Just get the hell out of my way. I've got bigger fish to fry, and believe me when I say you do not wanna be in my frying pan.
I, to pretty much everyone he meets

I is an amnesiac Beorn who wields a Monado, an adaptable weapon designed to harness Power Harmonic. He is on a quest to discover his true identity, and tends to cause trouble for others along the way with little regard for morals or allegiances.

He is Omega Prime's version of Reten.






I's greatest advantage in combat is his Monado - a magitech weapon that harnesses Power Harmonic. This Monado, nicknamed Blood Orange, is capable of transforming between different weapon forms and conjuring floating swords made of pure energy. It is a versatile and potent weapon, and is especially effective against deities.

When I is separated from Blood Orange, though, he's limited to fighting with whatever he can get his hands on. Though he's proficient with melee weapons, his hand-to-hand combat skills are lacking, and he is completely talentless when it comes to firearms.

Specific Abilities


  • Blood Orange - A mysterious transforming sword that I woke up with. It is a Monado - an ancient weapon designed to harness Power Harmonic and wield it in multiple forms. The weapon is ID-locked, and will electrocute anyone other than I who wields it.
    • Clementine Wedge - While activated, Blood Orange lets its wielder create and manipulate floating blades made of Power Harmonic. Their main use is as projectiles, but each of the sword's alternate modes can also utilize the Clementine Wedges in unique and special ways.
    • Valencia Form - One of Blood Orange's many alternate modes. In this mode, it takes the form of a claymore. Clementine Wedges can be formed around the blade, augmenting its size, or trailing behind it, causing each strike to hit multiple times. This is the form Blood Orange takes by default.
    • Pixie Form - One of Blood Orange's many alternate modes. In this form, it transforms into a glaive. It gets its name from the Clementine Wedges, which form into wings that I can use to glide short distances or attack multiple enemies in different directions simultaneously.
    • Jaffa Form - One of Blood Orange's many alternate modes. In this mode, it transforms into a circular shield, which can be used for defense or as a thrown projectile. Clementine Wedges can emerge from the shield's surface to counter enemy attacks, or form a "halo" around the shield when it is being thrown to increase its reach.
    • Kiyomi Form - One of Blood Orange's many alternate modes. In this form, it transforms into a katana. It's much weaker than other forms, but also a lot faster and lighter. It leaves Clementine Wedges embedded in struck opponents, which will automatically detonate and release a wave of Power Harmonic into the foe's body when Blood Orange exits Kiyomi Form.


Prior History



  • This alternate interpretation of Reten is based heavily off of the DmC: Devil May Cry version of Dante (referred to herein as Donte).
    • Both Donte and I are significantly more serious and "edgy" than the originals, and outright scorn certain parts of the original's character (the long white hair for Dante, the collectibles for Reten).
    • Blood Orange's ability to transform into different weapons is directly based off of a similar mechanic from DmC: Devil May Cry.
    • I's hair being white instead of orange is a nod to how Donte's hair is black instead of white.
      • It is also a nod to how the other Omega Prime Beorns have hair colors that are completely different from the originals. (For example, Mynis is brown while Unten is blue, and Abza is blue while Netnu is red.)
    • Though it is not a reference to DmC: Devil May Cry specifically, it should also be noted that I's ability to summon ethereal blades is directly inspired by the Summoned Swords used by Vergil from the Devil May Cry series.
  • I is named after i, the imaginary unit. This is a reference to Mynis' name, which is an obvious play on "minus," as i is the square root of -1.
  • Blood Orange, its alternative forms, and its abilities are all named after citrus fruit hybrids.

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