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Hyrule Warriors II: Portal Chaos (Tentative Title) is the second instalment of the Hyrule Warriors series, being a sequel to Hyrule Warriors. The game will be for the Wii U and is set to be released in 2017. The game will introduce new characters, typings, locations and modes.





This game introduces a wide variety of characters and weapons that weren't in the original version. The game also introduces 4 new elements which can relate to the weapons that the characters use.

Fire Element HW Fire
Causes radial damage that blasts enemies away. It can also cause additional damage.
Water Element HW Water
Creates a water bubble that covers the opponents head. It causes damage over time.
Lightning Element HW Lightning
Air-based enemies or enemies who are airborne, will take double damage.
Light Element HW Light
Weapon Power will gradually increase when hordes of enemies are attacked continuously.
Darkness Element HW Darkness
Weapon Power will gradually increase when a single enemy is attacked continuously.
File:Wind Element HW.png Wind
Ground-based enemies or enemies who are presently on a flat surface will take double damage.
File:Earth Element HW.png Earth
Defence increases every time an opponents shield is hit.
File:Grass Element HW.png Grass
Can sap health, stats or items from defeated enemies.
File:Metal Element HW.png Metal
Can lower enemy stats upon achieving a critical hit.


*=Adventure Mode
Impa Hyrule Warriors
HW Lana
Iris Dakin
Light Element HW Hylian Sword Water Element HW Giant's Blade 20px Rapier Lightning Element HW Book of Sorcery 20px Broomstick Darkness Element HW Bracelet of Emptiness
Light Element HW Epona 20px Gust Bellows Light Element HW Light Bow 20px Mazaal Hands Water Element HW ??? 20px Ikana Blade
Darkness Element HW Shadow Crystal Darkness Element HW Orbitars of Truth Lightning Element HW Ancient Whip Light Element HW ??? Lightning Element HW Fan Light Element HW Fairies
Lightning Element HW Ball and Chain Fire Element HW Naginata* Fire Element HW Din's Fire* Fire Element HW Summon Gate
Light Element HW Master Sword Light Element HW Cane* 20px Farore's Wind*
Darkness Element HW Magic Cape* Water Element HW Nayru's Love*
Water Element HW Great Fairy* Darkness Element HW Spirit Phantom**
20px Loftwing*
20px Clawshots**
Zephyre HW Midna
Agitha Hyrule Warriors
20px Cyclone Staff Darkness Element HW Shackle Light Element HW Sky Book Light Element HW Parasol 20px Boomerang Water Element HW Ice Rod
20px ??? Light Element HW Vessel of Light Lightning Element HW Spinner* 20px Bug Net* 20px Boko Stick* Water Element HW Yeto
20px ???* Darkness Element HW Mirror of Twilight 20px Air Cannon* Darkness Element HW Mirror Fragment*
20px Hawk Grass*
HW Twili Midna
Twili Midna
HW Sheik
Darkness Element HW Shackle Lightning Element HW Harp Light Element HW Goddess Blade 20px Slingshot Light Element HW Map Lightning Element HW Timeshift Stone
Light Element HW Vessel of Light 20px Chain 20px Beetle Water Element HW Sea Chart*
Darkness Element HW Mirror of Twilight 20px Hover Boots* Light Element HW Gratitude Crystals*
20px Hawk Grass* 20px Rod of Seasons* 20px Skyloft Summoner*
Fire Element HW Burst Grenade**
HW Darunia - Standard Outfit
234px-Tetra HD
20px Kokiri Emerald Water Element HW Zora Sapphire 20px Gauntlets Fire Element HW Goron Ruby Light Element HW Medallion Staff Water Element HW Pirate's Charm
20px Deku Spear Water Element HW Zora Scale Light Element HW Gerudo Staff Fire Element HW Hammer 20px Baton
Light Element HW Ocarina* Lightning Element HW Guitar* 20px Iron Knuckle Axe* 20px Biggoron Sword* Light Element HW Spirit Flute*
20px Iron Boots*
Medli WWHD
Makar WWHD
HW Young Link
Young Link
20px Wings 20px Deku Leaf Water Element HW Phantom Hourglass Light Element HW Great Fairy's Sword 20px Balloon 20px Shovel
Light Element HW Harp 20px Violin Darkness Element HW Bellumbeck Sword* Darkness Element HW Masks Fire Element HW Bomb Satchel Light Element HW Halo
Light Element HW Pearl* Water Element HW Raft Darkness Element HW Fierce Deity Mask Light Element HW Wallet
20px Magic Beans*
Fire Element HW Picto Box
Aldonn Ayro Feron RavioImage
Fire Element HW Fireshield Earrings Lightning Element HW Thunder Links Water Element HW Tonfas 20px Tornado Rod Darkness Element HW Sceptre Darkness Element HW Staff
20px Feathers* 20px Stalfos Club* 20px Branch Blade* 20px Sand Rod Light Element HW Bracelet* Light Element HW Compass*
Darkness Element HW Shurikens* 20px Cutlasses* Light Element HW ???* Fire Element HW Fire Rod* Fire Element HW ???*
20px Mallet
HW Ganondorf
Hemox* Tiralus* HW Volga
150px-HW Wizzro
King Bulbin*
Darkness Element HW Great Swords 20px Mace* 20px Barbed Blade* Fire Element HW Spear* Darkness Element HW Ring* 20px Axe*
Water Element HW Trident* Darkness Element HW Javelin* Water Element HW Aqua Magic* 20px Mogma Mitts* Fire Element HW Skull Necklace* Darkness Element HW Lord Bulbo*
Darkness Element HW Phantom Ganon Blade*
Fire Element HW ???*
20px ???*
Darkness Element HW Warlock Charm**
Skull Kid
582px-HW Zant
Ghirahim Hyrule Warriors
DemonBoss BlackMasterSword
20px Claw* Darkness Element HW Majora's Mask* 20px Scimitars* Darkness Element HW Demon Blade* Lightning Element HW Drill* Lightning Element HW Thunder Blade*
Darkness Element HW Boss Remains* Darkness Element HW Boss Portal* Darkness Element HW Dominion Rod* Darkness Element HW Imprisoned Seal*
Fire Element HW Lantern* Light Element HW Mysterious Crystals*
20px Woodfall Trumpet*
Koume and Kotake
Goliath Vaati
Light Element HW Twin Wands* Lightning Element HW Bolt Cannon* 20px Magical Cap* Darkness Element HW Magic Wand*
Darkness Element HW Spiked Armour* Darkness Element HW Demon Bats*
Darkness Element HW Darkness Tome*




