto an opponent, they will feel quite dizzy and be stunned for a brief period of time, giving Medusa enough of an opening if she's nearby to slam the opponent away with a direct thrust of either fang! However, the venom must be used wisely - it works so perfectly if it lands, but once the player runs out, they won't get anymore for the rest of the match unless they spend 5 seconds in place getting Medusa's snakes to refuel them for her! And that number only gets larger and larger as Medusa starts losing her snakes...

Speaking of her snakes, Medusa can fire off snakes (she has 50 in her collection) to very temporarily intoxicate and paralyze opponents and chew at their health if they're vulnerable. They can be killed easily though, like Olimar's Pikmin in Super Smash Bros. They're very important to preserve, however, as 50 is all Medusa gets in the entire match! The player should also note that Sedusa Medusa is one of the game's fastest fighters and tends to pull off ballerina dances if she can successfully evade attacks. Additionally, Medusa can glare forwards with her face; if a foe is close to her for 3 seconds when she's glaring, they'll turn to stone for a short period of time and will have to break free! When the Sedusa Medusa gets her "SUPERPOWER" charged up, her fangs become one with an enormous basilisk, which will coil around any one foe for Medusa and venomize the immortality out of them temporarily, letting Sedusa get quite a few free hits... unless the snake isn't close enough to wrap!


"Yes, yes, bow to the queen! Haha!"
prior to a match, maniacally laughing as all the snakes in her hair hiss audibly

"Don't forget that you're all mine!"
alternate take on a pre-match quote, persuading the audience to remember just who she is

"I'll show you all how elegant I really am!"
another take, tauntingly blowing a kiss whilst holding her hand out and winking

"Pssh, another immortal? Must be a poser~"
when match starts, giggling and pointing a finger at the opponent whilst fanning herself

"Admit it... you're just jealous of my unique eye colors~"
alternate quote, taunting the foe while pointing at her black eyes with golden pupils

"You look more like someone I'd bed than fight~"
alternate quote, cackling while twirling her Diamondback Fangs

"Hmph, is this how you treat a goddess?"
taunting, when at 75% health

"I assure you, I'm not giving you my all yet!"
when at 50% health

"Could we settle this in my rose-scented room...~?"
when at 25% health

"Uggh, Lady Athena will never forget this humiliating defeat..."
when lost all health

"I hope the gods realize I'm just as valid as the rest of them!"
victory quote 1

"Down with the Spartans you're going, insolent pest!"
victory quote 2

"Do you really think someone as sexy as I would lose to you?"
victory quote 3

(a.k.a. Piero Alfonsi)
Rome, Italy
IC Greasy Sandman.png
Coming all the way out from his conquered territory of Italy, the Greasy Sandman has been working night by night to perfect his sticky tactics! With his noodly body and appendages in combination with the hot spices dished all over his body, he brings a very... appropriately greasy fight to the IMMORTALS RING. What's known about this man is that he speaks little and spends much more time devouring pasta of varying types, especially ravioli, and is a greasy cheater with his oily noodle body. It is widely assumed that the noodles are actually covering up the deity itself, but he always denies that he is anything but noodles. According to his fighter bio, he likes to sneak his way into houses and sprinkle spices into the eyes of a child or grown-up to give them irritating nightmares, and has been known to steal the eyes of those he blinded and make them into the meatballs of his varying pasta dishes. It also mentions that he lacks a job, as all the jobs he's attempted to take as a chef have been either denied or short-lived, as he tends to eat whatever pasta he cooks for consumers without a second thought. He rests in a gritty, pasta-trashed home in Italy, often alone as he will eat any intruders he's got.

If the Greasy Sandman just touches an opponent, or the other way around, they will stick to his body! He can then do a body slam to shove them into the floor to get them to stick off, but if he doesn't do it fast, the fighter stuck to him will become able to pummel him in no time flat! Think fast if you want to land a strong, good cheap hit on the opponent.

The rather sluggish, big-frame Greasy Sandman attacks with two Extra-Thick Noodles, holding one in each gritty spice hand. These noodles have a lot of range and wobble when the Greasy Sandman swats them around, but don't deal a lot of damage due to their rather sticky, lightweight structures. Instead, the Sandman can stick opponents to them and bash them against the floor or into other opponents, or swing them along the floor to trip foes over. They can also be used to grab onto ceilings safely (they absorb the currents) and evade any shockwaves coming the Sandman's way - assuming the ceiling is low enough to be reached by Sandman. The Sandman can charge a few moves - if he finishes charging, he can swing out both noodles together in a giant punch to slam opponents right into walls! Because his noodles can flail about easily, the player needs to be careful to control the noodles and strike when the chance comes about; if the player attacks too often, the noodles will flail around and require a bit of cooldown time before they can be used again.

The Sandman can also toss spices from his body to blind his opponent's eyes, which can stun them long enough for them to be hit by a noodle slap. Little ravioli packets full of spaghetti sauce can also be tossed - after a bit, they explode, sending foes far away from their explosion sites! Lastly, the Sandman can send out a bunch of thin spaghetti appendages from his sides to slap at foes to deal light damage. When the Greasy Sandman gets his "SUPERPOWER" charged up, his noodles combine and tie up to make a massive sword, which he can swing around with ease! He can then bat opponents into others like it were baseball.


"Sing your prayers, little ones!"
prior to a match, spinning his big two noodles around himself like long springy arms of sorts

"Don't blink, or else!"
alternate take on a pre-match quote, tossing a few pounds of spices into the air while looking at his audience

"Want a greasy match? Got one for ya!"
another take, smirking as he brandishes his two noodles of death

"You're my opponent(s)? Time to spice things up, then!"
when match starts, dropping a few spice piles on the ground

"Ravioli ravioli, give me the victor-oli!"
alternate quote, doing a mocking dance while his Extra-Thick Noodles spiral around

"Prepare to get tangled in a sticky situation!"
alternate quote, guffawing while wagging his right twin noodle tauntingly

"Just had breakfast, now you'll be my second course!"
taunting, when at 75% health

"Grrr... I'll chop you into meatballs for my pasta!"
when at 50% health

"*slurp* I'll make you spend eternity in darkness..."
when at 25% health

"Hrrrkk... *slurp* hrrkkk..."
when lost all health

"Night-night for eternity, said the Sandman!"
victory quote 1

"Now to make a delicious pasta from the bodies of my foes..."
victory quote 2

"Dreammmlaannnnddd... *slurps* Dreammmlaanndd..."
victory quote 3

(a.k.a. Corrida Tifft)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
IC Lightspeed Corrida.png
Once a graceful vampire that participated in seven consecutive Carnaval do Brasil events in her youth, Corrida Tifft had fallen from grace the moment she saw her first racing vehicle! Once seen as extraordinarily beautiful and stunning, now she is a hardcore drunkard that recklessly and maddeningly participates in the Brazilian Grand Prix year after year! Even though she has been long banned from the tourneys for her alcohol-influenced driving, she sucks the life out of anyone that tries to forbid her entry into these competitions, forcing them to let her in anyway each time! Besides, everyone who lost all their blood to her got made into her macho vampire slave, and she built a HUGE team of racers that way! Fittingly, she calls her team the "Vampire Speedsters", who are known for their tendency to push Brazilians off the race tracks by foul means and steal the trophies and awards of legitimate winners. Outside her racing life, Corrida poses as a taxi driver who tricks passengers into becoming her vampire friends! Who knows how many lives are at stake with the hundreds of vampires she's created...?? Otherwise, she's found at bars, where she will request many a bottle of alcohol before passing out.

Lightspeed Corrida's "Formula Two" lets her zoom around the stage quite fast, but doing boosts and achieving flight burn at her vehicle's fuel! Several of the machine's moves run on the vehicle's fuel, so Corrida needs to be wise with what moves she's using at any time. If she runs out of fuel, she'll have to face being vulnerable and charge it up!

In the IMMORTALS RING, of course Corrida wouldn't be allowed to drive her car! However, she instead possesses a weapon-loaded jetpack with a steering wheel that lets her speed around at ridiculous speeds, referred to as the Formula Two! With this jetpack, Corrida can accelerate, drift, and utilize some of her engine to do a rocket boost into the air for special flight. Additionally, Corrida can do a speed boost at any time to zoom her vehicle forwards at a nearly uncontrollable speed. However, speed boosts and flight eat away at the vehicle's fuel, and if she runs out, she'll have to risk being vulnerable to plug her device into something with either strong electricity or super-high heat! Corrida is really fast in this vehicle, being the game's speediest character, so she is really tough to land a hit on - but if the player can slam her into an electrical current, they won't need to do any extra damage as her vehicle will overload with electricity, shocking her greatly and eating at her mortal health! As such, Corrida really cannot afford to take damage and must be very cautious with her position.

To fight, Corrida generate massive fiery pillars from the bombs she drops on the ground and fire auto-aiming missiles from the underside of her vehicle, but she can also emit boxing gloves from the machine's sides to deal some heavy-hitting damage! She may also lift her vehicle straight up and bring it down to send shockwaves across the ground of high power, but must be careful as this will damage the vehicle and slow it down slightly use after use. Additionally, Corrida can cover her Formula Two vehicle with a strong, temporary shield that reflects projectiles, but this can also eat at her vehicle's fuel. Another move that Corrida carries can only be done when she needs to recharge her vehicle; Corrida can bite and suck the blood out from immortals to heal herself if they're too close! When the LIGHTSPEED CORRIDA gets her "SUPERPOWER" charged up, her vehicle gains infinite fuel for a while as she fires much bigger missiles that can generate huge explosions! This can be used to knock multiple enemies into walls...!


"Hello...! *hic* Greetings from Brazil! Please come to Brazil!"
prior to a match, waving an empty bottle of alcohol before consuming it harmlessly and belching just a bit

"I'm thirsty, anyone got mons? *hics* I VANT SOME BLOOD!"
alternate take on a pre-match quote, waving her hands furiously before pointing to her fangs and tripping on the stage

"Gods, I can see them lights... *hic* Is this... the carnival..."
another take, dizzily spinning around in wonder as her country flag is held firmly between her fangs

"I'm all 'bout alcohol and ass, vot about you mate? *hic, hic*"
when match starts, dreamily leaning on the side of the stage as her hands just squirm helplessly

"Y'know, I feel like I could pass out from smelling your vunderful breath..."
alternate quote, trying to strangely seduce the foe while swinging around a filled bottle of alcohol

"It don't gotta be like this mate, I could take ya homeee... for my own reasons..."
alternate quote, trying to evade a fight while hiccing and rubbing her own neck

"Vot a vaste of time, fighting some average loooserss... *hic*"
taunting, when at 75% health

"*hic* I'd settle for your blood than alcohol by this point..."
when at 50% health

"Ngh, c-come on alcohol! *hics and drinks* H-help me!"
when at 25% health

"N-no, I can't s-settle for lower than f-first place... *hic* Damn..."
when lost all health

"First place as alvays, baby! *hic* Hell yeahhhh!"
victory quote 1

"Victory is m-mine! *hics and slurps alcohol* GOD v-vot a refresher!"
victory quote 2

"M-Maybe the Tifft family von't disown me n-now! *hic* I'm clean, I'm cle- Screw it! *hics and slurps*"
victory quote 3

(a.k.a. King Krux Knux)
Cairo, Egypt
IC Hollow Pharaoh.png
The Hollow Pharaoh hails from the land of Egypt! Having once rested peacefully within a pyramid somewhere in the northeast Sahara desert for thousands of years, the Hollow Pharaoh has much more recently stolen the shadows of many people in his region and crafted them into glossy nightmarish creatures. These distorted shadows are controlled by his hand strings, who bring nightmares to the vulnerable and torture them into following whatever the pharaoh pleases. The Hollow Pharaoh's mission is to spread fear and chaos all over the world, beginning with Africa, so he may drown everything in utter darkness - as revenge. Revenge against the scientists and archeologists that slowly removed piece by piece of his innards and body to sell them to museums for the sake of endless cash! Having lost much of his body, the recent amount of uncontrollable phenomena had awakened the rest of his remains and therefore his mind - and ANGERED him! To give him a far more appropriate body, he killed the next scientist to raid his tomb and swallowed the corpse to fill his otherwise empty skeleton and possessed part of his casket as all-new armor for his bod! With his new shadow regime and relearnt puppet master capabilities, King Krux Knux - or the Hollow Pharaoh now - is a master of darkness to be feared for all eternity! As you might guess, he is consistently angry, annoyed, and frustrated by the incompetence of humanity, which contrasts highly from the old life he had whereas he was once the peacekeeper of Africa...

Inside his casket, Hollow Pharaoh has 1.5x the usual amount of defense of nearly any opponent in the game, meaning he doesn't really ever take a beating unless his casket is beaten open! If it IS open, he will have roughly three-fourths of the usual fighter's defense, meaning he'll take a lot more damage if he doesn't make a quick scampering - be careful!

