Link, the Fabled Hero of Time
Hero of Time, Child of Two Lands, Chosen Hero of Farore
BIRTHPLACE Clock Town, Termina
NATIONALITY Termina (biologically Hyrule)
Unnamed Hyrulian Parents (deceased), Postman (adopted father).
CLASS Warrior
OCCUPATION(S) Champion of Two Lands
WEAPONS Master Sword, Fierce Deity's Mask, Bug Net, Gauntlets, Fishing Rod, Magical Rod
The Legend of ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Found in the mountains of Snowhead when he was just a baby, Link would later be raised by the Clock Town postman, who would regard the boy as his own son; Link later would be one of the most friendly faces in town, as he would join the town's resident secret society the Bombers and even make friends with the Goron Elder's son Darmas and the mischief-making Skull Kid. But when the tides of war came to his home, Link found himself in the Terminian Army, training to fight for the battle with Hyrule.




Name Element Levels Description
Master Sword Light Medallion
  1. Master Sword
  2. Hero's Sword
  3. Goddess's Sword
  4. Champion's Sword
The chosen blade of evil's bane, the Master Sword was forged long ago, waiting for a chosen hero with a courageous spirit to come and pull it from the pedestal in the lost Sky Temple; within its hilt is a Sword Spirit by the name of Fi, who acts a guide to Link to advise and help him be the hero he's destined to become.
Fierce Deity's Mask Shadow Medallion
  1. Fierce Deity's Mask
  2. Furious Deity's Mask
  3. Vengeful Deity's Mask
  4. Guardian Deity's Mask
The spirit of the guardian deity that protected Termina sealed within a wooden mask, the Fierce Deity was the mortal nemesis of the demon Majora; time and time again, the Fierce Deity bested the demonic entity - until Majora threatened to drop the moon on the entire Termina region, and in a last ditch effort to save the land, the Deity used all its power to seal Majora into a mask - and itself in an effort to stop the malevolent demon should it ever be released. When Link wears this powerful mask, the Deity's spirit inhabits him and he transforms into Termina's guardian god; in this form he gains all kinds of powerful abilities.
Bug Net Forest Medallion
  1. Bug Net
  2. Beetle Net
  3. Dragonfly Net
  4. Mantis Net
A toy that Link was given as a child, this net is rumored to be made from a branch of the Great Deku Tree; it's capable of catching even the biggest bugs possible, and when released they can sting and bite any of Link's opponents.
Magical Rod Fire Medallion
  1. Magical Rod
  2. Fire Rod
  3. Prism Rod
  4. Mystic Rod
A powerful magical scepter crafted by the first Sage of Fire long ago, Wizzrobes have often based their magical weapons on this mystical magic rod; their staffs, swords and scepters have always had this weapon's magic at its core component (if not Fire, then another magic), but when Link gets ahold of this, the power contained within will be unleashed to its full potential.
Fishing Rod Water Medallion
  1. Fishing Rod
  2. Swamp Sinker Rod
  3. River Ripper Rod
  4. Great Ocean Rod
A resilient Fishing Rod passed down by the fisherman of the Great Sea, this powerful lure has a variety of hooks and tackle used allow for a diverse and unique way of fighting enemies; and Link, being a more capable warrior than he realizes, will be able to use it for all that it's worth.
Gauntlets Spirit Medallion
  1. Gauntlets
  2. Silver Gauntlets
  3. Golden Gauntlets
  4. Power Gloves
While these bronze-plated gauntlets may seem like they're just an ornamental fashion statement, these Goron-crafted gloves are a birthday gift that Darmas gave to Link for his 15th birthday; whenever he wears these powerful gauntlets, Link is endowed with a level of strength that only a Goron could equal, and he uses that strength to carry a massive ball and chain that shakes the earth with its powerful blows.


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