  • Hyrule Field
  • Eldin Treetops
  • Lanayru Temple
  • Faron Glacier
  • Hero's Tower
  • Gohdan Ruins
  • Eldin Hot Spring
  • Valley of Seers
  • Faron Cove
  • Palace of Winds
  • Heavenly Clouds
  • Temple of Souls
  • Tranquil Grotto
  • Cursed Gorge
  • Sorcerers' Castle
  • Ganon's Tower

Twilight Princess

  • Arbiter's Grounds
  • Zora's Domain
  • Sacred Grove
  • Temple of Time
  • Snowpeak Ruins
  • City in the Sky
  • Palace of Twilight

  • Skyward Sword
  • Skyloft
  • Sealed Grounds
  • Faron Woods
  • Fire Sanctuary
  • Lanayru Mine
  • Pirate Stronghold

Ocarina of Time

  • Kokiri Forest
  • Lake Hylia
  • Gerudo Fortress
  • Spirit Temple
  • Kakariko Village
  • Death Mountain
  • Hyrule Castle

  • Wind Waker
  • Outset Island
  • Dragon Roost Island
  • Forest Haven
  • Forbidden Woods
  • Tower of the Gods

Phantom Hourglass

  • Mercay Island
  • Temple of the Ocean King

  • Majora's Mask
  • Clock Town
  • Deku Palace
  • Snowhead Temple
  • Great Bay
  • Ikana Canyon
  • Stone Towers

Link Between Worlds

  • Eastern Ruins
  • House of Gales
  • Tower of Hera
  • Swamp Palace
  • Thieves Hideout
  • Ice Ruins
  • Lorule Palace

Legend Mode

There are 68 chapters.