The Hollow Pharaoh is not a traditional fighter by any means, preferring to attack from a safe distance rather than from up close. He is a slow, sluggish fighter that stomps with each step, always sending minor shockwaves across the floor to make it difficult for opponents to escape his ugly grasp. He can summon up to three creatures made from the shadows of any current on-stage fighters (Pharaoh's Shadows), which have a very limited selection of their attacks but stun ANYONE they manage to land hits on. These creatures have are not immortal and have low health, however, and can't go too far from the Pharaoh as they are attached to his hands by strings. Using a Pikmin-esque system of attacking, the Hollow Pharaoh can command the shadows to come fleeing to him or go out on the attack. After a shadow is defeated, it cannot be summoned until 15 seconds later. Besides controlling shadows, the Hollow Pharaoh can also open his immortal casket (and expose his vulnerable innards) to fire out dark flares that home and target opponents from a far distance, becoming more powerful if they're further away. He can also hover in his casket and tighten his limbs together to recover health by absorbing his shadows, but this leaves him absolutely still and vulnerable to getting punched into electrical currents!

Additionally, he can summon up to five cursed hieroglyphs to surround his body with, which circle around him. If any of them are attacked, the opponent will be cursed with any one of the following: poison-esque damage for a short period of time, temporarily reversed controls, more sluggish movement, less powerful attacks, or (unfortunately) full health. The circle of hieroglyphs will disappear after just two seconds and can't be rebooted again for another six. It should be noted that if the Pharaoh is attacked while in his casket, his casket will open for 5 seconds and leave his actual body open to attacks - the least for any fighter! It has to do with how sluggish he is... When the Hollow Pharaoh gets his "SUPERPOWER" charged up, his shadow creatures gain the foes' full movesets and have 1.3x attack power for ten seconds! He can additionally just absorb all of them to recover 60-96% of his health.


"I'd appreciate this attention if I didn't hate every single one of you."
prior to a match, growling while summoning five cursed hieroglyphs to circulate his body

"Hmph, good. All of you fools can watch the foretold demise of my foes..."
alternate take on a pre-match quote, summoning darkness in his hands as he snickers darkly

"Nothing delights me more than the foolishness of humanity cheering their doomed future..."
another take, laughing cruelly while holding his puppet strings intact

"You cannot defeat me, for you're the one who forced me into being..."
when match starts, pointing a crumbling bony index finger forwards

"You dare challenge the King Krux Knux of Africa? Then perish."
alternate quote, squeezing his fist while death glaring at the opposition

"A pitiful skirmish, against me? I am the ultimate life form!"
alternate quote, guffawing while closing his casket in preparation

"Laughable technique, frail ones by the Nile would laugh..."
taunting, when at 75% health

"You think you're giving it your all? I'll show you perfection."
when at 50% health

"I feel... ANGRY... with this humiliation...!"
when at 25% health

"Nooo... I was so close to victory... my vision's fading to black..."
when lost all health

"No helpless pawn could ever gain victory over me."
victory quote 1

"Now we may proceed with the downfall of humanity."
victory quote 2

"All those who defy me... WILL BE DESTROYED!"
victory quote 3

(a.k.a. Dr. Saturn)
London, England
IC Pitcher Saturn.png
If one looks really closely at the planet of Saturn in this universe, one can find that it's been colonized with the hundreds of sport fields floating lazily about! For generations, Pitcher Saturn has been perfecting sports he examined on Earth out on Saturn with his race of game-obsessed aliens, who have been specifically attempting to perfect the art of football for ages. He would eventually be crowned their "God" after having generated a lot of revenue for the planet following match after match with aliens from varying other planets, like Mars and Neptune. After having practiced for so long, he came down to London in present time as the latest threat, where he would introduce humans and other viable species to horrorcore football - a deadly sport that would result in the deaths of everyone who failed his challenges! However, their deaths appear to be unintentional, as Dr. Saturn and his kind have bodies layered with rubbery resistances that prevent such brutal ball speeds from killing 'em, and that's something that he didn't think of beforehand! In fact, Dr. Saturn tends to be rather absentminded when heavily engaged in sports, with a lot of the lives he's taken as a sci-fi phenomenon being a result of reckless actions he hasn't really thought through well! Don't get him wrong though, he's a rather neutral figure when compared to the other immortals, though he's kind of an angry Brit when not playing ball.

Pitcher Saturn can channel electricity throughout his alien body to boost the damage of his many sports balls and pierce through immortal defenses, but this channeling also slightly chips away at his health. Hammer whatever weapon you have on hand into his foes' bodies from a safe damage to really create hell for 'em. Don't let 'em be reflected on you, though, or you'll take big damage!

Pitcher Saturn is definitely a projectile-based user with all the balls from the varying sports he's been studying from American culture for a long time! Known rather plainly as the Sports Balls, they can be utilized in a number of ways that opponents will have a tough time predicting. It's hard to forecast which one he will be using next, as no clues are provided to declare this, and he will be running around a lot like he's running from base to base in a baseball game! Speaking of baseballs, its associated ball is his main weapon - he can just pitch it straight forward at blinding speeds to snipe at vulnerable foes from a safe distance! If they hit it safely, they can return it right to him, but his battering bat counter can swipe it back as a flaming meteor that deals much more damage. He can also take out a soccerball and kick it upwards with his feet; at any point, he can just chuck the ball up into the air or across the ground as a fast ball that does a good job at pushing foes back from him. With his football, he can place it on the ground and then kick it; it'll go up into the air and automatically seek a nearby opponent as a missile if possible. It's the easiest sport to detect, but deals the most damage. With a golf club, Saturn can swing a golf ball into any foe to disrupt any attack they might be doing! With a charged swing, he can slam them into walls with the club's sheer power. He can also dribble basketballs in place and then hop forwards with them to dunk the ball right on the foe's head, which deals quite a bit of damage and stuns 'em!

Saturn can also roll about bowling balls to trip opponents and bat a tennis ball a far ways across the arena, though these are his final ball techniques. He can also electrocute any and each of these balls with the electricity channeling through his body to pierce immortality defenses, though each ball takes quite a bit of time to charge up, and those balls can become quite predictable as a result. When Pitcher Saturn gets his "SUPERPOWER" charged up, all his balls deal more damage and become electrifying by default as he can send them out twice as fast, making him much harder to predict for a limited time and giving him a ton of stage control 'til the ability dies out!


"Hiya everyone, just read up on the standards, now wanna see me box some Lotsa ears?!"
prior to a match, deviously punching his mitted hands forwards while flipping a baseball up and down into his hand

"God, I hope that Betty crap gets the sack one day! Can I read anything in peace?"
alternate take on a pre-match quote, Saturn folding his arms as he sips his tea before throwing the cup away

another take, yelling at Betty while trying to bat a baseball at her window, making her growl

"Blimey, you're my challengers? Well, that's just bollocks, then..."
when match starts, swinging a baseball bat quite aggressively as a means of warning

"Bloody hell, time to reduce the stadium to shambles!"
alternate quote, laughing as he juggles some baseballs around in his hands before tightly grasping them

"Y'all just a load of codswallop... come get some, wankers!"
alternate quote, folding his arms and snickering as he awaits his opponents

"Fiddle sticks, didn't think there'd be such arseholes here!"
when at 75% health

"Stop pissing around or I'll flog you into a bloody pulp!"
when at 50% health

"Don't get too cocky! Remember Sod's law, prat(s)!"
when at 25% health

"Knackered for good... *insulted* Put a sock in it, Betty..."
when lost all health

"What a stonking match, I might just bite Lotsa's arm off for some tea!"
victory quote 1

"Bloody hell, that was just brill all the way around!"
victory quote 2

"I'm full of beans today, mates, I could come off my trolley any second!
victory quote 3

(Kim Kassis and Jack Lost)
Medina, Saudi Arabia
IC Invisikim.png
In the 14th century, a 27-year-old Kim Kassis was found dead on the floor in her own home, her body stark-naked and chopped! However, the prayer she formed right prior to her death resulted in her reincarnating as a ghost - afterwards, she spent every night tormenting the murderer until he gave in to the chaos and joined her in the afterlife! Invisikim and Reincarjack didn't really get along well at first due to their different religious views and morals, but the amount of hate they showed for the other ended up making them fall... deep in love with each other!? Like, it's love they made from intense hate, and now they hold one of the unhealthiest relationships out there! It's bananas and really tough to explain, but in short both Kim and Jack are a fighting couple that have been terrorizing and murdering whatever intrudes their privacy, which they always choose to hold wherever over the Middle East without a warning. As it turns out, Kim has almost always been very independent and strong throughout her life, having a tarty attitude accompanied with a really dry sense of humor. Jack is actually very timid and often succumbs to those that hold any influence or power over him, but can become very dangerous and powerful if provoked.

Invisikim and Reincarjack tend to attack at the same time. If Kim attacks, Jack follows up immediately afterwards with a jab that's about half as strong. With the way Kim can position Jack in any place around herself, they together can hit varying opponents from varying angles! Use this gimmick to your advantage to trap foes between this duo's attacks.

Invisikim and Reincarjack are a duo fighter, being the only one present in IMMORTALS. The player controls Kim, though, with Jack hanging right behind. Both characters wield Blood Crosses, their standard weapons, and strike in sync at the exact same time. Either character can swing their cross horizontally or vertically and stab right forwards with them, with both of them theoretically able to strike more than one opponent at a time or deal double the damage to a single opponent, depending on the position the player puts Jack in. Through simple button commands, the player can order Jack to Kim's side, right in front of her, or right behind her with his back facing towards hers. This allows the player to use him as a meatshield to guard from attacks or attack from positions that Kim can't reach well. Both characters can simultaneously turn invisible to evade attacks or possess foes' projectiles to fire them right back into the opponents, and can also use this invisibility to travel right through walls. Neither character can be too invisible for too long, however, or they'll become one with a void and dissipate into darkness forever, receiving instant death! As such, turning invisible is a situational move rather than one that can be abused. Though both characters have unique properties that make them tough to hit, they're both quite frail! If they're solid (not invisible) and vulnerable from being pushed into an electric current, they'll take a lot of damage from whatever hits get thrown off towards them! Both characters have low health, and one can die before the other. If Kim dies, the player will control Reincarjack instead until he also dies.

A strong gimmick for both characters is their ability to work together to generate stronger attacks, so it's important to keep them alive. If they're both still standing in battle, the player has numerous alternate moves to choose from. For example, both can combine their crosses and slam the big cross into the ground to send earthquake-esque shockwaves, or form a prayer together to send heavenly light that damages all foes bit-by-bit for a short period of time before requiring a mass cooldown. They can also spin together as a tornado that can rip right through foes and destroy tornadoes, though this eats away at their life force a little bit. Their strongest move is a combined body slam that stuns foes for ten seconds, giving the player more than enough time to rack a TON of damage or shove foes into the walls. When the duo gets their "SUPERPOWER" charged up, their Blood Crosses will open the gates of Heaven, summoning many bow-wielding angels to fire poisonous arrows at the foes while both characters can still attack!


Jack: W-why'd you sign us up for this, Kim?
Kim: Because they built this stadium on our turf! We're going to kick some ass, Jack!
Jack: Oh... well, I suppose I can put up a small fight...
Kim: You better, or I'm going to kick you right in the bollocks!
when match starts, both walking towards the stage in sync

Kim: Hey Jack, be a damn man and grow some balls! Stop leaning on me!
Jack: Please Kim, not in front of a massive audience with friends all over the w-
Kim: I don't care, Jack! I'M NOT YOUR SUPPORT FRIEND! I'm your... ...woman!?
Jack: Same thing...?
alternate quote, Jack leaning on Kim as she slaps him

Kim: Hey Betty, cut to the chase and skip over our opponents' bios!
Jack: Ummm... I mean, she can do whatever she wants, she owns th-
Kim: SHUT UP! I didn't tell you that you could start talking!
Jack: S-sorry miss.
another take, with a cowering Jack crawling behind a ready Kim

Kim: Hmph, you think you got power over us? We'll show you, freak(s)!
Jack: They do look a bit challenging... we can't be this va-
Kim: I WASN'T ASKING YOU! Shut up or I'll shove a spider up your ass!
Jack: Hhhh... *shivering* T-that's a thought to think on, alright.
when match starts, Jack biting his nails as Kim folds her arms and smirks

Jack: I'm d-dead, but... I-I don't want to die here, Kimberly!
Kim: Shut up, Jack! I don't care if you die, because I hate you AND these scumbags!
Jack: I-I hate you too... *blushes* But in the best way...
Kim: Now that is something I can relate to. *kisses his cheek* Let's go.
alternate quote, Jack afraid while Kim insults him

Jack: P-play nice against us, okay? We're... already dead...
Kim: No, play rough on us, we can definitely kick your ass(es)! Or at least, I can!
Jack: O-okay, I'll get my sword out... *reaches into pants for cross* There we go!
Kim: Gods, I remember the last time you didn't pull out the right one... *blushes*
another quote prior to battle, Kim embarrassed while Jack pulls out his cross

"You think you're such hot stuff, huh? We're unbeatable, sugar!"
Kim at 66% health, taunting to the opponent

"I'll stab your eyes out if you keep hitting me or Kim like this!"
Jack at 66% health, taunting to the opponent

"You think you're so good, huh? I'll show you MY real power!"
Kim at 66% health, when Jack is close to "death"

"I hate people like you, hurting people who don't deserve it! T-though I can't be one to talk..."
Jack at 66% health, when Kim is close to "death"

"I'll never forgive you for taking out my freaky sweetheart like this!"
Kim at 66% health, threatening the foe after Jack got taken out

"You killed Kim, you monster! ...T-though she was already dead... I-I'LL KILL YOU!"
Jack at 66% health, threatening the foe after Kim got taken out

"Tch, I feel my power weakening... Jack, defend your mistress!"
Kim at 33% health when Jack is not quite at that point yet

