Hyrule Warriors II
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Genre(s) Action, Hack and Slash

Hyrule Warriors II is the sequel to Hyrule Warriors, a Legend of Zelda game with Dynasty Warriors-esque gameplay. It, like its predecessor, is for the Wii U, though developed by Hammy Games Inc. alongside Team Ninja and Omega Force.

Amiibo Compatibility

A new line of Amiibo was released for Hyrule Warriors II, depicting each character. While Super Smash Bros. 4 Amiibo work, Hyrule Warriors II Amiibo are preferred. Super Smash Bros. 4 Amiibo give unique items to the character they depict, as well as a small Rupee bonus. These weapons are the same as in the last game, though Toon Link now gives the Four Sword. Hyrule Warriors II Amiibo give a new weapon and a large Rupee bonus. They can also be scanned into a mission and trained. A mode dedicated to training your Amiibo is unlocked after scanning in at least 1 Hyrule Warriors II Amiibo.

In Amiibo mode, you can fight your Amiibo to teach them new skills. These include avoiding attacks, shielding, stringing together combos and strong attacks and more. You can set your Amiibo against a horde of enemies, you can even choose what kinds of enemies they fight. as they battle, they will level up and learn new skills. If you take them into a scenario with you, they can fight alongside you. By default they will set about capturing their closest keeps and outposts. When a mission begins, they will try to help in that mission. However, by pausing and selecting Amiibo in View Warriors, you can assign them to other tasks such as protecting a teammate, keep, outpost or area, capture a certain keep / outpost or taking down a certain enemy.

  • Wave 1 includes Link, Zelda, Sheik, Impa and Lana.


Gameplay remains the same as the original, but maps now have a more dungeon-like feel to them. There are a lot more puzzles and less wide open field areas.



The story mode of the game. Most characters are unlocked via this mode.


Play through any level you have beaten in Legend Mode as any character.


Pick a challenge and beat it. Use items to uncover secrets, and unlock some new characters.


Face a tough challenge based on levels you have already beaten.

Legend Mode

Story 1 - Hero Story

Story 2 - Villain Story

Story 3 - End of the War


Image Description
Link HW2 Link
Hero of Hyrule

Link was a simple knight-in-training, until Princess Zelda handpicked him to fight alongside her against Dark Forces in Hyrule Castle. His fairy friend, Vanir, does the talking for him and gives tips. He is the most balanced of all characters and has a good mix of ranged and melee weapons. His primary weapon, the Hylian Sword, is a melee weapon of average range and power.
Zelda HW2 Zelda
Princess of Hyrule

Zelda is the princess of Hyrule, who leaped into action when she saw Dark Forces invading her kingdom. Armed with magic and wisdom, Zelda wishes to do everything in her power for Hyrule, but backs down when she must. She is mostly a ranged fighter, though she has one or two melee weapons. Her primary weapon, the Wisdom Ring, is imbued with the power of Nayru and allows her to use powerful and unpredictable magic.
Impa Hyrule Warriors Impa
Sheikah Leader

Impa is Princess Zelda's bodygaurd, leader of the Sheikah tribe and general of the Hyrulean Army. She can get a bit stressed at times and her concern for the princess shows, but she is overall a serious and strict character. While her speed is her most powerful factor, she really shines when it comes to melee combat. Her primary weapon, the Umbral Orb is used for creating shadows, blending into darkness and shooting purple energy.
HW Sheik Sheik
Defender of the Triforce

Sheik is a mysterious ninja of the Sheikah tribe, who appeared after Zelda was hit by Dark Arrows, and took down the Zelda impostor. She doesn't let on much about herself, she dodges any questions and focuses solely on the task at hand. Sheik mostly uses melee attacks, but these have a long range. Her primary weapon, the Piercing Blade, is a short dagger that can go straight through most enemies, an ability that proves useful when attacking large hoards.
HW Lana Lana
White Sorceress

Lana is a sorceress dedicated to protecting Deku Forest, who appeared alongside Sheik and warned the heroes of a danger approaching from Deku Forest. She is a perky member of the group, who will stop at nothing to defend her homeland. Most of her weapons are ranged, or at least range-focused. Her primary weapon, the Moon Rod, can call upon lunar-focused energy to attack her foes.

Villain Story







Character Weapons
Link HW2
Light Element HW
Hylian Sword
Link's primary weapon, the Hylian Sword allows for quick hack and slash attacks that can quickly take out foes. The end of this Combo sends Link spinning vertically, then delivering a fatal downward slash. Many Strong Attacks involve Link spinning around with his sword.
Fire Element HW
Fire Rod
Water Element HW
Great Fairy
Lightning Element HW
Darkness Element HW
Lightning Element HW
Light Element HW
Master Sword
Zelda HW2Zelda
Water Element HW
Wisdom Ring
Light Element HW
Lightning Element HW
Darkness Element HW
Dominion Rod
Impa Hyrule Warriors
Darkness Element HW
Umbral Orb
Water Element HW
Giant's Blade
Fire Element HW
Lightning Element HW
Skyward Whip
Fire Element HW
Bomb Cannon
HW Sheik
Light Element HW
Piercing Blade
Lightning Element HW
Fire Element HW
Burst Grenade
Lightning Element HW
Needle Whip
HW Lana
Light Element HW
Moon Rod
Lightning Element HW
Book of Sorcery
Water Element HW
Deku Spear
Fire Element HW
Summoning Gate
Light Element HW
Deflection Mirror
Darkness Element HW
Cane of Pacci




Regular Enemies






  • Minor errors in the concept arts are the spellings, in which Sheik is spelled "Shiek" and the Umbral Orb is spelled "Umbra Orb"

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