Adventure Mode


  • Original
  • Master Quest
  • Skyward Sword
  • Twilight Princess
  • Ocarina of Time
  • Wind Waker
  • Termina
  • Lorule
  • New
  • Super Mario*
  • Kid Icarus*
  • Fire Emblem*
  • Pokémon*
  • Xenoblade*
  • Kirby*

Item Cards

Challenge Mode




Amiibo MarioMarAmiibo MarioAmiibo GoldMarioAmiibo SilverMario Amiibo Link Amiibo Pikachu Amiibo Kirby
Playable Character: Mario
Weapons: Cap and F.L.U.D.D. for Mario
Weapon: Clawshots for Link
Pikachu Kirby
Amiibo Fox Amiibo Samus Amiibo Marth Amiibo Peach223px-Peach amiibo
Fox Samus Marth
Playable Character: Marth
Weapon: Falchion for Marth
Weapon: Parasol for Agitha
Amiibo DonkeyKong Amiibo Villager Amiibo WiiFitTrainer Amiibo Yoshi223px-Yoshi amiibo
Donkey Kong Villager Wii Fit Trainer Yoshi
Amiibo Zelda Amiibo Pit Amiibo LittleMac Amiibo Luigi223px-Luigi amiibo
Weapon: Phantom Spirit for Zelda
Playable Character: Pit
Weapons: Bow, Arm and Claws for Pit
Little Mac Luigi
Playable Character: Luigi
Weapon: Poultergust for Luigi
Amiibo CaptainFalcon Amiibo DiddyKong Amiibo Lucario Amiibo Ike
Captain Falcon Diddy Kong Lucario
Playable Character: Lucario
Weapon: Aura for Lucario
Playable Character: Ike
Weapon: Ragnell for Ike
Amiibo Rosalina Amiibo Shulk Amiibo Sonic Amiibo Megaman
Playable Character: Rosalina
Weapons: Wand and Roulette Block for Rosalina
Playable Character: Shulk
Weapon: Monado for Shulk
Sonic Megaman
Amiibo KingDedede Amiibo BowserBowser amiibo Amiibo ToonLink Amiibo Sheik
King Dedede
Playable Character: King Dedede
Weapon: Hammer for King Dedede
Playable Character: Bowser
Weapon: ???
Toon Link
Costumes: Toon Link for Young Link
Weapon: Grenade for Sheik
Amiibo MetaKnight Amiibo Ness Amiibo Wario Amiibo Charizard
Meta Knight
Playable Character: Meta Knight
Weapon: Blade for Meta Knight
Costumes: Galacta Knight for Meta Knight
Ness Wario Charizard
Amiibo Lucina Amiibo Pacman Amiibo Robin Amiibo Greninja
Costumes: Lucina for Marth
Pacman Robin
Playable Character: Robin
Weapon: Levin Sword for Robin
Playable Character: Greninja
Weapon: Water Shuriken for Greninja
Amiibo Jigglypuff Amiibo DarkPit Amiibo Palutena Amiibo BowserJr
Jigglypuff Dark Pit
Playable Character: Dark Pit
Weapons: Staff, Palm and Club for Dark Pit
Playable Character: Palutena
Weapon: Staff for Palutena
Costumes: Viridi for Palutena
Bowser Jr.
Playable Character: Bowser Jr.
Weapons: Koopa Clown Car and Koopaling Sceptre for Bowser Jr.
Costumes: The Koopalings for Palutena
Amiibo DrMario Amiibo Ganondorf Amiibo Olimar Amiibo ZeroSuitSamus
Dr. Mario Ganondorf
Weapon: Warlock Charm
Playable Character: Olimar
Weapon: Pikmin for Olimar
Zero Suit Samus
MarAmiibo Toad Amiibo InkGirlAmiibo InkBoy Amiibo InkSquid Amiibo YarnYoshiGreenAmiibo YarnYoshiPinkAmiibo YarnYoshiBlue
Toad Inkling
Playable Character: Inkling
Weapon: Splattershot for Inkling
Squid Yarn Yoshi

Beta Elements

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