"Come on Jack, you idiot! We have to try a hella lot harder now!"
Kim at 33% health when Jack is below that point already

"Kimberly...! I need some medical help, here! ...Even if I'm dead!"
Jack at 33% health when Kim is not quite at that point yet

"Noooo, we're going to frickin' lose if we don't put more backbone into it!"
Jack at 33% health when Kim falls below that point

Jack: Kimberly, NO! I-I'll avenge you!
Kim: Do it, you worthless scumbag! Ngghh... love you... kinda...
Jack and Kim when Kim loses all her health

Kim: Damn it Jack, now I have to do all the work!
Jack: I'm so sorry... *hack* F-fuuu...
Jack and Kim when Jack loses all his health

"Ngh, damn it, I can't lose to... you..."
Kim when all her health is drained alongside Jack's, ending the fight

"I-I failed Kimberly, and miserably too..."
Jack when all his health is drained alongside Kim's, ending the fight

Jack: We d-did it Kim! W-we're good!
Kim: Shut up Jack, I KNEW we would win!
Jack: S-sure...
victory quote 1

Jack: W-wow, we got a victory in!
Kim: Another one to bask in! Cheers!
Jack: Y-yay! Hhh...
victory quote 2

Kim: Psssh, that was way too pathetic.
Kim when she wins alone

Jack: I-I miss Kimberly already...
Jack when he wins alone

(a.k.a. Arachne the Demon)
Quebec City, Canada
IC Satan's Daughter.png
Here's someone that you really don't want to mess with! Living in an isolated slaughterhouse in Quebec City, Satan's daughter is a well-trained demonic secretary that's responsible for dealing with records relating to her father. In her little office, she keeps everything as neat and tidy as possible, with everything properly organized and in order, though blood smears here and there indicate that she kills and eats up whoever displeases her. Additionally managing the Rules of Hell, she often calls upon rulebreakers from the underworld or from around the Quebec area and immediately sends them into her inescapable room, where she will feed on as much information out of them as possible before either: 1) releasing them after they apologize and take any downgrading insults from her, 2) keeping them as cabin slaves where they help her do her dirty work and do her shopping and chores while she keeps working like normal, or 3) pinning them, scratching them up, and eating them soon afterwards. Satan's Daughter utilizes the abandoned slaughterhouse as a kitchen to cook rulebreakers on, consuming their souls in the slowest and most painful way possible if they have done very dastardly bad crimes indeed. She's not just a secretary, however: she is also a painfully sweet middle-aged-esque woman that very much gets her way with anybody, flirting with and dazzling individuals. Fools who don't succumb to her become her snack! She wears a really tight business suit and winks at anybody that shows even remote interest in her, though she doesn't actually care about most people. She just wants all the attention to be thrown onto her!... as long as her dad doesn't get in the way.

The flashing Kissing Baton will cause nearby opponents to gravitate very slowly towards Satan's Daughter until the weapon is put away - when the baton is out, foes have their speed decreased by just a bit, with very close foes falling in love with her and being outright stunned! To break from the devil's curse, button mash to escape, or suffer a make-out session of death!

Satan's Daughter is a patient fighter that wields a number of office equipment in addition to her signature weapon, the Kissing Baton. She has a cruel way of battling; she has to swing the heart-shaped end of her baton onto a foe's head to make them fall in love with her... stunning them and slowly draining health from them into the demon herself! She can then grab the character by the neck and do a number of painful things: she can knee them right in the crotch several times, uppercut their jaw with her razor-sharp fingernails, lick their face to numb them uncomfortably, or breathe hellish flames to deal multi-hit damage to their skin! In most cases, she will then drop the foe and be able to kick them with either of her delicate legs a far distance away. Now, to get a foe close enough to her, she has multiple options to do that. She can hold out her insanely reflective glasses to send back projectiles, fire stunning lasers from her hollow eyes to shock foes into place, and generate a circle of fire that spreads out and thickens as it gets further and further from her, though the power weakens the more she uses the move. Moving to her equipment, she can toss cubicles to trap and beat up opponents in until they beat, toss out folders full of explosives, or swing her desk like it were a massive battering weapon (though it has high lag). She can also slash and claw with her demonic nails to rack up combos and do a strong uppercut that reaches from crotch to jaw! This means that she has a LOT of attacking options. However, most of these moves aren't TOO strong, and the only move that can reliably push opponents into electrical currents is her laggy desk swing attack. This is why she's better at getting in hits and moving away!

Moving to her "SUPERPOWER" attack when it's charged up, Satan's Daughter has a REALLY strong move that yet has quite low range and unreliable hurtboxes. This means that it's tough to land what might be the game's most powerful SUPERPOWER! Her Kissing Baton, if it can make contact with a foe when charged up, will be their END. She will take the stunned foe in for a really passionate kiss that is practically inescapable, share her mouth with them, and deliberately suck out 50% of their health. This means that she will have much more health than the opponent, and the opponent (if they're even alive!) might be kind of stuck! However, the opponent DOES get a 30% power increase for 20 seconds if they live...


"Mmmmm, hello~ Thought I'd drop by to have a bit of fun~"
prior to a match, folding her arms below her torso as she smirks and shakes her body lusciously

"What a fantastic cheer~ I'll do free autographs for anyone who begs..."
alternate take on a pre-match quote, snickering as she adjusts her tie

"Sweetie Betty, after this match is over, I can teach you some new words~"
another take, sticking her tongue out at Betty while giggling endlessly

"Awww, how cute that you think you can possibly beat Satan's secretary~"
when match starts, blowing a kiss to the foe while smirking and licking the blood off her lips

"If you want to know how to talk to a lady, ask my dad~"
alternate quote, giggling as she swings around a grounded Kissing Baton

"If you really want to display your skills, go all out sexy~!
alternate quote, swinging her Baton around in her hand whilst cackling evilly

"Hey there, Nicholas~ Want a bit of fun with me, old husband...~?"
quote used if she's up against the Grimm Menace alone

"I'm only letting you hit me because it's so cute to watch you struggle against a helpless secretary~"
taunting, when at 75% health

"Gloves are off now, now I'll show you all my naughty little tricks~!"
taunting, when at 50% health

"Psh, no matter how hard you fight, I always get my way, sexy~!"
taunting, when at 25% health

"If you spare me, I'll promise you a great time~ ...N-ngh..."
when lost all health

"Mmmm, was that even a challenge~? Father would laugh all day~"
victory quote 1

"Maybe I should be the new Queen of Hell now, mother Victoria!"
victory quote 2

"I can fulfill my promise now, Betty~ Let's go~"
victory quote 3
"That was fun, Nicholas~ Too bad you were always the sub..."
victory quote against the Grimm Menace

(a.k.a. Sora Nycho)
Cancun, Mexico
IC Mariner Sora.png
Mariner Sora, one of the deadliest people you'll find out on the seas, joins the IMMORTALS RING! Having majestic control of the world's waters and being very skilled with overseas vehicles, it appears that there's nowhere you can swim to to escape the wrath of Mariner Sora. However, in spite of his rather frightening muscular appearance and aggressive chasing of opponents he desires to destroy, he is actually VERY timid and REALLY shy! He tends to back way from others when they board his ship or when faced with him, growling if they're too close for comfort and violently striking if they're within reach of his Arrowhead Blunderbuss. He tends to work out everything alone, including his one mission to wipe out the houses and shelters of everyone in the world, making them all just as homeless as he! The story behind Sora is that he's always wanted to live in a decent house where he can store all his treasured belongings and vehicles, and additionally live a happy life as a professional artist where he can draw everything he's seen on his sea journeys. For the longest time, he's also wanted a gentle husband or wife to be with him, with a promise in his will to keep them as happy and healthy as possible! However, he was raised in a religious household that's always gotten their way over him, and they discouraged him from pursuing some of ideas to instead follow a standard siren's life. He also became the subject of internal and public ridicule following the release of doubts of his gender - he eventually ran away, becoming a lonesome villain that's doomed to sail the world alone... Now all he can think of doing is getting revenge on his family and the world for not letting him grow up to be the person he wanted to be...

Being near enough to a foe will cause Mariner Sora to behave a bit unstably; when really close to a foe, he is suddenly much faster and bites a hell of a lot harder through his blunderbuss attacks. Escaping Sora is easy, as all it takes is a tug at the control stick to get out from his grasp, but due to his already naturally high speed, he can chase you for a whole match!

The ever-lonesome Sora is one of the game's stealthiest characters, complimented by his quiet nature and fast-acting weapons. His Arrowhead Blunderbuss is his key weapon, able to fire out arrows of varying varieties to strike opponents from afar. They're always fired in the following order: standard arrow (x 3), fiery arrow (x 1), standard arrow (x 2), explosive arrow (x 1). Standard arrows deal low damage but stick to opponents with their poison barbs, dealing bits of damage over time until they're shaken off. The fiery arrow attaches to a foe and deals more damage, but doesn't have the poison effects. The explosive arrow is unique, as it explodes on contact and shoves foes instantly into walls! After the last arrow is fired, Sora will spend just a second reloading his blunderbuss while moving about. Sora has unique stealth properties that other characters don't have; whenever he takes damage, he can do very stealthy backflips and land back on his feet, and whenever he gets stunned, he will regain his balance very quickly. He can additionally sense when attacks are coming and do sudden dashes to the left or right to react, and also dodge mid-air through sudden dashes. If he can get close enough to an opponent, Sora's beautiful face will open up a bit to reveal his true siren blood, biting away at the foe like mad and quickly to deal rapid high-damaging hits to them, though he is very vulnerable at this point. Sora can also attack by tossing crates, which he can also stand on as platforms, and toss boomerang-esque ship wheels that come right back to him in a near instant.

Sora, having some pretty impressive muscle, is one of the game's strongest characters physically. However, it can be tough to land his punches, and they cannot combo into each other. These punches solely exist as a reliable way of slamming his opponents right into the walls, actually! Once he knocks his foe into the wall, he can go to town on them with any attack he pleases, including another big punch if he desires. When Mariner Sora gets his "SUPERPOWER" charged up, his Arrowhead Blunderbuss exclusively fires explosive arrows for a short period of time, and they come out a lot faster.


"S-stop cheering f-for me... S-STOP CHEERING! I-I DON'T WANT ATTENTION!"
prior to a match, holding his sensitive ears and setting up his blunderbuss while Betty talks

"A-ahoy, I guess... *shivers* S-sorry for taking out a whole city last week with a Category 6..."
alternate take on a pre-match quote, biting his lip and proceeding to hide behind a crate

"D-do any of you know who I am... d-do any of you actually care... no..."
another take, just curling up fetally on the floor while everyone watches

"D-don't get too close... p-please... you don't know d-dangerous I am..."
when match starts, cowardly pointing at himself while gulping in anticipation

"I-I didn't come here b-because I wanted to... *whimpers* I just w-want a good life..."
alternate quote, rocking on the floor while covering his ears

"C-can't we just be friends instead?"
alternate quote, holding up his arms as if trying to signal he's just given up all together

"Hhhhhhh.... hhhhhh..."
when at 75% health

"Hhhh... I didn't want to fight... stop it..."
when at 50% health

"I-I feel so tired... I-I wish I-I got to enjoy life...""
when at 25% health

"N-not going to lie, I-I had this coming..."
when lost all health

"I still feel empty and hollow inside... heartbroken, even if I won..."
victory quote 1

"Time to continue meaninglessly sailing across the several thousand seas, I guess..."
victory quote 2

"Hhhhh... I'm sorry, [OPPONENT(S)]. I didn't want to fight..."
victory quote 3

(a.k.a. Navy Bones)
Sydney, Australia
IC Loans Bones.png
Loans Bones hails from Australia, where he holds control over a massive bank! ...A massive PHANTOM bank, mind you, that teleports around and looks just like a high-quality bank (though it looks quite out of place at times!). Those that step into the bank of Loans Bones to withdraw or despoit money will - within hours - find themselves to be tricked, as all the money they get from the system is totally counterfeit! And they learn this the hard way when they get arrested and have no evidence to back up their evidence! The goal of Loans Bones is to get as much money as possible to afford items that he plans on assembling into a weapon of mass destruction, which will in turn destroy the whole country of Australia (he really hates it there!). As for Loans Bones himself, he's actually rather silent and simplistic in nature, having very short sentences to say yet a rather unbalanced attitude. He reckons that he can win anything, by fair means or foul... and he's probably right! His bank has been quite successful!

Whenever Loans Bones takes a hit, he disassembles into a pile of bones on the floor! Foes have to try and look for the head to make it collide with an electric current; otherwise, he'll reassemble and be able to sneak around undetected and not marked with anything for a few seconds to stab any foes he pleases in the back! Watch out for all vulnerable foes on the field.

Loans Bones has one of the game's simplest movesets, making him very easy to play and learn for beginners, especially as all of his moves are very distinguishable from each other. His signature attack involves use of his Counterfeit Coins, which are a very unique projectile that the player has easy control of. Loans Bones tosses forward a bunch of coins in either a low arc, mid arc, or high arc that have different effects depending largely on their value. Bronze coins are small and fly forward fast, not stunning foes nor damaging them much, but are guaranteed to hit them due to their best range. Silver coins are a bit bigger and deal more damage as well as knocking foes away slightly, but come slightly more rarely. Gold coins are a bit bigger and don't deal as much damage as silver coins, but do stun foes he hits quite a bit. Platinum coins real the most damage and launch far, too! Tin coins come the rarest and explode upon contact to deal multi-hit damage, stunning foes long enough to let Loans Bones hit 'em with a combo. He can also send off flaming counterfeit dollars like discs that sway back and forth to swat foes multiple times if they're hit from a certain angle. He can also stuff foes into a cash register, shake them, and launch them off into the walls! Finally, the player can send off two or three parts of his body off like boomerangs to keep multiple opponents busy.

