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Hyundai Comboy
Developer(s) Nintendo


Console Type Console
Subtype(s) N/A
8 Bit Graphics

The Hyundai Comboy is the Korean version of the Nintendo Entertainment System. So much of the system remains unknown due to the rarity of the console of itself, as well as most information being in Korean. It was a officially licensed system from Nintendo under the Hyundai name; due to loopholes Nintendo could officially sell their product under this name.


The history of the Hyundai Comboy is a rather odd one. In Korea, Japanese products were basically non-existent in the 90's as a result of several events, but the biggest was the atrocities that the Japanese country did such as the Nanking Massacre. As such, Korea did not have much interest in actually buying any Japanese products. This more or less ban caused Japanese companies like Nintendo and Sega to look for loopholes to sell their products through. This loophole came in the way of Korean technology companies like Samsung and Hyundai.

Although these consoles were officially licensed, they did not last very long or sell super well because knock-offs and other official Family Computer systems created a crowded market that Hyundai Electronics just could not compete in.

Changes to the Console

The model of the Hyundai Comboy is the same as the one sold in America, also known as the NTSC model. However, this model uses a 3195A lockout chip, meaning that any games shipped to Korea will not work on a American system. The cartridge loader lid reads "Hyundai Comboy" in Korean, and "Nintendo Entertainment System Korean Version" in English.

Other than that, the system appears to be identical otherwise to the American NES.

List of Games

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  • This would not be the last time Nintendo partnered with Hyundai. They would later create the Super Comboy which appears to have been more successful.