Interestingly, when Loans Bones gets hit, he scatters into a pile of bones on the floor. Foes of him will have to knock his lightweight bones about with a floor sweep before he reassembles and becomes able to punch them fight in the face! When he scatters into a pile of bones, they have to search for his head and kick it into an electrical current. His SUPERPOWER has him toss a shower of explosive coins overhead, which drop like bombs and deal massive damage over the battleground!


"G'day mates."
prior to a match, walking with a bottle of beer, sipping it as it sips between his skeleton bones and onto the floor

"G'day blokes."
alternate take on a pre-match quote, doing almost the same thing except with a glass of absinthe instead

"Fresh from the Bush."
another take, jogging about to the battlefield while tipping his hat stereotypically

"Rack off, mate(s)."
when match starts, looking fairly unamused

"Crikey, this'll be hard yakka."
alternate quote, raising an "eyebrow" at the competition

"Tch, stuffed root rats?"
alternate quote, gazing at his opponents

"Stoked you ain't tryin' hard enough against me."
taunting, when at 75% health

"Feelin' a bit legless..."
when at 50% health

"Need me a frothy..."
when at 25% health

when lost all health

"G'day, victory."
victory quote 1

"I reckon I won."
victory quote 2

"Should go home for tea."
victory quote 3

(a.k.a. Janet Acharya)
New Delhi, India
IC Bloodlust Janet.png
Bloodlust Janet was once an ordinary woman named Janet Acharya that lived with two god-awful husbands, which she refuses to name. She ditched them inside a forest so she could live a decent life without 'em, but they found their way back home and tied her up, eventually heading back to the forest and throwing her into a ditch! She miraculously did not die, only being severely injured from her fall, and leaned against the wall for a few days. A pack of wolves eventually arrived on a search for food, but found the barely alive woman out alone against a wall and took pity on her. The leader of the pack, an aggressive female, put her in her teeth and sped back to the den with her. There, she was bitten by her to become one with them as a werewolf (human/wolf hybrid) and lived with the wolf pack for hundreds of years afterwards, eventually becoming the pack's leader. To live centuries upon centuries, Janet got to discover the wolves' secret to immortality, a precious one they will never share with anyone else: an endless bottle of infinite energy! She drinks from it once a month to ensure she'll live forever as a ferocious, savage wolf... but to ensure she can keep supplying her wolf friends, she also drinks another potion that keeps her human 'til the moon comes out, but can have her deadly wolf self triggered early if she gets mad... really, REALLY mad... So how's she a phenomenon, you might be thinking? Well, she kills tens of people a night - mostly those she's met during the day - and feeds them to her pack. And she's so fast, it's hard to see her sometimes...

Aside from her obvious werewolf mechanic, Bloodlust Janet's biggest gimmick is her power increase with every opponent she fells! While practically useless in 1-on-1 matches, it makes her considerably stronger in matches with more than one foe and an undeniably huge threat! Her foes have to ensure that they get their kills before Janet does.

Bloodlust Janet does not actually start out as a werewolf, instead beginning every match as a woman that fakes the act of a helpless creature. She wields the Revedge, her primary weapon of choice that looks like a fairly standard blade with blood dripping off the hilt. Janet has average statistics as a human, having alright mobility and strength in addition to okay defensive capabilities. She is best suited running away and setting up defense by building small wooden fences to surround herself with as she works to sharpen her blade (her only weapon!) and make it long by adding little wooden rings to the hilt. The weapon deals quite low damage for the most part and has low range, but deals more damage as Janet increases the blade's length and becomes able to swing it more furiously. Through collecting little wood piles spread across the stage, she can make her weapon really nice, strong, and heavy before she's forced to transform into a werewolf. The tip of the blade deals the most damage, with that sweetspot becoming more and more dangerous as the blade becomes sharper and sharper. Eventually, it'll get to the point where Janet can be quite athletic with the blade and utilize an effective counter as well as make space for herself, making her a much better fighter but also somewhat more sluggish due to the blade's weight. Janet transforms when she gets down to just 50% of her health, where things become more hellish...

Once Janet's HP falls to half, she can no longer construct defensive picket fences or work on her blade as she transform into a scary, furious female wolf. She'll lodge the blade between her teeth as she is now able to crawl on all fours, having much more impressive offense and speed than she did in her human form at the cost of less defense and control. She will be able to gallop and drift about at tremendous speeds, being the second fastest character all of a sudden (just behind Corrida). In this form, she can do very simple slashes with her Revedge and chew deep into enemy skin to sap energy out from the foe, weakening them quickly as she gets her kills. However, as her HP is in half at this rate, she really can't afford to take much more damage, so the player has to be VERY cautious. She can additionally howl; if a foe is real close to her, they'll lose some of their offense and defense temporarily. Her SUPERPOWER has her talons power up to become copies of the Revedge (length depending on the sword's side), with her next attack being a tornado-like series of slashes that tear RIGHT through an opponent to deal massive damage.


"H-hellooo! U-ummm, n-nice to be invited for the party!"
prior to a match, fakingly smiling and waving as she pretends to stumble on her way forth

"H-hehe, look at this helpless lady... want to help her die...?"
alternate take on a pre-match quote, cackling quietly as her shoulders shake

"D-don't bring the moon out overhead... or you shall all be dead..."
another take, being very quiet while maddeningly cackling in eager lust for others' deaths

"You're b-better off dying while I'm still all human... hehe!"
when match starts, trembling and holding her Revedge "fearfully" while evilly smiling

"S-so scared, w-what are you gonna d-do with me...~?"
alternate quote, shying away from the foes while holding her hands up in self-protection

"Ahaaa... see, I'm just a weak little lady, see...? Hehe!"
alternate quote, shaking while holding her Revedge close to her chest, bleeding herself a bit

"Y-you don't want to do this to yourself, r-right?"
taunting, when at 75% health

"Rrrggghhhh... RRRRRRGHHHHHHHHH! Hooooowllll..."
when at 50% health

when at 25% health

"Rrrrrghhhh... haaaa... ooorrrgg... I'm helpless now... kill me... ehe!...
when lost all health
"Hehehehe, ahahahaha! HEHEHEE, HAHAHAAAA!"
victory quote 1

"D-didn't even break a sweat... hehe! T-that was fun... mmm..."
victory quote 2

"RRRRRGHHHHHH!! *slashes about, howling* HOOOOOOWLLLL!!"
victory quote when a wolf

(a.k.a. Cindy Wang)
Beijing, China
IC Death Chef Cindy.png
Having crawled all the way from China, Death Chef Cindy is a phenomenon to be feared for sure! For ages, she's operated this popular restaurant in her hometown Beijing that's been consistently outputting great smells that extend outwards for many miles. Because of these wondrous smells, she's gotten many customers over the years to pop into her restaurant to eat furiously large feasts. Rather than poisoning the food or force-feeding her customers fake food, she lets them eat the food as they are and enjoy them to their heart's content. Every customer eats alone at a table, with families required to eat separately. But the twist comes here... she'll serve larger-than-usual helpings of her meals and not leave the table until her customer has eaten every single bit! She's never mean about it, though, and she'll sweet-talk them into eating every bite... and within a few days, she'll call them back to eat her food at a lesser price! When they get fat enough, she'll secretly haul them into her stash of pudgy humans in the backroom! She'll then throw them into her pot to boil their fat and make her own stews - her own cannibalistic stews are the only ones she's able to digest!!! She's sweet and kind on the surface, but you can definitely tell she's secretly CRUEL!

A good cook never rushes their art, so Cindy doesn't move all too often. While she's still, she can generate some of the game's most powerful weapons and utilities, but she has to make sure that she can make incoming foes back off, or she will fall into her boiling mixture! If she can lure a foe close enough, she can actually shove them in her pot and eat them up to heal. Eww...?

Cindy is a unique fighter, rarely moving as her moveset is focused on brewing varieties of stews rather than actually fighting. She is very much a stage control fighter because of this. Wherever the slow and merry Cindy goes, she drags around her cauldron on wheels, which is the epitome of her WHOLE moveset. The player must actively run away from their opponents to find safe time to just glance over any one of her twelve recipes, which make up a different result in her pot that's beneficial to Cindy or her allies. The player must read which ingredients make up each recipe and pick them out from Cindy's storage; when the player puts all their ingredients in the pot, they'll need to stir it and spray it with fire. As the player isn't allowed to move while stirring, they can ward opponents off with splashes of spare boiling water from her hands as a warning to keep them away. When her recipe is done, Cindy can spill it out at any moment (or drink it!) to make the effects come alive. One of her main recipes is just boiling water with spaghetti in it; the spaghetti can tangle up in foes' toes and slow them down while the water eats at their health. If the foe is worn down enough, Cindy can finish off a fighter by shoving them into her pot, where they will either take excessive damage or just straight-up die. They can try to escape by button mashing, but if they can't, they become a healing supper for Cindy!

Though not all her recipes will be listed, here are a few. She can generate a spicy, fiery stew to set the floor aflame or drink it to breathe fire constantly from her mouth for 15 seconds, making it difficult to intercept her from the front using her spicy ingredients. She can also generate a really thick, sticky gooey mixture that traps any foes that stick in it to the floor, allowing her to whip them with her wooden ladle. In addition, she can also fuel her ladle by having it absorb certain mixtures; she can then generate long-reaching fire, electricity, wind, and darkness attacks that deal a rather good amount of damage. This makes her a very versatile fighter with a number of ways to tackle each opponent, but one must keep in mind her slow speed. Her SUPERPOWER makes her put in one of everything as well as herself, becoming a boiling watch that spreads several shockwaves and waves of fire across the floor and through the air, dealing quite a bit of damage before she calms down and returns to "normal".


"Mmmm, good morning everybody... You should some get some yummy food from me... mmmmhmmm!"
prior to a match, rubbing her belly while twirling her ladle about

"You should visit the Wang Chopsticks building in Beijing, I got some nice meals for all of you!"
alternate take on a pre-match quote, folding her arms, smirking while adjusting her apron

"I hunger for a good fight! So, who's gonna give it to me?"
another take, holding her ladle up to her lips while eating jalapeno-only soup

"I'm gonna make you nice and round, then devour you for dinner!"
when match starts, slapping her own potbelly and laughing cruelly

"So you want a beating, huh? Do you want fries with that?"
alternate quote, pointing a finger at herself and smirking hard

"I'll make sure you LOVE what I have on offer tonight!"
alternate quote, snickering under her breath while stirring her stew

"After taking a hit like that, I'll be sure to spice things up~!"
taunting, when at 75% health

"You must really enjoy eating away at my stamina bar in the corner..."
when at 50% health

"C'mon, get porky from all the food I wanna feed ya... please..."
when at 25% health

"Ouchhh... if you're to kill me, can you just eat me... nghh..."
when lost all health

"Rah rah, that was a fun time! I'm all nice and full now..."
victory quote 1

"Maybe I'll have seconds before I have my dessert... YOU!"
victory quote 2

"I'm glad to share food with the rich or poor! Too bad they just become my meals..."
victory quote 3

(a.k.a. Boris Kuznetsov)
Moscow, Russia
IC Nuclear Phoenix.png
The Nuclear Phoenix trekked all the way from Moscow, Russia to participate in the IMMORTALS RING! Though his communications aren't really the best, being abrasive and aggressive towards the other fighters in addition to being a really bad drunkard, he is a very skilled user of fire and is hailed by the locals as the "King of Fire"! However, he is a very dangerous person that is real bent on bringing chaos and destruction to the whole world for its ruining of Mother Nature - all the electricity and all that jazz really managed to fire him up! Topping off his restlessness is the idea of all those nuclear releases... and the destruction of his old birthtown of Chernobyl, which became a nuclear disaster site! Through fusion with himself and the world's nuclear environments, he severely powered up his entire body, but at the cost of much of his sanity and the lives of people around him, who would die to his toxic, foul-smelling fumes all the time! You know what the worst aprt of the Nuclear Phoenix is? He can fly wherever the hell he wants and launch nuclear attacks from any location in the world!

To unlock the Nuclear Phoenix, finish any character's storyline in the IMMORTALS RING on Average difficulty or higher.


As the Nuclear Phoenix can use both average flames and nuclear flames, which look almost identical asides from color, foes have to be careful to read what moves he's going to use next, as they look quite similar to one another! He can be tricky to handle, but predictable later on, so good players will have to mix up his strats to ensure they can't be read all too well.

The Nuclear Phoenix's main weapons are his Thousand-Arrow Wings, which are some really lethal weapons indeed! With these wings, the Phoenix can send bunches of little sharp-tipped feathers that strike and latch onto foes they hit, dealing miniscule flame damage. However, if he charges a swipe of his wings, he can instead send out a great ball of fire to smash foes into the electric walls... from a distance! He can also use these attacks whilst flying about to control the battlefield from the air. In the air, the Nuclear Phoenix can do a corkscrew-esque burst forwards to deal moderately-powered multihit damage to any foes that try to jump and hit it, or land onto the ground to send waves of fire across the floor! He has alternate versions of each of these attacks that the player can perform by simply pressing a different attacking button, which utilize nuclear flames rather than REAL flames. The nuclear feathers and flames don't stick around long, but deal much more damage if they land! The Nuclear Phoenix can also do a strong downwards dive towards the ground; if his heavily armored helmet makes contact with the ground, he will break several floor tiles, interrupting any shockwaves that might try to pass over them!

The Nuclear Phoenix has some supporting moves as well. He can spit out big flames onto the floor to create damaging puddles of fire or nuclear activity, which damage any foes that step into them just by a bit, but the droplets he can spit from his jaw can set foes aflame! He can also spin around like a tornado to push foes awawy from him, but this also forces him to return to the ground, where he is obviously a bit weaker. His biggest weakness, actually, is that if he flies for too long, he will tucker out and have to return to the ground. His "SUPERPOWER" charges up his Thousand-Arrow Wings to dish out a thousand different feathers at once onto all enemies, piercing through their immortality and consistently damaging them!


"Stop with the cheering! I am the King of Fire, who shall burn all of you to death!"
prior to a match, breathing fire out from underneath his helmet and threatening everybody

"None of you will outlast the inferno I am about to bring to the ring!"
alternate take on a pre-match quote, punching his chest before breathing out a toxic burst of air that resembles a skull crossed over with bones

"Enjoy the air while you can, as your country will be NUKED one day!... in the sun!"
another take, guffawing mischievously before drinking a full bottle of vodka

"You have big balls to challenge the King of Fire, you little fool!"
when match starts, pointing his finger at the foe and growling angrily

"When I take flight, you best prepare for my merciless air strikes!"
alternate quote, juggling an explosive in his hand and cruelly snickering

"The King of Fire never loses a match! I will have your head on my wall!"
alternate quote, slashing his wings and prematurely firing a burst of flaming phoenix feathers

"Hmph, this is only the beginning!"
taunting, when at 75% health

"Hmph, not bad. But I will still take all your lives!"
when at 50% health

"A true warrior never gives up! Get a load of this!"
when at 25% health

"Grahhh, it's no use... hng... save me, Putin..."
when lost all health

"Now to watch you all burn to death in the depths of Hell!"
victory quote 1

"I warned about the air raids, now listen for the sirens as I laugh!"
victory quote 2

"You're a disgrace, that's all you are in the midst of all this!"
victory quote 3

(a.k.a. Akio Takahashi)
Osaka, Japan
IC Dragon Scales.png
Dragon Scales is a highly talented fighter from Osaka, Japan, able to transform into a magnificent Chinese dragon whenever he becomes angry! Once hailed as the Great King of Japan as part of a line of immortals, the arrival of electricity and all the inventions that came with it turned his homeland into an industrial workzone, destroying plenty of the naturally occuring wildlife and environments that have thrived in his country that have formed over thousands (and millions!) of years. Ever since, he stepped down due to not being proud of his country, becoming a rebel in secret whereas he would cut off people's electricity randomly and damage power grids. He would also sneak into others' houses by night, assuming the form of a dragon to specifically feast off of workers' children and slaughter those who are the richest of them all. He would bring much bad luck to these citizens for hundreds of years, possessing specific people to bring them to suicide and creating heavy gusts from his dragon self's throat to blow people's houses apart. Of course, that means all he really does is torment and torture, but he does it to such a degree where Japan is really dangerous to live in. If you want to live against the wind master, you'll have to live naturally with the tools the humans of old had had to use for thousands of years! The goal of Dragon Scales is to make humans suffer their downfall through the abuse of the technology they used to destroy the environment he once loved...

To unlock Dragon Scales, finish any character's storyline in the IMMORTALS RING without getting down to half health in any match.


Dragon Scales has roughly 2.5x the amount of defense most other fighters have, making him a very sturdy opponent that's extremely difficult to whittle down the health of. He loses all this defense the moment he reaches half health, where he turns into an average human, so try to keep his health up to make him a real pain in the ass to take down!

Unlike Bloodlust Janet, Dragon Scales starts off immediately in his dragon form and de-transforms into a human when he's at half health. In his dragon form, Dragon Scales is coated in thousands of hard scales which grant him a lot of defense when compared to the other fighters. Simply hitting Dragon Scales, even while he's vulnerable, will not damage him much at all, instead whittling away very slightly at his health. This forces his opponents to try and use their strongest attacks against him to deal any decent damage onto him. Though this can be considered very OP, at around 75% health his defense is cut down slightly due to the wear on his scales, and at 50% HP he loses all the scales as he becomes a human, severely weakening his defenses. Players who play Dragon Scales must make a solid effort to keep his health up as much as possible, as keeping his health consistently high can make it very difficult to get him down to a super vulnerable level. Being also the game's largest fighter as a dragon, however, it's hard for him to not get hit at any point, but he does have ways of working around this issue. Getting into his moves, Dragon Scales can fly about magically in the arena to evade attacks or do a slithering crawl against the ground to tackle careless fighters. He can also glow his scales for a few split seconds to rebound projectiles and breathe out gusts of wind to push fighters away. The little azure waves he can send from his jaw can damage foes as they get pushed. The little tornadoes he can send out from his hands can deal rapid hit damage to foes and the little hurricanes he can whip up can suck foes into a whirlpool whereas they'll be vulnerable. His electric breath, if it lands, can kill immortal defenses for a short period of time.

Other than his huge size and very low defense in his human form, he does possess other weaknesses (mostly relating to his human form). His dragon form can be difficult to swerve about due to its snake-like patterns when moving across the ground, and his electricity breath doesn't reach far yet is his main way of dealing strong damage. As a human, his single bow and arrow doesn't deal much damage and he's rather sluggish due to his weight and mass, and is an easy target. Additionally, it can be hard to defend Dragon Scales when he's in his human form, as he lacks any real method of guarding himself. His SUPERPOWER has him glow his scales brightly, which send an electrical discharge from him across the whole arena, rendering all foes vulnerable.


prior to a match, stomping on the ground as a dragon and breathing an electricity bolt way into the skies

alternate take on a pre-match quote, flying into the air, coiling around, and proudly breathing a blast of electricity

another take, swiping his claws in the air menacingly while creating a series of mini tornadoes towards the audience

"Rrrrrgggggghhhhh.... arrr..."
when match starts, crouching his head low while scratching the ground, creating dents in it

alternate quote, spitting electricity blasts threateningly from his mouth while spinning to create a small whirlpool

"Hrrrrghhh, hhhhrrrrghhh!"
alternate quote, stomping about some more while swiping his tail into the air

"Rrrrrghhhhhh... *gasping* Die, foolish... rrggh... creature..."
taunting, when at 75% health

"O-Oh gods, I can't hold my dragon self any longer..."
when at 50% health

"There has to be a way to come back to my form! Somehow..."
when at 25% health

"Had I not got cocky, I may have just won..."
when lost all health

victory quote 1 (dragon)

victory quote 2 (dragon)

"That was way too close..."
victory quote 3 (human)

(a.k.a. Amber Liong)
Jakarta, Indonesia
IC Pissy Pixie.png
The Pissy Pixie comes all the way out from Indonesia, where she has been casting curses and hexes on the country's inhabitants for thousands of years! It's been assumed that she has been long unhappy with those she lives with in her country, but she is so stubborn and pissy that she refuses to say a single damn thing about her life! And she guards herself with a fleet of insults for anybody of any audience that dares question her or the things she's doing, so don't say anything to her at all! Though rather tiny and possessing a weak build, she has a wide movepool of spells and can cast any of them on anyone without any difficulty whatsoever. She frequently abuses these powers to turn the Indonesian landscape into whatever she wants, and anyone that tries to stop her will be threatened with a tsunami sweep that will kill everyone on the island! So of course, she's no one to be messed with whatsoever. Such fury-filled little creatures, however, tend to think rather recklessly and without much care... that's why all her family members are dead! She killed every one of them! And being honest, we don't even know why she's such a dangerous phenomenon - we seem to think it's for no reason.

To unlock Pissy Pixie, finish any character's storyline in the IMMORTALS RING by knocking out all fighters within two minutes each.


Her RPG system of mechanics can make Pissy Pixie very frustrating to learn (let alone master), so try your best to be patient when getting the hang of her! Once you can navigate her old-school moveset menus fast enough, you have a very tricky immortal on your hands that won't be easy to beat! Just be careful to not let her succum to her weakness: physical attacks.

Pissy Pixie surprisingly plays like an RPG character, relying on "MP" (Magic Points) to carry out her many spells, hexes, and curses into battle. The player moves her around, too, by selecting traditional RPG commands. If "ATTACK" is chosen, she will head towards an enemy and clunk them with her Magic Staff weapon. By timing a button press right when the enemy is hit, she will hit them again, and another successful press will have her swing them into a wall! If the foe is quick enough to escape, however, the attack will register as a miss and Pissy Pixie will very temporarily be stunned. ATTACKING requires her to be close to a foe, but does not consume any MP. "SPELL" will give the player a list of basic magic talents; selecting FIRE will form a flame towards the nearest foe to rapidly deal small damage to them, THUNDER will cause an electric bolt to fall from the sky and deal high damage to far-away enemies, FREEZE will stun the foe in place so they can be abused with attacks, and POISON will deal little bits of damage to even invulnerable enemies for short periods of time. These spells all consume MP, however, and require her to be in specific spots. Using the "WARP" option, Pissy Pixie can teleport either towards or away from enemies, which is costly on her MP. "COUNTER" puts Pissy Pixie in a stance whereas if she gets attacked, she will hit them with an attack that's 1.3x as strong. This can all make her a tough opponent, especially with her ability to "DODGE" to either side if the player is quick enough to choose the option.

If Pissy Pixie ever gets hit in a vulnerable state, she will become VERY pissed off as she takes a quite large amount of damage, throwing her into a rage! Though her defense becomes lessened temporarily, her attacks gain much wider range and more power until she calms down. Those that hit her better prepare to make a get away or quickly land another hit while they still can! Her biggest weakness lies in the lack of control in moving Pissy Pixie around; though the player can move NORTH/WEST/EAST/SOUTH using the Direction command, she doesn't move too far and can be punished by enemies if she doesn't make a quick getaway with her WARP command, which is costly on her MP. MP can only be restored by collecting Crimson Orbs, and even then, only half of it. Her "SUPERPOWER" lets her utilize a wide beam attack using her Magic Staff, which deals very high damage to vulnerable opponents and can hit more than one at a time!


"The only reason why I'm here is because I feel like it, you mindless idiots! I'm not here to entertain anybody but myself!"
prior to a match, jumping up and down and shouting at the audience while twirling her staff

"Maybe I should kill all of you, too! Get BURNT with the hellish flames that I engulfed one of my stupid islands within for some reason I don't remember!"
alternate take on a pre-match quote, pumping her weak-ass muscles while twirling her staff and sending Fire at the audience

"This will certainly be an electrifying match! And the only reason why I say that is because I'm entering the competition, and you KNOW you're here to see me!"
another take, waving her staff to scare the audience off with a big dose of Thunder

"I don't think you even know who you're messing with, bub! Look at me RIGHT NOW, [FIGHTER(S)]! I'm Amber Liong, or apparently PISSY PIXIE for whatever reason by the stupid organization, and I'm here to twist your privates inside out with my darkness curses!"
when match starts, prematurely throwing a blast of Fire at any opponent to dish out some damage

"I'd explain my rudeness, but I'd rather hear why you were born, loser! Why did your mother send you off looking the way you are? You're a child, an oversized toddler, and I'm here to punish little crybabies like yourself! Prepare for some pain!"
alternate quote, prematurely throwing a bolt of Thunder at any opponent to dish out early damage

"Bad luck to you, my enemy! I'm going to kick you in the face, in the chest, and then in the ass, and maybe write some really naughty words on your asscheeks so you can be humiliated for the rest of your damn life!"
alternate quote, prematurely forming a dosage of Freeze to stun a foe early

"You're really beginning to piss me off, you know that? Gods, what mindless simpletons thought it was a good idea to create [ATTACKER NAME]? You hear that, loser? I'm making fun of you, and there's nothing you can do about it, you piece of sh- *yawns* WHATEVER!"
taunting, when at 75% health

when at 50% health

when at 25% health

when lost all health

"That was absolutely pathetic, was that even a damn challenge?"
victory quote 1

"I would never, ever lose to the likes of you! THAT'S WHY I WON!"
victory quote 2

victory quote 3

(a.k.a. Mother Justitia)
Seoul, South Korea
IC Nature's Justice.png
Here's an unusual case of an immortal fighter: a combination of gods! A snowballing of Lady Justice and Mother Nature, Nature's Justice is a very unhappy creature that's been damaged heavily by the downfall of the world from all the other phenomena ruling the planet. They used to be entirely separate beings, but Nature and Justice willingly combined after they both received mortal wounds from the idiocy controlling the planet, and now stand as a singular, very powerful fighter. This means that this creature controls both nature itself and the law, and is the only one left to run everything! Though technically a good phenomenon through her means to make the whole Earth all pure and good again, Nature's Justice is actually very cruel and unusual in her methods of giving the power of the planet back to its rightful people. For starters, everyone who she catches breaking the established common sense laws gets brutally punished through a swift strike of her medieval blade, and those that commit very nasty sins indeed become subject to a brutal dosage of poisoning from the berries growing on her nature-overgrown body! She may also strangle any of her prisoners to death and strike their loved ones as punishment for defying the law. If one wishes to escape her, she will put them on her scale... if the lies outweigh the individual, they shall PERISH! Don't mess with Nature's Justice, she's watching you DAY AND NIGHT to make sure you're not a lawbreaker!

To unlock Nature's Justice, finish any character's storyline in the IMMORTALS RING while not getting a single healing item.


Nature's Justice can heal if she's standing still and holding her Justice Lance to her chest. She may look very vulnerable in this position, but if she takes an attack and the player holds down an attack button at the exact right moment, she'll do a VERY powerful counterstrike! If she whiffs it, though, she'll be stunned long enough to take a big hit!

Nature's Justice is a surprisingly balanced character ('cause of the scales) and possesses both great range and good defending options at hand. With her Justice Lance, her primary weapon of choice, she can stab, hurl, and swing to damage enemies. If she just jabs at anything but their chest, she will deal minor damage to them, but if she hits them in the heart, they will take it through their entire chest, dealing very high levels of damage. She can also swing this lance about to create space for herself to fight in and intercept physical attacks with a properly timed swing of the weapon. If there's no foe in front of her, she can just stab it down into the ground to bust a hexagon tile and flip upwards into the air; in the air, she can hurl it forward like a projectile. After she hurls it, it will be caught and returned to Nature's Justice through way of a grabbing vine. Other than her lance, she can put weight emphasis on either side of her Justice Scales to launch a different attack. This emphasis, however, requires some time to charge up. With enough of it on the side of Truth, Nature's Justice will fire a white light that spreads across the screen to paralyze opponents, or with enough of it on the side of Lies, she will instead fire a dark light that blinds her foes, allowing her to attack them freely. Which side will be more useful is a situational question.

Nature's Justice can also utilize her Mother Nature side for defensive support. She can dig some roots into the ground to automatically heal herself with time or spread out some vines to pick up and slam foes that try and get too close to her, and additionally fire off a beam of light from her chest to push foes back. She can also spread out lots of petals that deal very minor damage through their sharp tips, but these can keep hitting and stunning foes to make it hard for them to evade her attacks. Players should be aware of Justice's flaws, however: she's kinda slow, her projectile attacks aren't much, and any miss of her lance can result in her being easily punished. Her SUPERPOWER has her pick up a foe and hold them close if they're very nearby; she'll then stab through their heart with her lance, killing them. This is a super close range, but powerful attack.


"I am not here to entertain any of you."
prior to a match, folding her arms while taking out her Justice Lance

"The poor choices of the phenomena controlling the planet shall be punished with swift justice."
alternate take on a pre-match quote, swinging her Justice Lance as her scales dangle about

"I assure that I will have our populations prosper once more, when I take care of the wrongdoers."
another take, flipping up into the ring as she holds out her lance

"Your abuse of nature and justice shall be swiftly punished."
when match starts, swinging her Justice Lance threateningly at the opponents

"I do not wish to dish out pain, but your attitude and goals both disgust me greatly."
alternate quote, folding her arms while pulling off a very melancholy frown

"No matter your power, we - Justice and Nature - will overpower."
alternate quote, swinging her Justice Scales around a bit while twanging her blindfold

"It's a crime to be fighting your makers, you know."
taunting, when at 75% health

"Perhaps we're not being harsh enough. Prepare for the worst."
when at 50% health

"We will crush you, no matter how strong you are..."
when at 25% health

"I have fallen here, but a true warrior... gasp... never dies..."
when lost all health

"I am unsurprised by the outcome of this battle."
victory quote 1

"To the dungeon you go, [FIGHTER NAME(S)]."
victory quote 2

"[NUMBER] troublemaker(s) down, many more to go."
victory quote 3

Boss characters

There are three boss characters in IMMORTALS. They are faced in the IMMORTALS RING story mode following the tournament and pose as over-average fighters with an even greater range of moves. Pixel Perfect and Crimson Angel are both secret unlockable characters, but the latter of these bosses cannot be unlocked under any circumstance.

from Cyberspace
Hailing from the depths of the Cyberspace world, Pixel Perfect is a tricky, intelligent fighter that speaks often in OWO-speak. One of the two right-hand associates of the yet-to-be-named "Great Phenomenon", she is one of three bosses that can be faced in the IMMORTALS RING story mode and works alongside the Crimson Angel to oversee the tourney. Described as a mischievous, cackling monster with no real morals to go off of, this humanoid-like being is intended to bring nothing but pure evil to the table. Though not really a phenomenon, she does hack people's computers without warning and load them with pornography of herself before causing said computers to break. She also poses as a search bar on PornHub and at times even a pretend antivirus along the likes of SpySheriff! Pixel Perfect is a devious being created by mankind that went out of their control, now wreaking havoc across the web. In the IMMORTALS RING, she is presented through a screen attached to an immortal supercomputer with phantom-esque abilities.

To unlock Pixel Perfect, beat all non-boss character storylines at least once.


Pixel Perfect's moves each possess a hitbox at the end that is indicated by a glitchy-looking burst of air. This hitbox never pushes foes around whatsoever, instead dealing damage to them if vulnerable or otherwise stunning them! This gives Pixel Perfect several opportunities to deal great damage to them, but only if she's real fast and able to make it to them in a skip and hop!

Pixel Perfect's supercomputer host looks much like a classic Windows XP monitor positioned on the otherwise headless body of a cyborg priest, which is her standard battle mech. In battle, her cyborg's body can run about freely and utilize its jetpack to hover or fly about, which grants the player plenty of mobility. On the ground or in the air, Pixel Perfect can point one of the machine's skeletal cybernetic hands at any opponent and lock onto them (displayed via a red crosshair). Once the player's ready, the priest will temporarily flip up its clothing to fire a series of error windows forwards. If she can catch a foe with these weapons, she can trap them in a glitchy void temporarily and squeeze the life out of them before they're forced to close on their own. It also allows Pixel Perfect to get up close to launch some harsh attacks. She may also send forward missiles that look like monochrome mouse pointers as a more accurate, but less damaging alternative. Pixel Perfect can also take out a taskbar-esque bat and swing it around to knock players around, which can be handy for slamming them right into electric walls, or spew out a firewall that hits all vulnerable foes around her simultaneously for high damage without fault (unless they can guard), but requires 30 seconds to recharge. Yet another weapon she has is a cybernetic-looking envelope; if she can toss it at a foe, an "ILOVEYOU" message will pop up before exploding and sending a copy to another player. Pixel Perfect, however, must be careful to dodge the worm! For defensive maneuvers, she can pop out a huge error sign out from her cyborg's chest to stop a physical attack temporarily or "switch to another tab" to very quickly find a place to teleport away, but both of these methods require some cooldown.

Though expressing a variety of moves, Pixel Perfect does have her weaknesses, even as a boss fighter. She isn't really all that fast, for starters, and her huge body frame makes her an easy target for attacks. Additionally, the methods that can defend her don't last for a long period of time and see more situational use than abuse, and require cooldown. However, with her variety of ways of dealing with foes from a distance and her damage-spreading tools, she can be an unstoppable force if not handled carefully. When Pixel Perfect gets her "SUPERPOWER" charged up, her Firewall attack becomes instantly usable and burns through all immortality barriers - TWICE. This is a handy move, but her SUPERPOWER takes quite a while to charge compared to other fighters', so... oh! By the way, if she happens to lose all her health, she'll have 10 seconds before she self-destructs! If a foe is caught in her explosion, they will take MASSIVE damage and cut through their immortality, possibly killing them before she herself is down for the count!


"OWO What's this? O_O People are off their computers for once in their lives? ~o~ Then again, I might have something to do with that..."
prior to a match, peering at the audience through her screen and pulling a mischievous grin as her cyborg body tries to adjust the monitor's position on itself

"UWU What a crowd~ OWO Wouldn't be this big if I didn't buy their tickets for them!"
alternate take on a pre-match quote, snickering as her cyborg body does a little dance before jumping onto the ring for battle

"OWO I had your computer's history for breakfast this morning, [RANDOM FIGHTER'S NAME]. OW- It was quite de-licious!"
another take, guffawing as her cyborg body slaps its own belly as she snickers and smirks constantly before sneezing

"T_T So this is who I gotta be up against? -///- But [FIGHTER NAME] is much too handsome/beautiful to be beat up on..."
when match starts, her cyborg body trying to cover Pixel Perfect's blush as it preps the mouse pointer rockets

"OW- If you give up now, [FIGHTER NAME(S)], I can get us married together~ O_O Just imagine what kind of love you'd get from a parasite like me!"
alternate quote, sticking her tongue out as the Windows monitor pulls a "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA" text document up

"-_- I hope you don't last too long, because I want to ditch this bad cybernetic boy and use you as my new technical paradise!"
alternate quote, causing the cyborg to fold his arms and look down depressingly

"O///O D-don't bruise this body too bad, [FIGHTER NAME]-senpai! -w- How will I live to control my cybernetic empire!?"
taunting, when at 75% health

"OnO I-imagine what happens if you break this thing! -n- I-if you break this body, I won't live e-ever again! We can be t-together forever!"
when at 50% health

when at 25% health

when lost all health, ready to utilize its self-destruct sequence

"OWO That was too easy, honey!"
victory quote 1

"OW- I'll get us married, okay? We'll be together... *bzzt* Forever~"
victory quote 2

"UWU That was embarrassing... deleting the match from my history, as I will with you!"
victory quote 3

from Hell
The Crimson Angel is a fallen angel that now rules over the entirety of Hell, being the depressed father of IMMORTALS RING fighter Arachne the Demon and one of two right-hand associates of the still-unnamed "Great Phenomenon". He is one of three bosses that can be faced in the IMMORTALS RING story mode and works with Pixel Perfect to oversee the whole tourney. However, unlike the computer virus, he is a lifeless creature that brings naught but feelings of depression and despair, working like a slave under the command of the one true phenomenon he follows. He himself is well-known as the being "Satan" and has been condemned by religious folk for ages, but he's not as bad as they make him out to be - he treats his own daughter very well, has a wife he's very fond of, and rules over Hell with rhyme and reason rather than an iron fist. He's been living in the lows, though, for all the hate that's been brought upon him over and over again, and he's too afraid to crawl out of Hell for the most part to partake in any activities above the surface, even with his own daughter. Yet, he's joined the IMMORTALS RING under the command of his master with the goal to exterminate the last phenomenon...

To unlock Crimson Angel, beat the true final boss without healing whatsoever.


A zero-guard system renders the Crimson Angel vulnerable at any given moment, but also lets him damage immortals regardless of their state! This means that battles with the Crimson Angel are super risky until either he's defeated or everyone else is, and the havoc he can wreak on the battlefield is definitely something to be feared by those who don't know him well!

The Crimson Angel is the game's outright strongest fighter, possessing some horrifyingly powerful attacks that could put even the most resilient of opponents down. With his huge bat-esque wings, he can float and flutter around the battlefield and zip about to inflict high amounts of damage on the opposition, making him a severely dangerous rushdown character that yet has some of the game's poorest defense. Moving to attacks, he can swing around his Ivory Trident weapon to counter and block attacks and pierce through multiple enemies at one time, and thrust it into the ground to break hexagon tiles beneath him as he sends powerful shockwaves across the ground. He can also charge up a huge fireball with his trident; upon charging it, he can toss off the auto-aiming fireball to cause a lethal explosion on the battlefield, or knock it into the ground to send off fiery pillars that can catch opponents trying to catch him from the air. With his sonic roars, he can create space for himself and prevent himself from getting gangbanged with several moves at one time. He can also blend himself into the environment and travel in a straight line, able to pop out a distance away with his trident swinging menacingly around himself to knock foes away. Many of these moves are hard hitters that thrust his foes a far distance away from him, potentially into electric walls whereas they can be stunned. He can also send out a few small demonic parasites to latch onto foes and drain HP from them, but he has a limited supply of them and should only use them when the foe(s) is playing too safe.

His most unique gimmick is his ability to ignore others' immortality; no matter who he hits and at whatever stage, they WILL take damage. This comes at the cost of his own defenses, however; he himself is not guarded by immortality, and will take damage quite easily. Plus, if the Crimson Angel gets stunned at any point, he will be stunned for the absolute longest, making it very easy to bring him down if he becomes too careless. As such, the Crimson Angel is very much a glass cannon; he can put out so much destruction, but also die so soon. To compensate, he does have a lot of health (he's a boss character, after all). His SUPERPOWER has him send the battlefield to hell, where flames will engulf the battlefield while the angel sits depressed on his throne for the whole of it.


"Surprise, surprise, everyone's favorite pick-apart toy is here..."
prior to a match, slumping his body down on the pavement as some debris falls from the ceiling and onto his head, banging a fist on the floor in pain

"You don't have to pretend you like me by clapping and cheering sarcastically..."
alternate take on a pre-match quote, getting in the ring and hunching himself in the corner as he tries to clean his devious horns

"I really don't want to fight anybody, Queen... let me go home, please..."
another take, getting on his knees and begging before his ass gets slapped and he's forced to hop in the ring, dusting himself off while sniffling

"Don't look too scared, just beat on me all you want... nobody will care because I'm Satan..."
when match starts, leaning his head lifelessly against the corner while sighing

"I wish I could enjoy even just one weekend... but I have to fight instead..."
alternate quote, punching his own skull rapidly while the opponent looks almost sympathetically at him

"Just kill me already, my daughter's more fit to rule Hell than I..."
alternate quote, getting on his knees and begging the opponent to take his life, forcing them to step back

"Sweetheart, I... why, Queen, did you send me against her... no, damn it!"
alternate quote when Satan's Daughter is in the ring, beating upon his own skull while his daughter tries to hug him and soothe him
"Break every bone in my worthless body... it's the only thing I desire anymore."
when at 75% health

"Show all those who despise me a good beating... they'll want their kids to see this golden opportunity."
when at 50% health

"You fight better than I expected you to, admittedly..."
when at 25% health

"I don't care if I lost... I wanted to die, anyway..."
when lost all health, plunging a knife into his own chest and bleeding out over the ring

"Sweetheart... hold me during my final moments please... I love you... *hack* I'm so sorry..."
when lost all health against Satan's Daughter, cuddling her as he weakly lies on the floor

"Winning doesn't even mean anything... what am I accomplishing besides pleasing my master?"
victory quote 1

"I suppose my wife and daughter would be proud of me... if I was allowed to have them with me..."
victory quote 2

"Is this what you wanted, Queen? Because I don't like what I did to please you one bit..."
victory quote 3

"I'll never be able to be rid of the guilt that is killing my own daughter..."
victory quote when he wins against Satan's Daughter

Queen of Evils
Ultimate Immortal
The Queen of Evils is the real master behind the whole IMMORTALS RING scam, having narrowed down the amount of IMMORTALS down to just one or two so it'd be much easier for her to reign supreme over the entire universe as we know it! Not a chance, old woman, you say! She is fought in the seventh and final stage of the story mode, faced immediately after either Pixel Perfect or Crimson Angel and being a real force to be reckoned with! Compared to her seemingly innocent appearance as the old woman at the story's beginning, she is cruel, cold and manipulative, atop of being overly creepy and saucy against her competitors- she knows all the little details of the IMMORTALS RING and will use every aspect of it to her advantage against the likes of the Grimm Menace or whoever else comes out to face her! This is as much as we gather about her- can it be you that slaughters this horrific monster in the end!?

You cannot unlock the Queen of Evils.

The Queen of Evils is an exceptionally powerful opponent, possessing the almighty IMMORTAL STAFF and a number of high-power attacks that are either very hard to avoid or really challenging to defend one's self against! Her most prominent ability is her healing power; when left alone, she will thrust her staff into the ground to charge up its star-shaped end; she will heal 25% of all her health if left untouched for a grand total of three seconds while charging! Making matters worse, the Queen of Evils will make an obvious effort to steer clear of the player's assaults and strategies, trying to move herself away so she may strike with her powerful staff weapons. Speaking of, her most brutal attack includes sending an enormous laser that transcends the whole length of her Endless Fall battleground! One needs to jump or find elevated footing on the nick of time, or they'll be blasted clean off of the battlefield! She can also create twelve Zodiac-themed orbs around her body, which she will whack around with her staff to home onto the player while she charges a thinner laser in their direction. She can also send lightning bolts into the sky; if they fall on the player, they will be stunned and allow the Queen of Evils a chance to attack them! ...Did you know that the Queen of Evils can ignore your immortality, for she is the superior being!? Also watch out for her twelve-shockwaves attack; this move has her send several very tough-to-evade shockwaves across the ground and through the air that need to be jumped/ducked with near-perfect timing! Her remaining attacks include being able to form shrinking rings of fire around the player, pulling them into damaging sawblade whirlpools and blowing kiss-shaped projectiles that sap at the player's health to heal her instead.

To defeat the Queen of Evils, the player needs to work to back her into one of the crimson-colored electric walls to dethrone her of her electricity! In the brief moments where she's vulnerable, she'll lose all of her powers and appear as a stereotypical saggy old woman that's vainly attempting to regain her powers, so strike her with all the power you have before she gets things back in order! She has very frail defenses, but tons of health, so pick free at much of it as you possibly can! Watch out for her SUPERPOWER, however, which she'll begin using when her health falls below 25%: her SUPERPOWER has her send a thousand arrows from her staff, which will rain over the battlefield and try to sap your health! Pick up these arrows like ammo and send them back like rifle fire to damage her! When below a quarter of her health, she will appear to be limping weakly through the air while looking significantly older.


"There is space for only one of us, [FIGHTER NAME]! It is time for you to perish, mortal- your days are mine to take over!"
when her battle begins

"Your resistance is naught but futile! Give up, little monster!"
when at 87.5% health

"I thought I'd be rid of you by now, you disgusting fruitcake..."
when at 75% health

"You seem to have forgotten that there can only be one Immortal- MYSELF!"
when at 62.5% health

"W-what...? How are you so strong, you stupid little mortal...?"
when at 50% health

"T-This can't be h-happening to me... h-how could this be?"
when at 37.5% health

"Nooouuuu... if I cannot rule this world, then I shall... destroy it..."
when at 25% health

"I... I-I can't be losing to... s-such a disposable v-v-villain..."
when at 12.5% health

"S-spare me... I-I could m-make you into my king/queen... pleasee... don't kill me..."
when at 5% health

when lost all health, melting into nothing on the floor, her life finally over

"You have chosen for the better... let us be together until the end of time..."
if the player chooses near the end to spare her


BETTY LOTSA Betty Lotsa is often referred to as the "Queen of Phenomena", wearing such majestic casino-inspired clothing and all sorts of fantastic jewelry decorated with neon lights! She is seen as the creator of each and every fighter, having made them to wreak havoc so she could eventually take over the world for herself. However, as time advanced and the phenomena quickly became much more independent, Betty eventually retired from her title as queen and became a casino operator with the aid of a mysterious fellow left unnamed. After waiting for a perfect job to come upon her, she finally made the choice to join the IMMORTALS RING staff as an announcer. As an announcer, Betty keeps what she says short and sweet, but may occasionally throw in a snide comment or insult towards competitors.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to THE IMMORTALS RING! I am your host, Betty Lotsa, and today's match [FIGHTER SCENARIO]. When the countdown begins, they'll be ready to RUMBLE!"
right before every match


"Over there, we have the Grimm Menace! An incubus that loves to bed the weak and feed off of them in addition to recklessly taking others' lives, he's here to chop up the competition!"
about the Grimm Menace

"Look closely and say hi to the Greasy Sandman! With his spooky supernatural look with an evil side of spaghetti armor, he will pull foes into some sticky situations!"
about the Greasy Sandman

"Dazzling one side of the stadium is Sedusa Medusa! She's been practicing her pretty looks forever, and now she's ready to get her revenge on those that have assaulted and insulted her over the years!"
about the Sedusa Medusa

"Over there you'll find Lightspeed Corrida! She's a bit of a drunkard and a klutz, but she's just as hyped up about the fights as all of you are! Watch her sick high speed combos!"
about the Lightspeed Corrida

"Meditating in the corner is the Hollow Pharaoh! He's been long angry and is itching to pull off a harsh fight, and his opponents are about to get it! His hollow eyes stare into our souls..."
about the Hollow Pharaoh

"Hanging near one of the arena's sides is Pitcher Saturn! He comes from a sports-infested planet and is guaranteed to get plenty of home runs this battle, just look at his menacing bat and army of sports balls!"
about the Pitcher Saturn

"On the count of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 7- I mean 5!... 4, 3, 2, 1 and a half, 1, FIGHT!"
Betty announcing the match's start

"Good day for a swell battle! All fighters at perfect health and ready to rock 'n' roll! Let's see how these legendary fighters go..."
Betty giving status of the match's start

"[FIGHTER/TEAM]'s looking pretty damn good right now! They are currently in the lead, with the others yet to catch up!... nyeh heh, if they ever do."
Betty giving out who's in the lead (1)

"[FIGHTER/TEAM]'s far in the lead, and it looks like they're unstoppable! They shouldn't get too cocky though, or they just might take a legendary beating!"
Betty giving out who's in the lead (2)

"[FIGHTER/TEAM]'s behind in the action, taking the bottom position on the constantly updating leaderboard! Perhaps a quicker-coming SUPERPOWER will give them the upper hand...?"
Betty commenting on the last place (1)

"[FIGHTER/TEAM] is in last place right now, but maybe there's a way for them to catch up!... it'd be luck for losers, though."
Betty commenting on the last place (2)

"Ooh, that's gonna leave a damn mark!"
Betty whenever anyone lands a critical hit (1)

"Ouch, that's going to require bandages! ...Immortal bandages!"
Betty whenever anyone lands a critical hit (2)

"Hey, that idiot [FIGHTER] got knocked right out! Heh heh, maybe they're about to get a taste of what mortal wounds are like."
Betty whenever someone gets knocked out (1)

"Whoa, [FIGHTER] got pushed right into the wall! Go seek and destroy!"
Betty whenever someone gets knocked out (2)

"That was fast, [FIGHTER] just got SLAMMED! (quietly) Fufufu, I love seeing blood and guts splatter..."
Betty whenever someone gets knocked out (3)

"Hey, [FIGHTER]'s SUPERPOWER meter is about halfway charged! Impressive!"
Betty whenever someone's SUPERPOWER meter is halfway fulfilled

"WATCH OUT, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! [FIGHTER]'s SUPERPOWER meter is about to activate!!!
Betty, whenever someone is REALLY close to getting their SUPERPOWER Meter filled
"We're halfway through the match now, and I gotta say things are beginning to look a lot more interesting!"
Betty halfway through a match

"Open your eyes, folks! We're in the pinch phase of the round, where things have to be taken much more seriously! All healing orbs disabled... NOW!"
Betty when a match is almost over

"Looks like it's over, folks! Game over, set over, match over!"
Betty whenever a match ends

"The victor is... [FIGHTER]/[TEAM]!"
Betty, announcing the winner of a match

LUCY HARPER Operating in her own self-titled museum, Lucy Harper is a super-sweet woman that just wants to have the world's biggest collection of obscure items in addition to the world's biggest collection of ordinary stuff! She's a... very hyper collector, often trying to claw away at any of the game's fighters when they carry anything she might want. For free, she'll dust off things the player's found and put them up in her museum, and then make a copy of these items so that the player can purchase a copy for themselves! We're not sure if that's actually fair or not, because you DID go through all the effort of getting those dusty items anyway, but she is super sweet, so maybe you should give in to the idea...? Just let the demon have what she wants!
HELPER MARK Who's "Helper Mark", you might be wondering? Well, he's a happy, fun-loving jester that likes to give you hints on how to play the game, how to play against certain opponents, and how to stand your own casually OR competitively! He also guides the player around the menus with ease. He has this big mischievous manner to him, as he likes to rub his hands together evilly or pull (non-harmful) pranks on the player as well as tell jokes about what something does before clarifying what he said within moments, but he's still got a good heart. He'll also tell the player how to actually lower the price of Lucy Harper's stuff by haggling with her; if the player can manage to haggle well, they can get some of her stuff cheaper! Always say thanks to Mark, or he might just spit on your screen.
OLD WOMAN!? Who? This "Old Woman" is a reported psychic that's been able to band all the phenomena together for such a massive bloody tournament. She set up the IMMORTALS RING tourney herself in addition to making all the individual stadiums. Must be a wise lady, huh? But one's gotta wonder: how the hell did she set up all that alone? Is there something this Old Woman isn't telling us? Yet, Betty Lotsa tells us to not ponder or question her. What's really going on here? On the bright side, she is a very sweet individual...


There are eighteen stadiums in IMMORTALS, with sixteen of them being home stages for each standard fighter on the in-game roster and the other two being related to the main plot of the game. Just two stadiums are available at first, with the other sixteen (being home stages) requiring to be unlocked through either purchasing them from Lucy's museum or from playing as each character five times. For each character that gets played five times, they will unlock their own stadium for use at any time. Audiences watch via cameras to get a good look at the action from within the dome...

Note that neither Pixel Perfect or Crimson Angel have their own home stages as of now, with both being fought in the IMMORTALS STADIUM in story mode rather than in a special stage.

IMMORTALS STADIUM Standard, flat battleground with a hexagonal design, with a pillar on each side of the arena that can be ducked behind for the sake of camping or defending. Favors a futuristic steampunk-esque design with technology aligned across virtually every surface possible, and the worlds of Heaven and Hell appear to be alternating between one another in the stage's open sky. A very thick pillar in the stadium's center is permanently coated with electricity, which occasionally surges energy through harmless blue pipes leading from it to surge up the smaller pillars temporarily. Serves as a simplistic battleground that's easy to learn and hone skills upon, and is the game's default competitive battleground. Related to story mode exclusively, this stadium is really not anyone's home stage. The IMMORTALS STADIUM is the most competitive friendly stage, so be sure to check it out in competitive communities! Moderate-sized stage
Competitive friendly
Little skill required
ENDLESS FALL The Endless Fall is the only other non-home stage, being a stadium with an endless bottom and seemingly an endless number of cameras! Players have to wait patiently for hexagon platforms of varying irregular sizes to descend so they can keep progressing on this stage; those that stick around for too long will just blow up! The whole area seems to be inspired by Gothic and Greek design, a TimeStrike standard, with dark architecture and many weapons hanging off from the platforms... that's totally not familiar. Anyway, the walls of the stage are surrounded with unique red electricity; if foes are pushed into them, they'll be knocked right down onto the most stable platform, ready to take damage! If players fall off the stage, they will be forced back up again by a bug-eyed being who guffaws, having the player in a stunned stance. Do be careful not to tall off! Moderate-sized stage
Casual friendly
Much skill required
REAPER STAGE A layered battleground with a damp, dark look to it accompanied by a sense of classic chivalry, home to the Grimm Menace. The floor is divided into three circular layers of tiles, with the two top ones rotating in opposite directions and shifting randomly over time. The bottom layer features the smallest amount of standable ground, but features a very fancy bed in the center that can be used to bounce about and make big shockwaves. The outer two layers are circular in shape and rotate around the bed. Chains hanging from the ceiling can also be climbed, with players able to slide down to thrust the black balls towards the ground. Fairly thick pillars will occasionally pop in and out from the ground to lift players up towards the electric ceiling, so they need to step out of the way as soon as possible! One can force foes onto them to crush 'em into the ceiling. Small-sized stage
Casual friendly
Small skill required

Grimm Menace's home
MEDUSA STAGE An arena built in the image of the prima donna Sedusa Medusa! It is designed to be like an enormous disco arena, which itself divided into four individual layers of ground. The top layer sports the most ground as well as the center of the stage, with a giant animated stone Cerberus standing right atop it. It will dance in place - very slowly - and can be climbed upon as a unique platform for fighters to reach the tightropes and individual hexagon platforms that make up the upper area of the arena. The other three layers of ground feature nothing interesting, leading out from the main platform as "stairs" of sorts that just lead into hazardous electric walls. It can be a bit tricky to climb up those stairs, however, if knocked into the walls... lastly, little Medusa masks can gaze at fighters and turn 'em to stone for a moment when their eyes turn white. Large-sized stage
Competitive friendly
Some skill required

Sedusa Medusa's home
SANDMAN STAGE The Greasy Sandman's stage takes place atop two thick layers of frozen-together Top Ramen noodles floating in a massive boiling pot of water. Very contrastingly, hallucinations and nightmares appear to occupy the atmosphere, with a huge ghoul mixing around the battlefield. Should a player fall off the Ramen into the steaming water, they will automatically bounce back onto the platforms with a burnt bum, all immortality stripped! Hitting the walls of the pot will be even more punishing, as it is just as scorching hot. Over time, the ramen will split into square pieces and spread out, eventually breaking down into nothing as other "ramen blocks" get tossed in as platforms. Players need to stay on the platforms and evade falling off. Interestingly, all the noodles are hexagonal...?? Like, how does that even work...!? Moderate-sized stage
Casual friendly
Some skill required

Greasy Sandman's home
TIFFT STAGE Home stage of Lightspeed Corrida, this stage is basically a simplistic racetrack with a Gothic-inspired vampire landscape! What safe zones there are in this stage are spread about unevenly, with only six safe places to stand overall - occasionally, from off the stage, phantom Formula One racers (usually) zoom along every inch of the track and slam any fighters in the way into the electric walls! They then mysteriously dissipate through the walls with their ghastly properties. There are three different tracks - red track, blue track, and green - and the route the carts follow is at random. However, all of these paths cross through and between each other, so they're all equally dangerous nonetheless! Red track cars are the fastest, while blue-traveling ones are the slowest... and can be used as platforms! Moderate-sized stage
Casual friendly
Much skill required

Lightspeed Corrida's home
PHARAOH STAGE Having almost the most layers of any stage, this stage is shaped much like a pyramid! It is seperated into five climbable layers, all of which can be easily climbed by any character. Surrounding the fighters is the innards of a golden-brick pyramid, having its well-decored walls shrouded by purple gases that seem to have ties to the many cursed caskets hanging about. The pyramid is a pretty big battleground, and it begins to change over time - as layers get stood on for good long, they begin to crumble apart and collapse, requiring players to make big leaps or risk falling off the stage! These layers will magically restructure with time, but it is advised to keep moving...! If one doesn't keep moving, they might just sprawl into the depths of the cursed tomb and be forced to be put back on the stage, stunned! Large-sized stage
Competitive friendly
Much skill required

Hollow Pharaoh's home
PITCHER STAGE Shaped much like a stereotypical baseball field (but all metallic), Pitcher Saturn's home stage is a unique one to play on! First thing to know is that for every time an opponent is hit with a heavy attack, a baseball bat cracking noise will display to indicate it, and hit foes will be sent flying upwards rather than just straight forward! If a foe is hit with a strong attack, a "HOME RUN" will play as the stadium hurls immortals towards hyper-strong electric fields, dishing a lot of damage to them! Robot players, with the amount equivalent to human ones on the stadium will scamper about at average speed to bat players into the grids, but if they're damaged enough, they'll malfunction and be destroyed! If a player runs all the bases without getting damaged, they'll get a free orb (blue or red) as a bonus. Moderate-sized stage
Casual friendly
Little skill required

Pitcher Saturn's home
HAUNTED STAGE Home stage for the Invisikim and her scaredy cat boyfriend, the Haunted Stage takes place in a hilly cemetary with tombstones poking out from the ground here and there. The several layers of hexagon blocks in varying places makes it difficult for players to stun foes with shockwaves, but the electricity-powered tombstones are really easy to push unaware opponents into! Some tombstones are big enough to camp behind and launch weapons from, but if a tombstone is used to remove's one immortality, all of their electricity will disappear temporarily. If a tombstone is hit with high enough power after losing its electricity, it will shamefully sink back down into the ground for about 12 seconds, before they rise up again. If a tombstone has sunken away, there will be enough room on the hill to generate impressive shockwaves, so the players should watch out for clearings! Large-sized stage
Competitive friendly
Some skill required

Invisikim's home
SECRETARY STAGE Taking place in a bloody (but otherwise clean) secretary room, there is a lot of stuff that can be punched about and broken apart. It is quite maze-like, with several unbreakable or unpushable walls, yet with many secret passageways and breakable objects. Trapdoors in the floor may occasionally shock a foe and make them vulnerable to attacks, while electricity-powered folders with teeth will jump out from the hiding places to tackle any foes that come too close! Shockwaves are rather useless if performed on the ground floor, but if the player can reach higher ground, they can perform massive shockwaves that can flip up all the objects in the room in addition to players! When the objects land back down, they create a new maze that may or may not be entirely possible to move through without climbing overhead... The Secretary Stage is the home stage for Satan's Daughter. Large-sized stage
Casual friendly
Much skill required

Satan's Daughter's home
SIREN STAGE Home stage for Mariner Sora, his stage is centered atop a stadium that bears a design almost identical to that of his primary traveling ship! This uniquely shaped stage is composed of many layers and areas to travel on or through, and poles can climbed to get from area to area of the ship. Cannons and skeletal sirens will attack those on the ship (including their leader!) and pose a hazard by trying to push them off into the electric seas below. Players have to scamper from end to end of the ship to evade assaults and try and push opponents off; alternatively, they can break into the cabin and fight in an enclosed electric arena, but it's REALLY risky as you won't know if the foe has a way to outsmart you or not in there! Occasionally, a huge cannon will activate and shoot cannonballs at the stage; dodge its explosive cannonball by getting into the ship! How does Sora even relax on this thing...? Large-sized stage
Casual friendly
Some skill required

Mariner Sora's home
SKELETON STAGE Taking place in a skeletal-themed stadium, the DNA-esque stage design constantly rotates around an axis, requiring all players to keep moving! The "bridges" leading to end to end of the bone-made DNA strand are quite thick, making them safe for traveling, which is fortune as pools of electricity wait below the stage! Occasionally, the strand will stop rotating and instead sway from left to right slowly; being still will let players easily survive the swaying, but those that run or jump about will have to be sure they know exactly where they are, or they might just get screwed at the worst possible moment! This stage is the only one to not feature hexagonal layers; hence, it's impossible to make shockwaves on this stage whatsoever. Though, the fact you can't make shockwaves is quite understandable, as it's the only stage where it's VERY easy for you to fall off! Players who fall will be put back on the stage ASAP, but stunned. This is Loans Bones' home stage. Small-sized stage
Competitive friendly
Much skill required

Loans Bones' home
WEREWOLF STAGE Here lies the home stage of Bloodlust Janet! The ground floor is pretty much a constant-moving conveyor belt made from glowing hexagons that leads into a really large pit of electricity, and above it are some stray platforms of irregular shape that are perfectly still. Players knocked off these platforms get forced onto the conveyor belt, where they'll have to climb one of several ladders to get high enough to land back on said platforms! Occasionally, red gasses will fire off from around the conveyor belt, which smell of blood and daze out fighters for a short period of time before sending them into the electricity pit! Those that fall into it will be brought back onto one of the high-up platforms, which will be brought down onto the belt itself and temporarily stop it from moving. When the fighter becomes conscious (or when they're kicked off), the belt will start again! You really have to be careful here. Small-sized stage
Casual friendly
Some skill required

Bloodlust Janet's home
WITCH STAGE Home stage for Death Chef Cindy, her stage takes place in a flat arena with seven large tables laid atop the hexagon-layered floor. It is a rather friendly stage for the most part, but atop the table in the center is a huge cauldron; over time, it will dump boiling lava on either side! This lava will then flood half the arena (depending on the side), seeping dangerously around the tables before eventually dissipating. If players hop off the tables and do shockwaves, they can not only influence what side of the arena the pot boils lava on, but lift the lightweight tables REALLY high into the air! Under those tables are electricity pits that generate power to these tables for some strange reason, with big electricity bolts tying the tables to the ground. As there are no electric walls in the stage, players have to be pushed into those electricity bolts while the tables are up to get things going! Large-sized stage
Competitive friendly
Some skill required

Death Chef Cindy's home
PHOENIX STAGE The Nuclear Phoenix makes his nest here, which is... a giant nest, kinda, but made from our beloved hexagon blocks! In the middle of this nest is a bunch of eggs protected by an actual phoenix, so the players will have to stay out from the wrath of the big bird if they can help it! If this bird - or her eggs - are ever attacked, the phoenix will breathe a punishing breath of fire over the battlefield to scorch anyone that's in the fire's way! Electrical currents coat the nest's inner walls, so obviously these should be avoided by players who don't want to get kicked into 'em! Occasionally, little bits of the nest will break apart to reveal electrical currents underneath; players should be careful and avoid them! This stage can be a bit annoying, but if the phoenix takes enough damage, they will take flight and leave the battlefield, leaving the fate of their eggs unknown... will you break them, you naughty thing? Or will you leave them be, like an actually genuinely good human being? It doesn't matter anyways, as you're likely evil. Small-sized stage
Casual friendly
Some skill required
Nuclear Phoenix's home
DRAGON STAGE This stage takes place on the back of a hexagon tile-made dragon - home of the Dragon Scales fighter! Unlike the fighter itself, this dragon is shaped like a European dragon and flies fearsomely through the skies, flapping its... uhhh... blocky wings! Players need to be careful to keep their balance on the back of this dragon, as the loops and turns it can make can push them right off course! That's the only obstacle they have to watch out for, really. To make fighters vulnerable and available to hit, players have to push each other onto the giant electric wings, which will stun them and render them open to taking damage after they land back on the stage's center point! As the fight continues, the dragon will make some stunning turns and start flapping its wings irregularly, which can make knocking foes into the wings or evading getting pushed into them plenty more difficult. So keep a sharp eye out for what it's doing! Also, falling off the stage will have the dragon swoop down to catch fighters, and after they're caught, they'll be stunned! Large-sized stage
Casual friendly
Much skill required
Dragon Scales' home
PIXIE STAGE A very bright, fluffy fairy land that's quite appropriate for the Pissy Pixie! ...Or not. So, in this stage, players may immediately notice the strange gravity that has them bounce quite a bit higher than usual, and maybe additionally the mushrooms that can thrust them upwards even higher! The clouds high up in the stage can take the player higher and higher... yeah, this can be a bit tricky to fight on, right? The invisible walls surrounding the stage are totally loaded with electricity; try to leave the arena, and you'll get a nasty shock! Players can occasionally enter the little houses accompanying the stage to hide out from foes and plot defensive strategies, but these houses can also take damage and get destroyed relatively easily! Once all the houses are flattened and all the mushrooms are chopped down, there's not really going to be anything but flat ground for the fighters to duke it out upon! Large-sized stage
Competitive friendly
Little skill required
Pissy Pixie's home
JUSTICE STAGE Home for Nature's Justice, the Justice Stage features players on a flat, circular almost Greek-styled battleground with huge architecture rising up from the stage's edges. The ONLY arena with real fall-out hazards, this is one stage one will have to be especially careful with. Circling the stage clockwise and occasionally counterclockwise are statues of Lady Justitia and Mother Nature, which will push any players that happen to be in their way. They are also coated with electricity, so if a player touches them, they'll temporarily lose their immortality! Nobody even needs to take damage in this stage, however, as simply pushing a fighter off the edge on this stage will really end them for good. Remember that the longer you're on this stage, the less room there'll be, as the stage will begin to collapse and narrow itself inwards towards the center! Give it your all here, as you really have no choice otherwise!! Small-sized stage
Competitive friendly
Some skill required
Nature's Justice's home


  • Inspired by Boundless, IMMORTALS is Athena's personal take on an original fighting game roster, full of her own characters. It makes very little use of COLD❄BLOOD content, promising a roster full of things that fans of Athena Hawkins' works have never seen before - well, hopefully.
  • Every character present in IMMORTALS is biromantic in addition to being bisexual, allowing many interesting pairings to be made between these characters in the player's own headcanon if they so desire. It's also so that everyone can be able to relate to them no matter what.


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